Dragon Poor – Chapter 4 – Dragon’s Voice

‘Any animal on the ground will not allow you to go on top of their backs without permission. However, you do not need their permission, as they cannot refuse you.’

Now he was really worried that he might be crazy, as he pondered. But if he were to be crazy, what harm would another crazy action do to change things. As such, as soon as the sun rose, Sunhyuk nervously walked outside towards the training grounds, stood in front of the military horse, and began a staring contest.

‘Say it. Declare it. If it is still not enough, repeat it several times. And it shall be promised that it will be yours to command.’
“I am your master. I am your master. I am your master. I am…”

I followed the instructions from that auditory hallucination.

“You cannot reject me. You cannot reject me. You cannot…”

The results were astounding. The horse that usually would be in a rage had become tame. Not only that, it had become eager to serve, it bowed down in a reverent manner towards him.


Still, the experience of being tortured had allowed his timidity to not disappear. After being on the horse for some time, Sunhyuk put forth his courage and walked the horse a few steps forward. The horse was still tame, and being more courageous, he increased the speed.
No signs of resistance were to be seen. It was then that Sunhyuk finally cheered.

“I did it!”

One step later, a sense of accomplishment swept through his chest.


The horse screamed as it burbled roughly.


Surprised at seeing himself hurdle past the obstacle before him, Sunhyuk closed his mouth in shock.

Did you see that! Did you see that!

Instead of panicking in fear from falling off the horse, he instead was content with being elated as Clarke and the rest of the Riders looked on.

Clarke for some reason was speechless, but the Rider beside him made a remark in his stead.

“As a Rider, be embarrassed that you couldn’t ride a horse until now.”

The Rider’s words weren’t wrong. Sunhyuk had just succeeded in mounting the horse and walking around. Especially considering that the other Riders was different in terms of their starting lines compared to him. Although he belatedly realized this truth, it’s not like he could hide his elated expression.

And it wasn’t just the act of riding the horse that made him so happy.

[Until the day you are truly qualified, I will lead you.]

The voice and auditory hallucination from yesterday wasn’t just a dream.

It was a real dragon! A true dragon!

As one who thought he had hit rock bottom in the beginning, truth be told, he had struck the lottery.

“That, that crazy guy. At that rate, he’ll fall again.”

Seeing him laugh like that, the Rider pointed at him while shaking his head. It wasn’t just a comment , while Sunhyuk’s mind was at another place, the tame horse began to show signs of resisting and causing a riot. When Sunhyuk realized this, he was already in the midst of it, as the horse was galloping around in fury trying to shake him off.

“Kuk, Ggil gil. Keheeuuu.”

However, he couldn’t feel the pain at all.

“There really was one! It really exists!”

While coughing and laughing, and then coughing again, in the eyes of others, they could only deem Sunhyuk as crazy.


Although Sunhyuk had succeeded in riding a horse, his lifestyle had not changed much. He was still a tadpole, and his comrades were apathetic to the small achievements he made.

But, that was fine. In knowing that there was a Dragon, contrary to the fact that none were suppose to exist be in this world. Sunhyuk’s mind was full of that, so he had no room to think of anything else.

‘Where are you? When can we meet?’
[Since the time is not yet ripe, value the present day more than our meeting in the future.]

The Dragon had a habit of speaking in quite a complex manner. In the end, it seems that it was not yet time for them to meet, and that he was lacking the proper qualifications. Even the Dragon did not know when they will exactly meet, so he did not ask any further.

The Dragon revealed the fact that it was not supposed to talk to him at this time. Thus becoming quite burdensome, and possibly it might even delay their fateful meeting. As such, he could not continue the conversation.

But what he gained from this wasn’t minimal at all. He was able to ride on top of a horse for the first time, and he was able to confirm the existence of a Dragon in this world, raising his confidence. In addition, the Dragon had given him a gift.

[You are still too weak. As such, I will allow you to use an ability that was promised to you in advance. For now, it will be strenuous to manage this power, but I believe that you can overcome the great trials that lay ahead.

Basically, in order to attain this new ability, he needed to work and persevere fully on his own.

[Attribute Page has been opened.]
[‘Wind’ Attribute has been added to your Status.]

However, at that moment, he did not know what this attribute meant. All he could derive from the Dragon’s words were; in order to use the limited power of this attribute, he needed to receive help from the environment. But, he still needed to research further on what kind of environment it needed to be, as he will have to go through many trials and errors.

After the conversation with the Dragon, he had become a totally different man. As one that was initially disinterested, he started to actively and ambitiously participate in the training. But, you cannot achieve anything through ambition and willingness alone in this world, it was the same for him.

“Oh. Am I finally able to wear armor?”

Sunhyuk replied, as he looked at the armor that had been adjusted to fit his body. But, his joy didn’t last long.


By receiving the aid of people around him, he could feel that the armor was extremely heavy and tight.

“Hmm, seems that this size roughly matches.”
“It feels small… it is really tight.”
“That’s how you normally wear it. If you were to wear it loosely, the more likely it’ll tear off from an attack. Try lowering your visor.”

As instructed, he lowered down the visor from his helmet, which now even covered his sightline. Not only was it extremely tight and crampy, it was extremely hard to breathe; as he wanted to take off his helmet immediately

“Do I have to put this on me?”
“If you want an arrow to the face in an attack, you can raise it up if you wish.

Clarke replied with a chuckle.

“This is too heavy.”

As someone that was proud of his high muscle strength, with all this thick steel armor covering his full body, he felt like a vegetable.

“Among the armor that we use, that is the lightest one. Since your size is quite small.”

To note, Sunhyuk was a bit taller than the average South Korean men being of 178 centimetres tall. Even as a senior officer, his body wasn’t one where he would be deemed as weak. But despite that, he couldn’t refute.

Tch. It wasn’t him that was small, but it was more like them who were huge.

If Sunhyuk had not received this Status Page after arriving in this world, he would have been buried alive by the armor.

“Stop fretting around. In an actual battle, you need to be equipped with more things than just that. By being troubled with just this, you’re probably going to shit your pants later.”
“In a world of magic, to have items as ancient as these…”

In a world where magicians can use their bodies to perform magic and miracles, he couldn’t help but query why there was no reflection pertaining to this area, especially in this regiment, in which Clarke clicked his tongue.

“The armors that were enchanted by magicians are eye-poppingly expensive. Even if they weren’t that expensive, our regiment would be out of their minds to use those.”
“Why do you say that?”
“What do you think we are? We are the Heavy Cavalry! H-e-a-v-y Cavalry… Do you know what that means? Our weight is essentially power.”

It was then, that Sunhyuk was finally able to understand. He was reminded of a story in the other world regarding heavy cavalry. During the Middle Ages they used their combined weight to pulverize the enemy line.

“Hmm, strangely, it is realistic.”
“Stop spewing nonsense, other than training on your horsemanship, have that armor on at all times. With your strength, which was able to beat Hansen, you should easily adapt to it.”

Sunhyuk, as one that was not accustomed to horse riding, it seemed that he was preventing a possible major injury to the horse he will be training on.

“I’m tired of babysitting. So stop whining and do as you’re told.”
“Yes sir.”

By the end of that sentence, the training began.


Clarke stared at Sunhyuk as if he was a monster. As one that was barely able to ride a horse two weeks ago, currently, although a bit awkward, he still maintained the posture of a regular Rider.

“Whether it’s due to momentum, as long as he builds on the basics and foundation. It seems that we can utilize him in an actual battle quite soon.”

Jumping in surprise, Clarke looked behind only to see Jonathan come forth.

“To ride on the horse without armor, even soldiers can do that with a few lessons. In order to become a real Rider, he has many more lessons to learn still. As a Rider that can’t even attack, where are you going to even use him.”

In contrast to his words, his voice was mixed with admiration and praise.

So this is the Stranger’s strength, phenomenal rate of growth.

A rider cannot be made in one morning. Especially one in the Heavy Cavalry regiment. All of the Riders here rode horses for so long, that they probably have ridden on a horse more times than they’ve walked on their own two feet. A considerable amount of that time spent polishing their horsemanship.

But for a Stranger that had been training for only two weeks, to be able to progress this much in space of time, it wasn’t an anomaly to not be surprised at.

“Hmph. But can’t he just ride one? Allow him to eat the dust and dirt while he rides.”

But if there was one eccentric thing that could be noted for, it was that Sunhyuk always had his mouth agape.

“Hiya! Let’s go over here!”
“This time, over there!”
“Hiya! Faster!”

To announce all of that instead of just using one’s body, it was quite distressful to watch.

“Later when he attacks, he won’t be able to utter those words like that right? Let’s go, to the left, faster, turn.”
“Then it would be a sight to watch.”

Hearing Clarke’s muttering, Jonathan chuckled and laughed.


While Jonathan and Clarke were watching, Sunhyuk was frantically making strides on the horse. Coming from such a fast, high-paced world, he had overestimated how fast a horse would be, but in reality, the horse’s speed was beyond his imagination.

The sounds of the horse treading and the shilling of the wind caused his ears to go numb. Sunhyuk could feel the trembles climb up from his thighs, as it convoluted his body without rest. His arse was hurting, his back was sore, incomparable to the comforts of a car. But, rather than turtling back, he felt excitement.


As such, after riding on the horse for some time, the shillings of the wind dispersed, and all he heard were the hooves clattering on the ground, as if he was in a state of stillness. It was then that an auditory hallucination-like voice could be heard.

[By training through blood and sweat, you have succeeded in overcoming your limit.]


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