Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 46: How to Use the Bug Window (1)

RMSE Score : 0.9010 (+5.7%)
YongHo sighed at the number the program produced.
There was no progress.
It wasn’t that the result was late due to inefficiency.
It also wasn’t that the result was different to the expected value.
If it was solving bugs, he would be able to solve them using the bug window.
However, he couldn’t get any help from the bug window now.
He was up for many nights going at this, but the performance of the system to submit to the NetFlax Prize didn’t even rise by 1%.
YongHo accessed the competition website told to him by Son SeokHo.
It was the notice board where the rankings of the teams who submitted for the prize.
Shinseki Maut team, which YongHo was in, wasn’t even listed.
Because only the first 20 was listed on the leaderboard.
The 1st team was ‘The Dessert’.
It listed first with the number 0.8725, with 9.2% improvement in performance.
The career experience of the members of that team was enough to make YongHo shake his head.
It was riddled with researchers from world-famous IT companies and graduates from well-known universities, which one would realize from just their name.
‘Can I really do this?’
He could do it if he studied really hard.
However, there was not even 4 months left.
To understand and rearrange many different algorithms and win, there was an absolute constraint with time and ability.
It wasn’t something achievable with spending every night studying.
YongHo’s worries only became deeper.


Son SeokHo looked at YongHo with a satisfied expression.
‘He works hard.’
YongHo studied while looking for various resources without even having to tell him what to do. In regards to what he didn’t understand, he clung to Son SeokHo until he understood.
Now, Son SeokHo had to raise his hands up in defeat at YongHo.
It wasn’t sufficient to describe him with the word ‘outrageous’.
It was a forced march that it wouldn’t be strange that he died from.
‘Yes. He should be that way so that nobody would be able to look down upon him in the future.’
From the beginning, Son SeokHo didn’t think they would win.
Even before the researchers were re-located, he didn’t have the confidence to win.
He only inwardly thought that they would be able to place within the top 10 if they worked hard.
And now, only he and YongHo were preparing for the NetFlax Prize.
The objective was changed to cultivating YongHo, a newbie.
‘Do your best. Then, you would be able leave the constraints known as ‘companies’’.
If one had ability, there was no reason to be bound by a company.
If one became a person wanted by all, then one’s field of choices would increase.
Son SeokHo was like that. Although, he was a contracted employee by 1 year units, he had many job offers even now.
It was the reason why Son SeokHo could act freely, and also the reason why he trained YongHo so harshly.


RMSE Score : 0.9007 (+5.75%)
An increase in performance of 0.05%.
‘Hmm… But why isn’t the bug window activating?’
He thought up of a question he didn’t have until now.
The bug window definitely was true to its role.
When there was a problem in the program’s performance, or when there was an actual error and the program stopped, the bug window’s instructions always satisfied YongHo.
Even when there was a logic error, the bug window activated.
The bug window correctly pointed out the problem when the answer was supposed to be 10 but 1 came out.
But ‘why’ isn’t it activating now?
He wanted a result of 10%, but why isn’t it coming out correctly – Inside YongHo’s head, such thoughts were passing by.
‘Can’t I make the bug window recognize the result of RMSE Score : 0.9007 (+5.75%) as a bug?’
He thought he may be able to get the answer he wanted that way.
He only just stepped onto algorithms. It was still impossible for him to work on algorithm combinations or tuning.
It would be the same even if he worked hard for the next 4 months.
But let’s think differently.
What if the bug window recognized the current result as a wrong result?
YongHo felt like he saw the path.

‘Let’s categorize the bugs that the bug window has showed until now.’
When he found the path, speed started accumulating.
YongHo first categorized the different bugs that the bug window showed him until now.
‘Problems with performance, problems with logic, ordinary errors.’
It was categorized into 3.
Problems with performance of the program.
Problems with logic, where the program runs correctly but the wanted result is not produced.
And ordinary errors where the program doesn’t even run.
‘Ordinary errors are obvious, performance error, it would show up if there is inefficiency… so it would be in the logic problem category.’
The thing YongHo wanted was problems with logic.
The wanted result was fixed at 0.8659.
He need to edit the logic to produce the wanted value.
However, the bug window wasn’t recognizing the result as a bug.
Then, what’s the difference so that the bug window would recognize something as a bug while not recognizing the rest?
He needed to find that out.


One month left until the end of the competition.
End could be seen on the big run that continued for 1 year.
In that situation, Son SeokHo was starting to get disappointed in YongHo.
He stopped asking questions.
To edit the recommendation system, he should have a mountain load of questions to ask him, but he was staring at the computer all day.
“Mr. YongHo, how is it?, is it going well?”
Son SeokHo twitched after looking at YongHo’s face. His face was halved.
Not only that, his face was so dark that he looked like he was about to die.
“Oh, team leader. Don’t worry. It will definitely succeed.”
But his voice and eyes were alive.
“How’s your body? Aren’t you overdoing this a bit?”
The disappointment disappeared as soon as he saw YongHo. Rather, sympathy was taking root in his heart.
He also felt guilty thinking that it was his fault for making him do such impossible things.
“I’m alright. I’m still in my 20s.”
“But your face doesn’t look good at all. What are you doing, not even standing up for a bit, staring at the computer all day?”
Son SeokHo’s question was expected.
YongHo came to the office, sat down in front his computer, and never stood up again.
Even at lunch, he ate a sandwich he bought from a nearby bakery, and concentrated on his work. Even while doing that, he never asked Son SeokHo anything.
If he was asked anything, then he would always answer with:
“I think I can make the RMSE Score of 0.8659 soon.”
In the last competition, the winner won with 9.8%, not crossing the 10% boundary.
It was the reason why Son SeokHo’s aim was 10%. If he achieved 10%, then he should win the prize.
0.8659 was exactly 10% higher than 0.9525
“Like I said, how?”
YongHo smiled and avoided answering the question. He couldn’t say he was looking investigating into the bug window.
This was also why Son SeokHo was disappointed in YongHo.
However, When he actually saw the pitiful face, the sympathy exceeded his disappointment.
Amidst of all the sympathy and disappointment, time flowed.


The current status of the development team for the PS(Preference Shoot) System was also at its worst.
Work which progressed faster than the expected schedule, and the absence of the main force, Son SeokHo, made the development difficulty rise as the days went by.
Heo JiHoon’s sharp voice also frequented in the office.
“Is it not ready yet?”
They were testing prior to the system opening. However, the expected results weren’t coming up.
Moreover, the PS System was claimed to be an RTS(Real-Time System). But the recommendation result wasn’t produced even after 3 hours had passed.
Like this, it wouldn’t be an RTS.
The RTS wasn’t a problem. They might not even be able to open the system itself.
“It’s strange……”
A developer who was looking at the monitor, tilted his head. When he input the test data, it definitely processed within 10 minutes.
But when he input the real data, the recommended data wasn’t produced. Such figure of the developer made Heo JiHoon speak in a threatening tone.
“If the team disbands, I think you know very well what would happen to everyone with out me saying it.”
“To think they made me work with these people.”
Heo JiHoon turned around and went back to his seat. The developer who was looking at the monitor just now, also felt offended at those words and he picked up his cigar from his seat and stood up.

Perhaps due to these kind of actions by Heo JiHoon, resignation followed naturally. The resignation which started from the beginning of development continued till the end.
When it was time just before the system opening, there were only 30% of the programmers left from the start.
Even in that situation, Jeong DanBi silently approved of his actions, perhaps due to her trust being quite solid.
Anyhow, the development ended and the testing was progressing.
“Team leader Son.”
One developer called for Son SeokHo. His main priority was preparing for the NetFlax Prize, but he had a foot inside developing the PS System and he answered various questions.
He was, in a word, acting as a mentor.
Son SeokHo, who acted without reserve, and had the ability, was enough for the other developers to trust in him.
“I, think I need to resign.”
“Thank you for everything until now.”
Son SeokHo knew how he was treated so couldn’t stop him from leaving.
They were together from when the team was created. Son SeokHo couldn’t help himself from standing up

“Team leader Heo, Isn’t this going overboard?”
“This has nothing to do with you, head researcher Son.”
“The people I worked with are resigning one after the other, I think it has plenty to do with me.”
“If they don’t have the ability, they leave. Isn’t that obvious?”
His face was filled with annoyance for the disturbance.
Heo JiHoon was looking at the WBS(Work Breakdown Structure: Work progress chart)
“…Then I will speak to team leader Jeong.”
“Do as you will.”
When he turned around to go to Jeong DanBi’s office, Heo JiHoon’s voice could be heard.
“The schedule is late by one week. That’s why you cannot just work with useless people.”
However, even talking with Jeong DanBi didn’t achieve anything.
She just said to endure it for a while until the PS System is finished.
To Jeong DanBi and Heo JiHoon, their priority was work.

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