Concerning Maou no hajimekata

Oh well, I just put it under the teaser project from main project as I couldn’t find time for it. I never said I was dropping it.

Nobody asked me if they could continue to work on it, that really upsets me but anyway. Too late.

You can go read in

Well, he was kind enough to translate it, thank him for his effort.

Thus, I definitely drop Maou no Hajimekata, the first and probably the last +18 novel I’ll have translated.

I’ll try to work on my other projects as soon as I get time and motivation. Being physically and mentally exhausted doesn’t help me at all.

Sorry and thank you.

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  1. jorgelotr

    I had found that site long ago, but was waiting for you to resume it, since the onethere is a mostly unchecked MTL, which makes it difficult to read and mostly inaccurate.

    Thank you for all of your work until now.

  2. Robbini

    He probably wanted to read ahead, and since the manga’s decent as well, he might’ve gotten motivation from that. Not to worry, not to worry, if you’re interested there are still a multitude of +18 novels out there.

  3. qaz

    I have to say that your translation is way, way better than that MTL. Yes, you need a better editor but the meaning can be understood just ok, while there the text is just disjoint set of MTL sentences.

    It would be really nice to see your translation continued regardless of that one.

  4. Andronymous

    You’ve got to rest. I wouldn’t wish the amount of work you had to deal with IRL the last couple months on my worst enemy. You seriously NEED a breather. It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re tired all the time. Oh, And thank you for you’re efforts, you da best.

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