Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 72: One Hundred Billion Achieved (1)

There was a person who already achieved one of the objective YongHo set. Despite not being the most used open source, he ascended to the position of a committer.
Son SeokHo.
YongHo asked Son SeokHo as soon as he came to work.
“Head researcher, how can one become an open source committer?”
It was yesterday night when he set those objectives. Perhaps the excitement from then was still left inside him as he held his head out towards Son SeokHo and asked recklessly from the morning. Son SeokHo seemed to have found YongHo’s such actions uncomfortable as he gestured for him to stay far away.
“Why so sudden?”
“Didn’t you say so? That we won’t get pushed around if we have the ability, if a person is a committer, doesn’t that means he has the ability?”
“NetFlax Prize Winners also have enough ability.”
Son SeokHo shuddered. However, YongHo was serious. He wanted to achieve something without the help of the bug window this time. He wanted to solely increase his abilities.
YongHo put strength into his eyes and didn’t leave.
In the end, Son SeokHo took YongHo out as if he understood. Perhaps the talk went on for a long time, but they didn’t come back even after 1 hour had passed.


Meanwhile, Shinseki design team.
The designers sitting in their seats had sunken cheeks. From their figures, one would be able to estimate just how much suffering they had been through.
“An app design that fits the concept of the S Mall, is there so little?”
The team leader of the design team, Yu SoHyun, looked at the team members and asked. However, no one replied easily.
“Can we even release the S Mall app like this?”
At the continuous harsh words, one of the designers raised a hand.
“H, how about this?”
A video was playing on the monitor that the designer was watching. The video showed how the indroid view was working on an app. Shattering glass-like effects from the touched part – this was WindowView, uploaded by YongHo.
Yu SoHyun, who watched the video while biting her thumb, spoke after pondering a bit.
“It looks alright. Can you edit it a bit?”
“I think we need to look into that. There is no clear license mark……”
The woman who was looking at the monitor scrolled down and tilted her head. There was no license mark on the said project. If it was for personal use, there would be no problems, but on a public app like this, they might get caught up in copyright problems and things would become complicated.
“If the source is open anyway, can’t our developers make it too?”
“Then I’ll try asking the development team.”
“Don’t ask them vaguely and clearly say that we need the exact same effect. If there’s an e-mail address, do send an e-mail to the developer too.”
Yu SoHyun played the video several times after having finished speaking.
“It is indeed pretty. I think it’ll be better if a few things are added……”
Black Widow. (T/N: Raws is ‘Poisonous Spider’, and guess what, Black Widow is a type of poisonous spider too.)
This was another nickname for Yu SoHyun.


Even while YongHo was wandering around, the company was working regularly. Project OH was also progressing despite being slow. However, no matter which work, it wasn’t something that was solvable by just one person.
“A consultation with the design team is necessary?”
YongHo thought what nonsense this was. At the serious faces of the people, he soon knew that this was in no way, a joke.
Shinseki design team.
For the success of the S Mall website and the S Mall app, a professional invited from outside took the position of the team leader. She was famous for being single-minded and non-compromising when it came to ‘beauty’.
It wasn’t the design that had to go with the others, but the others that had to match the design. The design team leader had drew the line saying that the S Mall project doesn’t have the necessary screen for project OH.
“And it’s being a pain in the back.”
Jeong DanBi’s face creased to the point that it made people worry that she may get wrinkles. Son SeokHo had the care-free expression as ever. Na DaeBang hadn’t escaped being a zombie. It made YongHo pity for him.
“I heard a lot about the design team……”
YongHo muttered to himself quietly. He vaguely remembered the rumors he heard when he was sent to the S Mall development team in Gasan.
“The situation here is that that team leader is rejecting while saying that project OH wasn’t considered while drafting the design for the S Mall and if they want to put such considerations in, they need to redesign the entire website.”
Son SeokHo added details. YongHo, who didn’t know anything about design, could only listen quietly.
However, he still hadn’t let go of one thought.
‘I won’t get dragged around.’
“And so, a consultation with the design team about the OH screen is necessary, is that what you’re saying?”
“Yes. Head researcher Son and Mr. Na DaeBang is busy so I think Mr. YongHo need to go persuade them along with Mr. JiHoon and I from the strategy team…. How is it?”
Jeong DanBi called out YongHo and spoke. Now she looked for him first when something happened.
“I understand.”
Son SeokHo looked at YongHo with lights in his eyes. Enthusiasm. His powerlessness from a few days ago couldn’t be found anywhere. The glistening eyes made him remember the interview for entering the company.
However, it was strangely different from then.


“Team leader is busy so… I’m sorry.”
Jeong DanBi’s face stiffened. There was no one who didn’t know of her inside the company. The reason that she accepted the rough actions of Son SeokHo was implicitly based on the fact that she had scouted him, amongst other reasons.
However, the design team leader wasn’t like that. No members of the board could refuse a meeting with Jeong DanBi, even if they could reject her proposal.
It was a strong enemy.
The atmosphere inside the conference room became nervous just because the team leader wasn’t there. Heo JiHoon who came along also couldn’t say anything.
“I know what you’re trying to say. You can just speak to me.”
At those words, YongHo, who was looking at the atmosphere also stepped out.
“Then why don’t you leave team leader? I will talk to them.”
YongHo’s position was an employee. He wasn’t in a position to stand out like this. A few from the design team had faces of being absurd.
Without being pressured by those gazes, YongHo continued speaking.
“No, the design team leader didn’t come, so I think there is no need for team leader to be here either.”
This time, the design team’s side became silent. When the situation progressed in a strange direction, Jeong DanBi seemed to have decided on something as she stood up.
“Then I’m busy too, I’ll take my leave. Please have a good talk.”
In the end, a talk without the team leader from both sides had begun.

“So you’re saying that it doesn’t go with the initial design?”
“Yes. I already have talked to you about it.”
The woman who replied raised her voice. Her actions of frowning clearly spoke that she didn’t want to go over something she had already said before.
“I don’t understand how it’s so difficult to add some screens to the initial design.”
At the continuous questions, the woman seemed annoyed as she grabbed the desk with both hands to stand up.
“A UX only finishes when the whole feels like one. If another one is added on top of it, that’s the same as painting on top of a picture. Don’t the developers always say this? That adding anymore is difficult. Design is the same. Adding anymore is difficult.”
The woman’s reaction in the meeting was picky. Perhaps she had a lot of experience working with developers as she rejected while using programmers as comparison.
At the thorny reactions of the developer, YongHo was also in a difficult position. He started generously but it wasn’t easy.
He felt that fixing bugs was 100 times easier.


The sharp voice wasn’t only heard inside the conference room YongHo was in. The high pitched voice was also endless inside the design team.
“What did the development team say?”
“They said that they already have many things piled up so they can’t accept new requests……”
The woman, who had a slightly aged face, reported with a snail-like voice.
“It’s been a long time since I requested and they still can’t… This won’t do.”
Yu SoHyun crossed her arms and spoke. The chests that were emphasized the moment she crossed her arms was impressive.
“The team leader from that team said that you don’t need to come any more……”
The woman’s final words made Yu SoHyun crease her forehead more.
The most important aspect of the design concept that Yu SoHyun pursued was reactive design. There had to be some kind of event on every click or touch.
And all of them had to be connected meaningfully and organically.
To match that design concept, they needed full cooperation from the development team. It was because the ones who implement such designs made by the design team was in the end, in the development team’s hands.
“Hmph! Let’s see who wins if we take this to the end.”
Yu SoHyun, who said coyly, had her eyes blazing. She had a strong personality that wouldn’t put even team leader Jeong DanBi to her mind. It seemed that sounds that lengthened the work hours of the development team could be heard.

The team leader of the S Mall development team turned deathly pale. He thought that it was time for fortune to arrive after that misfortune, but a storm was coming.
“What? They’ll come again?”
“Yes, team leader……”
“They need to know whose fault it was that we became like this… *SIgh*.’
The team leader sighed a deep breath. The man who was reporting also didn’t have a good face at all.
The design team was also partially responsible for the countless errors occurred from the S Mall. The design team leader who had full support from the company, and one of the ideology of the company being design business – under the name of ‘design’ the development team just turned into their arms and legs.
The design changes under the motto of ‘More beautifully and prettily’ made the development team change the S Mall screen all the time.
“We can’t accept any more edit requests… We already have too much work in stabilizing the incident from last time.”
“Who doesn’t know that?”
At the reporting man’s words, the team leader also seemed stifled as he shouted. The number of edit request easily went over 2 digits.
The button is off by 3mm.
The scrolling speed is too slow.
The background color is not the background color requested.
The position of the table is wrong.
Etc. – there were many trivial requests but editing those 1mm and 2mm wasn’t done in 1 or 2 minutes.
If they edited the button as such, then the entire screen ration became ruined. And everything was difficult when it came to the last 2%. The design team requested the incomplete 2%, no, even 0.1%.
“Anyway, if they come looking for me, say that I’m not here.”
“B, but even so, it’s the person that the president trusts……”
“If you want to do overnight work, then sure.”
“Oh, I understand.”
At the team leader’s words, the man complied instantly. After one developer collapsed, the team’s atmosphere wasn’t the same as before.
I take care of my own body.
However it wasn’t at all easy.


Yu SoHyun had a slightly husky voice. The huskiness was charming. When Yu SoHyun stood up from her seat, the tight fitting one-piece befitting a designer exuded a more fatal charm along with her voice.
“What? Not there?”
“Yes. They said even if you come, there’s no point……”
“How many were there that didn’t fit our designs again?”
“Until now, about 198.”
“So 200 soon.”
The quiet words contained anger. Then, she fell into thought while crossing her arms.

YongHo’s eyes glistened after he left the conference room without coming to an agreement.
‘I think that’s the team leader.’
With one look, one could tell that a person with a raised face who was looking down at the people with lowered heads was the highest person.
The woman who was in the conference with him also sneaked a peek and this told him that she was worried whether she had lied and it was found out.
‘Well, an answer wouldn’t come out this way, so I need to clash head on.’
If it was in the past, he would have thought about it, but wouldn’t have put it into action.
However, it was different now.
Although he had the position of an employee, his thinking was that of a president’s.
The direction YongHo headed to after coming out of the conference room was where the design team leader, Yu SoHyun, was.

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