Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 86.5: YongHo and His Colleagues’ Snack Session (2)

Topic of the Snack Session : Algorithm, I can’t understand you no matter how much I look

YongHo : ……(Looks at a distant mountain)
Son SeokHo : ……(Looks at a distant mountain x2)
Dave : What is it, is something there?
Jeff : What is more fun than algorithms!?
YongHo : Th, they’re fun, they’re fun alright. I also think that way.
Jeff : You’re still far from capable. You can see some bugs, but you’re no good with algorithms.
YongHo : ……
Na DaeBang : I need to go console HyeJin! Why did you call me here!?
YongHo : Then go with me to buy flowers and presents and let’s go to a restaurant. I also don’t know why I’m here.
Jeff : You’re not going anywhere!

Buy flowers and presents.
Go to a restaurant.
Console HyeJin’s heart.
A set of actions to solve a problem is considered an algorithm.

Readers : It’s too hard……

It’s also hard for me…….

Jessie : Dave, why are you here again? Are you gonna go back, or do you want to get hit?
Dave : Well then! Let’s go home!
YongHo : Wow, I wish it would be easily solved like that……
Jeff : At least algorithms have a clear answer, human hearts cannot be solved by algorithms.
YongHo : Isn’t that why things like machine learning came out? Recommend what people likes and predict and tell them.
Jeff : Huh?
YongHo : Heheh, I looked it up.
Jeff : Then shall we start learning those areas too?
Son SeokHo : That sounds interesting. I’m also interested a lot in data mining.
YongHo : Le, let’s start with finishing off what I’m currently doing…….

I heard that the world of computer science if boundless.
Let’s start with finishing off what we’re doing now!

Translator’s notes

Regular Chapter 3.5/3

That’s the end of the bonus story. There are no bonus stories anymore.


Translator : Chamber

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