Dragon Poor – Chapter 8 – Power of the Attribute (1)

Compared to the knights, the difference in treatment was large, but in general, the cavalry were elite enough to keep their horses and equipment. Their value was to crush the enemy and distinguish themselves, not to repair nor organize the equipment in the barracks. As such, they did not expect much work capacity from themselves, but they had never expected Suhyuk’s work capacity to be so outstanding.

“It’s done!”

It was not been that long since he had climbed back up to the roof to add a few appendages before climbing back down.


Just in case, Clarke purposefully sent a few cavalrymen up to check and find a fault, but the job was done perfectly.

“From what I saw, the walls and pillars needed to be reinforced a bit more…”
“Huh? Yeah…”

The passive appearance from when he initially came had completely disappeared as if a halo of light was shining brilliantly behind Sunhyuk.

“I need some more boards and nails.”

The energetic and natural figure of Sunhyuk stood out as the cavalrymen were running around behind the scenes, bringing the necessary tools.

“No, no. Not this!”

Sunhyuk with a frustrated face waved his hand in front of the dignified veteran soldier, but instead of ignoring him like before, he had even apologized.

“Ah, sorry about that.”

Sunhyuk clicked his tongue.

“You think being sorry finishes the job? If you apologize, do you think the typhoon will turn away? Why are you standing still?! I’m going to reinforce all of the boards and pillars here, so quickly move!”

The men rushed around crazily as they followed instructions.

What exactly is that guy’s identity?

With a blank face, Clarke looked on. At first, he was using his body exceptionally well, but at some point, he was starting to order the cavalry around. No one had realized that the newcomer that they had initially isolated and ridiculed was ordering them around.

“Clarke, aren’t you going to work? Can’t you see we’re short on hands?!”
“I’m going! I’m going right now!”

Even Clarke, who was deep in thought concerning the Stranger, was subconsciously following orders.

“Sigh, these clumsy guys…”

Shaking his head, Sunhyuk said another remark before closing his mouth. It seems that he has immersed himself too much into the work. Before he realized it, he was ordering the cavalry as if they were his own soldiers. Thankfully, his last remark was swept away by the wind, so no one had heard of it.


Sunhyuk stepped out from the group once the work was finished. For now, they were too busy to notice, but once they settled down, they might pick a fight with him for what he had done. So he thought it was a good idea to avoid them for now.

“Is it because of the plains? The winds are damn strong.”

The wind that was beating his soaked body was stronger than before.


But then he sensed something strange. At first, it was just the feeling of raindrops touching his skin. However, to say the stimulation was plain was too much of an understatement. He could not understand how he had ignored this sensation while working.

With a frown in his brow, Sunhyuk stretched out his hand. His eyes opened in amazement as he saw the wind spiralling around his fingers.


As if it was licking his hand, the wind was spiralling around his hand, the same sensation that he felt from that day. Before he realized, he had made a fist out of his hand, causing the aura of the attribute to die down.


He had realized it then. Like the Dragon had said, he had to borrow the power of the environment to utilize the full potential of the attribute’s strength. And he had figured how. This strong wind that was blowing right before the advent of the typhoon was a teaser of the attribute’s power that he so desperately wanted.

Sunhyuk suddenly was impatient. He couldn’t control himself from testing this power this instant.

“Whew, it’s finally over.”

It was then that the cavalry had finished work as they climbed out of their soaked clothes.

“Good job everyone.”

Sunhyuk had greeted them with a casual statement. Thankfully, no one seemed to have found anything suspicious with his appearance.

To be honest, it wasn’t strange at all. Currently, the cavalry’s mentality was out of sorts. They worked under the direction of the orders, and received praise in the process. And now they were complimenting each other for their hard work, so it wasn’t like they were receiving great acknowledgement.

“Ugh, yeah. Let’s return.”

Clarke who was looking at Sunhyuk with a perplexed face made a final remark before disappearing as if he was running away. The other cavalrymen sensed a strange feeling before disappearing behind the captain’s back.

Before he knew it, it was only Sunhyuk that was left, who was glad that the others had not recognized the attribute’s power that was emanating out of his hand. But his thoughts and feelings were brief, as he quickly began to move. The place he was heading for was the training grounds.


After arriving at the training grounds, with his heart pounding, he looked around his surroundings. Now, it was hard to shake off his soaked body due to the typhoon, and the infantry that was once in the middle of work had disappeared off somewhere.

When he saw no one around him, he brought his spear that he had prepared. Raising his spear, he grabbed it tightly with both hands and naturally began to gather aura onto the tip of his spear.


The power of the attribute was raging wildly, now visible to the naked eye. It was as if it was a small whirlwind, causing him to watch absentmindedly in awe.

This is the power of the wind attribute?

The whirlwind like aura was definitely not weak. Because of the attribute’s power, it was able to maintain its form in the raging winds, but the problem laid with himself. If he did not pour out this energy somewhere, he felt that his body was about to burst.

Standard Kingdom Spearmanship.

It is the skill he had invested most into and the only skill he succeeded in developing. His muscles bulged as his stance tensed.

Now all he needed to do was thrust forward.

What kind of power would it bring. Full of excitement and expectation, he breathed in deeply forcefully settling down his heart. The screeching sounds of the winds by his ears was slowly going further away, and the beast that was hanging by the tip of the spear became blurred. And then perfect stillness sank around him.

In that silence, he thrusted out his spear. And that contained beast was released into the world.


The raging rainstorm thundered as it blew against the barracks. It was then that a fierce, raging wind struck past the barracks.

“What, what was that?! Did something collapse?!”

The cavalrymen jumped from their seats in anxiety after witnessing the trembles of the barracks. However, seeing that nothing serious had happened, they sat back down into their seats and resumed their conversations.

“Are the stables alright?”
“Hopefully. If they were to have been swept away, it should have been these barracks first.”
“Stop saying such ominous shit, bastard. If the tents were to fly off, we’d all be dead.”

A cacophony of hysterical responses burst from here and there, with some having gone pale from the ferocity of the typhoon.

“Ah, shut up. Since we reinforced them earlier, there’s no reason why the stables will collapse.”

After Clarke came forth and settled them down, the cavalrymen quieted down.

“But, what is that Stranger’s identity exactly?”
“Don’t you think he’s one that was engaged in construction work beforehand? Seeing him earlier, I really thought he was the God of Shoveling. Although I’ve seen a lot of engineers working, but I swear to God I never saw someone shovel out that much in one heave.”

The cavalrymen had switched the subject from the sounds and trembles of the typhoon to the identity of Sunhyuk, as people started raising questions.

“Damn, I don’t know anything about those damn Strangers.”
“But we do have to recognize his work capacity. To be honest, he is quite hardworking in training as well.”
“He’s also diligent, sincere and efficient, so shouldn’t we recognize him as a member of our regiment now?”
“Are you crazy?! Work capacity, sincerity or what not, a cavalrymen needs to know how to ride a horse well. But that horse nearly died while going for one charge besides us.”

Although the cavalrymen wanted to recognize him a bit, but it was still a bit of a hiccup to give him the responsibility of fighting in the battlefield. Well, no matter how useful his ability was, it was of value to the infantry and engineers, but it wasn’t a necessary trait for the cavalry. They were correct in their saying.

“It’d rather be better to send him to another force.”
“It’s only troublesome for us to have a Rider that can’t ride a horse.”

After belatedly realizing that they had followed orders from a Stranger, with their pride damaged, they were now of the opinion to sending Sunhyuk to a different troop.
“Wait, but where has that Stranger gone?”

Come to think of it, it has been a while since they had last seen the Stranger. Belatedly realizing this fact, Clarke became serious as he swept aside the entrance door of the barracks.

“Captain! Where are you going with the winds blowing so fiercely?”
To check on the stables and find the Stranger! Anyone want to follow?”

Of course, there was no reply. Shaking his head, Clarke headed out into the pounding rainstorm.
It was hard for him to open his eyes due to the raging power of the winds. But Clarke continued to step forward. Since the thunderous boom had worried him, he decided to head for the stables first. Seeing that the stables were safe and sound, and the horses seemed to be breathing. There seemed to be no abnormality. But there were no signs of the Stranger.

“Where did he go, damn it.”

Despite shouting for him a few times, the screams were swept away by the wind, so he had no choice but to search for him with his own two feet. Even though he did not desire so much as to search for him with his own body, but as the one with full responsibility for the Stranger, he could not just return without him.

“Shit. Did he get stuck in some ditch while returning due to the harsh winds or something?!”

For someone with a large frame such as himself, it was hard to hold his body in place against the wind, making him consider if he should abandon his search and return.

Responsibility is important, but he might die at this rate. If he were to float around here any longer, he had a strange sense that he might end up swept by the winds and end up dead.

“He should return if he’s not stupid.”
To be honest, he was slightly concerned, but he decided to give up the search in the end. But, the winds momentarily stopped blowing. The typhoon had stopped as if he was hallucinating.


At this time, Clarke who was speed walking was shocked from the deafening cry as he ended up falling over.

“What, what the fuck was that?!”

With a flabbergasted face, he faced the direction of the sound, and realized it was from the military training grounds.

Surely not?

An image of the Stranger riding a horse with a spear popped up in his head. Although it was an estimate without any grounds, he had a strong premonition, so he quickly regained himself and ran towards the training grounds before he realized it.

The winds that had momentarily stopped were blowing even harder, so after walking for a while, he had arrived at the place in the end. But Clarke ended up agape from the scene.

“What the hell is this…”

It was, as if a Giant had scratched his nail through the field. The training grounds was fully destroyed, as if there was a grand crevice.


Clarke regained himself after hearing the groans and moans after being wholly shocked from what he had seen.

“Ahhh… god I’m dying…”

And after discovering the Stranger inside the grand hole, he was stupefied.

“Kim Sunhyuk?”
“Huh? Is there someone there? If you are, please help me out.”

Hearing the dying cries, Clarke threw his body into the pit.


Is that really the truth?”
“It’s really true.”
“So the day was dark and the winds were so intense that you got lost in the training grounds, and when the typhoon struck, you found yourself in a large pit with the training grounds completely destroyed.”
“That’s right.”

Looking back at Clarke who was asking the same questions, Sunhyuk shamelessly nodded his head.

“So what you’re saying…”
“Ahhhh. It hurts. I feel like I’m going to die. It’d be nice to rest, if you could let me…”

At this rate, he would have to respond with the same answer again, so he moaned out as if he was dying in pain.

“Mmm. Alright. I’ll hear the rest of the story once your treatment is done.”

When he had found Sunhyuk, his state was in such critical condition that he thought that he had already died, so Clarke could not pester any further and rose from his seat.

“Keep your duties at rest until you are instructed otherwise.”

Clarke who had stuck around him eventually left, and soon realizing that no one was around, Sunhyuk smiled.

In his eyes, he saw a completely different Status Window from a day ago.


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