Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 80: To America (2)

With Dave’s recommendation, and YongHo’s having won 2 awards, employment to Jungle progressed without much difficulties.
The biggest problem was English.
He was at a level where he could barely interpret the words he knew when he read technical documents.
He barely used any English other than when he was on Stack Overfly or gethub, it was bad to the point that he had difficulties in everyday life.
Obviously, the interview didn’t go well. In the interview over the phone, he could barely spout out some words.
This was the word he used the most.
However, in the coding test that followed, they had no choice but to acknowledge YongHo. It wasn’t a difficult question.
There were 2 questions: 1 question to solve a bug, and another question about a basic-level algorithm.
Jungle decided to employ YongHo believing in Dave’s recommendation and YongHo’s career in having received awards.

The problem after that was the process of employment. The process of employment to America wasn’t as simple as he thought.
H-1B(Short-term specialty employment)
This was the visa that YongHo applied for.
There was a limit to the number of people who could be employed using that visa. Moreover, in a case where the number of applicants exceeded that limit, it was processed according to computer lottery so it was possible to fail.
YongHo decided to first settle his affairs in Korea and go to America using a travel visa.
There was some time until he left so he started settling his affairs.
One of those was the algorithm study. The studies until now helped in the coding test given by Jungle.
He could learn about problems harder than those he learnt in university and not only those he learnt in university, during the study.
And that showed its results through the interview with Jungle that it was in no way, futile.

He participated in the study to talk about it while he treated them to a meal. Choi HyeJin signalled with her eyes as if she had already heard the news from Na DaeBang.
After the study ended, YongHo bid his farewells.
“Thank you until now.”
Kang SungGyu’s gaze on YongHo seemed complicated. On one hand, he seemed envious.
“Hyung, thank you.”
“…What do you mean ‘thank you’ when I didn’t even do anything.”
“It was all thanks to you that I came here. If you didn’t introduce me to part time jobs then I might have taken a semester off, and I won’t be employed in Mirae IT, right?”
At YongHo’s words, Kang SungGyu tried his best to be cheerful. He was trying his best to get rid of his envy towards YongHo before it became hatred and jealousy.
Like this, he felt like he would really feel hatred for him.
‘I was better than him, though……’
Such thoughts couldn’t leave Kang SungGyu’s head. Especially, the comparisons made at the company sometimes made him more and more unable to endure.


Last day at work.
This day had become a day that any employees dreamed about but wasn’t easy to meet.
The take-over for the things he developed until now were finished. During that, the process of YongHo leaving the company was also finished.
Normally, there was a one month period of delay when resigning. This was intended for the resignee to come back if he/she changed his/her mind, or to finish the take-over process.
And the last day had come.
“The chairman is calling for you.”
These were the words spoken by Jeong DanBi when he called for YongHo. When he first came to Shinseki, he was even a cooperative company employee, and not even a regualr member.
And even that was because his career experience was falsified.
But now.
In the last moments, he was going to meet chairman Jeong JinYong. His start was small, but his end was grand.

There weren’t many changes to the chairman’s office. The furnitures still boasted of their luxuriousness, and the atmosphere was heavy as if another type of gravity was acting inside it.
“I heard you were resigning.”
“Well, did you have anything you didn’t like about the company?”
YongHo took out a notepad from his pocket as if he was waiting for those words. Perhaps due to using it for a long time, the note pad shined from the corners as it was worn out.
Black ink was filled in the blank spaces of the white notepad.
“Shall I tell you one by one?”
At YongHo’s reaction, Jeng JinYong, who always kept his expressionless face, coughed awkwardly. Jeong DanBi, who was sitting next to him, thought about starting up a business so she didn’t show any reaction to YongHo’s such actions.
Instead, she looked like she enjoyed it.
“Then I’ll take that as a yes and tell you.”
To Jeong JinYong, who kept his silence, YongHo started reading down the contentts of his notepad.
“First, the abolishing of the Development Specialist System. I don’t know why such a system exists. Rather than respecting developers, I felt that it was making a intra-company outsource. Low salary and a treatment like those of disposable items. Of course, I know that Shinseki isn’t an IT technology based company, but if it’s aiming for a technology based company, then this will have to be changed. For your reference, I was also employed as a development specialist.”
YongHo gave a peek at Jeong DanBi and and poured out the words he wanted to say without even giving time to breath. The things he felt while he commuted to Shinseki until now were written on there.
This was just the beginning.
“Second, a realistic overtime pay. I don’t understand why the overtime pay system exists. Well, for me, if I apply for one, then team leader Jeong DanBi approves of it, but in other teams, do you know what happens when someone applies for an overtime pay? An e-mail will get sent to all the team members. It’s as if the employee who applied for an overtime pay and has no ability and needs management.”
Was it due to the little amount of experience in society? Or was it due to the confidence he had in his own ability?
YongHo’s words didn’t contain a shred of hesitation.
The fact that it was already decided that he would move to Jungle was big.
Jeong JinYong stopped YongHo when he was on his third point.
“I understand if you say that much.”
However, YongHo didn’t have any intentions on stopping. He had planned to say everything he felt from his experience here and there and even planned to do some people’s requests.
If he didn’t speak just because someone told him to, then there was no meaning to his resolve.
Complying and accepting just because someone has more power, money, and ability – if he did that then there was no difference from the past.
“No, my words haven’t ended yet. This is the thoughts that most Shinseki employees have thought about. If you really know what’s good for the company, then you should listen to the end.”
At YongHo’s provocative actions, Jeong DanBi tried to grab YongHo’s notepad. She knew that Jeong JinYong’s flame-like rage was waiting if he spoke anymore.
Someone who’s quiet normally was always more scary when angry.
Jeong DanBi knew that all secretaries from the head secretary-down were all fired.
In YongHo’s case, he wouldn’t be fired but it was unknown how much loss he would receive. Jeong JinYong had enough power within Korea to do that.
“Third, abolishing of decrease in salary due to personnel evaluation. Shouldn’t there be no decrease in salary at least? I think it’s nonsense for the company to measure and evaluate its employees when it doesn’t even have any confidence itself. Related to this, wasn’t there someone who harbored malicious intents and was dragged out by the personnel management team before?”
As the talk continued, one of Jeong JinYong’s cheeks started twitching. He seemed really uncomfortable.
However, YongHo had an expression of being refreshed.
It wasn’t success that remained inside him the most while he was commuting to Shinseki. It was the pain and suffering of his colleagues which remained deeper inside him.
“And that’s it. There was a time when I told vice-president Go JinSung of KO Telecom that the entrance card should be supplied quicker. However, there was no change even now. How will Shinseki do… I will look forward to it.”
When YongHo finished his sentence, only silence flowed inside the office. Jeong DanBi stood up first thinking that it wasn’t good to continue like this.
“I think it’s better for us to leave now.”
YongHo, who also had nothing more to speak about, stood up. Only chairman Jeong JinYong was left inside the wide office. It was to the point that his exhausted look, especially today, looked pitiable.

Before going to the chairman’s office, YongHo sent an e-mail to every employee in the company. Will the atmosphere of the company change just because he had talked to the chairman?
It was questionable.
There were a lot of things, but Shinseki was the company which became YongHo’s foothold in becoming stronger. He had affection for this company so he would have like for it to develop more.
And so, before he went to see Jeong JinYong, he had sent the contents of his talk that he was going to talk to the chairman about.

See, feel, and act.
One’s own authority isn’t given by others.
I know that it’s a hard and painful path. But even so, put your best efforts. Although I’m talking about this since I’m leaving, I will lend a hand.

Just talking about it when leaving wasn’t easy. Even when most people get fired, they don’t insult the company that they went to.
It was because of the worry that they may receive demerits in their new company.
Worry gave birth to uncertainty and it chained people’s actions.

Clap clap.
Clap clap clap.
Many gazes were on YongHo as he left the company. And some of them were clapping. The first was Son SeokHo, and Na DaeBang followed. Then the entire smart shopping strategy team came out to the ground floor lobby and clapped.
He was already famous within the company.
At first, there were rumor about him being too close to the direct descent of the chairman to the point that he was called ‘Jeong DanBi’s man’.
However, with YongHo’s own ability, he had erased the word ‘relationship’ from people’s minds and engraved the word ‘ability’.
He became recognized as a person with ability as he had solved many of the problems that went on inside the company.
And the finisher was rejecting Jeong DanBi’s offer and going to Silicon Valley.
A person who stood up with ability and not with relations.
And the affair with Yu JaeMan that YongHo did, and the unconfirmed fact that he had courageously said all the unfair affairs inside the company to Jeong JinYong as the e-mail said.
These were sufficient for him to get applauded.
And perhaps due to that, the number of people clapping increased rapidly in a blink of an eye.
The people in the lobby were applauding YongHo as he left as if they were all hypnotized.


The website YongHo checked the day before he went to America was not Stack Overfly.
World’s largest professional network, ListIn.
YongHo newly registered a his new workplace.

Mirae Information Technology (6 months) Seoul.

Shinseki I&C(2 years) Seoul.

Junior Data Engineer,
Jungle(current) Silicon Valley.

Skills & Industry
SQL, Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Software Development, Indroid Development.

Seonmin university
Computer Science.

The traces of his past remained there.
Pride rushed up inside him. YongHo confirmed again his profile registered in ListIn
He didn’t know what may be added in the future, but he wanted to add as many as possible.
Since those were the steps he had to take in his path to becoming the world’s best programmer.

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