Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 73: One Hundred Billion Achieved (2)

He already knew of the infamy of the design team from the rumors.
There was one thing that every single developer at Gasan S Mall team dreaded about.
Too strict.
Not even 1mm of difference was allowed.
If it was off even a little bit from the over 100 pages of the design guide, a request for edit was sent.
It was a wonder how they saw the countless screens, as the request increased faster than the edit.
At the core, there was the team leader named Yu SoHyun.
‘It’s that person.’
He did hear that she was pretty. And he also knew her other nickname.
Black Widow.
This was the name that the developers tagged on Yu SoHyun. It was because she was pretty but gave off the feeling of being dangerous. As she strived for perfection and didn’t allow even a 0.1mm of a mistake, if she bit once, even developers who prided themselves in ability were wiped out.
As she sometimes flipped the development team herself, the developers all knew of her face and name. Perhaps due to the fatal charm, there were some people who said that they will die with no regrets if they could date her once.
‘…Amazing in many ways.’
The more he neared, the better he knew that the development team members’ rumors weren’t at all exaggerated.
All their conversations ended with obscene topics. He understood why the developers talked about obscene things behind her back.
YongHo came to himself and took a step forward. At that moment, there was a hand that grabbed YongHo’s arm.
“Mr. YongHo. Don’t do something you can’t take responsibility for and let’s go back.”
Heo JiHoon grabbed YongHo’s arms and spoke. They were already within Yu SoHyun’s vision, however, it seemed that she hadn’t seen YongHo yet.
“Manager, go back first. I won’t go just yet.”
YongHo shook off Heo JiHoon’s hands. And walked towards the front of Yu SoHyun. Heo JiHoon’s face mercilessly creased after he was left behind. He was glaring at YongHo with the expression that’s about to chew him to death.

When he neared, YongHo realized that it became awkward to put his eyes anywhere. Yu SoHyun’s dress made YongHo’s heart pound. He barely calmed himself and greeted.
“Good day to you, team leader, I’m called Lee YongHo from the smart shopping strategy team.”
Yu SoHyun pretended that she didn’t even see YongHo, who was lowering his head, and continued speaking. (T/N: continued, as in, towards the team members, not MC)
“Please tell the development team that if there is no contact by tomorrow, I will report to the president.”
Then she went back to her seat. She treated YongHo as if he didn’t exist at all. Perhaps she was used to it, but the woman who reported didn’t mind at all.
A complete invisible man treatment.
‘This woman… Is picking a fight with me, right?’
At Yu SoHyun’s reaction, YongHo felt that he needed to bring out a reaction using whatever means possible. He needed provocative words.
“I wondered what kind of people were in Shinseki’s design team… but they all don’t have any respect, and ability-wise… I can tell from the S Mall. I understand why the S Mall doesn’t have many users.”
He pretended to mutter to himself, but it was a quiet office. There was no one who didn’t hear.
In that instant, everyone inside the office stiffened. YongHo’s such provocation didn’t seem to work as Yu SoHyun cited with a calm voice.
“Call the guards.”
The husky voice came inside YongHo’s ears. He seemed to understand why the developers called her the Black Widow.
They knew that she was poisonous, but they still wanted to get caught in her web. The slightly hoarse voice was very came to him very stickly. (T/N: ?? I don’t understand how a voice can be ‘sticky’)
YongHo shook his head twice as if he was clearing his head, and raised his voice by a level.
“Ha! When was it that you were looking for me, and you want me to go back? Designers are allowed to do this?”
Yu SoHyun took YongHo’s words as nonsense. She did say for him to go back, but she didn’t say for him to come. He was a new face.
“Didn’t you hear me say to call the guards?”
At Yu SoHyun’s voice, which was becoming fiercer, nobody could talk back. The sharp attitudes collided and they were one step before exploding.
“Team leader. Didn’t you e-mail me saying that you want to use the WindowView?”
At the words which gestured him to get out, YongHo shouted. At that moment, Yu SoHyun couldn’t say anything to YongHo’s words. It was a video that Yu SoHyun herself played multiple times so she remembered clearly.
And she also knew that she ordered to send that person an e-mail. To forget those, Yu SoHyun’s memory was too good.

A meeting was held again. This time, there were various tea and snacks prepared. Their situations were messed up so nobody could say they were above the other.
“You were the one to develop WindowView?”
“Didn’t you e-mail me at [email protected]? Should I show you the e-mail?”
Befitting of the reputation of Black Widow, Yu SoHyun seemed unflustered at the situation. However, some of them coughed dryly. They were embarrassed at YongHo’s words.
“That’s good. We are planning to apply the said view to the S Mall app, and we have some request for edits.”
Yu SoHyun was confident. Her confidence was not at all awkward. However, YongHo didn’t come here to listen to Yu SoHyun’s request. Instead, it was the opposite.
“If I remember correctly, it’s not just one or two requests that the design team sent to the development team… Am I right?”
While ignoring Yu SoHyun’s words, YongHo said something completely different. If he only answered the opponent’s words, then he would be dragged along their pace. YongHo willed that he was going to be a person who was asking the question and not the one answering.
Yu SoHyun seemed to have seen through YongHo’s intention as she didn’t reply easily. The answer came from the one working for her.
“There are many, but it has no relations to Mr. YongHo anyway. The one we’re requesting of you is the editing of WindowView.”
YongHo didn’t spare a glance at the woman who just spoke now and he kept staring at Yu SoHyun.
People say that when one had a near-death experience, then that person would change. Although he himself wasn’t the one to experience it, he had a side that he didn’t feel much about the world’s happenings after he indirectly experienced death.
Without even bothering on the woman’s words, YongHo continued speaking.
“Team leader Yu SoHyun. I have a proposal for you. I will edit not only the WindowView, but the S Mall editing requests that you sent to the development team currently. For that, make a design for the project we’re doing at my team.”
At YongHo’s words, Heo JiHoon gripped his fist. It wasn’t once or twice that he was excluded in the process of the project. He felt that his position was weakening as time went on.
Now was the same.
All the people in the conference room paid attention to YongHo. It was the same for Yu SoHyun.
“What ability do you have to say those words? Even the development team themselves are not doing this properly… What will you do if I asked you and you don’t fulfill it?”
“Instead, I will ask back. What will you do if I do fulfill it?”
It was as if seeing how Son SeokHo treated Jeong DanBi. He was confident in his ability, and was unrestrained with his words and actions.
It may look arrogant.
Yu SoHyun’s and YongHo’s gazes met in mid-air. An illusion as if sparks were happening in empty space could be seen.
It was a scene that wouldn’t be strange even if it turned violent any moment now.
An ordinary employee was going against a team leader. Even if YongHo was dragged out, he would have no excuses.
Yu SoHyun was the first one to withdraw her gaze from YongHo.
“I will decide after seeing how the editing with the WindowView goes first.”
“No. I will complete ⅓ of the requests you have of WindowView within one week. Is that good with you?”
A continuous provocation.
Yu SoHyun’s endurance was also nearing its limit. Even the S Mall development team, which had several tens of members, were stuck in work and the requests were piling up.
She felt that YongHo, who said he will solve all of them by himself, was acting like a newborn puppy not fearing a tiger. However, his eyes spoke differently.
The clear eyes showed confidence that he could do it.
The eyes were the window to one’s heart.
Yu SoHyun saw the self-belief inside YongHo’s eyes. That was the reason she couldn’t leave the place easily.
“Solve half the requests I have on the S Mall in 2 weeks. Then, I will consider the system for the smart shopping strategy team.”
At Yu SoHyun’s reaction, YongHo’s expression brightened. It was the first positive reaction. YongHo nodded his head and a successful transaction was held.


There was not much to bother on the request to edit WindowView. Thanks to the code review of hell he did with Son SeokHo, WindowView was organized neatly.
Most of the developers tended to not remember properly his/her own code when some time passed.
Due to that, comments were necessary, and clear variable names and method names, and design patterns were important.
In that regard, WindowView was perfect.
‘It’s just putting more details into the shattering effect so that will be solved easily if I just increased the number of shattered fragments.’
He already considered expandability in various regard. The problem was the errors occurring in S Mall.
‘There are too many.’
To fix those within 2 weeks, there were too many.
The requests piled up now was over 300. To solve half of that, which was 150, he had to fix about 10 things per day.
Most of the requests were problems that had to edit the html or css and such scripts a little bit. The real problem occurred when he edited.
Side effect.
There was a high possibility that other UI objects would be affected if he moved a button 1mm to the right.
‘However, if it’s me, there’s no problem.’
YongHo started fixing the simpler problems first.
‘There are loads of typos.’
YongHo muttered while looking at the bug window.
It was the most common mistake made by countless developers.
Other than that, problems where an object wasn’t constructed properly in javascript.
CSS typos.
Editing html attributes.
And passionate coding.
Son SeokHo looked at YongHo’s such figure while smiling proudly.
Now, it seemed like he had returned to his original state. Not only that, he advanced, and grew inwardly


Yu SoHyun was sitting with crossed legs. The thin legs that could be seen above the one piece attracted charm.
“Was it you, president?”
In the direction that the husky voice was directed to, Jeong JinHoon was sitting there. His face didn’t change at all at Yu SoHyun’s question.
“I came here to work, and you get me caught up in politics?”
“Miss SoHyun can just work on the design.
Ta-tap. Ta-tap.
Jeong JinHoon still had the same habit. He sat on a comfrtable chair and tapped his fingers.
“Then why didn’t you say that I had to consider what team leader Jeong DanBi was doing?”
Yu SoHyun glared at Jeong JinHoon and spoke. Her attitude was no different from the one she had towards Jeong DanBi.
A slightly piercing glare, and the pickiness added to Yu SoHyun’s charm.
“It seems like there was a mistake.”
The same reaction.
Yu SoHyun instinctively felt that only her mouth would get sore if she spoke anymore.
“I don’t want this to happen again.”
Even while speaking, Yu SoHyun couldn’t hide her bitterness. In the end, she knew very well that Jeong JinHoon wouldn’t listen to her anyway.

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