Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 70: The Developer Who Cut Off His Lung (5)

Dependency, in other words, degree of dependence.
When eating, one can use any spoon to eat. Meaning – there is no dependency.
However, if one makes a spoon that only that person can use, that means there is a dependency.
However, not only the spoon, but if the bowl, table, chopsticks – all of them were created for one person’s use, dependency increases rapidly. And naturally, the cost increases as well.
Programming is similar to this. If one does not use B, C and D to implement A, but make it belong solely to A, then dependency increases.
It was something to be avoided when programming.
This was the most important point YongHo learned while doing the code review with Son SeokHo after having entered Shinseki.
However, right now, he was coding the exact opposite way that Son SeokHo told him to.
‘Construct a user class inside the order class and construct an order class inside the user class and make it reference each other… then if I construct again a send class inside the user class……’
YongHo was coding in the exact opposite direction to the one he studied. He was increasing the complexity to make the program only editable by him
As time passed, the bugs on the S Mall website decreased. However, the program complexity multiplied

The complaints of the customers decreased by 50%. Instead, the depedency of the S Mall website, which was created by integrating Shinseki Mall and Shinseki Mart into one, on YongHo, increased by 50%.
With the continuous overtime work, YongHo’s health was also running at the lowest. It was to the point that the people passing by were shocked at the tension YongHo kept up since the beginning even with a zombie-like figure.
“Are you alright? You don’t look good at all.”
The manager who first guided YongHo to work approached him and asked with a worried voice. YongHo wasn’t too bothered with his current state, as he experienced it a few times before, but the people around him thought it was serious.
A big incident had already happened so everyone was clearly sensitive to their own health.
YongHo’s coughing from time to time were enough to make the people in charge of the S Mall nervous.
“Apply for an early leave today and go rest at home. You’ve done enough.”
The manager tapped his shoulders while helping him up. YongHo was also now thinking that he should sleep. And he predicted that this was also enough.
“I understand.”
After eating lunch, YongHo went back home. Only YongHo went back home.


Ring ring.
“Yes, Shinseki Mall Customer Service.”
“You can’t confirm the item you’ve paid for? Yes. We will check on it immediately.”
The calls to the customer service center was rising rapidly again due to the complaints of the customers. There were even various types of complaints.
The important thing was that the trend was increasing rapidly.
“Yes, ma’am. You didn’t receive the points?”
“Yes, sir……”
The employees were answering each of them with a headset with a microphone attached on their heads, but they were insufficient to process all the complaints.
The head of the center, who came here to have a look at the situation, paled in fright when he looked at the chaotic customer service center.
“What’s happening?”
“From morning, we keep receiving complaints as if there are some problems with the S Mall.”
The head of the center turned his gaze and looked at the electronic display in the middle. On the electronic display, the waiting calls were updating real-time.
Although they were processing them, but the processed ones paled in comparison to the new ones, so the waiting calls didn’t seem like it will decrease at all.
The head of the center suppressed his anger and asked.
“What did the development team say?”
“They say they’re solving it right now……”
“Call the development team leader right now.”
A storm was raging from the morning.

The man who was called lowered his head and and kept repeating the word ‘sorry’. In front of him a slightly younger man was waiting anxiously.
His face was ashen as he expected a storm that would come towards him after that call ended.
“Yes, yes. I’m sorry.”
“I understand.”
“I will fix it as soon as possible.”
While the man was receiving the call, the manager who gave YongHo an early leave kept calling somewhere.
Ring ring. Ring ring.
However, he put down the phone while sweating cold sweat as the call didn’t connect in the end. It seems as the man in front of the manager ended his call as he put down the phone and asked.
“He’s not answering?”
“M, maybe he’s sleeping……”
“Phew… You can’t work without Lee YongHo! And who told you to give him a vacation!?”
The man sighed loudly and shouted like thunder.
At the angry voice, a few people inside the office stiffened. They seemed worried that they would get caught as collateral damage.
There was a nameplate on the desk that the man was sitting in front of. His position was general manager. He was the person in charge of the S Mall.
“I, I’m sorry.”
This time, the word ‘sorry’ came out of the manager’s mouth reflexively. YongHo who applied for an early leave applied for another day of absence with the excuse that the hospital diagnosed that he needed a rest.
Now that YongHo wasn’t here, there were various accidents happening as if there were fireworks exploding from the morning.
“Is that it? Just sorry? Either call Lee YongHo right here right now and fix the problem or you guys fix it!”
At the loudly ringing voice, the atmosphere of the office instantly tightened. They all seemed tense as all their shoulders were stiff and meaningless keyboard sounds rang out.
“I, I will fix it right now.”
The manager who gave YongHo a vacation lowered his head and went back to his seat. And he kept looking at the monitor, but his ‘I’m about to die’ face didn’t disappear at all.

The head of the center screamed when he looked at the electronic display which only rose.
“Keep pushing the development team!”
“I, I understand.”
“Are you going to take responsibility if the other channels aren’t covered due to the S Mall complaints?”
“I, I’m sorry.”
While looking at the man lowering his head, the head of the center sighed. He also knew. That nothing would be solved even if he got angry at the man in front of him.
However, he needed to vent the anger.
In a blink of an eye, the waiting calls were rising over 500.
If the matter became worse and somehow leaks to the mass media, then he might have had to retire without even being at the age of retirement. Shinseki’s public opinions weren’t good in the first place.
There were a limited places on the board, and there were countless who vied for promotion.
“Call the S Mall development team right now, and tell them that if the problems don’t get fixed in one hour, we won’t receive any more calls.”
The head of the center gave out his ultimatum.
Due to the request from the S Mall development team, they had multiplied the people in charge of the S Mall customer service team. Even so, they couldn’t properly solve any of the complaint calls that were increasing rapidly.
A situation where they might have to close the S Mall was approaching.

Bad cycle.
A problem occurs and a complaint is received by the customer service center.
The customer service center then request the solving of the problem to the development team.
The developer who receive the request edit the source to fix the problem.
And a side effect (an action that occurs when a change occurs due to accessing an object while the programming is running) occurs.
For example, there is an equation of x = y + 3. If y = 1, x becomes 4. If y = 2, then x becomes 5. There are two side effects.
If another developer edits y, then x needs editing along with that. However, it was very difficult to find x.
High dependency means that there are many such ‘x’s that needs editing.
In other words, the possibility of errors occurring rises.
Bad cycle.
As the source kept getting edited, the errors increased, and the source is edited again, and even more errors occurred.
The developers tried their best to fix the problems, but it wasn’t at all easy.
“I, I think we need Mr. Lee YongHo.”
The developers shouted the same thing with different mouths. If they had time, they could fix the problems.
However, they didn’t have such time. The coding that YongHo did meticulously ignored readability. Moreover, landmines known as hard coding(Coding that has no expandability nor flexibility) were hiding themselves.
The developers inside the office put all their efforts, but the landmines only exploded and was never removed.

15 Missed Calls.
It was the number on his phone when YongHo woke up in the afternoon after sleeping to replenish the insufficient sleep.
‘They seem quite desperate.’
While smiling, he looked at the phone for a little more while before it started ringing again. However, it wasn’t time to answer the call yet.
‘I’m slightly sorry but… Well, everyone only thought about themselves anyway……’
YongHo took the taxi to the hospital after changing his clothes.

“What the heck is that bastard doing and not receiving his call!!?”
“Did you call his house?”
“I, I did but it says that the number doesn’t exist.”
The manager who gave YongHo a vacation replied vaguely. After moving houses, the contact info wasn’t updated yet. YongHo’s home phone number in the company was the number from when he still lived in Gaepo-dong.
“And so? What are you going to do about it?”
“I, I will fix it.”
“And from how many hours ago did you keep saying that!? What will happen if the website has to close?”
The general manager’s voice became more frequent. He was as quiet as the eye of the storm. He didn’t know when it would explode so the manager became even more careful.
“I, I will try contacting him another way.”
And the place he called was the smart shopping strategy team. And the receiver was Jeong DanBi.

“Head researcher Son, can you contact Mr. YongHo right now?”
“I didn’t call him recently… Wasn’t he at Gasan?”
“Gasan’s side called this side since they also can’t contact him.”
Even at Jeong DanBi’s words, Son SeokHo looked calm. He didn’t treat it seriously at all. However, Jeong DanBi was different.
“There is a serious problem in the ordering and sending in the S Mall, and it seems that they need Mr. YongHo desperately.”
“As expected. Our YongHo gets recognized wherever he goes.”
Son SeokHo’s voice contained pride for YongHo. And Jeong DanBi’s face stiffened the more he was.
“Head researcher. It’s not time to play around. There might be a fatal effect on the image of the company.”
At Jeong DanBi’s hard words, Son SeokHo also reacted coldly.
“I also don’t know where he is.”
Jeong DanBi’s sighs became deeper


“Mr. YongHo? Where are you right now? Why aren’t you receiving your call!?”
As soon as YongHo answered the phone the manager poured out bullets of words. However, YongHo was calm. He wasn’t flustered at all.
“I’m unwell so I’m at the hospital. You know SooSung Hospital, right?”
For a moment, silence flowed.
SooSung Hospital.
It was the hospital where Yu JaeMan was currently hospitalized at. The work they were doing when Yu JaeMan collapsed was the integration of S Mall. Many engineers are invested in order to complete one project.
DB, infra, software, tuning specailst, etc… And among those, Yu JaeMan was a server management personnel and he helped YongHo’s team by leaving out some time.
One person, lots of work.
‘This work’ never finishes. (T/N: ‘This work’ as in “I will go to the hospital after ‘this work’ finishes”). YongHo’s leisurely voice could be heard over the phone amidst the silence.
“Do you know what happened at the company? We’re urgent so please come to the company immediately. I will give you a vacation after this work finishes.”
After this work finishes. (T/N: Again, the same ‘This work’)
However, that didn’t work on YongHo. If he had intended to go back to the company, he wouldn’t have come to the hospital in the first place.
“Right now? My body is so unwell so I don’t think I can do that… What will I do if I become like Mr. Yu JaeMan?”
“…M, Mr. YongHo. The company is really urgent. Please help us out.”
The manager now begged YongHo. However it didn’t work.
“I’m sorry but I need to live too can’t you understand my situation?”
I’m sorry, but we need to live too so please understand us.
The words that the manager said to Yu JaeMan at the hospital. The words once again replayed through YongHo’s mouth. YongHo’s eyes were glistening in a blue light.

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Translator : Chamber

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