Coder Lee YongHo Going down ;-;

Hello, this is Chamber with some unfortunate news

As you see on the title, Coder Lee YongHo is going down from the site due to warnings from the publisher/author.
The same thing happened with Miracle Drawing a few days ago, and the translator (CSV) has moved onto I am the Monarch.

Kobatochandaisuki is on this issue, and we hope to see it come back soon.

Thank goodness, that’s more free time for me.


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Native Korean who studied in Britain for 5 years, currently living in Korea. 3rd year uni studying Computer Science and Engineering.

41 Replies to “Coder Lee YongHo Going down ;-;”

  1. aapmens

    i sad news. i hope you can post a big spoiler about all the big future events (romance :D) since we are already halfway and its a shame if we will never know what hapens next.

  2. Yamikage

    Oh fudge! and yongho was in a really good place too.
    Some summary maybe? We are still allowed to do that right?
    Thank you for all the hardwork, kinda sad that one of the early korean novel work in kobato can’t go to the end, but i guess can’t do anything about that now can we.

  3. Aeternelle

    I wonder if we could get a translation overlay, just like how OddSquad does with their translations of Cheese in the Trap ? Maybe this way, we could add hits to the original author and keep reading novels!

  4. Waht

    I wonder if those random websites which pirate translations (considering the now-gone anti-theft system) would actually ever comply with an author’s / publisher’s cease-and-decease demands.
    In the legal sense, that is (gosh, I’m so tired I’m blanking out). But I guess that question also applies to you guys, the legal ramifications somehow feel superfluous, and the only thing to take into account is the “morality” of going against the author’s wishes.

  5. Joouse

    the links on novelupdates lead to page not found and the table of contents only go up to chp 101. can you update the links pls, especially if these are the last chapters of Coder Yongho.

  6. aoisora

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt!!!!!!!! this is the worst news i ever heard in my whole life, and two one after another, just what did i do to the world………..
    Well, at least the monarch will be back…..
    kobato-san send a hi and thanks from me to st8_lupe, i really appreciate his comment, really….

    1. Chamber Post author

      We’re very sorry, but we don’t have enough time…
      KCDS is busy with RL, and only manages the site, albeit horribly
      I’m busy with 2 projects (God of Music and Everyone Else is a Returnee)
      And all other translators are busy as well.

  7. s


    We really like I am the Monarch! Hope we can read the next translation again, because it suddenly stopped. Some suggestions: your Table of contents page is not working in I am the monarch, we needed to get the link from to access those after Chapter 100. May we know when the next upload is going to be?


  8. Usagi

    This has happened to you guys too? (v.v)/ I sympathize… Chinese novels also being threatened to be taken away nowadays… Not all of em, but a decent number…

  9. aegis062

    I still don’t understand why they threaten translators to take down translated novels. when those novel won’t ever make it overseas even if they wanted to majority of people in the west don’t even know what a manwha is let alone a Korean light novel. how many sales do they think they can get from publishing in the west?

    In fact I think if the author worked with translator and shared money that goes into the translated version he still makes profit since his work won’t ever touch a western store.

  10. T51bMoridin

    Real shame. Have you all tried to see if they would appreciate you bringing their content to english readers to help push for future interest when they release they product officially in the US and other english speaking and reading countries?

  11. Cameron

    Hope we can one day see translations for this if author allows or just secretly just use google drive for ppl to download it’s a shame great novel!

    Hope author changes his mind it’s a good way for his novel to get a higher reading base

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