Coder Lee YongHo – Chapter 98: Breakthrough (1)

“Hey, there, Casanova!”
This was the first thing YongHo heard when he came to work. Dave seemed to be delighted that he had something to tease YongHo about now; he teased him all day long while he followed him around like a little chick.

“Hyung-nim, I respect you.”

In contrast, Na DaeBang sent gazes of infinite admiration. It was even scarier that he wasn’t sarcastic.

“Stop it already!”

YongHo had shouted, but they weren’t people who would listen just because he told them to. Lucia was looking at that scene with a complex expression.

Fortunately, Yu SoHyun listened to YongHo’s explanations from the beginning to the end.

From time to time, she looked at Lucia with a strange gaze, but he couldn’t say anything about that.

In the end, he didn’t go to the Halloween party. However, that didn’t mean that Yu SoHyun looked after him at the house either.

‘My body hurts and my heart hurts too……’

Guarding the house when everyone else left, YongHo tasted the porridge that Yu SoHyun had bought.

The heat remained; it was warm.

‘I want to go home.’

At that moment, YongHo wanted to see not Yu SoHyun, not Lucia, but his mother.

That was a few days ago, but that day’s situation ended up becoming teasing material.

“Work already! Na DaeBang, have you finished developing yet?”

YongHo asked while looking at Na DaeBang. He couldn’t pressure Dave with work anyway. It was a different field, and he was of the same position as him, so the easiest target was Na DaeBang.

“Hyung-nim, people shouldn’t do that.”

Na DaeBang sat down in his seat immediately. It wasn’t easy to make an upgraded program. To increase the performance of the image processing library made in Shinseki, it wasn’t possible to do it with normal means.

He was making it starting from the initial structure. Comparing it to architecture, it was like drawing up the blueprint.

“So sit down and work, Mr. Na.Dae.Bang.”

When Na DaeBang sat down, Dave finally went back to his seat as well. They got along so well with each other so that the company had basically acknowledged him as the second Dave.

After that incident, Mark didn’t act or speak in an unusual way. He just concentrated on his own work quietly.

YongHo also flexibly and silently acknowledged the trivial points that he could find in Mark’s code.

The schedule was always busy.

Not to mention each and every one of them, neither YongHo, nor Mark, had the time.

‘It’s Kenneth who’s acting strange……’

YongHo noticed it without seeing it. In contrast to Mark being quiet, Kenneth’s reaction was abnormal.

He would sometimes glare at YongHo from time to time while working. At first YongHo just let it go, but he felt somewhat unusual when it repeatedly continued.

‘And here, I have a lot of work to do.’

Even if he didn’t do anything, the load was starting to get heavier on the server development side.

Their pretext was to allow the users an ease in using the app while running at a faster time compared to the Shinseki app, it wasn’t easy.

He had already lost a lot of time due to the psychological warfare between Mark and him. He was running out of time.

‘Ah, forget it. I should do my work first.’

He felt like he would get neurosis if he even minded the matter about Kenneth. YongHo was someone who already experienced Burnout syndrome, he didn’t wish to try neurosis as well.

He knew that the answer was to stop minding about such things from experience.

When he started working for real, the development speed progressed quickly.

Excluding Lucia, the code from other people that YongHo was responsible for, didn’t have many things to point out.

Moreover, with coding, YongHo could do it with his eyes closed. He was coding rapidly, as if he was a proficient author writing a book.

Thinking back to YongHo’s previous state, this was unimaginable.

‘I also grew a lot.’

When he first learned programming, he had to search the internet after writing a single line of code. (T/N: That’s me)

He could only go to the next line after he searched and confirmed that he had used the proper function, in the proper way.

However, it wasn’t like that now.

He coded smoothly like a flowing river.

‘If it’s at this speed, I might be able to finish earlier than the schedule.’

The biggest reason for his speed was the Bug Window. If there was a bug in the program, he could immediately find and solve the problem.

YongHo appreciated the existence of the Bug Window.


Biting off a chunk of Godiva chocolate, YongHo started working again. It wasn’t that the development had finished,

The field that YongHo was developing was the server side.

The web portal sites that we usually use can be seen as a server. The person accessing it is the client, and the server is where the client is accessing.

To be more exact, web portal sites are called web servers.

Used in games, they’re called game servers.

Chatting servers for chatting.

Like such, the word in front of ‘server’ can be said to be its usage.

Servers can be categorized according to its uses, and that’s because the software to make the server would be different according to the uses.

For a server to process transactions, one had to mind more about the security, and to express webs, a communication protocol known as HTTP must be supported.

Amongst those, the thing YongHo was developing was called the image processing API(Application Programming Interface) server.

If a user takes the photos and sends it to the server that YongHo implemented, it must quickly change the said photos into the results that he wants before returning the result.

The most important thing in such servers was the performance.

‘It might be better if we reduced the size a little.’

It was Na DaeBang who was in charge of the actual image processing bit. YongHo was focusing on making the server able to process a large quantity of users at once.

This company was one where it was operating a website with more than 70 million users per day.

It had plenty of knowhow in operating servers. However, what YongHo was doing now wasn’t following the original method.

‘I need to make this load of work from 100 servers function in only 10 servers.’

This was the standard that YongHo had set for himself. Following the original methods did not lead to improvement.

In the initial stages, he could develop himself well even just by following the original method. He developed himself by following the methods of An ByungHoon, Son SeokHo, Jeff Done and a lot of other people.

Also, he followed the guidance of the Bug Window countless times.

He now wanted not to imitate, but to create.

So the goal he had set for himself was to make the server run with 10 times more efficiency than the one in the company right now.

However, the problem wasn’t only with the server.

‘The time taken in the network is considerable too.’

The image would be transferred through the network. As images had a bigger size than text files, he could not ignore the transfer time.

If it was just one or two images, then it wouldn’t matter, but the images would be sent from 70 million people. If one sent 10KB of images, then the total would be more than 600GB.

One movie was around 2GB. YongHo was implementing while considering that 300 movies would come through the network.

‘There’s a limit to just using the asynchronous processing… That doesn’t mean I can work on image compressing too……’

This was the biggest block that YongHo had met while coding. Asynchronous processing meant that he wouldn’t process everything in order.

Originally, if user(A) sends data, then the server wouldn’t do anything else until it is done processing the data sent by user(A).

However, with asynchronous processing, if the server receives data from user(B) while it’s processing user(A)’s data, then it would also process that data.

The speed would increase, but the probability of data getting corrupted was high. The coding difficulty would also increase accordingly, but YongHo’s problem wasn’t with the difficulty of coding.

He had to decrease the size of the image passing through the network. If the size is reduced, then the time used in the network would naturally decrease as well.

Above that, the amount he had to process in the server would decrease too.

‘How should I do this……’

YongHo’s hands, which were dancing on top of the keyboard, had also stopped. Time to think was just as important as the time to code.

YongHo was now at a level where he could implement what was inside his head. Now, it was more important to build up the logic as to how to implement it, inside his head.


“Jeff, let’s go home.”

“I don’t think I’ll go home today.”

“Aren’t you overworking yourself?”

“I’ll just check one more thing, so go first.”

While vaguely listening to Jonathan’s words, Jeff extinguished the light on his cigarette with his shoes. Then he went back up to the office.

The time was nearing 11 p.m. Jeff though that there would be no one inside his office, and took out another cigarette.

“This is strange.”

Then, with both of his legs on the desk, he positioned himself in a comfortable position.

The thing that vaguely seemed to be within his reach, but unreachable, was making Jeff frustrated. If he just grabbed it, then he thought that he would be able to arrive at the objective that he had set for himself.

“Is there a problem with the algorithm……”

He seemed to be unable to think of anything while sitting down, so he stood up and walked towards the whiteboard.

While smoking, he wrote mathematical formulae on the whiteboard. The main reason was to check if there was anything wrong with it.

“There are no problems though……”

He did it again, but there was no problem. Jeff looked at the code after he sat back down, confused.

Jeff’s ears cold hear something while he was absorbed in thinking, his back deep in the chair.

“Hmph! Do you think this is enough?”

“Of course, you must have been shocked that day… but it really was not intentional.”

On one hand, YongHo was holding coffee, while on the other, a bag of chocolate. Yu SoHyun, who walked in front of him, didn’t relax her coy expression.

It was because the effect of the incident on Halloween day hadn’t been resolved yet.

“So, you ate the porridge?”

“It was really delicious. I think I recovered thanks to that.”

Fortunately, YongHo’s efforts in saying only the correct things, seemed to be working. Yu SoHyun’s coy expression also seemed to be relaxing a little.

“Well, if you say so……”

Yu SoHyun blurred the end of her lines, as if forgiving him at this point. While conversing like such, they were entering the office where Yu SoHyun was working.

“Do you think this is your house?”

It was Yu SoHyun who panicked at Jeff’s picky attitude. YongHo already knew of Jeff’s personality.

What was interesting was that he became pickier the friendlier he was with someone. Unlike when they first met, the more time they spent together, the more picky Jeff became. (T/N: Jeff is tsundere~)

“It could be considered as the home of my heart, where my master is.”

Instead of Yu SoHyun, who was not saying anything due to panic, YongHo spoke up. Yu SoHyun tried to explain but there was no need to.

“More of your nonsense… It’s late so miss SoHyun should go home too.”

Jeff spoke with a softer tone. As it hadn’t been long since Yu SoHyun started working there, she stayed behind trying to become more familiar with the company.

She had only left for a bit since she heard that YongHo was coming.
“But what are you doing and not leaving, Mr. Jeff?”

YongHo asked while approaching Jeff. He was curious as to what was it that made him unable to go home. He felt like it would definitely not be a loss if he looked at it.

“Trying to leech my stuff again? Get lost.”

“Ayy, why are you like that again. We should help each other out.”

“And I said that I need no help from you.”

“Did you already forget that I had already helped you twice before?”

Jeff was sitting there, thinking that YongHo’s nonchalant attitude was absurd. He seemed to have thrown away the cigarette that he was smoking the moment people entered, as only the faint smell of smoke was showing that he had smoked.

“Bah! Coincidence.”

Even though YongHo had approached right next to him, Jeff didn’t hide the monitor. His attitude was to make him do it if he wants to.

YongHo didn’t deny that and looked at the code that Jeff had written.

“Run it once.”

“Hey, am I someone who would run just because you told m……”

Jeff couldn’t finish his words. It was because YongHo had already compiled and ran the program mid way.

After the program ran, he lost his words completely.

“Can I refer to the source if I solve it?”

Jeff looked at YongHo in absurdity. YongHo didn’t avoid Jeff’s gaze either.

It was something which would be solved in 10 minutes if he looked at the Bug Window. If he could refer to Jeff’s code, with solving it in 10 minutes as compensation, then he would profit.

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