Concerning the problem caused by our new anti-theft (aggregators), we’re sincerly sorry for the matter.

The problems are the following:
– Use Firefox or Chrome or Opera or Opera Mini (without extreme mode) or Safari, if you can’t read in your browser. Disable reader view/mode (you can’t read even if you use the browsers above in that way). Some mobile browsers like UC browser won’t be able to read them (can’t really fix this one)
– You can’t use google translate to read the text into another language anymore (can’t fix this either)

If the font size is too small for your eyes on mobile, on Chrome mobile, you can go to the setting > accessibility and change the text size.

We’re really sorry once again but this is a necessary harm.
We love our readers, supporters and fans BUT we got too tired and angered by the shameless aggregators stealing our hard work and making profit.
Moreover, there’s even people thanking the aggregators and do not even know these work were done by us.
And the worst is that the aggregators are even showing before us on search engines!
If we pretend this was just an hobby, it’d be maybe wrong. It’s also our passion, our (“part-time”) job and our existence.
It’s sad that you have to pay the price for something you didn’t do but unless someone goes to Turkey (the biggest aggregator is from Turkey. He’s infamous for having other aggregator websites, even for manga. Basically, he’s a recidivist.) to kill the aggregator + we have no other way to stop from our translation or original work to be stolen, this system will stay here (we’ll try to fix what we can).

Until we can find a better and more comfortable security system, you have to bear with it.
Sorry for the 3rd time.

PS: If you want to bypass this for the novels you like and have money, you can patronage us on Patreon.
PS2: extremely rude people, banhammer.



  1. Weed

    Eu sou brasileiro e leio pelo Google Translator do UC Browser no meu celular e não ocorreu nenhum problema que eu tenha percebido.Acho que vocês tomaram a decisão correta fazendo isso, é preciso valorizar o próprio trabalho e ver alguém pegar os créditos pelo seu não é bom.

      1. Felipe

        Oi sou brasileiro e uso o google tratudor.
        o site esta todo travado nao acessa uma unica pagina.
        eu estava lendo ……….. e em uma parte diz comerciantes,mercenários e ladrões fazem parte de um organismo,
        sem um não existem os outros.
        do meu ponto de vista, autor, tratudor e parasitas ou ladrões sao iguais sem um nao existe outros.
        o autor escrever, o tratudor traduz e eo parasita por bem ou mal divulga.
        As tentativas de destruir um parte é uma piada tola, por que sempre vai existir uma forma de escrever, traduzir e roubar.

          1. Kaynan

            I just needed to look for a little bit that I was able to circumvent this protector and with a very childish method: I converted pdf with ctrl + p, then I went to “https://smallpdf.com/pt/pdf-para-jpg” to convert into images every Page, then accessed “http://www.free-ocr.com/” to convert the images into text and went to the translator.

            HAPPY ENDING

    1. João

      Eu baixei o UC Browser no celular mas aqui continua com as letras em coreano, esse google tradutor que você fala vem nele mesmo ou tem que baixar separado?

  2. grace

    Wow you definitely did get a better security than simply stopping copy paste. Also the older chapters do have the the prevention of copying on but its still possible to copy it from the source. Dont know if its worth it to fix that if they are already stolen though…

  3. ark

    I know that parasites can really drive people mad, but take care to not use the approach of killing the cow to get rid of the ticks. There be always parasites, it is still a way of living, a hateful one by the way. So take care that your medicine don’t hurt more than them, if it is the case, calm down and just leave them alone. You can use them for advising too, just put a line in the middle of the text saying “it is a pirate site, read at kobatochan.com”. It will hurt you very little and will hurt them a lot.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      The thing is that they’ll even erase those kind of lines. So shit gets back again and again. And people going there won’t even bother to see such things.
      There were many other translating websites putting all kind of effort to try seeking a way to prevent those aggregators to steal.
      This way was found to be the only way. Unfortunately.

      1. just a bee

        why not try watermark type dealio? have your release be shown in image form and have an opaque logo of your choice in the background, would make your would be thieves waste alot more effort to hide it, another bonus of this would be your ability to move the watermark around so they cant get comfortable?

  4. justreadingnovels

    support +1

    I mean really…copying others TN…now thats just over the line…I mean one time i tried MTL-novel and read it and it was a devastating experience for me…I didn’t get the story , there was no feeling of addition of new character and when I read the TN-work it was hard to just ignore the pages that i read through MTL….and when i tried learning the foreign language through the internet,now that was hard-as-a-f**k….
    So I really appreciate you guys to translate this novel for us and would even like to support you guys (IF its in my level).And to steal from these hard-working people is just….f**king unfair(its unfair because you can’t even resolve the problem simply and orderly)…hence i will support you guys for this new system…

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      Images take a lot of place (when you only need 5kb for the text, you get 1mb for the image. More data to store, more money to invest in a bigger server) and we haven’t found a way to automatically convert our scripts into images…Also, images are very easy to steal (aggregators for manga)

      1. BobbyWibowo

        Ehhhh? I’d guess highly compressed image of pure white and black won’t be that big. I’m guessing it’ll only reach approx. 100kB per chapter. Well, I dunno much images actually. There are some downsides to that for sure. You’ll have to provide night version as well to please the readers.

  5. appelemac

    Heya there, good efforts to prevent pirating! I wish that those aggregrators would stop this stupid stealing of credit >.> A few ‘notes’:
    1. The console of chrome contains 6 errors and 2 warnings when you load chapter 91.
    2. Idk if you changed something, but I can suddenly copy the text again & use the context menu (yes, on chapter 91). It doesn’t have much use anyway, as the text you copy is the korean one 😀

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      1. about the errors, I have no ideas at all so I can’t help you
      2. Yes, I did that so that people won’t copy the gibberish but yeah…either way, nobody is happy.

  6. Edimison

    Hello good afternoon
    I’m Brazilian and I’m a fan of your work, but unfortunately this time I could not read the translation because my English course is still in the beginning!
    I understand what you say, but there would be no other way to solve the problem?
    After all I love this series!

  7. Vorakh

    Hi, I follow you for a while (I started with “Everyone Else is a Returnee”) and I really like your work.
    If I can I would hazard a suggestion to limit a minimum theft, you may disable the awake button menu on the site, covrebbero be several applications or addon for world press that allow this thing and simply sostituissce the drop-down menu with a window that warns that the page is protected by copyright.
    I hope to be of help, and sorry for the bad English (I used Google Translate to write)

    Good job and keep it up, you’re very good.

  8. Kuromonge

    This is easily bypassed using Ctrl+P using the printer page to copy and paste.
    Rendering all the efforts meaninless, but i have no idea how to black that from happening.

  9. csdcdscsdcscs

    Like pretty much all copy-protection, this is annoying to the users and at best it delays those copying it but never stop them from doing it.

    Since I can’t read this here in my dedicated Novel reading browser, I probably go look for those “stealing” the content, because they’ll probably let me soon anyway without this annoying shit.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      this is annoying to the users not using browsers who can read custom fonts. Just that. (72-79% of known browsers can read custom font and most people use the main browsers such as chrome, firefox, safari and opera).

      you just can’t read on reader view and you can’t read this on aggregator website cuz we set this just so that they can’t steal.
      Your threat is wasted. Banhammer.

  10. Leonardo do Vale Souza

    Cara Sou Brasileiro e uso o Google tradutor para ler esse novel e dou ocasionalmente para o sait através de amigos gosto muito mesmo do novel não manjo muito de inglês e uso muito o google tradutor espero que o problema seja resolvido com a segurança do sait.

    I’m Brazilian and I use Google translator to read this novel and I occasionally give to the knowledge through friends I really like the novel does not mange much of English and uses a lot of google translator I hope the problem is solved with a security of knows

  11. Arget

    I was getting redirected to an add from this site only to a pop-up that would load the app store. I could stop it by clicking the X after the page loads.

    If you’very already fixed this great and thank you. If not I wanted to give you a heads up. I read on a tablet using Chrome browser. I really enjoy eerie on this site.

  12. Just one question.

    Is it possible that you create an audio file of your chaters? I for my part am not actualy reading the novels (not just on your site) but loading the text into a speech synthesys program (@voicealoud, if you care) and listen to them while in the car, working around the house, playing games etc.

    I don’t know how feasible it is for you or how many “readers” would even needto use that feature so that it would pay off, but I’d be glad if you could at least consider it.

  13. Ratelnim

    Hey, I am a turkish guy. Which sites is bothering ypu? I can sue them.for you. Turkey is not ‘that’ lawless country.Thanks for good work. Fighting!

  14. very sad

    Thank you for your work so far.
    I am also a google translation user, I hope that one day you will find a method of protection that does not block machine translation
    Otherwise very good site protection work.

    Good luck for the rest, the frequentation of the site risks to decrease. But well it’s your site you manage it as you can :'(

  15. ranoche

    honestly not the first time they’v done this. Ren has already gone after them a couple of times but they usually come back. Best way to is just to make it inconvenient for them.
    My suggestion is just litter the content with {translated by kobatochan. You are reading stolen content.Please support the offical release} between every sentence spacing in the same color as the back ground so readers can’t see it but copy pasters will. Not once or twice but between each break. at best it will be a hindrance but that site has been shut down several times now. Even WW with as much money and resources as they have hasn’t really stopped them from stealing so your best bet is just to bug the shit out of them every chance you get.

    ps:have you gotten permission from the authors to translate. that can really help with a dmca

  16. Doodlyboy15

    I use my chrome on my phone to read chapter. Many times now I’ve been automatically taken to another page or had it open the app store to ha e me download an app. Is there anywhere that I can post the offending websites so that these might be removed? I love the site and ha e no issues with adds any way for the site to get revenue. Hoewever, when it’s almost impossible for me to even visit the site or read a chapter without being forcibly take to another site then all of your ‘anti aggregate’ measure seem very silly when the functions of your site itself might be driving people to visit these sites.

  17. Weed

    Eles disseram que não dá pra traduzir pelo Google Translator mas isso pode ser facilmente resolvido:
    1- Abra em um navegador que o capítulo esteja em inglês.
    2- Vá para opções e click em imprimir.
    3- Vai aparecer as páginas selecione somente as com o texto do capítulo.
    4 – Baixe o arquivo PDF
    5 – Abra o Google Translator e click em traduzir documento, selecione o arquivo baixado e espere.
    6 – O capítulo vai ser traduzido normalmente então é só ler . 👍
    PS. Dá pra fazer isso no celular com o Chrome do mesmo jeito mas quando colocar no Google tradutor mude para o modo dekstrop.
    Espero que tenha ajudado .

  18. SadFox

    First, thank you for the translations and all your hard work.
    Sorry I didn’t really know where else to place this comment, and I’m not sure if it has to do with the security measures or the ads.
    It’s impossible to read any of the updates at all on mobile Safari. Two seconds after any kobatochan page loads, I’m suddenly redirected to some kind of blank spam page ‘ https://t.mobitrk.com/?a=t&aff_id=2561&o_id-6754windows_aid=&tags=f701c93afea240eb81998323dec012b7&sub_id….’ etc.
    I was hoping it would go away if I restarted my phone and browser, but no dice. Makes me want to cry, since I’ve been trying all day. 🙁
    I really, reaaaallly hope this is something that can be fixed. Thank you!

  19. beach530

    Hi, I suddenly realized that I stopped getting your emails since december. I just saw that you guys updated your website since I last been here. It looks great btw. But i’m having problems trying to access the website on my phone. It keeps on redirecting me to spam and opening my google play app. I tired a different browser on my phone but i end up with the same result. Is there any news of this getting fixed anytime soon? I love reading the novels you guys translate but prefer reading them on my phone because it’s easier for me.

    1. kobatochandaisuki Post author

      We’re looking onto it.
      About the emails, it must be that the email subscription is new as we moved from another server, that’s probably why you don’t receive them anymore

  20. iwanttobeagoodman

    Для русскоязычных.Если у вас не переводит, есть 2 простых способа!
    1)Первый способ быстрый но под перевод попадает вся страница(что не критично воооооообще) вам надо:
    1 в гугле правой кнопкой мыши кликнуть на странице главы
    2 там есть печать
    3 в печате выбираем изменить
    4 там находить “Сохранить как PDF”
    5 сохраняем и идем на гугл переводчик
    6 там если не вводить текст есть снизу “Введите текст или адрес веб-сайта либо переведите документ.”
    7 выбираем PDF и нажимаем синюю перевести и вы получите переведенный текст
    2) тут надо скачать ABBYY FineReader 11 и FifeShot этот способ дольше по времени но вы переведете текст главы а не всю страницу
    1 нажимаем на иконку фаершот там есть “захватить регион”
    2 захватываем весь текст главы и ждем
    3 скачиваем картинку
    4 картинку надо сохранить как jpg или png(без разницы) в пайнте потому что файнридер не умеет в прозрачность и начинает глючить
    5 пересохраненую картинку кидаем в файн ридер там он дает нам текст(не сохраняем там в doxc потому что будут проблемы)
    6 запускаем word в него кидаем текст, делаем шрифт 13,5 для удобства и сохраняем как файл отдельно
    7 получившийся файл кидаем в гугл переводчик и переводим, получается переведенный текст с черным фоном и белыми буквами с понравившихся вам шрифтом.
    Первых способ намного быстрее и менее запарный, второй же для глаза радость есть еще третий с текстовой версией страницы главы от гугла но там надо переводить символ в символ программно и потом переводить в гугле но это больно запарно

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