Concerning Reincarnator sponsoring

Dear readers,

starting from the 24th of April, the aim for Reincarnator sponsoring will change from 50$ to 60$ per sponsored chapter.

This will contribute as for the translator to be able to have a more stable income and have more time to translate.

As for now, Ekdud (translator for Reincarnator) was already able to stop working as a waiter with the money earned so far thanks to you, supporters, and has more time to translate. In the near future, there’ll probably be more regular chapters (and more sponsored chapters).

However, he still has a side job but with less work (and where he’s able to translate a little bit during work time hahahaha). (by the way, he’s a student so let’s not forget that)

Anyway, there’s only one thing left that I really want to say :

More money, more whip

thank you.



PS: we got new translators so we hope to release new series or have continuation of projects under hiatus.

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  1. afk48

    i aint a donator but i say that the increase is appropriate.
    law of supply and demand says so
    hopefully the generous donators have the same sentiment

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