Conquest – Chapter 43: Season Finale (2)


Kashi looked to the side to see a black mass hurtling towards him. He sharply bent mid-air, wincing as the black length brushed over him.

He fell to the ground and instantly nocked his bow. “Show yourself!”

“Why should I?” A deep dismembered voice echoed around the room, making it impossible for him to pinpoint its location. “You will be dead soon enough. Hmm.. though I’ll have you leave a message for my next plaything before you go. Kukukuku..”

Kashi whirled around, training his arrows at the shadows. “How long do you think you can hide?”

“Kukuku.. your taunts will not work on me.”


Kashi gritted his teeth and spun around as the black mass slithered between the pillars. He shared a thought with Kira and the two split up, running in separate directions.

“Useless, useless useless!” The voice cried as several more of the dark masses chased the elf, landing critical hits.

Face contorted in fear and panic, the elf wove his way between the pillars. He stopped with his back to the wall, and glared at the tendrils.

“Well, I guess you’ve given up th-!” Boom! Crash! “Wh-what was that?!”

A smirk curled up the elf’s face as he pushed himself off the wall and charged the tendrils. He reached for one, but it slithered out of reach. His hands balled into a fist and slammed against the nearest pillar. A crack spread across it, then it crumbled to the ground in a deafening crash.

“You thought my partner was a mere wolf didn’t you?” He said as the crashing sounds grew louder in the background. “Well, I don’t blame you. Most people, including myself made that mistake.” Rotating his right arm, he grinned evilly at the tendrils. “I told her to get as far away from me as possible and destroy the pillars.”

“Wh-what are you? Crazy? If you take down the pillars, the whole roof will come crashing down on us all?”

Kashi kicked the pillar next to him. “Want to bet, you overgrown octopus?”

“I’m not an octopus!” The ends of the tendrils sharpened and attacked the elf.

Rather than retreat, Kashi dashed forward. He dodged the strikes by a hair’s breadth, as they tendrils stabbed into the earth. Powered by fury, the tendrils smashed sideways through the pillars.

Kashi anticipated the attack and jumped between the surviving pillars. He alternated his altitude, confusing the attacking tendrils which destroyed everything in their path.

With a loud crash, the last of the pillars crumbled to the floor.

Kashi reunited with Kira and they waited for the dust to clear off.

Thick purple aura blew past them, clearing the dust. A boney humanoid wearing a gas mask floated at the end of the room. The tendrils protruded out of its back. Kashi counted ten total.

Nekark the Cursed. Lv 83

“Heh, were you trying to hide your true form? I think I can understand why,” He teased, nocking his bow.

“You fool,” The man said as he slowly descended to the ground. “The pillars were placed there to give you a fighting chance.”



Kashi and Kira were sent flying.

The tendrils retracted, then hung loose by Nekark’s side. “Without them, I am free to attack at full strength.”

Kashi righted himself and skidded to a halt. “Well, now that’s more like it.” He wiped the blood from his lower lip. “Now then, how about we really get started.”

“As you wish.”

Kashi instantly shot several arrows but they never made it.

Nekark dedicated two of his tendrils to defense. The rest he used to attack the elf.

Now that he could see the tendrils coming, dodging them was no longer tedious. He attempted many strikes, but neither he nor Kira could get any significant head. Their attacks barely scraped his ridiculous health.

Nerkak watched, bored as the elf danced to his tune. Four of his attacking tendril entwined into one big one and struck the elf.

Kashi winced as he parried the attack with his bow. He heard a cracking sound and looked down to his bow. Its durability had dropped to five, and splinters had begun to break off. Anymore and it would be beyond repair.

No way he was losing Ygg’s bow right after getting it. While dodging, he placed the bow in his inventory and swapped it out for his previous weapon. His reaction time dulled and he was forced to block with the bow. It shattered to pieces as he was sent crashing into a wall.

“Kukuku. So weak. All of you.” Nekark’s tendrils joined to one huge one and pierced towards the elf. “Die.”


“It’s over huh,” he muttered. “…Huh?” He tried, but could not retrieve his tendrils. His eyes widened as he looked at his victims. Dark aura so thick, he could touch it burst out from both the elf and the wolf.

“Who the hell do you think you’re killing off?” Kashi asked, voice deep and dark. His grip on the giant tendril tightened.


Fighting Spirit Activated!

Attack power doubled.

Damage to enemy doubled.


Kira turned ethereal, her form shifting between physical and smoke. Her red eyes burned, the earth cracking beneath her feet. She tore across the room in a single leap and bit through the tendril that Kashi held.

Nekark cried out as he retrieved his ripped body parts. He clutched them his hand, panting as they regenerated. “I will end-” The words trailed off at the elf’s strange appearance.

Kashi stood with four quivers strapped around him. Two strapped to his back, and two at his sides. However, he had no bow in hand.

“What do you plan on doing with those?” Nekark asked. “No matter. You’ll be dead with my next attack.” He bent over, screaming in pain as several tendrils tore out of his back. “Haha! Witness my true power! No one has seen my hundred tendrils and lived to t-”

“Shut it,” Kashi interrupted, taking a step forward. He held four arrows in each hand, his aura seeping into them. “Come at me.”

“You!” The tendrils tore towards the dark elf.

Kashi took a deep breath… “Ha!” He burst forward, Kira in tow. He weaved through the crashing tendrils. His arrows whizzed through the air in all directions, continuously fired from his quivers. He attacked and defended as he inched closer.

Despite his efforts, there were simply too many, and they were soon encased in a ball of tendrils.

“Kukukuku.. perish fooli-”

Nekark balked as his tendrils glowed. They exploded as several arrows burst through. Kira dove out of the opening with Kashi on her back before it closed back up.

She ran on the tendril towards its owner.

Nekark panicked and released the ball. The tendrils turned to attack them as he shook the tendril they rode on.

Kira defied all laws of physics as she maintained perfect balance. She continued unhindered as Kashi destroyed any tendril that closed in on them. His hands were swift, loosing arrows faster than most bow-men could shoot.

Kashi jumped off Kira’s back as she tackled Nekark to the ground. The surviving tendrils closed in on her, but she phased out, appearing a few feet away.

The tendrils swiftly changed their target to the dark elf.

While in the air, Kashi drew his bow and nocked it with up to five arrows between each finger. “See you..” He shot.

The arrows met the tendrils halfway between both owners. The arrows ripped through, tearing the tendrils asunder.

Nekark cried out as they riddled his frail, defenseless body. The two tendrils he kept for defense were unable to block all the attacks. Seeing her chance, Kira ripped off those last two leaving him completely open.

Kashi crashed the heel of his boot onto Nerkak’s throat.

The frail man cried out as he clutched his throat and coughed into his gas mask.

“He’s all yours.”

Kira stepped forward and gouged on Nerkak. She ignored his bloodcurdling screams till he burst into light.

“Anything new?” Kashi asked. “No tentacles I hope?”

“Don’t know. I don’t feel any different.”

Kashi sighed. “Well, at least that’s over.”

The wall behind Nerkak glowed. A section opened up and a chest slid out of the opening.

Kashi opened the chest and saw several books and scrolls spilled across.


Ferulic: Creator, Destroyer and Savior.

Oh, how long has it been. My family lies in ruins,

My beloved trapped by a man I dared to call friend. Yet, I can not afford to lose hope.

The summoned, for all their flaws, Are a willful and powerful bunch.

To my son Derul, I leave my legacy. May he find one worthy of possessing my skills.

Hidden Class found

If you accept, you can use skills exclusive to this class.

Do you want to convert now?

Kashi fought to surpress a giggle. Seriously… Ferulic’s skill? He’d have to be insane to even consider the offer. “YES!”

+ 20 points added to all Stats.

+ Art stat is added extra 75 points.

+ Enables you to equip certain items specialized for the class.

+ Enables you to learn all craft skills to the stage of a master.

+ Grants extra options to items that are produced or refined.

+ Enables you to learn secret skills based on your level in Painting Mastery.

+ Increases Fame by producing works of art of extraordinary image or artistic value.

Name: Kashi Alignment:Lawful
Level: 74 Mana: 140
Health: 3920 Fame: 750
Title: Liberator Agility: 271 +20
Strength: 291 +20 Leadership: 32+20
Wisdom:13+20 Intellect:15+ 20
Vitality: 70 +20 Magic Resistance: 12
Luck: 27+20 Attack:36
Stealth: 90 Art: 85 +95
Stamina: 99 Magic Resistance: 12
Fighting Spirit: 82:+20 Defense:11
Profession: Dimension Painter

The elf’s eyes glazed over all the perks as they settled in on the class.

Dimensional Painter. “What The Fuck “……..


Authors Note 

[This is the last chapter of the month year forever week . So I’ve currently been feeling ill since last week.

But just wanted to say a massive thank you to those of you who have been reading and commenting and even to those who just lurk and read yes you I know you there. *Hahahaha

So to those wondering when will volume 2 be out probably never  next week but considering how ill I am right now well … all I can say to you is to hope and donate pray .

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