Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 75: One Hundred Billion Achieved (4)

A developer’s community called Coolien. (T/N: Parody of a Korean developer’s community called Clien.)
A sage from there once said this.
I have something I realized while I worked as a programmer.
The maths we know is wrong.
One plus one does not equal to two, but overtime work. (T/N: A pun, ‘One’ sounds the same as ‘Work’ in Korean, so ‘work’ + ‘work’ = ‘overtime work’).
It should’ve been a joke but YongHo was viciously sympathizing with the sage’s words.
“Mr. YongHo, the speed of the buttons coming up when sliding down the screen is too fast. Please slow it down a little more.”
YongHo’s body trembled while looking at the monitor. He was requested to speed it up a bit just a few minutes ago.
But the next moment, he was requested to slow it down.
“Don’t you think the disappearing effect of the recommended item is slightly awkward?”
Yu SoHyun’s voice was very excited. The designs she had thought of in her ordinary life were being implemented on the app. What only existed inside her head came out to the world and danced.
How couldn’t she not be excited?
It could be said that it was solely thanks to YongHo.

Using the original indroid libraries and making customized view were in completely different orbits in difficulty.
YongHo also had experience in making WindowView in the past, but that didn’t mean that he knew perfectly about indroid.
“Then you should do it at this opportunity.”
These were Yu SoHyun’s words after checking some of the screens that YongHo made.
There were various UIs designed in the laptop.
Even YongHo didn’t have the confidence to do it so he promised that he would do it after trying out a few things.
As a result, YongHo was dispatched to the design team.
Busan, Gasan and now, the design team.
‘I’m always dispatched…’
It wasn’t that bad.
A perfect flower field, and the sole male amongst them.
And looking at the brightly blooming smiles weren’t that bad.


Screen storyboard.
The thing that most of the developers refer to when they make the screen, called clients, that the users look at, is the screen storyboard. They develop according to the screen storyboard that the designer and the planner makes.
Usually, when designing the screen, the developers also participate and exchange opinions.
It was to discuss together how screen will be developed in reality, and whether they were making pointlessly high difficulty screens.
According to the scale of the company, there were many cases where the developers themselves made the storyboard.
The development team were participating in the storyboard specifications along with YongHo and Heo JiHoon, who was the planner of project OH.
“I will explain to you about screen numeber S-12. This is the last screen. We’ve paid attention to the strongest aspect of project OH, which is that an online avatar similar to real life can wear the clothes.”
Yu SoHyun was doing the presentation herself.
Project OH.
Yu SoHyun didn’t know the existence of the project itself. There was a miscommunication of information somewhere.
Even after she knew of the existence of the project, she just considered it as the direct descent of the rich playing around. However, after listening to its functions, her attitude became different.
“And so, the one we thought up of is the operating mode you can see on the screen. What about we reduce the amount of inputs made by the users by recognizing just with the uploaded photographs rather than the users inputting the values themselves?”
Yu SoYun’s eyes were shining. Now, she was planning to stick her nose into planning and not just designing.
For Heo JiHoon, it was a situation where he might crease his face.
“Regards to that, it’s an already settled matter. We’ve decided to not pursue it due to the development load.”
“Hmm, then we’ll exclude this part… That’s it from me.”
Yu SoHyun’s presentation ended. Now, all that was left was for YongHo to develop the app screen as Yu SoHyun presented.
The cutting-edge UIs that Yu SoHyun designed were included for project OH without a single exception.

There were piles of images that he received from the designers.
‘There’s a pile today too…’
He had to add the images that he received at the right place. An indroid view was able to be added using xml documents, and coding one by one.
All of this process occurred in the developer’s hands. What the designers gave him was materials such the color code or the necessary images.
YongHo put up the UI guide on one monitor, and put up a programming development tool on the other and started developing.
They were in an urgent situation.

YongHo who was looking at the monitor was ripping off his hair.
‘I definitely did it correctly.’
On YongHo’s desk, there were two mobile phones that the most people used nowadays.
A peculiar point was that the same source was uploaded but the screens differred slightly.
‘Why is the image corrupt only on this phone……’
If image was corrupt on both phones, then he would have thought that the designers were responsible. However, the button image was normally printed on one of the phones.
‘There are no problems even on the bug window……’
The design guide document was also perfect. If there was a problem, then there should’ve been a bug, but there was nothing on the bug window.
‘Well, let’s first fix the other things.’
After checking ‘unfinished’, YongHo started making other screens first. There were mountains of work he had yet to do. He couldn’t drag this out any longer.

Yu SoHyun approached YongHo. One of her most important schedules of the day, the progress report, happened while she looked at the smartphone.
“How far did you make?”
“I’ve finished doing until S-4 currently.”
He handed the smartphone with the developed source uploaded on it to Yu SoHyun. Yu SoHyun who was testing mentioned a few trivial things.
Yu SoHyun would know soon anyway. So YongHo spoke first about the unfinished part.
“But one of the buttons in S-3 becomes broken.”
YongHo put his hand on the smartphone that Yu SoHyun was sliding. Their fingers brushed each other’s. YongHo wasn’t conscious of it but their fingers definitely touched each other’s.
“If you look here, the button appears correctly in this one… but when you run it on the O5, the button is broken. I need to fix this but……”
“Oh, why is this……”
It was strange even in Yu SoHyun’s view. Two phones, and two different states of the images. However, the problem was solved too easily.
Yu SoHyun, who fell into thought for a brief moment, eventually called the designer who gave the image.
“Miss Juri, did you really process this with ninepatch?”
It was one of the methods to apply the images, such as buttons, which have a fixed pattern, onto different resolutions.
At Yu SoHyun’s words, the designer seemed panicked for a moment.
“Y, yes.”
“Then there’s no reason to break… Mr. YongHo, can I have a look at the original image file?”
This time, Yu SoHyun lowered her head towards YongHo. Yu SoHyun’s wavy hair ticked YongHo’s cheek. Yu SoHyun didn’t notice but YongHo felt slightly dizzy for a moment due to the thick rose fragrance. (T/N: AUTHOR STOP BEING A TROLL DAMN YOU!)
The method to check ninepatch was simple. The number 9 had to be inside the file name.
YongHo opened the resource folder and showed her the list of files.

The number 9 wasn’t written on the image file name. The designer had made a mistake. They thought that checking the problem just now was a waste of time, but they couldn’t show it on the surface.
“I’m sorry.”
“Oh, no, don’t be.”
YongHo never imagined that Yu SoHyun would say sorry. Was it because he only saw her fierce side until now? It was instead awkward now that she apologized for he team member’s mistake.
“I think we’ve made a mistake due to having so much work these days. We will send you another one soon.”
“Okay. I will apply it as soon as I receive it.”
At YongHo’s positive attitude, Yu SoHyun also seemed surprised.
“You’re quite different to my first impression.”
“You too, team leader.”
At YongHo’s words, Yu SoHyun burst out laughing. She also knew what other people thought of her.
“I will take that as a compliment.”
Perhaps due to the laughter, they seemed much closer than when they first met. No, it’s not that they seemed, but they were much closer.
The table-width distance became an arms distance.


Jeong DanBi came to the design team office from the morning. As she looked very angry, it seemed like something had happened.
“Team Leader Yu.So.Hyun.”
Her words, while cutting down the syllable of Yu SoHyun’s name, were full of hostility. Yu SoHyun, who was sitting down, looked at Jeong DanBi.
“What is your reason for coming here, team leader?”
“I saw you requested the extension of Mr. YongHo’s dispatch.”
“Yes, his ability was better than I thought.”
YongHo, who was working in some corner, could only be confused. He had unknowingly created something.
When he listened in for a bit, it was about the extension of his stay in the design team.
“Mr. YongHo, here, is a core talent of our team’s project. You should know that we’re barely managing to lend him to you now.”
“You probably already know from the notice, but we’re planning to submit the S Mall app that launches soon, to the Koogle company’s design award. To do that, Mr. YongHo is necessary. Isn’t it good for the smart shopping strategy team if we receive the reward? Downloads would increase if the S Mall becomes famous.”
Koogle’s design award.
The point was that they were trying to catch both designs and developers.
No matter what the design, they had to be runnable in all the mobile phones that existed currently.
That meant that although the design was important, the optimization during development was important as well. They had to have the same movement speed and reaction whether it was the latest phone model or one from 10 years ago.
Only peak level designers and developers could receive Koogle’s design award.
This was the final objective that Yu SoHyun was thinking of. To do that, YongHo was definitely necessary. If it was him, she thought that he maybe able to take her to her destination.
However, Jeong DanBi expressed her rejection. Even the thing they were developing at ther team was overloaded. Even though YongHo was away from the core, that meant that he wasn’t the core of the core, not that YongHo’s importance decreased.
“Anyway, Mr. YongHo’s no good.”
“Then why don’t we ask the person in question?” (T/N: Catfight! Go!)
Yu SoHyun now looked towards YongHo. At that moment, Jeong DanBi also looked towards him.
Rights to manpower primarily belonged to the team leader but Jeong DanBi respected freedom rather than such power. If YongHo really wanted, then she would accept the extension.
But ‘no way that could happen’ expression was clearly written on her face.
‘Wha, what is this.’
YongHo’s panic multiplied due to the sudden situation. It was different to Jeong JinHoon’s proposition. It wasn’t that they wanted him permanently and he even enjoyed the cooperation with the design team. Moreover, he also thought that it wouldn’t be bad to participate in the thing called the design award.
Although his ability may be exceptional, he was a rookie developer without even 2 years of experience. He thought that experiencing various things wasn’t bad at all.
When an answer didn’t come out straight away, Yu SoHyun’s expression became more and more smug.
In contrast, Jeong DanBi seemed to become more and more nervous. The nervousness also came out from her question to YongHo.
“Mr. YongHo?”
Coincidentally, Son SeokHo, who he relied on and trusted, wasn’t there. YongHo honestly voiced his opinions.
“…It’s right to follow the team leader Jeong’s opinion as I belong to the smart shopping strategy team, but I think it’s alright to help with the design team’s work if it’s a short period of time.”
There was a condition attached, but YongHo’s positive signal was sufficient to make Yu SoHyun smile.

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