Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 86: Receiver, Giver (3)

The first thing YongHo did after he woke up in the morning was to check his e-mail. The most important thing in being active in websites such as Stack Overfly or gethub was a fast feedback.
For a fast feedback, YongHo spent his time in answering questions on his e-mail or message.
As he became more proficient in English, his answer came out faster.
There was one e-mail that caught his eyes since it was the only one written in Korean amongst the English e-mails.
Moreover, The name ‘Shinseki’ was written on it.
YongHo opened it thinking that it might be from Son SeokHo or Jeong DanBi.

Greetings, I’m from Shinseki’s future strategy team.
The reason I have sent you this e-mail is not for any other but in order to meet you and speak to you about something.

The e-mail was around one page of A4. There were all sorts of descriptive words and polite speech.
‘So does this guy want to meet me or not?’
One line of ‘meet me once’ was puffed up to a page of A4. It was a stereotypical method of Shinseki’s.
YongHo expressed his condolences to the employee who would have written this and clicked a button on the e-mail.

Permanent delete.

He didn’t even allow it to go to trash.
After deleting the e-mail from Shinseki, he looked a the other e-mails to find that there were especially a lot of e-mails today.
‘What is this… I didn’t even do much though.’
Recently, he spent a lot of time in learning English and studying algorithms. Moreover, as he even had to adapt to company life, he wanted to refrain from doing outside activities as much as possible.
That included online activities.
As he became used to English a little bit, he didn’t experience a lot of difficulty in translating. YongHo quickly read down the e-mail.
‘Want to meet me?’
The majority was asking him to meet them. Lately, he wasn’t that active on Stack Overfly so there wasn’t much change in his rankings there.
Moreover, the only thing he uploaded on gethub was WindowView. There were very little questions about that.
The rest of the e-mails were mostly asking to meet them.
‘Is the Shinseki app that popular……?’
The reason was the OH! System that Shinseki had.
‘What an e-mail .’
After checking his e-mails, he stood up to do his next job.

In front of a silent room – this was the room where Dave slept.
When he entered, the tall Dave was sleeping on his bed. His room was full of anime products as he liked them so much.
One Piece, Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Doraemon, etc – they were uncountable.
YongHo didn’t mind that and shouted as if trying to bring the whole house down.
YongHo’s face turned bright red after shouting to his heart’s content. YongHo didn’t stop there and pulled on the blanket that Dave was using.
“Let go!”
Dave, who had his eyes closed, was holding onto the blanket with both of his hands. His firm will to not get from the bed could be felt.
And so, they could leave the room after tackling each other for a long time. Originally, his was Jessie’s job. It had become YongHo’s job since he was guilty of living together

Dave, who still had the expression of not having woken up completely, shook his head with a cup of coffee in front of him/
Jessie’s vicious smash landed on the back of Dave’s head, hard to the point that it made one wonder if Dave was alright.
“Wh, what is it?”
“Just until when are you planning to sleep?”
Jessie, who appeared flashily by smashing the back of Dave’s head, sat down.
“I’m not sleeping. I’m not!”
Dave rebelled against her while shouting. However, Jessie didn’t even snort.
Jessie asked YongHo.
“What were you going to talk about?”
From some time, James was also sitting there. The solid muscular body on the small chair produced a very pitiful scene.

It was an amazing scene.
As YongHo spoke, the frowning faces became smiley and smiley.
And they frowned again.
“You want to try that?”
Jessie asked YongHo.
“How is it? Doesn’t it sound OK?”
YongHo’s face looked excited. It was his expression when starting something interesting.
He explained about the scout offers that filled his inbox, and his process of rejecting them
And finally, he came up with an idea.
“Speed it up and raise the accuracy you say……”
“Looking at it now, it isn’t optimized in processing images so the speed is quite slow. Also, a lot of data is used… Can’t we improve those parts?”
“It’s always the last 2% which is the most difficult. As you know, we had difficulty raising the recommendation algorithm from 0.96… well, thanks to you, now it’s over 1.0.”
At Dave’s words, James, who sat next to him, also nodded his head. He seemed to agree completely.
Moreover, the problem wasn’t just that.
“You must have written the competitive business prohibition clause, too. Will you be alright when you go back to Korea?”
Jessie asked worriedly.
This was kind of an oath written when leaving the company. There were all sorts of clauses within that oath to prevent the leakage of technology to similar other business within the industry. Jessie mentioned that point.
The strange thing was that neither Dave nor James were worried about that.
They only seemed to think about how to develop it.
“Hm… A service that makes you able to wear clothes online……”
Not listening to Dave, YongHo looked at Jessie.
“I didn’t make the core library so… will it be a problem? Moreover, it’s not the same thing but a modified one.”
YongHo also seemed to be worried as he blurred the end of his sentence. This was also the reason why he was talking to Dave and the rest.
If it’s really implementable, whether there won’t be any problems with laws, etc – he fel he need to talk about a lot of his worries.
“If you didn’t go back, it isn’t a problem……”
Jessie’s words were a bit strange but YongHo didn’t mind it much. Dave still seemed to be thinking how to implement it.
James was also with him with his sleeves folded.


The process of an idea becoming a real service goes through many stages. The mid stages may be different from case to case but the start was the same.
Someone’s proposal.
It needed a proposal to do one kind of service.
With Dave’s help, YongHo was speaking of his idea to the PM in charge.
“We do not only sell clothes, but it is something worth considering.”
“Not only clothes, I think it may be used in lots of other areas. For example, you may want to place things like furniture in your house and do the interior design beforehand.”
“It’s not a bad idea, but… I think wok may progress faster if you show me the results first.”
The PM also seemed to want it as he licked his lips. YongHo’s words had enough potential.
As Shinseki’s example had shown them, if they could upgrade it a little more and put it on the market, then there will be good responses.
However, the work YongHo was assigned to hadn’t properly produced results yet.
He had thought that doing another work now was impossible.
“Then, I have to show you the results by finishing the recommendation algorithm tuning as soon as possible, right?”
“Yes, if that’s the case, then I’m all for it.”
YongHo’s mind became more urgent when he heard the PM’s, Brad’s, words.


“And so?”
“If there’s no reply, is it the end?”
Jeong JinHoon growled in a low voice. He didn’t seem to like the man’s work process.
“There’s another method. To go to America and meet him personally.”
As though he had caught that Jeong JinHoon wasn’t in a good mood, the man spoke carefully.
However, even that method didn’t satisfy Jeong JinHoon.
“America…America, you say… He did write the competitive business prohibition oath before leaving, right?”
“Yes. It’s in the company.”
“Then… send this. We will sue them if they don’t come back to the company.”
“T, to who, sir?”
“All the people amongst those who participated in developing OH! who have left the company.”
The man thought this was going overboard, but he couldn’t say anything. Since if he didn’t listen to Jeong JinHoon, he would be the first one to get fired.


Son SeokHo looked a the certificate of content that was in front of him with a sweet bean bread in his mouth, the first thing in the morning. His stiff face indicated that he was under considerable stress.
“Team leader, a certificate of content came for me.”
“A certificate of content?”
Jeong DanBi whisked away the envelope Son SeokHo was holding and quickly read it. The two were both waiting to leave the company after the had handed in their resignation forms.

Certificate of Content.

Name of Receiver: Son SeokHo.
Address: XXX, XXX, ….. Seoul
Name of Sender: Shinseki Inc.
Title: Prohibition of Competitive Transaction Notice

  1. The receiver and the sender had consented about the prohibition of competitive transaction when the contract of employment has ended.
  2. Therefore, if the said consent is not protected, you may receive damages due to lawful processes.
  3. Said damages will be annulled if returning to the said company.

It was, in a sense, a warning. A warning and a threat. If you go to another place after leaving the company, you will be sued. Jeong DanBi bit her lips after reading all of it. The already red lips puffed up in a brighter red.
“It seems I wasn’t the only one to get it.”
The figure of the people that could be seen through the office window didn’t seem that good. All of them were looking towards Jeong DanBi’s room with an envelope in their hands.

YongHo, who was far away in America, also received an e-mail about the same thing.
‘What is this, are they threatening me?’
YongHo’s face turned darker as he read the e-mail. He didn’t even read the previous e-mail sent by Shinseki and deleted it permanently.
However, he couldn’t do that with this e-mail.
‘I think I need to do something…..’
YongHo, who read all of the contents on the e-mail, knocked the door to Dave’s room.
He heard something moving about quickly in the room and the door opened slightly. Dave greeted YongHo only with his face.
“What is it?”
“I received a notice of violation of prohibition of competitive transaction from my previous company… Can I talk to you for a moment?”
YongHo’s voice was powerless as if he was worried. He couldn’t think of anything that could be done if he was really sued.
However, Dave answered simply.
“Why are you so fussed up about something so simple? Go to sleep.”
At Dave’s reaction, YongHo was about to feel disappointed but he endured it and asked again.
“It really isn’t a big deal?”
At YongHo’s reaction, Dave seemed to realize as he continued hurriedly.
“Oh… You didn’t know? Go look up code 16600.”
“What? Code?”
When he first heard it, he thought that it was some computer code. However it wasn’t.

Every contract by which anyone is restrained from engaging in a lawful profession, trade, or business of any kind is to that extent void.

This was the abbreviation of the law clause that was added to the Californian civil law in 1827.

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    Even if the clause could be enforced – its still probable that the court would find it unenforceable as YongHo’s activities in the new firm are protected by the corporate veil.

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