A donation is welcomed, it enables to maintain the website and support the translators!


This is a donation for the WEBSITE. For the series, check the sidebar on the right (or under the post on mobile)

*by clicking on the image or HERE, you’ll be redirected to a paypal page. You just then have to type [email protected]in the address and put the amount you’d like to donate! (be careful to put the right devise! ex. USD)

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7 thoughts on “Donation

  1. bell

    Lol did you just add that note thing because of the one I sent along with my donation? I’ll take at as an “Omg that note I got from that random fan was so heartwarming and so good of them! I want more of them to fuel my ego and also because that was such a good idea.<3 That person is so smart and kind." Just kidding haha. (jeez I hope I'm not mistaken otherwise this would be a very embarrassing comment)

      1. bell

        Here comes the embarrassment. Sorry about that and you’re very welcome. heh…

        (Inner thoughts: despair… My jokes are dumb, my life is dumb, I’ll never be as cute as a loli, and Hyung Suk will never realize Jae Yeol’s true feelings. Ahhh woe is me!)


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