Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 69: The Developer Who Cut Off His Lung (4)

Morning rush hour.
Even within the company, it was all advertisements about the launching of the S Mall. Matching the launching, the company gave all its employees a 50,000 won worth of points to induce them to use the S Mall.
The team in charge of the S Mall e-mailed the entire company to contact them if they found any bugs. However, that wasn’t really necessary.
First day of launching.
Shinseki Customer Service was paralyzed due to the complaint calls of the customers.
“And so, I think Mr. YongHo needs to go support them.”
“It’s along with the consultation about attaching the PS System.”
Jeong DanBi looked for YongHo from morning. Na DaeBang was in charge of a core role in the project OH, so he couldn’t be sent.
Moreover, he was also the main personnel for server construction so even 10 of him was insufficient.
And it wasn’t like she could send Son SeokHo. YongHo, who had no important work right now, was the best choice.
“If you say go, then I have to go, no?”
YongHo answered cynically.
It was a trait he acquired after that incident. Being cynical and the negative attitude were emitted.
“It’s about 2 weeks so you can commute there. You know where the data center building is in Gasan, right?”
It was that building again.

There were two pairs of eyes looking at YongHo working. Jeong DanBi was looking at him with eyes full of worry. In contrast, Son SeokHo’s eyes were cold. The playful attitude was all but gone.
“Will he be alright?”
“It’s not a problem that other people can help him with.”
“Even so… I heard that person’s family was protesting there……”
Jeong DanBi’s voice was full of worry. The more worried she was, Son SeokHo was more resolute.
“We can’t leave him alone like this when he’s ruining the present because of his past.”
It was so cold that, it instead showed how much worry he showed for YongHo.
The education of lions.
It was the method Son SeokHo used on YongHo.


4000 work hour per year.
Why no industrial accident.
Work rather than people.
Result rather than work.
YongHo, who was going to the data center in Gasn for work, couldn’t move for a while and he stood there dazed.
A middle-aged woman with a feeble body to the point that the picket hung on her neck blocked her entire body was standing there.
The fragile body looked as if it would collapse at any moment. From that figure, YongHo saw his own mother’s figure. If he became like that too, wouldn’t his mother be like that as well?
However, the reaction of the people were cold.
A treatment worse than flyers on the ground. People ignored the sign and walked inside the building.

The office was full with people. He felt like it had been a while since he had moved from a comfortable place like the smart shopping strategy team, to a place with a loud crowd of developers like this.
The manager in charge of the S Mall guided YongHo to his seat.
“Oh, Mr. Lee YongHo? I heard a lot about you.”
“First, the synchronization of the PS System no the S Mall is, as you know, delayed due to the circumstances of the S Mall. You can test the system here and if you find a problem you can fix, then you can confirm with assistant manager Yang and solve it.”
After he spoke what he needed, the man left quickly as if he had a lot to do. Assistant manager Yang also didn’t heed him any mind as he was busy.
YongHo first turned on the computer and accessed the S Mall. Countless items were boasting their aura.
Although they said the Shinseki Mall and Shin Mart was integrated into one, they were separated by tabs, and there wasn’t anything different.
And when he clicked the Shinseki Mall tab, bugs started popping up on the bug window.
Title : Input(A characteristic used in web documents) object cannot be found.
Title : an invalid css(A type of script language created to supplement web design) tag was used.
Title : The data type of jquery(A library of javascript) ajax was used wrong.
The errors varied and were wide range. Not only the client on the screen, but there were errors occurring from the server.
When he looked at those problems, he laughed emptily.
‘The situation is similar everywhere, eh.’
He remembered the time when solved errors like a madman, not too long ago. However, he didn’t have as much motivation as then.
He was already recognized in the company, and the dry sand known as regret extinguished the burning passion.

He sat there dazed for the entire day. When he went outside to get some wind while grabbing his head due to a headache, a scene was happening in front of him with the security guards and the woman he saw in the morning.
“I said look for another way.”
“Go where! What are you going to do about my son! MY SON!”
Even with the security guards’ cold words, the middle aged woman didn’t step back. Instead, she even raised her voice.
“You made him like that! My son, my son who’s lying in the hospital!”
The mountain like guards surrounded the howling middle aged woman with a feeble body.
She was shouting and screaming but nobody paid attention to her.
They were all emotions that YongHo experienced.
The emotions engraved in his bones when he heard that he was blacklisted, and he had to wander around looking for a job, were boiling up again.
He sympathized more than anyone.
Not this!
A string snapped inside YongHo’s head. He slowly approached the scene. The guards seemed to have felt it and looked behind.
A guard spoke after confirming the identity card hung on YongHo’s next.
“I think you’re an employee so please go inside and work.”
“Excuse me, I think this is not good.”
“If you don’t want to blow this up then please go inside quietly.”
The guard growled with a low voice. It was a threatening attitude, but YongHo was not afraid at all for some reason.
The middle aged woman thought that support had arrived and her voice became louder.
“What are you going to do about my son lying in the hospital!? You bastards!”
When YongHo took another step forward, one of the guards slightly pushed YongHo’s chest at the same time. YongHo’s body was just a typical programmer.
As the guard’s body stature was big, even though he pushed only a little bit, YongHo took multiple steps back.
He was pushed when pushed, and he swayed when shaken. He had a center but no weight. He was pushed around too easily by other people’s hands.
This is reality.
He had no power, or influence. YongHo was just an employee and a developer. YongHo stepped back multiple times but he stepped forward once again. The membrane of powerlessness was breaking.
When YongHo approached again, the guard pushed YongHo harder.
He ended up falling on his butt this time. Now that he was sitting, the situation came more clearly to him
A middle aged woman was fighting back with difficulty, and a giant wall surrounded her.
At that moment, The inside of YongHo’s head became white in rage. The frustration of the incidents that happened after he graduated, and his own powerlessness exploded when he saw the persecuted middle aged woman. However, as if a ghost possessed him, his head was still cold.
“I understand very well.”
YongHo brushed off his butt and stood up. YongHo’s eyes, while going back, had a tinge of wrathful kiling intent.

When he left his body to the wrath, liveliness started filling YongHo’s mentality. He focused on work using that energy.
It was a figure that anybody around him would say that he’s a madman.
On one side of YongHo’s desk, sandwiches and fizzy drinks were piled up. And it kept piling up. It was proof that he worked without even standing up.
And he fixed the bugs that appeared on the S Mall like a madman.


“Hey, Mr. YongHo. Rest for a while, will ya?”
The surrounding colleagues all said something while passing by. The atmosphere of talking behind his back had disappeared.
He came to work earlier than anyone, and he left later than anyone.
And he fixed the most bugs than anyone. Naturally, the importance of YongHo could only get bigger in the S Mall integration project.
“Your face looks so unwell. Don’t you need to rest?”
“It’s alright, not yet. I still have things to fix.”
YongHo answered as if it was nothing. Fixing bugs was a simple problem to YongHo, who had the bug window, but it wasn’t at all easy for ordinary programmers.
And the debugging process of other people’s codes at that was, in no way, easy. However, YongHo solved those too easily. As time passed, the complaints of the customers also decreased.
And the general structure of the S Mall website was also changed.
The basic structure was kept as it is – MVC(Model-View-Controller : One type of pattern in computer architecture).
However, the dependency between the classes became deeper.
It was a method that had to be avoided when programming.
It was because when a program became dependent, rather than independent, the impact of changing one thing would make a lot of difference.
As the ratio of the program YongHo edited became larger, the part that other people coud touch easily became smaller.
It was because the impact would be too big if they touched anything.
“Mr. YongHo, please have a look at this too.”
“I understand.”
YongHo answered enthusiastically. This attitude made everyone believe in YongHo. How could anyone not believe someone who was enthusiastic and solved the occurring problems immediately?
Moreover, he showed effort that he kept working on his seat.
Thanks to that, other people became comfortable and the amount of overtime work they did also decreased. And the more they did that, the more the dependency on YongHo increased.
“I will leave first so, Mr YongHo should leave early too, okay?”
As if showing his kindness, the manager wore his blazer and spoke.
YongHo answered with a calm face. However, he was thinking something completely different in his heart.
‘I cannot be pushed around anymore.’
Until now, YongHo put in effort to solve something when a situation occurred.
He didn’t think of creating such a situation.
However, it will be different from now on.
‘I will create the situation from now on.’
YongHo frighteningly typed on the keyboard.

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