Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 97: The Shade of Silicon Valley (4)

The same results without a single difference.
Nobody could speak a word after they saw the same results on the two monitors.
“Th, then shall we measure the performance?”

Kenneth also seemed to be nervous as he sipped a drink of water. However, it wasn’t only Kenneth who did that. Na DaeBang, Dave, Lucia, James – they all sipped their drinks as it could be seen that they gulped.

Measuring performance.

Most programs have an input and an output. The fact that the performance was better if the results were out faster was acknowledged by everyone.

As both of the programs had no bugs, this method to measure the performance would be used as a last resort.

Measuring performance was done by increasing the input exponentially. At first, twice, then 4 times, then 8 times, then 16 times… and so on. When the results were clearly different, then the victor would be decided.

To prepare the inputs for the programs that the two people made, they had a small rest.


“You alright?”

Dave patted YongHo’s back in worry. Due to having emptied half a bottle of whiskey in a small period of time, it was hard for YongHo to be well.

Rather than being ordered by his brain, he coded as ordered by his body. It could be said that his efforts until now was in that code.

That was not any different in Mark’s case.

YongHo didn’t seem to have any strength left to even speak, as he blinked and nodded.

“The results will be out soon.”






Na DaeBang shouted the results out loud. As the input values increased exponentially, the time it took for the output to come out increased correspondingly.

The performance speed was measured by calculating the difference between the time at the start of the program and the end of the program.



The first result was from YongHo’s program, and the second result was Mark’s.

The gap was widening albeit by a small amount. However, it could still be said that it was within error. Until the results were far apart for everyone to accept, it was difficult to decided the victor.

They prepared laptops of the same specs just in case they would come to a situation where they would have to measure the performance time. Not only that, they prepared them so that the two laptops had the same programs installed inside, so they could reduce the error when measuring the time.

Even after all that, they promised beforehand that the difference of 1 to 1000ms were within expected error.



“Hyung-nim, we won!”

After checking the results, Na DaeBang cheered. Due to being so happy, he subconsciously spoke in Korean. Although they didn’t understand, as they knew something had happened, they all looked towards the monitor.

The people on YongHo’s side were welling in joy, while Kenneth and Mark were dejected.

YongHo, who was barely conscious, closed his eyes as soon as he heard the results.

I won.

Between his closing eyes, he felt that people were approaching him while cheering. Although YongHo couldn’t see due to having closed his eyes, the first in line, who was approaching him with arms wide open, was Lucia.




His head ached as if it would split apart. His entire body felt like the dry desert. Someone had placed a bottle of water next to the bed.

“*Pant* *pant*……”

While panting violently, YongHo hurriedly drank the water. No matter how much he drank, his thirst was not solved. As he felt like the water would come back up if he kept drinking, he put down the bottle and put his body under the blanket on the bed again.

‘I will never drink again.’

It felt like someone was ringing a bell inside his head. Inside his stomach, a storm was raging.

‘Even so, it’s fortunate.’

The relief that YongHo felt wasn’t only because he felt he had saved a woman in dire straits.

‘My efforts weren’t wasted.’

Through a showdown with the programmer called Mak, YongHo had objectively proven his skills. He could now say that he coded better than Mark, at least. (T/N: Although the showdown was a win, I say they drew)

Mark was a skillful personnel acknowledged in the company on the web side. He had won against such a person.

‘I did well.’

YongHo praised himself. The endless marathon until now didn’t have a bad result.

‘Even so, my head hurts so much.’

The aching was painful to the point that he wanted to rip his hair out. To escape the pain of a hangover, it seemed he needed more sleep.


It was a terrifying nightmare. It was hard to keep his eyes shut. YongHo looked for water as soon as he woke up. It seemed he had drank the water fast as the bottle was already showing its bottom.

‘So it hadn’t been much time.’

The day was still bright outside the window. YongHo thought that it was still Saturday morning. Due to his burning thirst, he headed to the kitchen.


Stopping midway, YongHo could only fall down on the floor. A figure, covered in blood, was walking around in the kitchen.

The unknown creature covered in blood turned its(?) head and looked towards YongHo.

“Hyung-nim, you’re up?”

Na DaeBang spoke while taking off the mask. Even until then, YongHo could not come to himself.

He still thought it was a dream as he kept rubbing his eyes. However, the results were the same. When a little time passed, Na DaeBang’s face seemed to come into YongHo’s eyes.

“It’s you?”

“Yeah, cool, right? Dave gave it to me since it was Halloween.”


“Anyway, doesn’t your waist ache? You slept all day”

“Huh? Isn’t today Saturday?”

“…Get a hold of yourself. Today’s Sunday.”

“Y, yeah.”

YongHo stood up, walked to the fridge, and took out a bottle of water before emptying it by about half.

He finally felt that his mentality was coming back to him.


Halloween day.

It was one of the festivals that happened at the around the end of autumn or at the beginning of winter.

Thanks to that, the house was in a mess. Dave spread out all the disguising tools he had on the living room while pondering what concept he wanted to use.

“YongHo, you also choose one.”

YongHo shook his head at Dave’s proposal. He heard about it and it seemed that they were going to a party.

Drinking alcohol was a must in parties. As he was still under the state of a hangover, YongHo felt like vomiting if he even smelled some alcohol.

“I’m planning to rest at home.”

“Hyung-nim. It’s a party. Are you really not going?”

Na DaeBang seemed excited about the party. Covering himself in blood was also because he wanted attention in the party.

“You, I will tell HyeJin?”

“Hyung-nim! Why would you do that? I’m not going there to meet a woman!?”
“Then go quietly without me.”

Na DaeBang became silent after YongHo’s threat. When Dave, who was choosing the disguise, was about to persuade YongHo, they could hear a knock on their door.


Dave, Na Daebang, and YongHo.

The three males were not able to hide their wide open mouths.

There were two women outside the front door.

Jessie and Lucia.

Jessie was wearing a Catwoman costume. The black tights were emphasizing Jessie’s slim body figure. Especially the tail on her hip was impressive.

Lucia was wearing a nurse one piece outfit and red paints were seen here and there. The one piece was short enough, slitted enough, and tight enough to bring out Lucia’s voluminous body figure.

“Can we… come in?”

Looking at the three men standing there like idiots, Jessie asked. Na DaeBang, who came to himself just in time, gestured for them to come in.


“Thanks to you, i think it was solved well. Thank you.”

Lucia bowed down while expressing her thanks. Momentarily, YongHo could only turn his head away. The one piece modelled after a nurse outfit, had a deep slit to show her white flesh, and as Lucia bowed down, her bountiful bosom was trying to show more of itself

“It’s alright. You don’t have to mind it so much, it was nothing.”

YongHo tried his best to answer formally. That he had done only what was necessary.

Perhaps due to feeling such formality, an awkward silence flowed between the two for a brief moment before Lucia asked YongHo.

“Are you going to the party today?”

“Ah, I think that will be hard due to me having a hangover.”

YongHo expressed his difficulty. Hearing that, Lucia sighed, seemingly disappointed.

“Even so, it should be fun if we go together……”

“Including DaeBang, it’s a perfect two on two. I shouldn’t get involved.”

YongHo now took out another excuse. When he even brought Na DaeBang into this, Lucia also seemed to give up as she didn’t continue speaking.


“Then enjoy your time there and let’s meet at the company.”

YongHo stood up to go back to bed. Although it had become Sunday morning, due to having slept an entire day, he wanted to sleep a little more. His hangover wasn’t over yet.

“W, wait.”

Lucia grabbed YongHo’s arm as he was about to stand up. YongHo’s body wasn’t completely recovered yet. Moreover, he had nothing to eat on Saturday. There was no way he could exert any strength into his legs.

Although she was a girl, YongHo could only be helplessly dragged by the pulling strength.


Being absent minded, YongHo’s body slammed into(?) Lucia. Although he tried to avoid it, it wasn’t easy.

Moreover, Lucia was wearing a short one piece. Most of the parts where they were in contact together was not protected by the clothes.


To go to the party, she went all out in getting dressed up. She put on makeup, did her hair, and even put on one of her perfumes which she rarely used.

She pondered several times whether to paint a bright red on her outfit or not. Although it seemed fine with just the nurse outfit, it looked very common.

She wanted to give a point to attract attention.

‘This should be fine.’

Her figure reflected in the mirror looked sufficiently satisfying. Inside Lucia’s head that day’s scenario was replaying over and over again.

Winning against the whiskey to code.

Their gazes met in the crisis when YongHo’s head was about to fall.

Gaining victory after returning alive.

The external charm wasn’t that big. However, his kind actions, and his mentality in overcoming crises, and his smart head looked very sexy to her.

Moreover, he had enough skills to be acknowledged within the company.

‘Would he like it?’

Lucia’s worries ended as worries.


YongHo’s cheeks turned red in an instant. It was a distance where they could hear each other breathing. Lucia also felt YongHo’s rough breathing.

‘I, I should get up.’

His body was denying the orders of his mentality. YongHo barely managed to settle his heart down and tried to get off Lucia.

“YongHo, where are you. I’m here. I bought some porridge.”

He could hear Yu SoHyun’s voice. Momentarily, YongHo felt like he was hearing things.


Something fell on the floor. YongHo definitely saw it as he was getting off Lucia.

A plastic bag fell onto the floor.

He moved his gaze upwards.

At that place, was Yu SoHyun.

He was not hearing things.

It was no hallucination.

She, who definitely had a physical body, was Yu SoHyun. With wide eyes, she was looking at Lucia and YongHo entangled(?) on the floor together.


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Rings Bell “Codah. Get ya Codah ch-yapta.”


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