Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 58: Development Specialist (4)

Perhaps due to being consistently active, his ranking had leaped in Stack Overfly. When he went to the users noticeboard, there was a number at the bottom.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5……121391.
There were 36 users on one page so the total number of users went over 4 million. Amidst that, YongHo’s name was somewhere on the 300th page.
‘I came quite far.’
Even when he was at Busan, YongHo logged in to the website and solved any problems he could before sleeping.
Thanks to that consistence, he had achieved this result.
‘Shall I have a look at gethub too?’
YongHo accessed the website where the WindowView, an indroid view related source which YongHo made when he entered the company, was.
star 1031.
On the star on the upper right corner of gethub, there was the number 1031.
This number meant that there were more than 1000 people who were interested in this.
‘That’s quite a lot of people who are interested in this.’
There were lots of functions on gethub, just like Stack Overfly.
‘star’ was something people clicked to register it on their list of interest, and the ‘watch’ function would give an alarm if there was any changes or occurring issues in that source.
‘fork’ meant that the user would just copy and paste the source to use it.
sometimes gethub would select some projects to put on the main page using ‘star’ and ‘watch’ as rating, and YongHo’s source was in the rankings.
‘It looks like people do use indroid a lot.’
NetFlax Prize winner.
Stack Overfly ranker.
Gethub popular source.
And ability that was above others…
YongHo’s self-esteem, which was at the bottom of a well, kept rising.


There was a final test one day before the opening.
The most important work for the data processing team in preparing for the opening of the premium outlet is to make make the transaction run smoothly without any hitch.
And on the front line of the transaction were the POS devices. All the support personnel sent to Busan by their respective teams were working on the final test.
“I’m from Shinseki’s data processing team.”
“Oh, yes. How may I help you?”
“I want to test the POS a bit.”
When YongHo said he was from Shinseki’s data processing team, the people silently approved of YongHo’s actions without saying anything.
“No problems in store no.10.”
YongHo circled on the 10th row on the table he received. Then, he proceeded to the next store.
Befitting the name ‘premium outlet’, the majority of the stores were occupied by famous brands. They boasted of prices that would make anyone widen their eyes even if there was a discount.
“Well, I have the money from the prize so… When I go back, I should buy mother a bag, and father, a suit.”
YongHo murmured while going to the next store. It was a brand store that boasted of rising sales globally. There were especially a lot of people gathered in that store.

“How is it? Any problems?”
“Yes. Nothing abnormal.”
“In the opening tomorrow, the VIPs are all coming so there can’t be any ‘if’s okay?”
Everyone was wearing the employee card of Shinseki, a proof of their identity as a Shinseki employee. YongHo, who also finished testing the POS devices, stuck out his head and looked at it.
“Tell me the product ID.”
One person was standing in various poses in front of the mirror. And when he waved his hand, a lot of clothes could be seen on the screen.
When he opened his hand for about 2 seconds, one of the clothing was selected. Then, the selected clothing was worn by the man reflected on the mirror.
Shinseki Magic Mirror.
It was Jeong JinHoon’s secret card which he prepared for the opening of Busan’s premium outlet. Jeong DanBi increased the sales online through the PS System, but the proportion of offline sales was bigger than online sales for Shinseki.
This was an ambitious project to increase offline sales by a lot.
To reduce the hassle of having to try on the clothes to make the customers try on as many of the clothes as possible to lead them to buying was the clothes was the strategy.
“It matches.”
One person was posing in front of the mirror, and another person was looking at the laptop monitor.
It was a laptop that that was directly connected to the Magic Mirror. Whenever the man in front of the mirror posed himself, a log came up on the laptop.
The person looking at the monitor seemed as if something was weighing on his mind even while he responded. Perhaps having realized this, a man who was also looking at the monitor from behind him spoke.
“Why are you keep shaking your head, I said I was right.”
“The screen definitely flashed off just now…”
“What flash. Even if it was so, then that’s a problem with the display company. They didn’t install the firmware properly.”
“It’s strange though……”
“Hey, the opening is tomorrow. Did you check everything else? Let’s just let something minor be.”
“But what if it goes wrong?”
“Hey, researcher Na, I have 10 years of work experience, 10 years. Can’t you just overlook it when I say it? I’m already vexed about changing into a development specialist.”
It was the word YongHo, who was watching from far away, heard.
Development specialist.
‘Seems like that person is in the same occupational group.’
According to Won JaeJin’s words, when creating this occupational group, the received applications from the original members to change.
It was made in pretext of making people, who only wanted to focus on developing, focus on developing in exchange for a small decrease in salary. However, their salary decreased and overtime work was still the same.
The generalists also did developing so there was not much difference. Some people who changed, re-applied back but it wasn’t allowed.
The strange thing was that you could go from being a generalist to a development specialist, but you couldn’t go from being a development specialist to a generalist.
“Then I’ll believe in you, senior researcher.”
“Hey, I didn’t mean it that way, why are you believing in me? I meant that we have no time so we have to check other things.”
YongHo’s eyes creased. It was an evasion of responsibility no matter who looked at it. The man could only talk with his mind but he didn’t do any work.
The rage of the person with the ‘researcher’ status, who was editing the code, could be felt all the way where YongHo was.
“I understand so please be quiet. You’re distracting me.”
Even when he was told to shut up, the person called senior researcher Park didn’t stop talking.
“Hey, I said you can’t do it like that. Why are you skipping on commenting?”
The hand of the man who was typing on the laptop while sitting tensed.


Son SeokHo’s endurance reached a limit.
“Please wait a little more.”
“I can’t wait anymore, I will take my leave.”
Son SeokHo said his ultimatum.
He endured and endured.
He didn’t enlist in Jeong DanBi’s team to endure. Although he was only a temporary employee who had to re-contract every year, the reason why he was together with Jeong DanBi, was because he had an aim.
To use open source maut to create a global-tier recommendation solution.
He had an aim to become a company like ‘M’ company or ‘O’ company, which were global scale software solution companies. Jeong DanBi was, in a sense, was born with a ‘diamond spoon’ which was above ‘gold spoon’ and ‘silver spoon’, and was open minded unbefitting of her position. That was why he could work together with her.
But all that ends now.
“Head researcher Son!”
“The office is at the point of giving off a sour smell. When we were preparing for the NetFlax Prize, we at least had an objective, but now? I can only see this as squeezing people out.”
“*Sigh*… It will end soon. ‘Work’ has an end anyway, it will stabilize soon.”
“No. In my opinion, as long as you, the team leader, are here, it won’t end. The thing I’m the most angry about is that you’re being used meaninglessly in intra-company politics.”
When Son SeokHo said that, Jeong DanBi held her head down and slid her hand down her hair.
She had an expression of resignation.
“I want to leave too.”
“Then why aren’t you leaving?”
It was the thing Son SeokHo understood the least. The first place of NetFlax Prize was already in her hands. Moreover, the PS System was increasing sales as the days went by.
Rich second generation.
The shares she had confirmed from the news alone was over 10 billion won (≈8.7million USD). But why isn’t she leaving?
“I can’t leave.”
“Like I said, why.”
At the loop of question and answer, Son SeokHo’s voice got louder. Jeong DanBi, who looked as if she had given up everything, instead had a calm expression.
“locked. I can’t use it.”
There was no subject, but Son SeokHo could understand.
“I haven’t fulfilled the condition.”
“Tell me. If you want to be together, then I think you should.”
Jeong DanBi sipped the tea in front of her. She thought it was her personal problem, so she didn’t see the need to spread it around.
And the condition included ‘unknown by others’.
If Jeong JinHoon knew that condition and helped her, then 100 billion (≈87million USD) would be achieved easily.
Shinseki group’s total sales easily went over 10 trillion(≈8.7 billion USD). To transfer some business over to her to raise her sales to over 100 billion on monthly sales, would not be considered ‘work’.
Until that condition is met, Jeong JinHoon must never know of this.
That was one of the conditions of Jeong JinYong’s test on Jeong DanBi.
And so she tried to bear this burden alone, but she now had no choice but to reveal it.
Son SeokHo was important to the point that she could share this risk.
“Would you scroll the blind down please?”
Perhaps having felt that Jeong DanBi was about to say something important, Son SeokHo stood up from his seat and went near the window.
The moment he grabbed the bead chain to scroll the blind down, his eyes met with Heo JiHoon’s eyes, who was walking past.
Heo JiHoon’s eyes seemed to speak as such, but Son SeokHo didn’t mind it that much and scrolled the blind down.


The wake up time was 5:30 a.m in the morning.
The day of opening at last.
Everyone couldn’t hide their tense expressions. The first thing to do on the opening day was checking the POS devices.
They split into groups and finished the final tests.
While they received and solved some complaints from the stores that had some issues with product registration, time flew like an arrow.
When YongHo sat down on a bench for a rest, someone tapped on his shoulders.
“Hey, Mr. Lee YongHo, what are you doing, and not working? I should report this.”
At the familiar voice that came inside his ears, YongHo abruptly turned his head around. There, Son SeokHo, who had the usual sweet bean bread in his mouth, was standing.
“Head researcher!”
“Wow, I worked with blood and sweat in Seoul, and it seems like you were resting on the bench the whole time, eh? Ahh. I should’ve replaced you.”
“What are you doing here?”
At the joy of meeting him, YongHo’s tired expression brightened again. Not even one week had passed but he was joyful even more because of that.
If people didn’t meet each other for a long time, they would instead start forgetting.
Even so, if they saw each other too often, then it would just become the norm, and become boring.
1 week.
The period which maximizes the joy of meeting again.
“Hahaha, I came here to see whether there was anything good to buy since they said a premium outlet was opening today.”
Son SeokHo could also not hide his joyful expression. Now, they didn’t look like they were just superior and subordinate.
Something deeper, and thicker was tying them together.

Translator’s notes

Regular chapter 1/3

Ahh… the spoon thing again. You remember it right? English idiom : “To be born with a silver spoon in your mouth” means you were born from wealthy parents. Koreans went and changed it so now it ranges from clay spoon to diamond spoon. (Clay spoon is like born in a bad environment). IN FACT, I think I remember the ‘spoon’ thingy rising after ‘Gin no Saji(Silver Spoon)’ anime was aired. Maybe, maybe not.

Spoiler (?) : Researcher Na (or Na DaeBang, as it will show up later) is an important character in the story. He is one of the main characters. He comes out ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE NOVEL FINISHES. So yeah, do remember him.

Lol, and check out this novel, which got me hooked. (I even did a review on it). Although it has only 1 chapter (in fact, just the prologue) it does get better later (I’m reading the raws). Haa.. this novel is stopping me from translating. It’s too good but the translation quality isn’t good enough in my opinion not that I’m in a position to say anything.

Nice reading~

Translator : Chamber

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