Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 83: Tutor (3)

Nothing is a mistake.
There’s no win and no fail, there’s only make. (T/N: Edit: Thank you, CollectiveWin, for the quote!!)
On the black panel on the ceiling of the Institute of Design in Stanford, a white text was engraved.
Under that, a woman who made one look away from such text, was sitting.
She who had loose hair, a cardigan worn without care, and a box t-shirt that looked loose.
It was Yu SoHyun.
“Let’s stop here for today and go home.”
The people who sat around the bench, doing the team project together, all had greasy hair.
Their faces looked dark and from the dark circles under their eyes, one could see how much they had suffered.
“Sh, should wel?”
Yu SoHyun’s pronunciation was fluent. It was to the point that they would believe her if she said she was an overseas Korean who had moved since young.
“Yes. we stayed up last night as well, if we overdo it today as well then… this isn’t a project that ends tomorrow too.”
When one of the friends on the bench, stood up, the others all stood up in a chain. It was saturday lunchtime already. They felt like they had become homeless people with all the fatigue and hunger.

It was a scene, who wouldn’t believe no matter who saw it. A man who looked ordinary no matter how you looked at him, was getting angry at a woman who would make a person look back at her at least once.
“I told you not to tell him!”
“I need to told him.”
Even though Jessie could speak fluently to a certain point, she intentionally stuttered.
“What do you mean? Do you know how much I’ve suffered? You saw that too, right?”
When YongHo got angry, Jessie turned her head and avoided his gaze.
Jessie also saw it. There was no way she couldn’t see it as they commuted to the same office.
Everyday, Dave stood behind YongHo with twin swords for a long period of time. And that was until a few days ago. Fortunately, YongHo begged and begged and the situation concluded with him offering a One Piece action figure set.
Jessie definitely saw that but she pretended that she didn’t knokw.
Shake shake.
Jessie who shook her head muttered in English and not Korean.
While looking at the shameless Jessie, YongHo felt absurd and he burst out laughing emptily while leaning on the chair.

Two people who met gazes solidified at the same time. Both of them couldn’t say anything due to being so surprised.
The woman colored in embarrassment after checking her state. Moreover, that woman who was sitting next to the man looked pretty even when by another woman.
Yu SoHyun, who had come to a café for a small drink, had met eyes with YongHo.
Jeong DanBi knew Jessie, but Yu SoHyun didn’t. She had never seen her before. The woman who emitted the beauty of the west. And YongHo next to her… Yu SoHyun vaguely expected what situation this was.
She pondered whether to pretend to know him or not. That pondering didn’t last long.
“Team Leader?”
YongHo was confused even while saying that. She looked similar to Yu SoHyun, but at the same time, she didn’t. He really doubted whether they were the same person as the full make-up state and the student-lookalike state was completely different.
Now that he thought of it, he did remember that she was going to a design school in the US.
“H, hello?”
Yu SoHyun also seemed to have recognized her state as she awkwardly laughed and waved her hand. In her other hand, there was a pile of books on her major.

Jessie took this opportunity to leave quickly. Yu SoHyun, who sat in front of YongHo carefully asked.
“I wonder if I interrupted you… while you were with your girlfriend……”
Rather than the delight of having seen each other in a long time, the thing she was more curious about was the identity of Jessie.
At Yu SoHyun’s words, YongHo heaved a sigh and spoke.
“Haa… She’s just a colleague at work. Moreover, she already belongs to someone. She was just teaching me English.”
At YongHo’s words, Yu SoHyun’s tightened heart seemed to loosen as she sat comfortably after putting the books on the table.
“Oh… So she was teaching you English. Anyway, good for you. You even came here to Silicon Valley.”
“Please don’t be so polite. Team Leader. As far as I know, you were one year older than me… Can I call you noona?”
Momentarily, a vein appeared on Yu SoHyun’s forehead and disappeared. Without minding Yu SoHyun’s such reactions, YongHo was only just delighted that he had met Yu SoHyun in a foreign country.

Yu SoHyun suggested something to Yongho. It was for her to teach him English. At Yu SoHyun’s sudden offer, YongHo could only be dumbfounded.
“I also need to know how developers work anyway. YongHo can teach me about development, and I teach you English, sounds good right? Oh, I’m the noona, so I can drop the formalities right?”
“Well, of course you can, but… you want me to teach you about development?”
“Yeah. I think it will be a plus if I know about development since the place I’m aiming for is a software company. Oh, and you can drop the formalities too.”
Yu SoHyun was glamorous at the same time of being prim. Yu SoHyun changing her attitude happened in an instant.
However, YongHo, who went to a boys school for middle school, high school and even engineering college, he couldn’t realize such change in Yu SoHyun’s attitude. (T/N: ‘Computer Science and ENGINEERING’, also about 95%+ of engineering departments are male. CSE is slightly better, around 90%)
Of course, he had a girlfriend for a time, but he only wholeheartedly dated her, but it didn’t increase his skills in confronting another person?
“Sorry? Okay.”
“Be easy, okay?”
“Oh… ok, then, noona.”
YongHo couldn’t say it easily as he only spoke a few words. It wasn’t easy at all to call someone noona and drop the formalities when he had called her ‘team leader’ at the company.
“When shall we start the English tutoring?”
“Let’s…set…a date…”
Just where did it go wrong? To Yu SoHyun, who looked slightly cold, YongHo felt an inexplicable sorriness.


It sure was easier to understand than when he was taught by Jessie. If he studied using an En -> En dictionary, then his ability would definitely increase, but it would be hard for him to study.
However, if he used the En -> Kr dictionary, then the things he didn’t know would be solved instantly so he could be happy.
The tutoring with Yu SoHyun was like that.
“Should we go for a drive after today’s tutoring?”
Through a few tutoring sessions, the two had become considerably close. The biggest reason was loneliness.
A Korean met in a foreign country where they had no acquaintances, moreover, the meeting a colleague they had worked with for some time at the same company was very special to them.
The two reminisced about their memories at Shinseki and became closer.
“I don’t have a car though?”
YongHo didn’t have a car. Not only that, he didn’t even have a driving license. However, Yu SoHyun was different.
Yu SoHyun took out a key from her pocket and pressed a button.
One of the cars nearby alerted its presence with a beeping sound. As he had to prepare various items he needed for spending his time in America, such as living, phones and various other things, YongHo still hadn’t had the time to tour around.
Of course he was okay with it.

Boundless seas.
The first highway, which was also known as the pacific coast highway, boasted of the most beautiful scenery in the US. Cliffs lined up along the highway, and the sea that was over that was sufficient to refresh his lungs.
A spectacle he wouldn’t be able to see in Korea spread before him. YongHo, who sat next to Yu SoHyun, thought several times that it was good to have come here.
“How is it?”
“It’s …good……”
He didn’t even need to say a lot of things. It was good. No matter which adjective he used, it felt like he wouldn’t be able to express it any better.
He had to feel it with his heart.
“Silicon Valley is also famous for its natural environment. Let’s come here if we have the time.”
Yu SoHyun also had a good expression seemingly because of the drive she hadn’t done in a while. Perhaps because the car windows were open, Yu SoHyun’s long straight hair fluttered and touched YongHo’s cheek.
The magnificent scenery and the fragrant smell harmonized.
“Yeah, thank you.”
YongHo could only be thankful to Yu SoHyun’s good will. He was thankful that she had taken him to see this magnificent scenery when he didn’t even have a car. (T/N:…ARGH!!! Stupid MC!! Just realize it already!!)
“No… it was nothing.”
Perhaps due to the the last streaks of light emitted by the setting sun lighting Yu SoHyun’s face, her face was full of blushes.


Perhaps due to having a good rest at the weekend, YongHo’s eyes shined. He had a look at the papers relating to the work he was doing several times until now.
However, due to his lack of English ability and his unfamiliar understanding of the system, he couldn’t understand it until now.
So, he read it several more times. If he didn’t understand, he read again the next day, and again the next day.
As his English became better the contents of the paper started being understood by him
The recommendation system used in Jungle was JRW. This word was an acronym of ‘Jungle Recommendation System’.
There was no definition of the printed results there.
‘So we have to upgrade this system.’
This was the work that YongHo’s team had to do. The sales from recommendation was gradually stagnating.
30% of all sales.
This percentage didn’t increase and the system was gradually being automated.
America was very free with employment and dismissals, so there were some talks about dismissals with YongHo’s team. Of course, Dave, who was a core personnel, or YongHo, who only moved a little while ago, wasn’t included, but this was a world in which one could not foresee one inch into the future.
And even core personnels would be fired if there were no results. This happened frequently.
They would receive what is known as a ‘pink slip’.
‘I think it will work out somehow if I put the results in, like I did for the NetFlax Prize…’
YongHo’s thoughts became deeper.

The meeting was as loud as always. The business culture was free, but responsibility followed this freedom.
They were all feeling a sense of crisis at the sales from the recommendation system.
“How does Mr. YongHo think?”
One of the team members asked YongHo specifically. The first time he participated in the meeting, he only nodded his head. Everyone was confused why he did that, but they didn’t say much to him. However, when it continued, Dave asked first.
“YongHo, you don’t have anything you want to know about in this meeting?”
“You were only nodding, I wondered if you were curious about anything.”
It was a misunderstanding that happened due to the difference in culture. To YongHo, a meeting was somewhere he had to listen to his superiors.
However, America was different.
One had to ask what he or she didn’t know, and point out mistakes while narrowing down each other’s opinions. In this process, the position inside the company was unrelated.
Nobody found it strange even if an intern asked ‘Why?’ to a permanent employee.

Why do you do it like that? I cannot understand.

If it was Korea, then that intern had a high possibility of not coming to work again the next morning.
America was more about ‘WHY’ than ‘YES’.
This means for people to express themselves.
“I think I can’ increase it by around 10%.”
The original sales were around, 6 billion dollars.
10% of that meant 600 million.
YongHo’s bombshell burned the conference room.

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