EER sponsorship temporarily disabled.

Chamber here.

As you see in the queue, There is a whole 411 US Dollars in the Everyone Else is a Returnee Sponsor queue. I have decided that I will disabled the paypal sponsorship button until the end of this semester (Semester ends on the 21st of June). I will try to do those sponsored chapters before that, but I will not be receiving any more donations for the time being.

Please understand as the finals are coming up soon. I apologize to have done this when the series was in a good arc.

Thanks for understanding

-Chamber, translator of Everyone Else is a Returnee

About Chamber

Native Korean who studied in Britain for 5 years, currently living in Korea. 3rd year uni studying Computer Science and Engineering.

16 Replies to “EER sponsorship temporarily disabled.”

  1. BlitzRazor

    I was wondering when something like this would happen. I hope you do well for your finals. Best wishes

  2. Phantasma Namer

    Best regards on your Finals.
    Don’t worry about us, just focus on that first and foremost.
    Good luck Chamber ~!

  3. Ertierra

    That’s a pity..i thought there’s a new eer release hehe Well goodluck on ur finals though.. Ganbare!! XD

  4. Miktus_Jr

    Good luck, but i don’t know why but i think its kindaichi of funky when somebody są stop sending me money. Give your best to final.

  5. Chapuz

    Or you could just anounce that there would be 1-2 sponsored chapters per day… I respect you anyways :p

  6. Pirogoeth

    Not a problem, thank you for letting us know and giving us an approximate time when sponsoring will be back. Best of luck on your finals!

  7. kirindas

    No worries! You’ve been working way too hard on translating with finals nearby. Good luck with your finals!

  8. Delaren

    We understand. School has to come first. I can just imagine how many sponsored chapters could be in the queue if you didn’t put a temporary hold on donations, 20-30 or more.

  9. Rishabh

    Not a problem, focus on your finals first. Selfish request though, leave the donations open and later catch up when you have time 😛 We readers just want our translations, but we do understand that you’ve got priorities. All the best mate 🙂


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