Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 90: Basics of Program Design (2)

“You finished it?”

Jeff’s words contained strong disbelief. Absolutely, definitely, that shouldn’t happen. He himself also could solve bugs. However, he had no confidence in solving it this quickly.

Jeff naturally thought that YongHo would try for a few times and go home after giving up.

He had only listened to his story since he tutored him for some time.

However, YongHo’s next words made him realize that this was indeed reality.

“Yes. Please check.”

YongHo spoke even without having tested it. That made Jeff even more surprised.

“You didn’t even check if the coding was done well?”

“Well, it wouldn’t make a difference.”

YongHo’s slight arrogance was based fully on his ability. Jeff asked again, seemingly in disbelief.

“Do you even know what libraries were used?”

“I looked and saw that for the web server, you used Nginx and Spring, and for ORM, you used mybatis… did you not?”

At YongHo’s firm reply, Jeff didn’t ask again. He pushed YongHo away, who was in his seat, and ran the web service quickly after sitting down.


# service nginx restart


The web service ran like normal. Now was the time to check the page where the actual problem occurred, YongHo was calm at this part.

Rather, it was Jeff who seemed nervous instead.


YongHo looked at Jeff firmly without saying anything.

‘I seem to see this kind of expression a lot these days.’

Jeff’s expression wasn’t that different from other people. The dumbfoundedly open mouth, and the eyes trembling in disbelief were expressions YongHo saw a lot.


Jeff silently looked at the screen. The problem was definitely solved correctly. If he himself wanted to do it, there was no reason why he couldn’t.

It was just that, it would take time. Moreover, he had no confidence in fixing it this quickly.

“How did you do it? It can’t be this fast… You didn’t even test whether it ran properly or not……”

“Perhaps because I did a lot of things web-related, I could see some stuff.”

“No way……”

Jeff didn’t seem to believe it. However, as it was happening in front of him, he couldn’t not believe it either.

YongHo was already used to seeing things like this. It wasn’t just once or twice that he had seen the reactions of the people in disbelief.

“Anyway, I solved the problem so it’s your turn now. I don’t have much time.”

YongHo urged Jeff. He had already guaranteed that he would finish it in two days. Although one or two days late would be fine, the trust in him might diminish.

If ‘once’s piled up to be twice, thrice and four times, then it would lead to distrust. YongHo didn’t want to pile up the first ‘once’.


Although Jeff didn’t want to believe it, the results could be seen with his eyes. He had no choice but to listen to YongHo’s request.

“The most important thing in designing the basic structure is the answer to whether ‘you can accept all the requirements’.”

YongHo listened in to Jeff’s words. The will that he wouldn’t miss a single word or line could be felt.

Jeff also slowly began explaining after he felt YongHo’s passion.

“For example, say that you’re creating a web service, but there’s no mention of which web server you would use in the software structure design.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“Like that, the softwares in the said structure needs to satisfy those requirements. The next most important thing is the efficiency.”

Jeff’s explanations went on for a long time after that.

The things to consider were: satisfying requirements, performances to fit the number of users for the service, and the interface between the software stacks.

(T/N: This paragraph probably doesn’t make sense. I… don’t know all these stuff…)




After listening to Jeff’s explanations, YongHo had a look at the requirement definition uploaded on JIRA.

The base was written by Kenneth, and the rest would be decided by discussion.

Currently, the progress was at about 80%.

‘First, this will be transferred to the company’s service so we would have to follow the basic software stack that the company is using……’

YongHo drew Linux at the very bottom. Majority of servers worked on top of an OS called Linux.

The reasons varied. It was free, light(For example, memory storage), and supported most open source ecosystems.

‘The server would go on top of that and for the same level DB, I can use MySql. There will be a lot of users so, to easily expand the servers, let’s use Docker to make the settings be able to be done through coding……’ (T/N: I understand none of this stuff)

He slowly built up the design. Of course, the end result would be a single sheet of pictures.

Drawing the general picture to see which software they would use – this was what YongHo was doing.


It was finally dawn and the sun was rising. YongHo stroked his hair down and was agonized.

‘How should I fill in this part…….’

YongHo was worrying which to use for a part of the software structure, which he had left blank. This was perhaps the core of the development this time – the image processing part.

‘Well… I don’t know any of this stuff properly so I can’t fill this part in……’

Processing images and videos required a professional of another field. Unfortunately, YongHo’s fields of expertise didn’t include such ability.

‘I need a person to help me……’

There was one person.

Na DaeBang.

Even in Shinseki, most of the development worked around him. Although there were a lot of deficiencies in the uploaded images, just looking at the service, it was sufficiently successful.

‘He should have gotten off work by now……’

YongHo picked up his phone and called. However, even after calling several times, it didn’t go through.

‘They do say leaving the company means the end……’

YongHo got off the chair and lied down on his bed in disappointment. The worry he had before he called had become reality.

This guy followed him calling him ‘Seonbae’ all the time, but now that he left, there wasn’t even a single call.

‘Let’s sleep here for today……’

The disappointment called for more sleepiness on top of his already tired body. YongHo fell asleep the moment he lied down, snoring.




A brown leather sofa was filling the entire living room. Pottery and paintings, which could be seen here and there, were filling the rest. A glance would be enough for one to tell that they were considerably expensive.

It was a scene that could be seen in TVs, where the so-called rich kids would live.


There, was a man of a big stature, standing without being able to sit.

Na DaeBang, it was him.

Na DaeBang was standing up without even sitting down. Everytime he spoke, the middle aged man with greyish hair, sitting in the middle, had his expression turn stiffer.

“I will go.”

“Shinseki sent a request. Not to send you.”

“Do I need to listen to even those kind of words?”

“Then… What would you listen to?”


Na DaeBang suppressed the words which came up to his throat. Na DaeBang’s father, Na SeonGi, had thick bones in the national assembly to the point that he was a 3rd time member. He knew what Na DaeBang wanted to say.

“Can’t you live with forgetting it like your brothers?”

“Allow me to go. Then I will try.”

Na DaeBang’s attitude was serious. His two hands were neatly placed together, and desperation could be felt from his eyes.

“If you really want to go, then… go.”

As soon as those words came out, Na DaeBang packed up his stuff and went downstairs. He had already finished preparing.

“Then I will see you later.”

Na SeonGi couldn’t take his eyes off Na DaeBang who was leaving the house.

There was no finger amongst the ten fingers which didn’t hurt when bitten. However, there were some which especially hurt more.

Na DaeBang was like that.




Perhaps he was stimulated by YongHo’s words of finishing it in two days, Dave’s result were also uploaded on JIRA in just two days.

The results which came up saying it was the initial version was an ERD(entity relationship diagram : Database design).

“You finished it already?”

“There were tables that the company had already defined beforehand. I defined the relationship between that and the service we’re developing and the end! How is it? I did well ,right?”

Dave panted in front of YongHo like a puppy awaiting praises. However, YongHo didn’t have the mind to praise Dave.

He hadn’t finished the design for the image processing part.

‘Do I have to go to Jeff after this or something……’

He didn’t think that his last straw of hope, Jeff, would know about it. He already found what Jeff specialized in through ListIn.


Algorithm, Software Design.


Although there were a variety of things, the above two were the most impressive. And so, YongHo had requested for help. However, he had no skills in fields related to images or videos.

He probably has the basic knowledge. However, the problem was that what YongHo wanted wasn’t ‘common-knowledge’ level, but an expert’s level.

‘I should first ask Brad if we recruited some new people.’

Most of the morning time passed with listening to the explanation about the ERD Dave wrote. Fortunately, there weren’t a lot of entities(The logical container where data is contained) so the explanations weren’t that long.


The phone YongHo left next to the sofa was vibrating without rest. YongHo was having a brief nap due to working last night without sleep, after he had lunch.

*Viiiin* *Viiin*.

Perhaps he was just very tired, as he didn’t wake up easily.


Dave, who was watching that, snatched the phone which was about to fall to the ground. There was the company number on the phone screen.

“This is YongHo’s phone, what is it?”

“Oh, there is someone who’s looking for Mr. YongHo.”

Dave, who received the call, shook YongHo to make him wake up. YongHo, who woke up from sleep, received the phone half-sleeping and walked to the company lobby.

‘I think something similar happened in the past……’

The memory of Dave coming to find him without any plan when YongHo was in Shinseki, overlapped.

‘Dave’s next to me, and that means……’

There was one person he knew, other than Dave, who was just as rash as Dave.

‘Don’t tell me……’

He went to the company lobby nervously. A man, who had a busy beard, due to not having shaved for a long time, and who had a stature not losing out to James, was there.


Na DaeBang, who found YongHo, was waving his hand at him, seemingly delighted. Due to his figure looking like a beggar, he was receiving all the gazes of the company people.

“Mr. Na DaeBang?”

YongHo confirmed after going up to him. It was indeed Na Daebang. Na DaeBang was standing there with a backpack and a travel case.

“What did I say to you? Didn’t I say I will come!?”

Na DaeBang spoke while laughing heartily. YongHo coincidentally was in need of Na DaeBang. (T/N: That’s no coincidence, that’s plot armor) While being delighted, on one side, he was very panicked on the other.

“But why did you not answer any of my calls? Also, how did you even know I was here? What would you have done if I wasn’t?”

YongHo poured out all the questions he had in his heart. Not answering his questions, Na DaeBang looked at YongHo while grabbing his stomach.

“Can we eat first? I’m hungry. Korean food if possible.”


This was the second acquaintance he had met in America. YongHo felt a slight bit of comfort seeing that Na DaeBang hadn’t changed, while he felt delighted.

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