Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 60: Loyal Person (2)

When he was about to get a hold of himself, other people came up to him.
“Wh, what are you? How did you know that?”
“The things you just spoke just now… How did you know there was an error in that part?”
The person in charge behind the curtain came out and demanded answers. YongHo’s head started spinning rapidly.
When YongHo posed himself, the opponent also became quiet. He couldn’t say the truth that he knew after seeing the bug window, so he barely made an excuse.
“I came here last time due to product registration, and at that time, it seemed like there were some products that weren’t registered.”
“…And so?”
“The transaction won’t work if the product isn’t registered. And so! I thought it might error if the transaction went on.”
“I’m not asking about that. I’m asking how did you know where the error was without even looking at the source?”
The man who demanded answers from YongHo suddenly turned back and shouted.
“Hey, did you upload the program source anywhere? Or did you show it to this person?”
At the man’s words, researcher Na and senior researcher Park strongly shoot their heads while saying ‘what are you talking about’.
If one leaked sources, then one may be suspected as an industrial spy and be punished. And it also seemed that they saw YongHo for the first time.
“Look. There’s no way the source would leak. Hey, did you perhaps hack the intranet?”
He brought up what he was thinking, but didn’t say out loud. If he excluded all the impossible scenarios then there was one left. Hacking.
“Wh, what are you saying? Hacking? I just saw you people editing the source the whole time yesterday, and I peaked a bit from behind, yes, I saw. You satisfied!?”
It was YongHo who instead, raised his voice. He said it as if to make them feel that he wasn’t the one in the wrong, reading the source.
At YongHo’s words, the man turned his head again.
“Did you edit the source here yesterday?”
“Th, that… We were sitting here the whole time catching minor bugs.”
The man sighed deeply. He seemed to be satisfied to an extent with YongHo’s answer. To be able to see bugs wasn’t even within the scope of his imagination.
If he peeked from behind, then it was, instead, within reason.
The man shouted like thunder after he sighed.
“What were you thinking when you were editing here without considering who might read the source!?”
“Th, there’s only the people from the same company anyway……”
Senior researcher Na’s excuse instead made the person in charge more angry.
“Don’t you know that it’s a secret project even within the company!?”
Looking at the angry person in charge, YongHo was thinking something different.
‘If you shout it like that, who wouldn’t know?’
His thought, for a moment, calmed down his pounding heart, thinking that safely passed this crisis.
And in front of such YongHo’s eyes, a hand abruptly appeared.
“Here, eat one.”
Son SeokHo pushed a sweet bean bread onto him.
‘And how does he find this so well.’
The loosened tension made him want sweet stuff so YongHo quickly ate the sweet bean bread.


The opening event ended, and the system started stabilizing as time went on. The endless complaints from the opening period also decreased.
When he had enough free time, the fancy items started entering his eyes.
‘Mom doesn’t even have a decent bag.’
There was one bag, but it was a no-name brand and the corners were all worn out. His father was in the same situation.
Although it was brief, YongHo saw it clearly.
When he was resting at home after coming back from America, his father came back from a wedding wearing a suit.
It seemed as if he lost weight unlike when he was young, as his sleeves and pant legs hung on his limbs, and they even looked empty and they were decolored and even seemed floppy.
‘He said his size was 100 and his waist was 34…’ (T/N: Author says 34 but… that’s huge, almost me)
He stopped working for a moment and looked around the stores. When YongHo stepped into a brand store which he heard about, it was full of people.
When he looked at the price tag, one bag was over 1 million won(≈ 870USD). The only time he spent more than 1 million won in one go was when he payed for his university tuition.
‘Yes. I should think I’m repaying my parents.’
Someone approached YongHo, who was agonized whether to buy the bag or not.
“What are you doing?”
The sweet scent which attacked his noise made him forget about his labor from the past month, albeit briefly.
When YongHo turned back, there was Jeong DanBi.
“Who? Are you giving it to your girlfriend?”
“Oh, no. What girlfriend.”
YongHo said bitterly.
3-give up generation.
Dating. Marriage. Childbirth – it meant that this generation had given up on these three things. YongHo also had given up these things, but he could see hope now.
“Then your mother?”
At Jeong DanBi’s words, YongHo nodded. She was really quick witted.
“You don’t have any sense for this. Nowadays, mothers don’t like these but something else.”
Jeong DanBi put down the bag YongHo was holding back to the showcase, and she dragged him while grabbing his arm.
The place he lead to on a whim, was another store. And the price range was also different.
‘T, two million won(≈1,740USD)?’
When he looked at the price tag attached to the bag Jeong DanBi picked up, YongHo’s eyes widened. However, it indeed looked pretty at a glance.
However, the price was in the two millions even with a discount, and that made him hesitate to pick up.
“This, seems alright.”
After looking around the various items, Jeong DanBi said to the store staff as if she decided.
“Excuse me, please wrap this up for me.”
“T, team Leader.”
YongHo called Jeong DanBi with a surprised expression. He now had leisure to be able to buy it, but it wasn’t like his life changed for the better.
Two million was still a lot to him.
Perhaps having read YongHo’s such expression, Jeong DanBi smiled brightly and spoke.
“This is an incentive for the business trip to Busan this time, so you don’t have to worry about it. We bought mother’s… so shall we go look at your father’s?”
At Jeong DanBi’s bright smile without a single wrinkle, YongHo couldn’t say anything.
He didn’t want to stop her enjoyment.


YongHo, who had stuff on both of his hands, including a suit and a bag, looked quite tired.

“This probably will make her look older than she is…”
“Hmm. I’m not satisfied with the color of this.”
“This brand looked alright though…” (T/N: All spoken by JDB, if you haven’t noticed.)

After buying the bag, Jeong DanBi also payed for YongHo’s father’s suit. As a price, YongHo earned exhaustion. Jeong DanBi looked around various stores to buy the suit, and that process was hell for YongHo, who was not used to shopping.
Jeong DanBi’s beautiful figure was also brief. He wanted to stop looking around, and select something random… but Jeong DanBi was resolute.
It wasn’t like she selected a gift for someone else, but for his own parents, so he couldn’t stop her or anything.
In the end, when they looked around for one hour, could they finish shopping.
“Ohh, this is an expensive brand. Are you getting out the prize money now?”
Son SeokHo abruptly appeared from behind YongHo when he was carrying the items back to the office.
“N, no. It’s not me who bought it, but team leader Jeong DanBi, saying it was a present for the business trip to Busan…….”
“Oh, really? I should tell her to buy me something too then.”
“Haha, well. If it’s you, head researcher, then she will probably buy you something more expensive.”
“Alright, let’s leave it at that. Is there 3 days left of the business trip now?”
“Is that so. Then let’s bomb it when you come back to Seoul.”
“Bomb it?”
“Look forward to it.”
Leaving a suspicious smile, Son SeokHo went back to Seoul. Now, there was only 3 days left of the business trip to Busan.


After solving the transaction error on the Magic Mirror, YongHo didn’t expect that he would converse with so many people.
“What is your identity?”
“What do you mean identity, just a Shinseki employee.”
“Are you really saying that because you don’t understand me?”
Researcher Na was blocking YongHo’s way. He didn’t seem like he would leave until he heard an answer.
“What do you mean……”
“You may be able to fool someone who’s a senior researcher in name only, but it won’t go through me.”
The person called researcher Na was urging for an answer with a ‘quickly say the truth’ attitude.
He didn’t seem to believe YongHo’s lame excuses. He wouldn’t believe even if YongHo said the truth, so YongHo repeated the original declaration with a little more arrogance. He intended for the guy to stop sticking to him by showing his arrogant side.
“Isn’t that obvious at a glance? It seems not everyone has eyes for reading sources like me.”
“Wh, what?”
“Isn’t it true? The source isn’t even that long, and if I have a look from behind, then answers come out easily. But why are you so fussed over this……”
“R, really? This is easy?”
Researcher Na still seemed unbelieving. In fact, it wasn’t a simple source like YongHo said.
They had to recognize what the user’s action was from the image gotten from the machine, and they had to take the data according to the recognized motion.
In addition, there was a transaction module in it. It wasn’t something that could be recognized from a glance from behind and it was also something that shouldn’t be known.
YongHo said it confidently and assuredly. He had no excuses anymore so this would only get more annoying if this went on.
“A… *Sigh*….Are all of you in your team like that?”
He had an expression of ‘it can’t be true’ but he also couldn’t not believe it. Researcher Na sighed repeatedly before biting his lip.
“Do I need to tell you how my team members are?”
“O, of course, you don’t but… Ayy, such a genius. I’m so jelly.”
At the sudden use of slang, YongHo flinched. As if a seal was undone, the guy became entirely different starting from his speech. Looking at such YongHo, researcher Na continued speaking.
“If I went to your team, can I be like that too?”
It was getting more and more spectacular. While YongHo was at a loss on what to do, the guy had already made a decision for himself.
“Well, I can just watch from the side. You said you were from the smart shopping strategy team, right? I’m Na DaeBang. Lemme learn that ‘eyes for reading sources’. I considered myself quite capable in my own way… I considered myself the best in the company, in a way, but the world is sure wide.”
“Uhh, hello? What are you talking about?”
Now, YongHo’s loud voice instead became smaller. Looking at such YongHo, the guy who introduced himself as Na DaeBang held out his hand.
“The areas I’m confident in are Linux kernel, firmware, well, hardware stuff like this… If it’s you, well, I might have something to learn from.”
Then he made a smile that made him look like a mountain bandit. He looked conspicuous from the beginning.
The muscles which made the clothes he was wearing tight, and the bushy beard made YongHo think of the celebrity, Ma DongSeok.
‘What the heck is this guy saying?’
Na DaeBang.
Shinseki Magic Mirror’s core developer.
He was someone who made one wonder if he was able to type on the keyboard with those large hands.
Such a man held his hand out towards YongHo.

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Chapter summary

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A wild team leader pretty girl appears!
ㄴMC gets dragged around shopping! Stamina plummets!

A wild researcher appears!
ㄴWhat will MC do?
ㄴActivate Plot Armor (Excuse)
ㄴMC activates Plot Armor!
ㄴPlot armor fails! Researcher is doubtful!
ㄴMC uses Plot Armor again! (WHY AUTHOR WHY!)
ㄴPlot Armor successful! MC gains researcher as follower!

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