Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 74: One Hundred Billion Achieved (3)

The office was awakening due to the clear keyboard typing sounds.
A brand name keyboard amongst mechanical keyboards. Happy Hacking.
It was the keyboard YongHo was using.
At his side, Na DaeBang was typing.
Was it due to the keyboard being a brand name? Or was it because the programmers typing were brand name? The sounds coming from the keyboard sounded like a piano melody.
Ta-ta-tap. Ta-tap. Ta-ta-ta-tap. Ta-tap.
Both of them coded while looking at the monitor as if they were slightly drunk. They found out that the sun has risen after the night thanks to the cleaner lady coming.
‘I think this is about done.’
YongHo stretched his arms and stood up from his seat first. When he looked to his side, Na DaeBang was immersed in typing.
It was marvelous every time he looked at it. If he put both of his hands on top of the keyboard, the keyboard wouldn’t be seen. It was worrying that the keyboard would break.
‘He’s amazing the more I look at him.’
“Mr. DaeBang. Mr. Na DaeBang.”
YongHo put his hands on Na DaeBang’s shoulders. Which boasted of a wider shoulder than your typical health trainer.
“Let’s grab some coffee.”
Finally, Na DaeBang raised his head and looked at YongHo. YongHo posed as he was drinking.
YongHo meant to drink coffee but Na DaeBang seemed to have taken it differently as he stood up delightedly.

When YongHo brought some coffee, Na DaeBang expressed his disappointment straight away.
“Nooo. What’s this?”
“I meant to drink coffee, you mean, you want to drink some alcohol?”
“How could you live without some wine in this tough life accompanied by computers?”
Na DaeBang sipped the cup of coffee and he creased his face as if he drank some alcohol. He drank some alcohol while having dinner the day before yesterday. Yesterday being the same. YongHo could only be amazed at the fact that Na DaeBang wanted to drink again despite that.
“Do you like alcohol so much?”
“Isn’t there some saying? ‘You can’t live without being drunk’.”
At Na DaeBang’s words, YongHo just turned his head away. He judged that he didn’t need to listen to nonsense said by a lunatic.
“Hey, seonbae. I’m not that much of a lunatic.”
Na DaeBang was quick as he caught YongHo’s expression.
“Don’t you want to date someone?”
At YongHO’s question, Na DaeBang suddenly started drinking coffee like alcohol.
“Even though I look like this, I’m really kind. But the women… the women……”
YongHo easily figured out what he was going to say afterwards. They were probably shocked at the bandit-like outer appearance. He would only be popular in some cliques.
Not only Na DaeBang, YongHo also thought about a girlfriend. He was still in his 20s. He dated someone once during college and after that, there was neither time nor opportunity for it.
“Then should I introduce you to someone?”
YongHo thought up of Choi HyeJin while saying this. She always said that she liked people like Ma DongSeok and whenever she spoke of this to YongHo, he thought of Na DaeBang.
They were struck by work until now so he couldn’t find an opportunity but now there was a nice one. If it’s the level of ability, appearance, and personality that Choi HyeJin had, he judged that he wouldn’t be insulted even if he introduced her.
And just like that, a meeting was held that day. It was a lonely morning for YongHo.


A week ended and a new Monday morning had started. The people who won against Monday disease came to work.
Amongst them were Yu SoHyun and Jeong DanBi.
Every time, the elevator wa full with people. It was no exception that day.
A full elevator where everyone’s shoulders touched each other’s. However, it was too quiet.
An atmosphere where no one should speak.
Yu SoHyun, aka Black Widow, and Jeong DanBi, the direct descent of the chairman, was in the same elevator.
The first one to speak was Jeong DanBi.
“It seems like the position of the design team leader is quite busy. I can’t see your face so easily. How can we even work together like this?”
“Because I’m busying myself like that, I can take charge of the design team at my age. I’m unlike a certain someone, who is sitting in this seat due to her background.”
At Yu SoHyun’s direct words, Jeong DanBi bit her lips. The inside of the elevator became cold as if an ice storm went by.
Yu SoHyun, who finished speaking, stepped out of the elevator without even greeting. Compared to the other employees greeting Jeong DanBi even slightly, it wouldn’t be exaggerated to say that she was rude.

Jeong DanBi, who came in to the office, shut the door and came in side. And when she opened the door again, she looked for YongHo.
“Mr. YongHo, please come in for a sec.”
The angry voice was enough for him to figure out that her mood was bad.
Jeong DanBi, who went inside, took off her coat and hung it. The blouse couldn’t show off her curves.
‘It’s definitely different to team leader Yu SoHyun, alright.’
While YongHo was thinking something different, Jeong DanBi sat down while saying.
“You said it was today, right?”
“Yes. It’s today.”
“Go flatten their noses. This is an order as the team leader. An order!”
Jeong DanBi shouted. There weren’t many times when she explicitly ordered someone. YongHo could only guess that she heard something unpleasant.
“I understand.”
Was the deadline for the promise with Yu SoHyun.

Coincidentally, Yu SoHyun was also checking the schedule.
‘It’s today.’
Honestly, she didn’t have a lot of expectations. They were in a situation where even the development team couldn’t edit properly. She thought that what one person could do was extremely limited.
‘It will be good if he edits the WindowView source.’
She also inwardly disdained YongHo. She had never met a Korean developer who she deemed as ‘having ability’ until now.
Especially, when she came to Shinseki, her thoughts solidified.
Employees who were all urgent to meet the schedule and were busy defending themselves – Even the word ‘programmer’ was wasted on them.
In Yu SoHyun’s eyes, they were embarrassing to be even called technicians. They were just ordinary employees, no different from other office workers.
‘I will know soon.’
Yu SoHyun took of her coat and hung it. A sense of volume in a different dimension to Jeong DanBi, showed it self. The team leaders around her also looked at her with envious gazes from time to time.
Yu SoHyun seemed already used to such gazes as she just focused on work.


And Enter.
YongHo fixed the last bug and ran the web application which was uploaded on the test server.
‘Good, there’s no problem.’
Now, he only had to meet Yu SoHyun.

Clack Clack.
Several high heels were going past the marble corridor. It was the people from the design team. At the front was Yu SoHyun.
“This way.”
In the room, YongHo was already waiting. Jeong DanBi seemed to think that YongHo alone was worrying as he sent Heo JiHoon along with him.
“Then can we start?”
The designers tested the S Mall on the laptops they brought. Passion to not miss out 1mm of error boiled inside the conference room.
In contrast, YongHo had a leisurely face. And he threw more work to the designers.
“I had some time left while editing so… I solved all the requestsso take your time to see it.”
A slightly arrogant tone. After speaking, YongHo left while saying he will visit the toile. However, Yu SoHyun didn’t believe YongHo’s words. The lie would be revealed soon enough so she only thought that her evaluation of a ‘crazy guy’ fit him perfectly.
That thought was shattered in less than one hours.
“T, team leader.”
“What is it?”
“We have checked half until now… but there aren’t any problems.”
Yu SoHyun sat in front of her laptop herself. Then she tested some of the edits that weren’t confirmed yet.
‘D, don’t tell me he really……’
She checked 5 or 6 more after that but they were edited perfectly.
‘No way.’
That ‘no way’ had become reality.

The closed mouth indicated that she still didn’t believe the current situation.
However, it was a reality that had already happened. She checked multiples of times, but it didn’t change.
“Then can we now talk about how the project OH from our team will fit inside the S Mall?”
Yu SoHyun could only still glare at YongHo. Her eyes indicated for him to tell the truth.
It was a strong gaze, but YongHo didn’t have anything to say to her. And so, he silently gazed at Yu SoHyun.
‘Why’s she looking at me like that……’
Yu SoHyun was glaring at him so strongly so YongHo felt slightly uncomfortable. However, there was a reason for it.

Yu SoHyun didn’t easily answer YongHo’s question. This was something that couldn’t be accepted within common knowledge.
If it was something simple that could be fixed in 2 weeks like this, then why did the S Mall development team have such a hard time until now?
She was full of suspicions that this was all planned beforehand. It was very possible if she thought how people had acted on her way up the ladder.
Moreover, Jeong DanBi was Shinseki chairman’s daughter. It may all be a plan to look good in front of the chairman’s direct descent.
‘Quickly speak the truth!’
Yu SoHyun spoke with a stronger gaze. However, YongHo had nothing to speak about. He could only receive her gaze.

There was no one who spoke inside the conference room so only silence took place. While everyone was thinking different things, Yu SoHyun finally opened her mouth.
Despite the fact that she may not get the correct answer, she wanted to ask.
“Did team leader Jeong DanBi order you to do this?”
Yu SoHyun was asking – ‘On team leader Jeong DanBi’s orders, did you plan all of this beforehand?’
She thought that they purposely interfered the design team’s work, and use that to their own project.
She wouldn’t regret even if she was fired due to this question.
Jeong JinHoon was already interfering with Joeng DanBI’s work. It was a reasonable judgement to think that Jeong DanBi used a scheme like this.
“What should I do to make you believe me? Should I do a coding show right here?”
YongHo spat out the words as if he stifled. Determining truth or lies was simple. Check whether it was YongHo’s ability or not. Yu SoHyun turned the laptop monitor towards YongHo.
“If it’s truly Mr. YongHo’s ability, then have a look at this.”
On the monitor that Yu SoHyun was showing him, there were some UI screens designed. It was a type that YongHo had never seen before while using his smartphone.
“Wh, what is this?”
“You already know that Koogle announced a new design concept called ‘Material Design’, right? This is a design which we have made for the S Mall app. However, the S Mall development team said that they couldn’t do it. If it was truly Mr. YongHo who edited all the requests, then make this. Then I will believe you.”
Yu SoHyun looked at YongHo with a hot gaze. Yu SoHyun’s area of interest was work. Her biggest suffering was that the design she prepared ambitiously couldn’t be shown to the world due to the chains known as development.
She thought that if this man’s ability was real, then he would be able to free from that suffering.
‘Hey, I think I stepped on a landmine……’
From YongHo’s perspective, he already had a lot of work to do, and now he was about to add another one on top of it. Cold sweat flowed down from YongHo’s back.

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