Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 67: The Developer Who Cut Off His Lung (2)

The biggest difference between an ordinary desktop and a CPU for server use was the existence of MP(Multiprocessor). Firstly, a desktop has one CPU but there maybe several for a server.
Also, there is the point that the connection between these CPUs are supported. Other than that, there are points such as the usable size of the memory, and the supportability of ECC(Error Correcting Code).
Like that, there were many things to consider so a hardware specialist was created. However, James had an incredible amount of knowledge, not losing out to specialists.
The work the smart shopping strategy team had to do now was to buy hardware that James specified on the Excel sheet.
And they had to listen to his explanations without dozing off – That was all.
‘How much do we need know……?’
YongHo, who was listening to James’ explanations, felt a little fear rising in his heart at the endless programming world.
He thought that it would be fine knowing java or C, but databases became very important.
When he was about to grasp databases, algorithms popped out, and before he learnt those algorithms properly, now it was hardware.
‘It’s an endless chain of studying.’
And even while he was straying in his thoughts, James’ server construction seminar was continuing.
“YongHo, what was an HBA card again?”
“As a device that communicates between the server and the backup storage, it’s a device for interface, in a sense.”
“Wow. I thought you were straying.”
Dave laughed naughtily. He wasn’t as good as James, but he had considerable knowledge on hardware. Not only that, he also had a plenty of practice so YongHo felt that he was looking at a monster when he saw Dave.
‘As expected. Only monsters like them can work in a company like NetFlax.’
However, it was only YongHo’s misunderstanding. Dave or James were all top tier developers even within their company. Most other developers only specialized in their own areas, but they weren’t proficient several areas.


50% decrease in funds.
Something that seemed impossible was achieved.
When the finance team leader saw the purchase list, he approved of the request as if he had no choice.
To decrease the price, they had to connect several equipments parallel rather than buying one hardware with high specs. And it was inevitable that the number of servers increased, and a lot of space was needed in the data center.
Today was when the meeting to discuss that took place. Most of the developing team headed to Gasan Digital Complex where the data center was located.
“Is this the Korean Silicon Valley?”
Dave asked while looking at YongHo. The high rise buildings were boasting their forms.
“Well, you, you can think that way.”
There was one reason while YongHo stuttered. It was because he knew of the banquet of extortion and lies that happened inside those buildings.
“Silicon Valley? Dave, this is no Silicon Valley. It’s a Death Valley”
Death Valley. The land of death.
Son SeokHo on the side answered instead of YongHo, who was trying to evade the topic. Dave laughed for a long time as if he considered it as a joke.

“Nice to meet you.”
The person in charge, Son SeokHo, offered his hand. It was one of the server management personnel in the data center, Yu JaeMan.
Perhaps his coughing was bad, but he offered his hand while covering his mouth with the other.
“Yes. I’m called Yu JaeMan. I heard the story.”
“Is there a place to put the server?”
“I did look for one… Would you like to come inside and see it for yourselves?”
As if his body was bad, he kept coughing. His face looked worse than when YongHo was staying overnight at work a lot of the time.
At such figure of Yu JaeMan, Dave asked YongHo.
“That person, doesn’t he need to rest?”
“I think so too.”
As he lead the way, his figure looked more fragile than ever.

Data centers is divided into ranks according to usability.
Something called the TIA(Telecommunications Industry Association) divided data centers into a total of 4 ranks according to the standardized grouping.
As the number became higher, sudden power outages or the suspension of the center management due to external factors such as anti-temperature and ant-moisture could be said to be lower.
Shinseki’s data center was rank 3, and from the figure of the man, who was explaining while going into the room, pride could be felt.
“It’s already been about 3 years since I started working here.”
Yu JaeMan was proud of the fact that he entered the company in his late 20s and continued working until he was in his early 30s. It wasn’t that he disdained other people or was being arrogant. He seemed purely proud of the fact that he had established this data center.
“This way.”
The insides of the center was full of machine noises. It was to the point that they wouldn’t be able to hear anything properly if they didn’t concentrate. YongHo coughed within minutes after he entered as if the dust in the place wasn’t managed properly. His ears becoming numb was a bonus.
Yu JaeMan’s coughing became worse, as he lead the way.

As soon as he came outside, YongHo panted. Even though the air conditioning system was running inside the server room, the air was so stale to the point that the young YongHo couldn’t endure it.
It wasn’t only YongHo, everyone else was coughing. Someone was waiting for them, who were all coughing.
It was the team leader of the server management team.
A project driven by Jeong DanBi was in the interest of all the company employees. There was no employee who wouldn’t be interested in a project that was run by the direct descent of the Chairman.
After looking at the man, Yu JaeMan introduced him to YongHo & co.
“Khm. This is our team leader.”
As if he had some phlegm in his throat, Yu JaeMan cleared his throat. Even after doing so, he kept coughing as if his throat was itchy.
The team leader approached YongHo & co.
“I’m Son SeokHo from the smart shopping strategy team.”
When Son SeokHo greeted, Yu JaeMan stepped backwards. YongHo asked Yu JaeMan, who kept coughing.
“Are you alright?”
He couldn’t not worry since his face was turning bright red. Yu JaeMan gestured that he was alright and YongHo didn’t need to be worried, but he didn’t look fine at all.
“I think you need to go to the hospital…….”
Na DaeBang on the side also thought that it was serious and he spoke with a worried voice.
Even during that, the coughing continued. Now, he started hitting his left chest as it was stuffy.
“Are you alright?”
The server management team leader also looked at Yu JaeMan. At that moment, Yu JaeMan inhaled a big breath.
Without even exhaling the inhaled breath, Yu JaeMan fell flat on the ground.
The blood flowing from his mouth, and the blood flowing from his scratched forehead combined and flowed into the gaps between the tiles on the floor.

While everyone was dumbfounded, the first one to come to his senses was Son SeokHo.
“Hey! Hold on! Hey!”
When Yu JaeMan didn’t respond no matter how he raised his voice, Son SeokHo called on YongHo.
“Call 119 quickly!” (119 = 911)
“I, I understand.”
YongHo took out his phone and just when he was about to call, the server management team leader stopped him.
“First, we need to follow the company procedures and call the situation room.”
“What nonsense are you speaking when a person is dying!? Lee YongHo! What are you doing and not calling!?”
Son SeokHo who shouted like thunder started emergency treatment while placing Yu JaeMan on the ground. YongHo hesitated for a brief moment when the team leader interfered, but he still started calling.
“Hey. The situation room comes first! Call 119 later!”
The team leader tried to stop YongHo again, but YongHo didn’t mind that and continued calling.
When YongHo stopped listening, the team leader tried to take the phone away by force.
“Ehem, nope!”
Na DaeBang blocked his way.
It felt like a siren could be heard from far away. It was the second ambulance sound YongHo heard in work.


Dave & co were sent to their lodging first. There was a limit to how many people could board the ambulance so na DaeBang was also sent to the company to tell them of the situation.
Outside the emergency room of the hospital, YongHo and Son SeokHo were sitting side by side.
YongHo sighed while covering his face with both hands. It didn’t feel that realistic to him when he heard that a manager he knew went to the hospital due to a heart attack when he was in Mirae. It was as if he was looking at African children who were dying of hunger on TV.
However, it wasn’t like that now.
A person collapsed right in front of him, bleeding. Although they weren’t close at all, the collapsed figure bleeding was shock itself.
“Are you alright?”
“Oh, yes. I’m alright.”
“What a bolt in blue when we were out for server construction……”
Son SeokHo also sighed.
“Will that person be alright?”
“They said there wasn’t any danger to his life, so we can only wait.”
Time passed and Son SeokHo’s voice also became normal as his agitated emotions calmed down. He was even calm when he was explaining the situation to Yu JaeMan’s guardians who arrived after hearing what happened.
YongHo felt that Son SeokHo was amazing, seeing him so calm.
The ability of an open source committer.
And the heart to be considerate towards his juniors.
On top of that, his emergency treatment abilities and the calm attitude towards the crying guardians made YongHo exclaim in amazement.

After the surgery ended, time pointed towards dawn. A bed for patients came out of the surgery room, carrying Yu JaeMan.
There was no danger to his life.
However, his lung had to be cut off.
The doctor said that he would never be able to exercise again in his life, such as running.
All sounds died in YongHo’s heart.
Yu JaeMan’s guardians lost their reason and cried. Perhaps due to the surgery, the close eyes didn’t open.
“It seems like he had a lot of fatigue. It’s an illness when the body’s immunity goes down……”
Son SeokHo couldn’t say anything at the doctor’s words. YongHo was the same.
They could only listen quietly – both to the cries of the guardians and to the doctor’s explanations.


Yu JaeMan coughed and finished preparing to go to work.
“Son, I said go to the hospital.”
“It seems they will let me off on Saturday so I will go the.”
“How long has it been since you said you’ll go? That damn company won’t even let you leave work, do they say they can’t do without you?”
“Big companies are all like that.”
He tied his shoelaces and pulled himself up.
At that moment, he fell back on the wall as if his head ached. Yu JaeMan’s mother, hurriedly supported him in shock.
“Let’s go to the hospital right now!”
She raised her voice thinking it wasn’t good like this. Yu JaeMan, who was hesitating for a moment, said with all his strength.
“…I, I’m alright. Today, there’s an especially important work, so I will go to the hospital after this is over.”
Yu JaeMan now also thought that he should go to the hospital. With this work as the last one, he resolved that he would go to the hospital even if he had to apply for a leave.
Of all teams, he had a meeting with Jeong DanBi’s team.
Jeong DanBi. Jeong JinHoon’s little sister and chairman Jeong JinYong’s youngest child. He didn’t want to be marked due to the sudden cancellation of the meeting.
Just if this work finishes.
He wanted to go to the hospital, but he didn’t have the time.
He worked 4000 hours in the last year. It was a work hour only possible with 1 or 2 days of rest per month.
Work intensity which wouldn’t be possible without commuting early to work and leaving work late. He still endured.
Just if this work finishes.
I will rest. I will go to the hospital. I will go out with my family and my friends – He thought.
When Yu JaeMan’s headache became a little better, he opened the front door. When the bright sunlight of early morning shone on him, he could feel his body becoming better.

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