Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 71: The Developer Who Cut Off His Lung (6)

-Shinseki’s S Mall lots of complaints
-S Mall flooded with complaints of customers, no countermeasure
-Current state of the big company’s service.

A news article that popped up on an internet media, that prioritizes consumers’ rights and interests, spread rapidly through SNS.
Few consumers, who have received damage, hyperlinked the news article on various places of the internet and the whole thing boiled up with comments and replies to comments.
Most of the problem was errors in the program.
The S Mall development team located in Gasan put their efforts day and night, but looking at the unextinguishing fire, they were about to give up.
“I, I’m sorry. I will fix it right away.”
The general manager, who scolded the manager, kept lowering his head. A member of the board above the general manager had called.
However, even that person had to lower his head eventually. Calls from above that person, and even above that person continued, and eventually, chairman Jeong JinYong called for a meeting himself.
“What is the problem?”
Chairman Jeong JinYong asked with short words but with power.
“The S Mall itself opened when it was incomplete, and now that we’re editing the program while it’s open, we’re behind schedule and more bugs seem to be occurring.”
One of the board members answered Jeong JinYong’s question. However, his answer only raised Jeong JinYon’s question.
“According to what I heard, it was all fixed?”
Jeong JinYong asked again as if he didn’t understand. The members of the board couldn’t say anything. The bugs which occurred before YongHo was sent there was mostly solved by Yongho. This was the latest story that Jeong JinYong knew.
While YongHo applied for a leave and went to the hospital, the bugs bursted out again. The dam that YongHo piled up had collapsed.
Side effects were endlessly creating more bugs. When he didn’t hear an answer, Jeong JinYong continued speaking.
“And? Solution?”
The heavy voice filled the conference room. It was quiet. It was a wonder that even with so many people in the conference room, the conference room could be so quiet.
As this was an important topic, even the front-line workers were participating.
Jeong JinYong looked at the general manager who was in charge of the S Mall development team.
“Th, there is a developer called Lee YongHo… and if he comes, I think the program will recover in a short time.”
The general manager, who was so confident in front of the manager, couldn’t do anything in front of the chairman. He stuttered and cold sweat flowed from his forehead.
“Lee YongHo, Lee YongHo. I hear that name a lot these days. Then what are you doing and not solving it?”
At the scolding words, the general manager replied with difficulty.
“H, he is hospitalized due to over exhaustion…….”
“What, hospitalized?”
Jeong JinYong looked at the general manager as if he didn’t understand. The general manager was only guilty for speaking the truth. Due to that sin, he had to receive sharp glares from the members of the board and the chairman himself.

In a 6-man ward, YongHo was lying down and was immersed in thought.
‘It sure is good to play around.’
HIs face was full of comfort.
He had repeated the life of company -> home; and company -> home again. Money piled up in his bank account but there was no time to use them. It wasn’t bad to take a rest like this.
‘It must be chaos everywhere right now.’
YongHo looked at the phone on the table.
He ended the call with the excuse of being unwell. However, even after he ended the call, the phone kept ringing like mad.
He had predicted this, but he didn’t know it would be so soon. There was one more reason why coming to the hospital was good.
‘To think I was under burnout syndrome…’
YongHo took a medical examination while he was at the hospital. Results were that his body was mostly unwell.
The powerlessness he experienced recently also had a name.
Burnout syndrome.
However, he was recovering now.
‘It’s about time…..’
As soon as he thought that, two people entered the ward.
It was Son SeokHo and Jeong DanBi.

Son SeokHo was calmly looking at Yongho. The empty eyes had changed. He knew that something had changed in that time.
“How’s your body?”
“Now that I’m lying down, I think I can survive.”
“I brought some sweet bean bread, so eat and cheer up.”
Son SeokHo placed a box of sweet bean bread on the table. Jeong DanBi seemed overwhelmed and shook her head.
“What did the doctors say? How long do they say you need to be in the hospital?”
“They say I was under burnout syndrome. And so it’s better the more I rest… It seems like something happened at the company?”
YongHo replied pretending to not know anything. Jeong DanBi thought YongHo was nasty and her words became coquettish.
“I don’t know what you’ve done until now but the S Mall development team says that they need you, Mr. YongHo.”
“Me? What ability do I have?… The doctor said that I need to rest……”
At Jeong DanBi’s words, YongHo replied slyly. Jeong DanBi seemed to have recognized that YongHo changed as she laughed.
“I sent you to Gasan, and you came back as a snake.”
“Well, there were a lot of things.”
YongHo replied. Jeong DanBi seemed to have judged that playing around was enough as she brought a chair and sat next to YongHo. And asked with crossed arms.
“I think you can work when I look at your state now, so, what do you need for you to get up?”
“Haha, a company employee gets up when he’s told to, what condition is needed? It’s just that the doctor says I’ll be in big trouble if I exert myself anymore……”
Jeong DanBi cut short YongHo’s words which were about to get long. And finally, the words YongHo wanted came out of Jeong DanBi’s mouth.
“I heard everything before coming. I heard you mentioned Mr. Yu JaeMan, is that right?”
“Did I? Maybe I did that.”
While looking at YongHo coming out like that, Jeong DanBi was inwardly surprised. She marvelled that people could change in such a short time.
However, that was Jeong DanBi’s misunderstanding. YongHo could sleep in his underwear in the clubroom in the middle of summer.
His actions until now was because he thought himself as a footsoldier. It was just that it’s different now.
“Why are you so concerned about him? Aren’t you strangers anyway?”
There was a question mark on Jeong DanBi’s face. It was the same for Son SeokHo. They had difficulty finding the connection between YongHo’s actions until now and the changes that occurred.
The YongHo that Jeong DanBi and Son SeokHo knew was an employee who was passionate about programming. There was only that he had distinguishing ability from others. They didn’t think that he was so altruistic.
At Jeong DanBi’s question, YongHo spoke slowly with a saddened face.
“Strangers… We are indeed strangers, alright. But I want to ask back. Does team leader not care whether a stranger dies or not? Are you a person who would ignore even if a person collapsed right in front of your eyes? I couldn’t do that. I looked at a person who collapsed in front of me and …. Bang! Lightning flashed in my head.”
YongHo’s empty and blank eyes were sparkling. His words also contained power. Jeong DanBi sat there quietly as she lost her words for a bit.
“I don’t know the law that well, but I consider myself quite capable at programming. A person collapsed in front of my eyes, and I can do some programming. And so I thought. ‘Ah, I don’t want to see this dogshit again.’ ‘I can’t handle it anymore.’”
YongHo’s use of vulgar words made Jeong DanBi even more surprised. She had never heard him use such words until now.
In YongHo’s opinion, only manager-level personnel and above had ‘power’. He thought that only people at the manager-level position could do whatever they want.
However, it wasn’t like that now.
Starting now.
Clap clap clap.
Son SeokHo was clapping.
“Now you’ve finally gotten your self-confidence. I like this you the most since the first time I saw you.”
Only Jeong DanBi was confused. She was confused as to how to receive this situation.

Yu JaeMan’s compensation, which was dragged out for so long, was processed quickly as soon as YongHo got up from the ward.
Losses occurring from the S Mall currently was incomparably bigger than the compensation they had to give to Yu JaeMan.
As Shinseki was result-focused, the process was quick.

YongHo who was put again into the S Mall started overtime work again. And within one day, he had produced a result of fixing bugs.
The complaint calls to the customer service center also decreasedby 20%.
And the day he came back.
YongHo had to witness a horrible scene.
Na Daebang called YongHo with a voice full of resentment. The puffed up muscles were dried up, and the fast food remnants were piled up on his desk in a tower.
“Ah, M, Mr DaeBang.”
“You…can’t….go anywhere ok……?”
At Na DaeBang’s words, YongHo could only nod his head. If he didn’t, he didn’t know what he had to face. The bloodshot red eyes and the limping body reminded him of a zombie.
And that zombie was saying it will eat him if he didn’t reply as it wanted.


When the situation with the S Mall finished with YongHo put into it, YongHo’s name was firmly engraved again in chairman Jeong JinYong’s mind.
This was the second time already.
To get an employee’s name get known by the chairman was unprecedented.
Perhaps due to that, Jeong JinHoon was standing in a neat posture in front of chairman Jeong JinYong.
“It seems Mr. LeeYongHo is a great programmer.”
“It seems so.”
“But you know… The company known as Shinseki is run by a system, not by a person.”
“I have taken it to heart.”
Jeong JinHoon replied while lowering his head. However, Jeong JinYong wasn’t looking at him. He was looking at the setting sun outside the window.
“Then please take another thing to heart. The sun can set like that.”
The red sunset was shining through the window and illuminated the chairman’s office. It was an evening where such a beautiful light seemed bloody to a certain person.


With this as the trigger, the way YongHo lived his life changed. If he had lived passively until now, it changed to living actively.
A life that is not lived but a life that he lives.
To live actively, the first thing he did was to find his ‘original intention’. Achieving the objectives that he thought of when he first set foot into this industry.
I will become the world’s best programmer.
His objective was clear, but the process was blurred. Moreover, there was no clear standard for being the ‘world’s best’. Who would be entitled, and who would entitle, etc… There was such things.
‘Let’s set a standard in my own way. First…Let’s put Stack Overfly first……’
YongHo started writing a more specified list of objectives in his notepad.
‘I’ll have to achieve first in Topcode that we’re preparing in the algorithm study.’
Topcode first.
Coder Jam first.
Stack Overfly first.
The owner of the open source project that the most people in the world uses.
Developing a programming language that gets most used.
YongHo wrote down the thing he was thinking. Although it may not become reality, just writing things like this, one by one, made his heart pound. The hand that was writing the list trembled.
‘To think I can set objective like these……’
It was only one year ago when he had to suppress his rage while signing the work contract. At that time, he couldn’t even think about these objectives. With anxiety, the only thing he could think about was getting employed.
However, that all changed now.
He had confidence in his own ability.
He thought that he could do anything when he set his mind to it.
Now that he decided to live actively, confidence was boiling in the depths of his heart. He knew better than anyone that he didn’t live in vain until now.
This was the biggest source of his confidence.
‘Now that I’ve set my objectives, it’s the methods now……’
With a nervous mind, YongHo couldn’t sleep for a long time.

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