Concerning Lookism

Hey guys, this is KobatoChanDaiSuki.
I really have to tell you this:

First, we have all the scripts to the latest release of Lookism. It’s all translated.

Second, it’s under editing phase, you will have no choice but to wait.

Third, I’ve deleted but it’s fxxking pissing me off when I see comments like “Please drop those LN and translate more Lookism.”
Are you fxxking kidding me? Those novels are not translated by the same translator as the Lookism by the way.

Let’s talk more about those guys who are so much yearning for more chapters.

It’s clearly understandable to see “Oh please I want to see more Lookism” or that kind of comment. This shows your love for the serie.

But then to make foolish comments while you know we don’t gain a fxxking penny to translate webtoons except for those generous hearts who support us by giving donations. And you gotta say, it’s not those jackass who are paying anything. They’re basically just leechers. (I have nothing against “leechers” but there’s “leechers” and “Leechers”)

I’ve stopped working myself on Lookism for a long while and I can’t thank enough our translator and editor for contributing their time and effort in this. I really do feel sorry that there’s foolish Leechers who can’t even give a damn for the staff.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that the editor has been busy with his life and is doing his best to bring the chapters.

PS : thank you to those who support us 🙂


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  1. GranulatedChocolate

    I’m a fan of the series and I can’t thank you enough for all the staff scanlating Lookism.

    As a leecher myself I’m sad whenever I read those kind of comments. I personally think that even leechers should also have a code of conduct, which are:
    -always be thankful to the staff for the releases
    -shut up and wait until new release come out
    -be understanding to the busy life the staff have. I mean, we’re practically given free ransom (yes, I consider what you the staff give as ransom).

    So I hope those comments don’t make the staff dispirited. I hope their real life to go smoothly. thank you once again the staff. also to the generous donor for their donation.

    ps. sorry if my english is poor.

  2. Alaska

    Thank you to anyone who has contributed time to translation. It’s sad that this particular hobby is such a thankless one. If you’re here reading this, go re-read the latest chapter and look at the quality of the work you’re reading. Those translators can read manwha in the original language, they translate it for the rest of us. I’m no expert in editing, but cleaning these images for English text is wizardry to most of us. Thank you guys for your work.

  3. Qhayong~

    Just ignore those kind of comment, although for me its hurt to read that, too. They cant thanks your hard work.

    As the fans of lookism, we can waiting until the next release patiently. And give support and thanks to our staff for they hard work.
    Translating , editing, erasing, that need a lot of time~ and the busy life, its makes that harder.
    So, we should understand for the release chapter need a little more time.

    Once again, thanks for your hard work, all~ 😚💕
    Thank you kobatochandaisuki for your concern~ 😘
    Hwaiting~ 😋

  4. Matthew

    Thanks Kobatochandaisuki for your translate to Lookism.

    I know very clearly that you and all translator have a real life instead of translating Lookism and another mangas.
    I really appreciated your kindness to translate manga without payment, and I hope many more kind people donate for you all. (I’m sorry i don’t have paypal account 🙁 )

    So don’t look at childish comment that don’t know how hard all of you work to this manga !!

    You all doing excellent job ! Thanks Kobatochandaisuki !

  5. Flower growing from the Death

    You’re a serious one aren’t ya? x’D
    I was actually kidding ya and you killed me with this pool of hatred x’DD
    I love you kobato-chan!!!
    I’m serious, i never thought anyone could make me ever laugh so hard … x’DD
    Kobato-chan… DAISUKIIIIIIIIIIII ♥♥♥♥
    You angry little kawaii thing you ^ v^

  6. Cricket

    Somebody please call the SWAT team, KobatoChanDaiSuki fuse already reach it’s limit, and he/she migh blew his/her mind off by deleting everything in this site.

      1. Cricket

        *ROFL* but lets face the truth, it’s the net dude, “anonymity” is the up side here so it was bound to happen some trolls, or some haters, or maybe some angry mobs want to stuck a pitchfork to your @#$ to come for you. Just chill don’t let those mentally ill guys get over your mind.

        A scenery is more beatiful when you overlook the minor annoying details.

  7. bell

    Poor editor must be swamped in real life seeing as it’s been 2 weeks since the last chapter. I hope he’s okay and not ill or anything. :/
    Mr. Editor, do your best! Fighting!

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