Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 6: Course Registration Chaos (1)

There was a lakulaku in the clubroom for the members. YongHo was lying on it. A female undergraduate who just came in complained as she looked at YongHo.
“What is this, that sunbae(*korean equivalent of “senpai”) is sleeping here again?”
“It seems like it.”
“Why the hell does he sleep here when he lives in Gangnam?”
(*Gangnam is a kind of beverly hills in Korea, Seoul)
“Su… SuMin, don’t say that.”
“It’s true isn’t it? His household is well off.”
Ji(surname) SuMin(first name).
As a rare female in the computer science department, she could be said to be the top in both academics and looks. The prettiest girl, in other words, the Queen, in Seon Min University college of Engineering. With a tall height, big eyes and curves in the right place… She was flawless.
“SuMin, you can’t say that in front of the person himself.”
“What sunbae, that’s just bindae(bedbug).” (pun intended)
“He even has a nickname, bindae Yong.”
“Hey, stop it, he’s going to wake up at this rate. Let’s leave.”

On the other hand, YongHo was already up the moment SuMin came in.
‘Why is that here even though it’s holiday?’(he calls her ‘that’)
YongHo knew SuMin’s personality. She doesn’t respect her elders, and didn’t treat sunbaes like they should be. Only when one can meet her standard can one receive something other than ignorance.
‘Go away, just, go.”
YongHo wished that Choi HyeJin would leave and take SuMin away. But expectations just ended as expectations. After coming towards the lakulaku, SuMin spoke as she pulled on the blanket that was covering YongHo.
“Sunbae, is this your house? Aren’t you getting up?”
However, YongHo wasn’t losing out. He gripped the blanket hard as he noticed the SuMin’s intention.
“Oh? Won’t ya let this go?”
Had YongHo contributed some money from his part time job or looked after his Hoobae(juniors), her attitude would have been different. SungGyu contributed a part of his pay every time he did a part time job. But YongHo didn’t do it a single time.
SuMin pulled the blanket with all her strength.
“I get it already! Just let it go.”
YongHo spoke as he opened his eyes. But SuMin was ruthless. She still pulled with all her strength.
“You should’ve woke up when I said with words!”
*bang*(falling on floor)
YongHo let go of the blanket first. SuMin couldn’t win against the momentum and fell on her butt.
But the scream came from HyeJin who was behind her. There was a triangular dent on YongHo’s briefs on the place where the blanket disappeared.

Kang SungGyu, who arrived who knows when, held Ji SuMin back.
“SuMin, that’ enough.”
“Sunbae, that… that bastard just…”
“You can’t just call sunbae bastard…”
“Even so!”
SuMin glared at YongHo as if she was falsely accused. YongHo who just finished putting his trousers on looked at her and spoke.
“Who told you to take away my blanket?”
“This pervert!”
SuMin glared at YongHo with a red face. SungGyu, on her side, held her back and spoke.
“Calm down first. Anyway, I called you girls here because……”
SungGyu explained that there was an offer for a part time job for server monitoring during the course registration period. The professor in charge told them that if they safely pass the hurdle, there would be another incentive. SungGyu called SuMin and HyeJin to explain it to them
“Hyung, can I do it too?”
Unlike SuMin who was contacted by SungGyu, YongHo didn’t get contacted. YongHo asked if he could participate. He needed to earn money in every way possible before the semester started.
“F*ck off, it’s not your place to butt in.”
SuMin coldly said. But SungGyu spoke as if saying the obvious.
“I already told the professor that you would be doing it. I called SuMin and HyeJin here to asked whether they want to participate in it or not.”
“Oh… Thank you, Hyung.”
YongHo rested his back on the chair as if he was relieved.
“Sunbae, if he’s doing it, leave me out.”
“Yes. Doing a job with that pervert… I hate it.”
“It would be a good opportunity you know? The professor said it would be good for employment if you manage to finish this job.
At SungGyu’s words, HyeJin added.
“S…Sunbae, I’ll do it.”
“SuMin, think over it carefully. It’s a good opportunity. I think when the professor said it would be good for employment…….”
SungGyu stopped HyeJin.
“So, you’re doing it or not?”
Seeing the hesitating SuMin, HyeJin tried to persuade her.
“We are 4th years already. It’s the last chance for professors help.”
“I said stop, HyeJin. It’s not what you’re thinking.”
SungGyu’s reaction reassured HyeJin’s thoughts.
“By the way, whether you participate or not, I have no intention of removing YongHo.”
SuMin sulked at SungGyu’s resolute words. It was like this all the time. SungGyu was on YongHo’s side. SuMin knew this very well.
“What are you going to do? The professor told me to give you an opportunity as your grades are good. If you still don’t want to do it, then I don’t have a choice.”
“Let’s do it SuMin, it’s a good opportunity.”
SuMin was biting her nails as she was hesitating. She finally spoke.
“Then, please make it so that that pervert won’t come next to me.”
“Then, I’ll tell the professor that you’re doing it, okay?”

SungGyu called YongHo after treating SuMin and HyeJin to lunch.
“Hey, why did you sleep in your boxers in the clubroom even though you knew that would happen?”
“Do you think I wanted to do this? It was just too hot and……”
“And SuMin too, couldn’t she just tell you?”
“Even though I live in Gangnam, our house is on lease, while half of it is debt. To top it off, I have to pay back the student loan after graduating.
“I have it hard.”
YongHo sipped the canned coffee in his hand on the bench outside the student union building, looking at the people passing by.
“But thanks every time, Hyung.”
It was likely that the list of names the professor in charge of SUC(Software Union Circle if you’ve forgotten) didn’t have YongHo in it. And it was SungGyu who put it in there. YongHo didn’t have to ask to know about it.
“If you are thankful then work hard. If you work hard and live well in the future, just treat me once to a meal.”
At SungGyu’s words YongHo said in his mind.
‘I will treat you to something more than just a meal.’

Translator : Chamber
Proofreader : Maled
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  1. jacobpaige

    She’s a bit of a bitch. She just assumes that she knows everything about him based on very limited info. Though, even if she was right, that’s no reason to bully people. It would have been just as easy to ignore him, easier really.

    Also, what’s so wrong about him keeping the money he earned? Where is there a rule that he has to give it away? What right does she have to enforce that unwritten rule? And on what basis is she assuming that he’s not giving it away but simply not advertising it because fame and recognition are not the point of charity for him? Its not what’s happening of course (unless you consider his own family to be a charity), but she has no way of knowing that and would probably blame him for her mistreatment of him if she found out that it was true.

    I expect she’ll come around eventually and be a romantic interest, but I hate character introductions like this. Even more so because of how common they are.

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    Hello I want some spoiler, will that bitch and our mc will get along in the future?? Hope not mc is better off without that bitch anyway! 😉 Please reply 🙂


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