Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 76: One Hundred Billion Achieved (5)

Shinseki playboy Lee YongHo.
Selects Yu SoHyun.
Those word the words YongHo heard as soon as he arrived at the smart shopping strategy team, where he hadn’t been for quite a long time.
“Hey, really, head researcher!”
When YongHo shouted, Son SeokHo covered his ears and spoke.
“Do you know how difficult we’ve had it thanks to you, Mr. YongHo? If you do, then you won’t say that.”
While saying, Son SeokHo pointed towards the room where Jeong DanBi was in. Then he poked upwards with his index finger. Meaning she was very angry.
“I meant that it would be fine if it was for a short period of time… Do you think she’s very angry?”
Son SeokHo lowered his head and put his mouth near YongHo’s ears. Then he spoke with a secretive and careful voice.
“Hm, rather than angry, the expression ‘sulking’ fits more. Go in quickly.”

When he went inside Jeong DanBi’s office, he felt a clearly different atmosphere from before. A guilt hard to explain logically, he was sorry emotionally and not rationally.
“Team leader.”
“…Do you really want to stay in the design team?”
“As I said before, it’s not that I want to stay there permanently but… if it’s temporarily, I think it would be a good experience personally to stay and cooperate a bit more.”
YongHo calmly explained himself. No one in the world could do all work by oneself. Also, no matter what the work, there does not exist a work where it was doable alone without communication.
The cooperation with the design team helped YongHo out in regards to not only increasing his interpersonal skills but also in regards to recognizing design.
“If Mr. YongHo thinks so… then I understand. It’s a bit disappointing, but I will believe that you would comeback after growing a bit.”
“Yes, I understand.”
YongHo replied with a thick and short answer. Jeong DanBi also seemed to have read such meaning behind his words as she loosened her creased face a bit.
It was true that Son SeokHo gave Yongho countless opportunities.
Jeong DanBi was the one who gave the first opportunity to grab those countless opportunities. YongHo wanted to help her if he could.
Such meaning was being understood.


Befitting a designer, Yu SoHyun put a lot of effort into fashion as well.
‘This makes me look too old.’
After pressing the blouse on her upper body a few times, Yu SoHyun took out other clothes from her closet. It seemed as if she tried on many different pieces of clothing as the traces were there on her bed.
‘Do I need to buy some new clothes?’
Yu SoHyun didn’t seem to like the clothes at all. She tried a few more after that. However, as commuting time neared, she barely managed to choose one.
The ones she chose at the end were skinny jeans, white shirt, and a jacket. She put effort into her dressing normally, but lately, even more time was needed for her to choose the clothes

Yu SoHyun emptied the phones in her shopping bag into the box. These were the phones she collected until now.
“Wha, what is all this?”
“These are the phones I collected until now. The program needs to run normally in all of these phones.”
She seemed to have prepared from the past as there were many different kinds of phones ready.
There were some phones that made one doubt if it would still work, here and there.
“It needs to work on all of these?”
“Yes. The standard Koogle gives out is like that. It won’t just end with beauty but it is also important for the designs to run realistically in most of the phones. This is also why a peak level developer is needed.”
Koogle company’s app design award.
All though they did aim to award a skillful designer, the also intended to give a skilled developer to such designers.

-Just the design being good is no good. To make the design useful, it needs to work on all phones. So skilled developers and skillful designers should meet each other.

This was the message that Koogle gave out through the competition. The app that won the competition would be advertised on the Koogle company’s app store’s front page for one week, and it was also a large scale competition with the total award reaching 500 million won (≈435,000 USD).
‘This won’t be easy……’
It wasn’t just ‘not easy’. He had to port (upload) the sources onto the phones one by one, and he needed to test whether it works properly.
According to Yu SoHyun’s words, there were about 2 months left of the competition. It was a wonder if he could even finish the app

There wasn’t just one problem either. He needed to edit the server and not just the app. The type of data that would be expressed while the screen’s changing also needed edits.
And following that a process to redefine the protocol between the app and the server was needed, and according to those, there was a need to look at the server API called by the app.
However, there was a lack of manpower.
“We need to edit the server, and currently there aren’t enough people in the S Mall?”
“Yes, The S Mall development team said that it is impossible for them to send personnel in the stabilization period for such a large scale update.”
“For me to edit the even the server… is realistically impossible.”
YongHo’s expression also became serious. The project stopped due to a hurdle. The app needed to be released for project OH, which was inside it, to see light. The strategy was to apply it on the web after looking at the reaction from the app.
“Then we don’t have a choice. We’ll outsource it.”
These were the words from Heo JiHoon who watched the situation from the beginning. However, Heo JiHoon’s words were immediately stopped by Yu SoHyun.
“The higher-ups said outsourcing is no good.”
Yu SoHyun sharply rejected it. It was already a difficult situation, everybody became very sensitive.
“Then why not pick some people according to experience?”
“If that was easy, then we would’ve done so already.”
Yu SoHyun also tried to pick some people.
However, she failed. There were a few big problems but the biggest problem was the specifications for the developer.

-Good with java, html, css, jquery, and other web languages.
-Used to inrdroid, GOS and such mobile platforms.
-A minimum of 3 customized view creation experience.
-Experienced with clients to servers.
-Have to be able to optimize one’s own source (It must work the same from O2 to O6)
-Professional knowledge on hardware are welcome.

Just looking at the contents, it required an almighty developer. Finding a developer like this in Korea was picking a star from the skies. It was no different in other countries as well.
Like that, the level of developer Yu SoHyun wanted was high up in the skies. It happened because she was a designer, and didn’t know about development.
“Mr. YongHo will become the main programmer, and 3 supports – won’t this do?”
“…One will work on the server and another one will do the testing, and another one look at the client as a support… If we do it like that, then it might be possible……”
YongHo, who was calculating inside his head, also agreed to Heo JiHoon’s words. If there were about 3 people, then he thought that he may be able to do it within the 2 months left.


Heo JiHoon was talking with Jeong DanBi alone. He did seem to have a lot to speak about, but he didn’t commute the company for long for nothing.
“So we’re trying to pick some people.”
“Yu SoHyun doesn’t act any way strange?”
“Yes. She doesn’t speak about things other than work.”
“Do we need to put our mind into this this much?”
Heo JiHoon asked Jeong DanBi as he didn’t understand her actions. He didn’t understand why she would mind so much about an employee-level programmer. There were many people who could make programs and do coding.
Even calling now would enable her to find several tens of developers.
Good ability?
It was the same with developers with good ability. High level developers ranked by KOSA(Korea software industry association) standards also couldn’t find work.
“From now on, please prevent the design team from approaching Mr. YongHo.”
The reason why Heo JiHoon was sent to the design team had a relation to YongHo. Of course there were also reasons such as explaining the concept of project OH and the direction; and participating in the design, but YongHo was also a reason.
“You know the design team leader, right? She’s a person who president Jeong JinHoon brought. We don’t know what she may be thinking.”
Jeong DanBi spoke quietly.
The design team leader was brought by Jeong JinHoon. She couldn’t help but feel worried.


Heo JiHoon passed an envelope to YongHo. Heo JiHoon, who had a grip on the outsourcing companies, brought 50 résumés in an instant. The thick envelope made one estimate how many sheets of paper were in it.
“You will be the one to work together so please have a look.”
YongHo, who received the envelope had mixed emotions. His memories from the time he submitted résumés to the time he checked them, passed by in his mind like a film.
“Yes, I will have a look.”
YongHo took out the résumés one by one. Various people with various experiences came into his eyes.
One by one, he read them slowly, but he couldn’t choose easily.
At the end of a few names on the résumés, there was a red X. It wasn’t all of them though.
‘Just 3 of them.’
Amongst the 52 résumés that Heo JiHoon gave him, only 3 had a red X. He didn’t feel good about it…
Coincidentally, he needed 3.
YongHo took out those 3.

“Manager Heo, I’ve picked out the résumés.”
Immediately after YongHo handed the résumés, Heo JiHoon whisked away the résumés he gave him. Then, without any words, he put those into the shredder.
Girk. Giiiiirk. The shredder swallowed the résumés greedily.
“What are you doing!?”
“Please look for other people.”
Unlike YongHo, who raised his voice, Heo JiHoon was calm. There was not a single ripple on him. It seemed as if he did what he should have done
“I said what were you doing!?”
“I am different from team leader Jeong. Where do you think this is? An employee that shouts to the manager, what are you doing?”
YongHo’s eyes were on the shredder. The countless résumés he submitted probably ended up in the shredder as well.
No, it probably didn’t even get printed and get trashed inside the computer and deleted permanently.
YongHo, who had experience receiving kiss-ass, and résumés, now realistically realized the position he was in again.
“They don’t even have the ability nor skill. There are many other than these people so have a look at other people.”
YongHo definitely resolved himself.
That he wouldn’t get dragged around by unreasonable situations he could not accept.
Now, he had enough ability to do it.
If he didn’t then why would the design team leader, or team leader Jeong DanBi – a direct descent of the chairman – look for him so much?
YongHo grabbed all the résumés on the desk. Then, like Heo JiHoon, he put all of them inside the shredder.
Giirk. Girk. Giiiirk.
Perhaps it was difficult for it to digest 50 at a time, the shredder spat out horrible shrikes. It took time, but the 50 résumés YongHo received disappeared into the shredder.

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