Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 74.5: YongHo and His Colleagues’ Snack Session (1)

Topic of the Snack Session : Dependency and its bad cycle.

YongHo : Huh? Even you came, Head researcher?
Son SeokHo : He wanted me to participate.
Dave : I’m here too! If YongHo’s here, then I should be here too!
YongHo : So you’re my dependency.
Son SeokHo : M… maybe… So is this session over now?
YongHo : Maybe… Someone wants that.

Dependency. In other words, degree of dependence.
If YongHo goes, Dave follows.
If the girlfriend leads, the boyfriend follows.
Between YongHo and Dave
Between girlfriend and boyfriend
It could be said that there’s a dependency.
Like this, programming words have close relations to reality.

Son SeokHo : Did someone speak just now?
YongHo : I think I know who it is. It’s probably the guy who couldn’t explain properly and is now making us do it.
Dave : Really? I will go defeat him.
Jessie : I wondered where you were and you were here, eh.
Dave : J, Jessie……
Jessie : Come here!
YongHo : Jessie on top of Dave… it seems like I’ve influenced a lot of people.
Son SeokHo : It seems like there’s a considerable ‘dependency’ on you.

K… Khm.
Can you understand a bit now? (T/N: I sure don’t)

YongHo : Huh? I think someone spoke again just now.
Son SeokHo : Me too. Why did he call us to do this kind of thing… Let’s go back. We’re busy anyway.
Jeong DanBi : Head researcher Son! What are you doing here! How can you play around like this now!
YongHo : Even team leader Jeong… Team leader is probably the dependency of the head researcher……

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Translator : Chamber

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