Current progress…?

Hello, this is KobatoChanDaiSuki, the random boss and slave master.

people would probably ask me : “where’s ma kenkyo? where’s ma Reika? where’s ma Maou? moar s*x!!”

welp. Kenkyo will come very soon. sooner than you’d expect but later than you could believe(=in a very very few days.) but please wait some more so keep calm and watch animes! 🙂

what I’ve been doing? doing things in life, fapping, scanlating(translating and editing) webtoon or manga (especially trying to catch up Lookism releases to the newest), etc.
pretty charged I’d say myself.

anyway, thank you everybody.

P.S : about Maou, it’s a kind of monthly release so welp.

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  1. stefano

    La ringraziamo per l’annuncio
    La preghiamo di continuare con Reika con l’impegno che ha saputo mantenere fino ad adesso, mentre degli altri 2 progetti non ce impota alcunche

  2. Shiikun

    hahaha…! Why are you denying your fapping? THAT IS AN ACTION WITHIN THE HIGHEST ORDER!!

    Anyway… Thanks for the heads up. Please take your time, we can’t have you burned out wound’t we ?
    Oh, thanks in advance… That give me light… I’ll be seeing Reika-chan~ soon enough~~ XD

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