Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 77: One Hundred Billion Achieved (6)

Heo JiHoon’s gaze towards YongHo was threatening. His tightly gripped right hand twitched as if it would move at any moment.
“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any time to look at the others.”
“…There are no more résumés.”
“Then, why don’t you bring those three?”
“I should have told you that I’m different to team leader Jeong. Did you not hear what I said?”
“I definitely gave you the résumés, and you threw it away, so do you’re on your own, now.”
As though absurd, Heo JiHoon said while smiling.
‘You think I can’t?’
He clearly knew he was going to suffer but he wasn’t going to lose.


The designers helped with the tests. Editing the server was also a problem that was solved if the API was added to the already implemented server so although it was hard, it was doable.
The biggest problem was optimization.
Simple touches or sliding didn’t show a lot of difference, but it had to have the concept of ‘material design’, which was the minimum requirement that the apps should have to be submitted.
The core of material design was that a flat design had to be perceived as a realistic space to the users. For this, effects, such as lighting effects and shadow effects, also needed to be shown on the UI to give off a feeling of texture.
As these effects were added, it made the app heavy. Especially, the combination with the developer was evaluated highly as the UI became more magnificent.
‘To think it has to work on O1 too……’
O1 was a product that showed a big difference in RAM to CPU compared to O6. To make it work on both phones at the same speed, it wasn’t easy at all.
‘Well, let’s implement it first.’
Even though it maybe slow, he had to make it first. If it wasn’t even implemented, then it couldn’t even be released so YongHo first set his focus on implementing it and developed it.

The designer who tested a few of the completed screens muttered quietly.
“It’s too slow……”
The face looking at the phone was completely stiff. The expected problem had occurred.
The UI that works smoothly on the O6 was completely broken on the O1. From the touch to the movement… It wasn’t to the point that it was difficult to use, but there was a clear difference even to the eyes.
YongHo had a look at the bug window.
It definitely showed if there was an inefficiency in performance so he somewhat had expectations.
However, the empty bug window didn’t show anything.
‘The documentation is clearly there too.’
There was also no problem with the specification document of the UI program.
‘Does that mean the code is already optimized?’
He pondered a few times but his conclusion was ‘no’. He had heard of a story from NASA.

-The specs of the computer on the Voyager space probe was: 4KB of RAM, 6KB of ROM, a CPU of 1.6MHz, and an 8-computer. With this, it managed its orbit, positioning, fixing errors, managing schedules, photographing, recording, communicating, etc – a lot of things.

The boss of optimization.
The end of optimization.
The king of optimization.
And such, there was a precedent from NASA that was described with countless descriptive words. These shouldn’t be the end of it. The specs of O1 topped that with a RAM of 512MB, and a CPU of over 1GHz. It had a spec that was hundreds times better in hardware.
‘There must be a way.’
As always, he could only spend time searching, trying, then searching again.

Every time Yu SoHyun saw YongHo, she thought up of her past.
A tenacious hard-worker.
How many times did she have to greet the night dew until she was chosen as a team leader?
Sleeping was only possible in dreams, and romance was a luxury.
She ran until now only thinking of design. And due to a coincidental opportunity, she became the design team leader due to Jeong JinHoon’s recommendation.
“Are you alright?”
YongHo had his head flicked backwards and was blocking his nose. A blood drop that he couldn’t block colored the black keyboard red.
“I’m still alright.”
“I don’t know if I’m pushing a too hard of a work…”
“It also helps me. If it didn’t, then even I won’t have done it.”
When the blood from his nose was about to soak the entire tissue, Yu SoHyun took out a handkerchief. There were many pretty patterns on the handkerchief
“It’s going to overflow. Here……”
“Oh, thank you.”
Perhaps due to the fragrance from the handkerchief, YongHo’s nose showed signs of stabilizing. And work started again.

This was the keyword that YongHo found at the end of his search. Perhaps because there was no mention of it in the specification document, he couldn’t get any help from the bug window. A java source changes into the native source through the virtual machine to be run.
The principle was that a source made with NDK runs without the virtual machine so the performance would be better.
‘I found it!’
From YongHo’s two eyes, delight could be seen. He didn’t know whether he would achieve the wanted result, but he had found a direction.
While having one side of his nose blocked with a tissue, YongHo started typing on the keyboard with passion again.


Will you upload the APK?
Confirm. Cancel.
“Press it quickly.”
YongHo moved the mouse and clicked confirm. Not long after the progress bar appeared, the app was uploaded.
Koogle design award.
And he uploaded it on the store at the same time. With this, YongHo’s dispatch to the design team had ended.
“Do we only need to wait for the results now?”
Heo JiHoon was already back at the smart shopping strategy team. YongHo also had moved his belongings, other than his laptop, to go back when this finished.
“Thank you for your work until now.”
“You did the work, Mr. YongHo.”
As a representative, he shook hands with Yu SoHyun. As always, the thick rose fragrance was stimulating.
“Then tell me when the results are out.”
“Then, I will take my leave.”
YongHo packed his laptop and stood up from his seat.


This was the early model that had the indroid OS uploaded, made by Osung of Korea. Now, it wouldn’t even be found in the market.
“A design that covers the O1?”
O1 was in a sense, a symbolic item, as it was sold world wide with a storm and not only in Korea. Currently, the series was continued and the O6 was released.
“Yes. The judges are also bewildered and can’t take their eyes off it.”
“Just who in the world made it run on something like that?”
“I had a look and it seems the person came from Korea. They kindly sent the phone as well.”
“Ok, let’s confirm it.”
Sundar Pich. (T/N: Not a mistake. Author wrote that. It’s his horrible naming sense acting up.)
Koogle’s vice-ceo.
It was the man’s name who said he will confirm.


Jeong JinYong was looking at a pamphlet. It was one that had a huge amount of explanation about an app, and there were the update records of the S Mall.
The explanation with the most emphasis was project OH, a new function.
“Yes, so the app was released?”
“Yes. Chairman.”
“What’s its online market share currently?”
“10th… sir.”
“How is it? Do you think the project that team leader Jeong DanBi is working on will succeed?”
Jeong JinHoon couldn’t respond as if it was difficult.
“Well, we’ll know soon.”
The app was released and it was time to leave everything to the heavens.


“Thank you for your work until now.”
“No, it was nothing.”
“How much is the current sales?”
“Just from our system, it’s about 40 billion (≈ 35 million USD)? Even so, it’s increased by at least 10 times.”
Jeong DanBi spoke as though a bit disappointed. There was a reaction after the app was released. Just the sales from the OH System increased by 10 times.
“It should at least increase by 3 times more.”
“Now, it’s about marketing and the power of the product. Until now, the development team had worked hard, so it’s the planning team’s turn now.”
As she knew how hard YongHo had worked until now, Jeong DanBi wanted to lessen the burden on him.
“Thank you for coming back.”
“…Of course I should come back.”
Jeong DanBi felt more and more worried. She felt that YongHo would leave and fly far away.
He had sufficient ability to do that. And when YongHo showed his ability, places that wanted him increased.


“Now a design that runs on the G1 came out?”
Sundar Pich muttered as if shocked. G1 was a phone that was used when indroid was announced to the world. It was an even older model than the O1. The screen-shattering UI that YongHo made didn’t even run properly if it was uploaded there.
The hardware itself was lacking in performance, and it was a phone that was released when there were many bugs on the OS.
“Yes. I was also surprised when I looked at it.”
“Isn’t it that the design is simple?”
“Well, it’s curious that it’s not like that. The screen divides into four, and the the divided parts dissolves in each area… You’ll know if you have a look, but it’s very magnificent.”
“What is that person called?”
“The designer’s name is Jonathan Hive, the developer’s name is Jeff Done… Have you perhaps heard of these people?”
“No, it’s the first time I heard of them… So is the ranking set?”
“Yes. Please do the final check.”
“I understand.”
The man passed an A4 paper. On there, the awardees of the Koogle design award was written in order.

From morning, Yu SoHyun came to the office where the smart shopping strategy team was.
“Mr. YongHo!”
The face full of delight seemed nothing like a ‘Black Widow’ but a bloomed rose.
YongHo, who was at his seat, also looked towards Yu SoHyun.
“Did you check?”
“Did you check the winners of the design award from Koogle?”
“N, no.”
Yu SoHyun couldn’t seem to control her emotions as she spread her arms wide and hugged YongHo.
The thick rose fragrance that Yu SoHyun always used attacked him.
It was thrilling.
Yu SoHyun spoke while hugging YongHo.
“We’re the runner-ups! The runner-up prize!”
All the people inside the office listened to what Yu SoHyun said. The voice rang out loud that they had no choice but to listen.
‘I, is she that happy?’
YongHo truthfully didn’t understand why Yu SoHyun was so delighted. Although she was young, Yu SoHyun was capable to the point that she was in Shinseki as the design team leader.
Even though Koogle was one of the biggest businesses in the world, he didn’t understand why the runner-up prize, not the grand prize, was something to be that happy about.
“Thank you, Thank you so much.”
Yu SoHyun lowered her head and started crying suddenly. YongHo, who was at her front, didn’t know what to do and could only just stand there while hugging Yu SoHyun.

29 years of age.
The position of the design team leader.
It wasn’t in any way easy.
If it wasn’t for Jeong JinHoon’s will, it wouldn’t have even happened.
Yu SoHyun was an inner change of Shinseki that occurred in pretext of revolution.
Like Jeong DanBi had scouted Son SeokHo, Jeong JinHoon was also interested in talents. And while looking, he had scouted Yu SoHyun for design.
At first, Yu SoHyun had an ambitious dream.
To show off beautiful design in Shinseki as the design team leader.
However, the reality wasn’t that easy.
The secretive opposition from the team members that were older than her, and the conservative decision system made Yu SoHyun fall into doubt.
The proposed design had changed due to the board’s breaths, and not the opinions of a professional, and her pride as a designer kept falling.
As her inner self became rotten, her outer self only became more sensitive.
Black Widow.
Yu SoHyun now harbored poison, not for the design, but to survive in the company.
And amidst of that, she met YongHo.

“Haha, d, don’t cry.”
YongHo awkwardly laughed and tapped Yu SoHyun’s back. He could only be curious why she overreacted like this.
However, it wasn’t something that YongHo could know. Yu SoHyun, who had her head lowered, raised her head slowly.
The big eyes resembled a deer’s
“Let’s go together.”
YongHo’s face, which was already tinged slightly red due to the awkwardness, became apple-red.
“The award ceremony is in California.”
He had already been there once. The place he went because of the NetFlax Prize. Now he had to go again.
Jeong DanBi’s expression., who was looking from the back, looked somewhat complicated.

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