Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 57: Development Specialist (3)

“It’s not a problem for me to fix it but do you also use CI(Continuous Integration) framework here?”
At YongHo’s words, whether it was Seo JooShin or the employee from the cooperating company, they couldn’t say anything.
YongHo continued speaking after seeing they were silent.
“Hudson or Jenkins. Don’t you use anything like that?”
Hudson was the most famous of CI frameworks. Hudson was developed as an open source in the beginning, but the open ecosystem died when a global scale DBMS development company bought the company which had the license for Hudson. Later, the program that the developers of Hudson made again was Jenkins.
It automatically does everything from building the program after gathering the source code that other people developed  to testing to distribution of the program. In addition, it had a function which left a log of which developers committed the source, built the program and even distributed the program.
“Is that really necessary?”
“Yes. It is definitely necessary.”
YongHo cut it short.
He didn’t want to experience the same thing when he first came into society. In order to do that, a CI program was necessary.  It left a record of when and who edited the source and built the program so he could find who was wrong, very clearly.
He found this very helpful even when he did the PS System project with Son SeokHo. Son SeokHo was also meticulous in that regard, and he made a separate CI server to take care of building and distribution.
He was considerate to not only program developing but also to the support of program developing.
“W, we don’t have one right now……”
“Our team already made a CI server so you only have to add the project there. We also have environments to not only compile java but other languages that are used a lot in our company such as C or C#.”
“R, really?”
Seo JooShin’s right leg was trembling.
The era was where knowledge was power.
At the various tools YongHo talked about, people such as Seo JooShin or the employee from a cooperating company, who knew none of what these tools are, could only be dragged around.
“Well, the CI server also uses the intranet, anyway. So, there would be no problem for your team to use it. I’ll be setting up the environment so, please tell me the address where the source with the problem is.”
At YongHo’s words, this time, it was the employee from the cooperating company who was confused.
“You have storage where you store the source, right? SVN or GIT or stuff like that.”
“Oh, we do have SVN. I will tell you via message.”
The expression of the employee, which was turning darker and darker, finally brightened. He seemed to be delighted that a word he knew finally appeared.
This time, YongHo’s expression, who was looking at the two, darkened. It was due to the worry of how much the POS program source would stink.

They say most programs could be implemented with if-statements and for-statements. However, in reality, there are many more programming principles and functions other than if-statements and for-statements.
LIke what YongHo learned from Son SeokHo, one must think that coding was like writing.
It needs to be understandable at a glance by other people and the coder himself when s/he looks at it later.
However, a source with just if-statements and for-statements really appeared in front of YongHo’s eyes.
As soon as he opened the source, he had a headache. C# was, like java, an object oriented programming language. However, concepts such as encapsulation and polymorphism couldn’t be seen anywhere even after YongHo rubbed his eyes.
‘There’s if statments everywhere.’
To process the various possibilities that may happen within the POS program, numerous if-statements were used.
if(cashTransaction == true)
if(cardTransaction == true)
if(couponTransaction == true)
if(giftCardTransaction == true)
if(pointTransaction == true)
Just the part YongHo read was made up of 5 branches. If it ended where, then it would be a relief.
There were even some which had ‘false’ and not ‘true’, and the logics that must be processed when each of them was true was all all complicated and tangled.
‘…I’ll just fix the bugs first.’
He felt that it would be endless if he tried to edit it. Moreover, C# was something that was unfamiliar to him. If he did something wrong, then something bad may happen.
Setting the CI server to editing the source… Fortunately, he finished before dinner.


“How is the guy called Lee YongHo?”
“I think he’s sweating a bit in Busan.”
“Yes, continue as I said… and Son SeokHo?”
“I think team leader Jeong DanBi is barely holding him back from reporting it to the ministry of labor.”
Ta-tap. Ta-tap.
The rhythm of the fingers which were tapping on the desk became faster
Jeong JinHoon looked at the man who was reporting to him.
“If he really does report to the ministry of labor, won’t the image of the company be affected?”
“He’s the one who wants to work for us anyway, so there won’t be any problem. We turned his computer work and if he still wants to work for us, then we can’t stop him.”
“Yes. Don’t even leave a 1% chance. Otherwise, everyone would have a hard time.”
“Yes, sir.”
The man who replied continued speaking before Jeong JinHoon even asked.
“Shinseki Magic Mirror is done setting. Should we alert the media?”
“Let’s do that. We should finally solidify our position now. Although, we had to delay it due to the PS System.”
Jeong JinHoon’s fingers, which were tapping the desk, stopped moving. The man who was reporting also quietly left the office.


“I will report it.”
“Head researcher Son.”
“I can’t endure it anymore.”
The figure who was always smiling with a piece of sweet bean bread in his mouth was gone. Only a strong and stubborn atmosphere was left.
“Then everybody would be in a difficult position. Nobody wants that.”
“Can you see them outside? How many continuous days of overnight work are we doing? Are you telling us to die?”
“We just need to endure this part. To make the PS System work without head researcher Son and Mr. Lee YongHo, we don’t have any choice.”
“But isn’t this too harsh?”
The value of the PS System was proven.
And as a company, it had to avoid as much risks as possible. As the value of the PS System increased, so did the reliability on Son SeokHo and YongHo. While YongHo was away on a business trip, there was more and more overwork now.
However, an order came down from above.
-Make it work automatically without needing a person.
To avoid the risk of personnel, the company chose automation. The automation couldn’t be done in one go so the work they were doing as the first step was the documentation of the operation of the PS System.
The PS System shouldn’t have any problems operating even when an elementary schooler comes.
“Don’t you need to do a take-over documentation anyway? Can’t you do it while doing that?”
“Team leader, it’s not like I’m saying I won’t work. Isn’t the schedule too harsh? To finish it before the opening of the premium outlet in Busan… Does this schedule make any sense?”
At Son SeokHo’s words, Jeong DanBi also seemed to feel stifled as she creased her expression. Then, she lied deep into the seat and closed her eyes.

The managment team checked the document written by the development team. The word ‘elementary schooler’ also implied ‘someone who’s clueless to developing programs’.
Not a person who had experience with programming, but even a clueless person must be able to operate the system after looking at the document.
“I don’t understand this.”
It was Heo JiHoon’s opinion on the document about the PS System operation sent by the development team.
“Please redo this.”
He felt cold as if he wasn’t even in the same team. He was ruthless even with the same team and he abided by the principles.
If he didn’t manage to make it work after following the document, then he made them redo it. One strange thing was that he accompanied them without going home when the developers working on the documentation late into the night.
And more so, nobody was able to leave.


YongHo stood up after he finished his work.
“I will get some fresh air.”
“Oh. P, please do.”
At YongHo’s words, Seo JooShin nodded. Even the cooperating company which developed the program didn’t manage to fix the POS program.
However, YongHo was different.
Fortunately, they fixed the problem before the opening. YongHo turned his head towards the cooperating company employee.
I will give you a CI server account so if you have anything to fix in the future please upload it on the CI server and build it. Otherwise, I will consider the files illegal. Assistant manager Seo, I can do that, right?”
“O, of course.”
At YongHo’s actions, nobody could complain.
Seo JooShin was busy handling the complaints that each of the stores sent to him, and the cooperating company employee seemed as if he still didn’t understand why the bug occurred.
And YongHo’s ability made, whether it was Seo JooShin or the cooperating company employee, them unable to complain.

Won JaeJin handed a can of drink to YongHo after taking it out from the vending machine. Perhaps due to thinking that they were similar development specialists, he talked to YongHo a lot.
“So it wasn’t all just rumors. From the transaction error to the implementation of the PS System… To be honest, I didn’t believe it that much.”
“Well, it’s not anything amazing.”
“Being humble? You won’t have any problems for next year’s work evaluation then.”
“Hahaha. Well……”
At Won JaeJin’s continuous praise, YongHo could only be pressured.
“But you know that if you are a DS, even if you get an A from work evaluation, your salary won’t become over 40 right?”
YongHo quietly put down the drink he was drinking. He enjoyed programming but he couldn’t ignore matters regarding money.
Although he had the prize money from the NetFlax Prize, if he spent it on a house to live with his parents, then about half would be gone.
And if he thought about marriage too, then it would be insufficient,
“Is it that much?”
“According to what I learnt from the human resources team, and various other places, it’s definitely true. Development specialists will never get a salary of over 40million won (≈35,000 USD). If you want to receive over 40million… then you would need to at least work for 4 years.”
“If the company has any brain then it will become different. If not, then… Well, there are plenty of opportunities.”
YongHo’s figure, who was drinking from a can, was overflowing with leisure. Already, various opportunities were finding its way over to him.
He had the choice to deny unfair work.
He remembered the words Son SeokHo said to him when he first entered Shinseki.
-If you have the ability, then opportunity will find its way over to you. So please work hard a little bit more.
Those words were becoming reality, one by one.

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