Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 85: Receiver, Giver (2)

When the results were shown on the beam projector, YongHo walked to the front of the conference room.
“The original value was 0.96 so that’s about 0.04 increase. I think I can increase it to 1.06 in a while. Then the sales would increase by 10%”
YongHo spoke while stuttering from time to time with Jessie’s help. However, no one in the conference room was listening to him.
Just one spot.
They were only looking at where it was written ‘RMSE Score 1.000’.
Then, the conference room turned into an elementary school classroom.
All ten people were raising their hands up high as if saying ‘pick me! Pick me!’. Everyone had curiosity written all over their faces.
“I’m quite tired right now so I will take questions later. I will upload the source onto the SVN so do have a look.”
No one could grab YongHo as he walked out with his laptop.
The target of awe.
This was the emotion that people had when looking at YongHo.

However, Dave was different.
Dave clung to YongHo’s neck as he was about to leave. Dave’s body figure or height was bigger than YongHo. YongHo nearly let go of his laptop.
“Dave! I said don’t play around like this!”
Even though he said with a serious face, Dave didn’t mind it at all. Instead, he looked at YongHo, all smiles.
“What was that? You should explain it to me.”
Dave spoke while sticking right next to YongHo. However, YongHo couldn’t do what he said. So, he first passed it off.
“I’m tire since I worked late into the night yesterday, let me rest today.”
YongHo looked really tired. It was natural. He had just passed a crisis. He used all his strength, firstly while writing the source on the whiteboard for 30 minutes and secondly when he coded on the computer.
Dave understood YongHo’s state.
He couldn’t even begin to imagine how hard YongHo worked in order to make an RMSE score of 1.000.
As Dave himself had tried in the past, he knew better than anyone.
“Okay, I will let you go for today.”
YongHo left work first after putting down the laptop. He had already done more than he was given. As no one touched him if he did his work well, No one touched him as he left work.

The place he went to after leaving was the library.
YongHo felt he was like a swan. Although beautiful on the outside, under the water, it would flap its legs quickly.
It was for Jeff’s homework to YongHo. The homework was about an algorithm called the minimal spanning tree.

A government decided to construct roads that could connect all cities together. The cost of building roads that could travel back and forth City A and City B would cost $C and $D. Calculate the necessary amount of money to connect all cities so that one uses the least amount of money.

Then, he wrote YongHo the necessary cost in constructing roads that connect cities.
How was this solved?
If YongHo looked at the Bug Window, then he could implement it. However, he wouldn’t be able to explain the process.
The dilemma that YongHo was experiencing now was also a worry he had in the past.
To solve this worry, he was receiving tutoring from Jeff.
‘My head hurts.’
The difficulty of the algorithm had shot up incomparably compared to his university days.
His head felt like bursting.
However he knew very well that if there was no such process, then he would have no development.
‘First, let’s not look at the Bug Window.’
YongHo didn’t even bring his computer to express it in formulae and not codes. All he had was a notebook and a pencil.
That day too, YongHo didn’t go back home until late at night.


YongHo was going inside a building.
It was the place Jeff worked in. Thanks to YongHo solving the problem, Jeff was acting as a tutor for YongHo.
“Did you solve the question?”
The homework Jeff gave to YongHo, the minimal spanning tree algorithm.
“I solved it using Prim’s algorithm.”
There were two ways to solve the question Jeff gave him. Prim’s algorithm and Kruskal’s algorithm. The algorithm YongHo selected in order to solve the question was Prim’s algorithm.
YongHo gave Jeff his solution he wrote until now. The notebook filled with a black color was a result of YongHo’s effort.
It was a solution written only with pseudocode and formulae.
Jeff’s eyes started shining like an eagle’s while looking at the question YongHo solved.
After looking at it for a long time, Jeff spoke after turning his gaze off the notebook.
“Shall we go into the high level ones now?”
Until now was the middle level. YongHo felt like his already hurting head was hurting more.
It wasn’t easy to become the world’s best programmer.

The thing waiting him after Jeff’s lesson was the English tutoring was Yu SoHyun. It could be said to be a resting time as he didn’t have to do complex calculations.
Moreover, talking with a beauty like Yu SoHyun made him unconsciously more lively.
“Should we talk about companies today?”
The topic of conversation was different each time. As Yu SoHyun wasn’t a specialized tutor, the lesson was about free-talking with a free topic. The lesson went as Yu SoHyun corrected YongHo if what he said was wrong.
When Yu SoHyun chose a topic, YongHo started speaking slowly.
“Currently, I go to a famous American e-commerce-related software company. Before this, I went to a big company in Korea.”
“Is that so? How was your previous company?”
“Umm…hmm… As there were many good people, it was very enjoyable. Especially… The design team leader I worked with gave me a lot of help.”
This was an obvious kiss-ass.
When Yu SoHyun stayed still in embarrassment, YongHo’s playful attitude activated.
“How about you, SoHyun?”
YongHo’s smirk became denser as Yu SoHyun reacted more to his words. They had already become close enough to teach each other.
As though she thought that she was being cornered, Yu SoHyun quickly changed topic. She seemed urgent as Korean, instead of English, came out.
“Did you see that news about Shinseki?”
At Yu SoHyun’s words, YongHo also replied in Korean. It seemed something was happening from her expression.
“They said the Shinseki app we made became a huge hit!”
“The reactions were that good?”
YongHo also seemed surprised as he asked with a serious face. The version YongHo knew was only about the recommendation system that Jeong DanBi was in charge of, reaching 100 billion in sales.
“I think it was a huge jackpot to make the customers able to wear the clothes online. My school also introduced it as an exceptional example.”
Yu SoHyun’s words contained pride. Although she didn’t speak about it, she seemed very delighted that a service in which she took a part in its design, rising so high.
“Is it that much?”
“Also, they said that it became 3rd in rankings of Korean online shopping malls. There were also many companies preparing similar services.”
If Yu SoHyun’s words were true, then it was really a jackpot. Although, as Jeong DanBi left and started her own company, they did just gave Jeong JinHoon something good.


YongHo lied onto the bed with his tired body. The time he came home after the two tutoring sessions was nearing midnight. Also, if it wasn’t Yu SoHyun driving him by car, then he wouldn’t have even set such a schedule.
‘But I see some hope.’
When he first started receiving English lessons from Jessie.
When he first started receiving algorithm lessons from Jeff.
When he thought about those times, it was different to now.
YongHo raised his English skills and his understanding on algorithms using persistence.
Although not high level, he had enough ability to solve middle level problems. Although there were some deficiencies in his English skills, he was gradually approaching the point where he could participate in conferences without Jessie.
‘It is true that people should play in bigger waters.’
YongHo felt those words with his skin.

The best way to study is to meet friends who can study.

When reality came upon him, he worked hard to adapt and his persistent efforts were now producing results.
He intended to lie down for a moment but he went into sleep straight away. Without even washing up properly, YongHo met the morning just like that.


Jeong DanBi and Jeong JinYong were sitting, facing each other. Jeong JinYong, who rarely expressed his emotion, also couldn’t hide his pity.
“It isn’t that you have to leave to do what you want, is it?”
“The service you planned has good reaction so… How about staying here like this?”
It seemed as Jeong JinYong’s pity was transferred to Jeong DanBi. However, Jeong DanBi didn’t hesitate. Such decisiveness seemed to have come from her father.
“It’s a problem because of that.”
As if he knew what ‘problem’ that Jeong DanBi said was referring to, Jeong JinYong didn’t say anything.
Even so, he felt it was a pity.
He didn’t want to let go of Jeong DanBi like this.
However, that was just what he thought. After silence flowed for a moment, Jeong DanBi spoke first.
“Thank you for until now.”
Then she stood up from her seat and walked out.
Not being able to grab her going outside, he could only stare at her back.

“DanBi left?”
“Yes. They said she just left the Chairman’s office.”
Jeong JinHoon asked the man again. The important thing was not whether she left the chairman’s office or not.
He wanted to know what kind of conversation happened between them.
“According to the security team, even though the chairman had tried to grab her, team leader Jeong DanBi said she will leave the company.”
The man bowed his head with a joyful face. As Jeong DanBi left, Shinseki Incorporated.’s successor had become one.
He had thought that Jeong JinHoon’s position as the successor had solidified.
However, what flew at the man who congratulated him was the wireless mouse placed on one side of Jeong JinHoon’s computer.
The mouse smashed directly on the man’s forehead and dropped down.
“Do you think this is something to congratulate about?”
The man wrapped his forehead with his hands in confusion. From the ripped forehead, drops of blood were coming out.
“If the sales of Shinseki comes out from the service that she made then… What will happen? What happens if the thing I put my hands on fails all the time, and what she works on succeeds all the time?”
His voice, which rose in rage, became lower towards the end. As if a reaper from hell, his voice even sounded murderous.
“I need a concrete proof that I am befitting of the position of chairman.”
Ta-tap. Ta-tap.
Jeong JinHoon fell into thought as he buried his body on the chair. Shinseki’s Magic Mirror, which he had prepared ambitiously had disappeared without a sound while leaving behind a massive loss.
As a characteristic of the manufacturing industry, the risk of failing was unimaginable. Fortunately, such a loss was being covered by the OH! Service which the smart shopping strategy team made.
OH! Was receiving enormous attention as it showed explosive growth.
3rd on the national internet shopping mall rankings.
Currently, they were even preparing for going world wide.
Although the position of the successor had narrowed down into one, Jeong JinHoon’s voice had become even smaller.
“Give me all the list of members who developed the OH!.”
At Jeong JinHoon’s words, the man couldn’t even take care of his injuries before going to work.

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