Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 88: Code 16600 (2)

-Absolute power of offline distribution, Shinseki, stands firmly as a powerhouse online.
Such a title was decorating the first page of the newspaper. It was an article any employee in Shinseki would rejoice about. However, only Jeong JinHoon wasn’t like that.
The entire time he was listening to the report, Jeong JinHoon’s frowned face didn’t disappear.
“And so, it will be hard, you mean?”
“…Yes. Even within the country, there were extremely few successful cases of a lawsuit for competitive business prohibition, and also, even if we do, we would have to do it on the Korean court……”
“And so, the alternative method?”
Jeong JinHoon’s face changed to a devil’s. His rage was reaching the peak since things weren’t going the way he wanted.
At that moment, the door opened and Jeong DanBi entered the office. A secretary stood on her side, not knowing what to do.
“Was this certification of content sent by you, president?”
Jeong JinHoon didn’t show any ripple even despite Jeong DanBi’s cold words. He found his composure to the point that it made one wonder if it’s the same person who was enraged until just a few moments ago.
“So you decided to leave the company?”
“President Jeong.Jin.Hoon!”
Jeong DanBi threw the envelope in her hands to the ground. It was the evidence that she was angry to such a point. At such a figure, the presidential aide and the secretary quietly left the office.
“Good thinking, however, it’s enough for one to leave. The rest? No.”
“It’s my team.”
Ta-tap. Ta-tap.
Jeong JinHoon tapped on the desk with his fingers. He was cold to the point of being inhumane.
“No, it’s the company’s team.”
“If you want to take them out, then try. If you have the confidence to take responsibility for them.”
Jeong DanBi’s face turned fierce. She was also a child of Jeong JinYong. A strong will to not lose could be felt from her.

Jeong DanBi’s stiff face never loosened even when she came back to the office. It was the same with the people gathered inside the conference room.
“I think it’s probably not easy. We don’t know how they will interfere with. THe only thing I can promise you with is to give you clear rewards when we achieve success>’
Jeong DanBi promised firmly, but the will of the people was already against her. A few who said they will go with her, left their seats.
“Even if you can’t come with me, I have no plans on giving you any demerits. I’m person who’s about to leave anyway. Please don’t be so stiff.”
At Jeong DanBi’s words, the few who were left there also left their seats. The final members only numbered three.
“…Well, it’s fortunate that you’re with us, head researcher.”
Manager Heo JiHoon and head researcher Son Seokho was left. Jeong DanBi stroked her chest in relief.
Son SeokHo still had a sweet bean bread in his mouth.
“You will have to block them, team leader.”
Son SeokHo was also a married man, so he was not entirely without worries. Moreover, the prohibition of competitive business clause was also a lump in one corner of his heart. (T/N: Too bad, Son SeokHo’s already married. Those with Son SeokHo x Jeong DanBi ship will be disappointed…?)
“Don’t worry about that.”
Even with Jeong DanBi’s firm voice, he didn’t rest assured. However, as he had to go through with this at least once, Son SeokHo once again resolved himself.


The performance YongHo showed was sufficient to make people shocked. However, it wasn’t just because of performance that the team members were surprised of YongHo at.
“You aren’t going home?”
“Yeah, I will look at this a bit more.”
When he felt that his own ability was improving, the already joyful work felt even more joyful.
As time went on, the time he went home became later and later, and sometimes, there were days he didn’t even go back.
“Even so, you need to rest……”
Some of his colleagues talked to him in worry. As YongHo’s language skills were improving, his relationship with the people around him also improved.
Moreover, as YongHo also had exceptional skills, he had more popularity from the people.”
“Oh, I will. Thanks.”
Even after his colleagues went home, the office YongHo was in always kept its light.
Dave had already left work saying a new action figure came out.

YongHo was awkwardly walking around in front of the company building. Yu SoHyun, who got off the car was standing there with some snacks and coffee.
“Seems there’s a lot of work.”
“It’s not that. It’s just that I find it awkward to rest all the way in America.”
YongHo also seemed to be used to Yu SoHyun as he was treating her with much more comfort than before. Perhaps due to having met in another country, they became closer much faster.
“You aren’t going home?”
“Oh, I will go after I do a little more.”
The clock was already pointing to midnight. YongHo was planning to sleep at the company again today. The company was providing its employees a more comfortable space than home.
“Is that so…….”
Yu SoHyuns replying face flashed with disappointment for a little. Perhaps her emotions were a bit too high, but YongHo also felt it.
“I will finish up and come out so… shall we go home together?”
Yu SoHyun’s disappointed face became brighter in an instant. Perhaps due to it being late at night, there were rarely any cars on the streets.
Yu SoHyun and YongHo were in a car in such empty streets.


RMSE Score 1.050.
It was the score that Dave worked really hard to achieve. The reason he participated in the NetFlax Prize was also because of his desire for that score.
He tried to raise his skills by a level while upgrading the company system.
It was a basic desire that any humans would have.
However, the result was that he didn’t win in that competition. Due to an Asian team that popped out from nowhere, he lost without being able to find any excuses.
‘No way.’
At first, he thought as such. If it was a result that was near to his own, then he would have believed it. However, the unsurpassable wall of a number made him go to the convention center.
And he met Lee YongHo there.
This person made him, who was bad with strangers, approach him. Most people approached him first. The exceptional head and skill made people promise the best position even without having to lower his head.
Even so, this person made him want to approach him first.
Pure curiosity.
He wanted to be close to YongHo due to the curiosity and admiration that this person had done the things he couldn’t have done.
When he conversed, he didn’t look like a bad person either. Jessie and James, who were with him, were of the same opinion.
He wanted to become closer, and wanted to work together. And eventually, they met again like this.
‘They do say the world is wide……’
RMSE score 1.050.
Dave still couldn’t seem to believe it as he was looking at the value in the middle of the conference room without being able to take his eyes off.

“Thank you for your work.”
The manager of the team, Brad, also couldn’t hide his surprise when he saw the result that YongHo showed him. This Asian guy who Dave brought and who ‘might’ be clever, had long since gone from his memory. Now, he was Lee YongHo and not Dave’s friend in his memory.
‘As expected……’
There was a saying that bird of a feather flock together. When Dave recommended him, he had at least believed in him a little.
‘He would do fine to some extent.’
The score that Dave submitted to the NetFlax Prize was also surprising. However, when they applied Dave’s algorithm to the company, the results weren’t that good.
RMSE Score 0.96.
He had thought that this was the limit. And so, this was the point in time where he was looking for outside personnel. YongHo was the one who came as a result.
‘I can’t increase the number of team members……’
The economy was not in a good situation worldwide. Also, there was a limit to the members in every team. He thought that YongHo being hired was just temporary.
He had the thought that he would fire him if there was no result.
However, it wasn’t like that now.

The daily overtime work made YongHo tired. Although he was tired, that was the same as when he was in Korea.
This was America. He didn’t come here to give up just because he was tired. To live a better life through his self-development, he had come all the way here while making his parents worry and giving up all the foundation he had piled up in Korea.
‘This would be my first step.’
YongHo looked at the team members in front of the conference room. Although he was short of 0.01, nobody could say anything.
Just this number was enough to give them an impression of him with enough left over.
Now, the company was the one which should worry if YongHo left.


When the results came out, the takeover was done quickly.
YongHo’s ability that he proved, the company benefited the more he was assigned a task.
Just Dave working as a senior data engineer gave them considerable profit.
YongHo was someone who was predicted to be more exceptional than Dave.
As he was in the process of making such predictions a reality, a team for YongHo was prepared quickly.
“Hello. I’m Kenneth Roy who became in charge of SA(Service Architect: Someone who designs service) this time.”
This man was someone who had white teeth and blond hair like Dave. The man offered his hand first and greeted.
“Nece to meet you.”
YongHo also offered his hand. Dave, Jessie and James had already been assigned to his team due to his request.
To minimize their absence in their original team, they decided to work on both things in the beginning stages. They had decided to respond to the team’s requests while planning for the new service.

AA(Application Architect), DA(Database Architect), TA(Technical Architect, SA, etc – there were many specialists needed to make a single system,
Kenneth took on the SA role, James took on the TA role, and Dave took on the DA role. With YongHo taking the final role, AA, the basic division in roles occurred.
Jessie took the role of support in the parts that the team lacked. And the one to manage the whole team was taken on by Brad.
The main character of the first conference was Kenneth.
“I made a requirement definition document after analyzing the service by Shinseki, which is the motive of the project this time. Please refer to the documents I’ve sent you before while listening.”
Kenneth put the requirements which were written tightly in small letters, on the screen.

ID : EXP_01
Requirement Name : User Space.
Requirement Explanation : An space to apply the item that the users selected to reality.
A click on the select button on the top can allow all items in the space to be transacted.
A click on the delete button on the bottom will make a select box of the list of items to delete.
Type : Function
Related Personnel : All users.

Although the style was slightly different, this was a document that YongHo had seen a lot while developing programs. However, most of his time was spent on developing as per the requirements, he didn’t participate in writing the document from the beginning like this.
‘That’s long……’
Kenneth was explaining each requirements. Why such function is needed, what effect it has, with what evidence he used to inserted such functions – he explained in clear detail.
4 hours later.
‘This is not my style……’
Developing was fun.
Finding results and making something was a fun process for him.
However, this time was literally a time ruled by logic. The ones who participated most passionately were Jessie and Brad.
The rest seemed to be of the same mind as YongHo as even James was dozing off.
‘Phew… It won’t be easy.’
YongHo opened his eyes which were about to close.

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