Everyone Else is a Returnee – Afterword

Hello, it’s Toika, swooshing around as always.

Everyone Else is a Returnee, actually came to an end. Actually I already wrote the ending waay back, so I felt all the emotions at that time, but adding the side stories recently made my heart feel weird all over again.

This piece started on the 26th of June 2016. Wow, it’s been 9 months already.
All pieces that were with me until now were already quite special, but this piece was even more so. The fact that I can laugh with you readers while writing something that I want to write – I realized once again how happy such a thing is.

I wrote a few side stories since I felt it’s a pity to let IlHan and his family go with just the epilogue, but now I did it, I feel even more pity. But I think I wrote everything that needs to be written. Personally, I’m very satisfied with everything.
Did you have a joyful time with this writing as a reader? Of course, there may be times where I have disappointed you. However, I do wish that you are more happy than disappointed since you are reading this afterword.

My next writing contains more of my preferences and desires in a more shameless way. I am aware that the likes and dislikes may drastically differ, but I will introduce it again for those that ran all the way here, in hopes that you will be able to enjoy it.

‘I Shouldn’t Have Reincarnated’ – It’s a story about two selected heroes, where only one of them was supposed to appear, and their adventures of somehow ending up in the demon king’s castle. Please go look it up right away if you are curious.

And finally, I’ll retreat by uploading the fan-art I’ve received from the user “Warpic”. It’s a very very very very very very very very very pretty picture! Mr. Warpic. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!

PS – Personally, there was something that made me spit my drink out. If you are an EER enthusiast, then you will probably notice so go look for it!


Afterword from translator (this is gonna be long)

TL;DR – Chamber is retiring from translation

Okay, before I start, I’ll get a couple of things out of the way. First, the picture. Yes. the text translation at the bottom right of the picture is INDEED COMIC SANS. I don’t know any other font that fits… I never edited manga after all. Also, Erta’s hair was described as ‘long black’ somewhere early on in the story (I’m guessing the green winged fairy-like girl is Erta cuz she looks obviously tsundere)
Secondly, there are three novels by 토이카/Toika/Toy Car that have NOT been translated. (There’s actually another one but he dropped that one)
Here they are:
Devil King – written before the author wrote the dropped one. I personally think this is meh, since MC has no personality. It’s story about two worlds that get connected to each other, and every human on Earth has a counterpart ‘being’ (humans or monsters) in the other. One day, the two worlds suddenly fuse and MC becomes a goblin.

I shouldn’t have reincarnated – written after he wrote EER. This is actually pretty fun. I won’t spoil, go ask NaughtyOtter/CalifornianOtter from Otterspace/Wuxiaworld to translate it. He seems interested in this one. Finished with 206 chapters. It’s pretty fun though.

Only I can log in – I haven’t read this novel yet since it does not serialize on Munpia but Kakaopage. It’s currently ongoing.

Now onto my real afterword.

At first, I didn’t even know I would take this series, much less finish it. At first, I just had some donation money lying around  (from God of Music I believe), and just clicked on the rank 1 novel on Munpia, which was this. I immediately got hooked, and started translating because it was fun to do as well. But then, Rainbowturtle told me that it was already being translated at NovelsnChill (who seem to be inactive nowadays). Bingryong (translator of the prologue) had already done the prologue before I even started reading the novel! However, I only discovered that when I translated around 12 chapters. So, I just straight up gave them (NNC) my google drive and told them to do whatever with it. Heck, then, JohnSmith (Admin at NNC) approached me and said “Hey, don’t you wanna do it? Come and do it here!” And that was the start of me actually translating EER.

Various things happened mid way throughout translation. First, my grades dropped (Urgh), translating is so fun that I actually became loose with my studies… Second, I got to know a bunch of people and their personalities (AKA admin at NNC and admin at kobatochandaisuki, I’ll keep quiet about their personalities though). Third, Coder Lee YongHo got a takedown notice from the original publisher (such a pity, I want to finish what I started). And fourth, I ended up dropping God of Music. Personally, I really like God of Music, as much as it is painful to translate, though, author’s releases have been becoming quite sporadic as of late. A few people have approached me saying they want to translate God of Music, but I’ve yet to hear news from them. I even gave them full permission to utilize my translations and even get help from me if they wished to. But, oh well. At least I got to focus on EER. God of Music will NOT be resumed (at least not by me).

My future plans? I actually have to serve the Korean military for nearly two years mandatorily, and it’s about time I do it. So, I will not take up any translation work and apply for the military (Although, the competition for the military is so fierce nowadays so I doubt I’d get in soon). So yeah, I’m going to halt translating. I will hang out on the novel community though, so if you want to see me, then come to r/noveltranslations discord server or kobatoland discord server. I’ll also join a bunch of other servers as well like NUF, Wuxiaworld and Volare.

After my military service… I probably still won’t start translating. I actually do need to study (Remember how my grades dropped?), so tough luck.

It’s been a blast reading through all of your comments throughout this series and thanks to all the supporters and readers that have supported me until now.

Ahh how could I forget, give a big round of applause to Koukouseidesu, who has been with me through the majority of this novel with editing. I didn’t actually pay him much too (kobatochandaisuki does not pay editors, so I pay mine). He had a lot of schoolwork to do, but still stuck through with me and the hard schedule of more than two chapters per day on some days, until the very end of this novel. Thanks Koukouseidesu.

Alright, that’s it from me. Perhaps Koukouseidesu wants his own afterword as well.

PS – there’s no event or anything to commemorate the end of the novel.

P.P.S – if you want to donate, please do so here, since I will be closing the support button. shamelessly asking for money.
Oh yeah, remember how I mentioned about the ‘generous people that still want to donate’? Too bad no one did, I guess.

高校生です(Koukouseidesu) here!~
Yea I wanted my own afterword too! :^)

I officially joined KCDS and started proofreading for EER at chapter 83, heck that was a long time ago, we’ve come really far since then! I was motivated to give back to the novel community after having binge read thousands upon thousands of chapters over the past few years.
Well, was it worth it? Of course it was! I had a blast getting to know Chamber-nim (still remember making jokes about him being robot unni, heh) and getting early access to all the chapters that I wanted to read, browsing through them comments (constructive or appreciative, toxic or not, it didn’t matter! I had fun reading through most of them.) and interacting with fans on the discord channel. It was tiring and demanding at times, heck I made quite a lot of mistakes early on (still do, but not as terrible and not as often!) so I’m really glad and appreciate the fact that you guys stuck through with us this year or so 🙂

Similar to Chamber, I’m going to have to go into the singapore army for a period of two years sometime next year, so you guys won’t be seeing me post anything regularly for quite a while! I’ll hang around on the discord channels so feel free to come and chat with me and chamber~

Signing off and behalf of everyone at KCDS, Thank you very much for your support! please continue to browse the site (without ad blockers) and read some of our other novels!
It was a pleasure proofreading for Everyone Else is A Returnee, though you might have found the ending slightly anticlimactic, the afterstories should make up for that.




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Currently a senior high school student. From the island republic of Singapore. God damn it exams are hard

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  1. chance thompson

    Novels may come and go but A true immortal translator live with us forever

    I got it based of this quate “Wars may come and go but soldiers live eternal” I hope you live a good life with what you do next.

  2. Katsu

    welp, if you have a hard time in the military, remember the words spoken by the loli nazi in Youjo Senki(Tanya chan) and strike forward!

    anyway….good times with this one, a shame how it ended, but still its good that it ended and didn’t go on an on forever like other stuff……….anyway~~
    Hope we see yah again somewhere~

    *shameless leecher out*

  3. Kurokami43

    I really loved this and it was an amazing roller coaster ride but all rides has a stop to them and this is where we all embark forward to a new day, thank you for being kind enough to share EER to everyone and especially to the hardworking editah that’s as good as the concealment master his hard work through out this series will always be remembered and to both of you good luck forward onto the army and we all hope we see you back in good health.

    leecher since day 1 of EER out

  4. *JOURNEY*

    Thank you for translating this amazing story with the images that we all wanted to see the characters appearance.
    Thank you Author even though you wouldn’t know this thanks of mine but thanks as this story broaden my understanding and made me enjoy stories alike in this boring normal modern world.
    No other story can even begin to compare this even a millennium would pass.
    Such wonderful journey with a new beginning for Yu IlHan.

    ~Its been a fun ride~

  5. Taurus​_Silver

    This has been by far the best novel I’ve read, good luck in the military and getting your grades back up!
    I’m sorry for being a leecher all this time…

  6. kirindas

    It’s been a great run! Thank you to the both of you for all your hard work Chamber, Koukouseidesu!! Good luck with the military and your future studies Chamber! And I wish you well with your future endeavors!!!

  7. Soph'bdk

    hope you the best mate,i dont like people dying for other’s belif but its ur call.u gave me smiles in my life due to your work,really.i would like do something corny with god but i dont know may the force be with you???

  8. kao

    Thanks to the hardwork of fans like you, I get a chance to be a fan of this story and writer.

    Thanks from the across the pond! (Pacific Ocean, the ‘pond’)

    It has a been a great and fun ride reading this series.

    Best of luck to you two in your future! Maybe someday, you two will translate other stuff? lol.

    Side thought: I ALMOST thought the writer was going to do a Deadpool break of the 4th Wall and have Ilhan realize “Oh hey! ALL my troubles began because some bored Korean dude started writing on a website! Seriously?! The GOD of EER was a good hack writer?? Fine. Just fine!…now can I get a good ending? Mr GOD Writer?”

    or something like that.

    till next time.

  9. Kei

    Its been a long ride….. this all thats to you Chamber and KKS. heck i couldnt have even been on the ride if it wasnt for u guys. You guys did an awesome job! My family is poor, so i could only leech off and couldnt donate even if i wanted to, so im really thankful to you guys for translating and proofreading it. I want to thank all of the Donation Warriors too for complying with our secret plans to overwork and kill Chamber and KKS~
    Anyway, Thanks for the Awesome times! 💓 EER will always remain as one of the best in my heart! ( that is also thanks to you) and good luck with the Military Service~
    P.S give a shoutout to the Author for all us english reads too (since most of us cant read/understand korean…)

  10. Jonathan

    Just want to say thank you Chamber and Koukou. I remember first picking up Everyone Else is a Returnee since it popped up as a recommended on Novel Updates. After the first chapter though I was hooked. It has been so nice being able to keep getting the constant releases all the way to the end. Being able to wake up and see a new chapter released has been able to light up my day for months now.

    I’m slightly sad to see it come to an end, but at the sametime happy to see it hit such a satisfying conclusion. It ended like it should have. True to its main character and story. It has been a wild and crazy ride. I know that in years to come this will be a novel I come back to just to once again enjoy the thrill of the full story. Thank you for allowing me and many others to enjoy this amazing story in English. I just want you to know I greatly appreciate all the hard work you two have done and will never forget it. Have a good rest and I hope for great things to come for both of you in the years to come, :D. Feel free to start translating again if you ever feel the urge. I’ll be happy to comoe and read more :P.

  11. Dips

    I really really really really liked the extra stories. Made me smile. Liera for life. Thank you very much chamber and koukou and team for all the effort. It was not in vain. You made I assume hundreds if not thousands of people all around the world get to experience this story. And that’s amazing. Good luck with your military duty. I hope it goes well and you don’t have to do much 😀
    That art was really cool too.
    Ps good luck with the studies. If you put in the same effort you did with translations to studying you will smash it!

  12. Abbas

    TT^TT ,I can die happy now
    Thanks Chamber-nim KKS
    thought u guys might have not seen me is comment section that much. just want u guys to know that i have been cheering since Chapter 130.i really want to cry so bad right now cuz im both happy and sad right now.i’ll treasure EER forever in my heart.thought express it in this comment really well im really happy right now probably gonna cry for a few days cuz of EER.
    im gonny cry
    *sniff* *sniff*

  13. Pan

    Good luck good luck good luck!
    Thank you for translating this amazing series, it’s been fun ride. Military life can be quite hard but stray strong! I wish you all the best in your real life!

  14. Addictedtoreading

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!
    I’ve been reading this novel since October of last year around chapter 42, and binge read it several times. In all honesty I’ve been obsessed with EER ever since. I have checked daily for updates and celebrated during multi chapter releases like the many readers who come to refill on their EER tanks. I wish you luck in your future endeavors, and thank you for translating the best novel I have ever read out of the hundreds i have tried. I will miss EER, and I will truly miss my favorite dynamic duo Chamber and Koukouseidesu enjoy your lives and never forget the joy you’ve spread to all the readers here and those to come.

  15. Yutshu

    Thanks for everything guys for the past Idk how many years, it must been tough for all u glad that u enjoy it will support u guys to the end and we will see u guys in the next translation in the near future…( I hope so) .

  16. Lee

    This is one of the stupidest novels I’ve ever read. Although, I didn’t say I hated it.
    The reason why I say it’s stupid is because I saw this as mysterious and has a very thick plot at the start. Then… the plot slowly unraveled and it became watered down to stupidity (Some parts were painful to read, like some of the semi-4th wall breaks). What I really enjoyed about this novel is the crafting, It’s really exciting to know what items come out every chapter and also some of the light hearted comedy (except for the parts where Ilhan keeps saying he’s the foreshadow master… that was painful to read).

    Overall I had fun reading this novel, I cringed but I had fun 🙂

  17. Aria

    This would be my first time donating for a novel but I have truly enjoyed this novel very much. It’s been really amazing and thank you for translating at lightning quick pace. This novel has given colour to my mundane everyday life and I can’t thank you enough. I wish I can contribute to the author directly but I don’t know how to. Thanks for everything Chamber and KKS! Enjoy your military service!

  18. mikan

    so, thanks a lot for translating this.
    also read the whole afterword and the comment to the point where I started writing this. and didn’t see anyone comment on the ps of the author afterword [PS – Personally, there was something that made me spit my drink out. If you are an EER enthusiast, then you will probably notice so go look for it!]
    unless is the thing about the comicsans font? can’t be that right?

  19. MysticJazzEnforcer

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  20. Angel

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    btw, is there any translator in Kobatochan that will contonue One Man Army novel? that novel is interesting, to bad, no one continue to translate it 🙁

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  22. BlitzRazor

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    For the last time for the both of you.
    I really hope that the both of you do well for your future endeavours. Army life is gonna be tough through the Basic Military Training. After that is a grind, especially for koukouseidesu, since I finished mine years ago, though I hear it’s better these days since training is suppose to be more ‘efficient’.
    Thank you both for all that you do!

  23. Decemdies

    Thank you for translating this Great Lord Chamber. You are the only translator i’ve seen who could translate at crazy speed in a crazy short time. I love how people kept throwing money at you to translate and you were just able to keep going for a week or two before you decided it was way too much. This journey has been long and EER has been an enjoyable read. Best of luck to life in Korean Military. You’ll probably come back jacked(assuming you weren’t already jacked before this.)

  24. Raiquia

    From top left to bottom left= 4 elves Pate, Mirfa, Jirl, Phiria, then Ericia with black wolf(guess her guard), Orochi, Mystic(with straw hat) and Heliena(hot)
    Mid top to bottom mid = Smithson couple, Japanese Girl, Hajin(above Erta) Ymir, Erta, Ilhan, Liera, Mirae?(thought she had crimson hair?)
    Top right to bottom right = Raphael, Michael, Lucifer and Laziere(black), Yu Seul, Gabriel, Uriel, Nayuna with green DR wings and Spiera with spear. There you have it. Thanks for everything Chamber and KK.

  25. DiabolicalGenius

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done guys, and congratulations on being one of only a few translators who have translated a web-novel this size from start to finish, and a good one too. It’s been amazing. One of my favourite web-novels to date and I’m heartbroken it’s over. And when the author decided to go harem despite having said he wouldn’t at the beginning, he didn’t go halfway. The harem may well turn into an army by itself…….

    It’s too bad that you won’t be doing anything else, but you guys have done plenty. Do what you need to do and the best of luck.
    I do hope somebody does ISHR though. I guess we’ll see.

  26. John Michael Kilcrease

    Waking up without this novel is gonna feel like a hole in my day but I really enjoyed every chapter. Thank you so much for all your hard work and I wish you good luck in everything you do.

  27. Doodlyboy15

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  28. sdf

    Oh god, it all came to an end. Thank you so much, Chamber! Our dear editor too! And the donation gods, of course. I wish that at the point of death in the future, you will look back, and feel satisfaction after having lived a full life.

  29. Tekozuru Jurei

    Been a while since I commented, stopped reading around 302. Wanted to binge read the last spurt, but half forgot and didn’t have time until now.

    Overall very happy with the ending, I did want a harem after falling in love with so many of the heroines. Regret that a few of them got somewhat ignored near the end (few mentions or interactions with Ilhan) but still ended up becoming his wives like Ericia.

    On the romantic front everything was resolved by the end, all the pairings you wanted came together. Even Mystic and Orochi, his father sorting things out with his wife and Uriel and even Lucifer and Lazière.

    As for the story I loved it from early days but probably most from his first interactions with Erta and near the end of his drop out period with Lita when the retorts came thick and fast and every chapter made you laugh. I think this continued to mid 200’s, after that he was seperated a lot from them so I missed the banter.
    It was also a time when most of the characters had been fleshed out, even if they went up in class or level it still didn’t feel like they were growing the same as in the past. Then came his crafting, one the most fun parts of the story for me started to lose its charm and luster. The fun part was him going against common sense, creating the impossible, and the reactions of the surrounding people. To an extent this still happened, just not as it did in the earlier chapters. The missing element was reading the stats of the items he created, not just simply being told its rank.

    As for the actual ending, sure a bit dull, the fight was none existent though it was in part to show his growth, and did live up showing his preparations destroying all the annoying foreshadows and achieving his goal. So it did the job, and lets face it a good ending is hard to do but with the extras it was about as good as it gets. Since perfection doesn’t exist 8/10 would be about right, since even with its flaws I always desired more, even now when it’s all over.

    Finally a huge thanks to everyone who brought me such an enjoyable read. The author and anyone that worked with him (editing etc) the translations team Chamber and Koukouseidesu especially and all others that helped them. Finally all the donors that tried to kill Chamber while releasing ever more frequently. Thanks, and good luck in the future.

  30. worom001

    I love this series. I kept refreshing every day or two considering that it updated so frequently. I haven’t refresh in over a month as I had exams and stuff, but damn. My heart actaully feels sad (its a first for me okay?), but I’m also really happy about this. I hope that you get good luck Chamber and Kou 😀

    Also looking forward to future translations and ‘I shouldn’t have reincarnated’.

  31. Seregosa

    Thank you for translating this. Great work.

    Mandatory military service, huh… I’d rather leave the country than do that, but I guess my values would be different since I grew up in a place where almost no one does something like that and just a few does it because they like it or are interested in the military. I never felt that stuff like military should be obligatory, it should be up to your own choice, but I guess it all depends on what situation your country is in…

  32. Darren Kaiser

    I have come here to binge read after reading some coments in “I reincarnated fo nothing” but it was a damn blast of a ride XD. I won’t say it’s the best novel ever since I simply don’t believe in the concept but it’s definitively top notch in it’s own genre, I thank the translator and the profreader for bringing EER to us even if it’s a little late :p.

    The only thing that i didn’t really like is that at the end it ended as an harem but well, it really does look like something pretty fitting for a mhytological god. At least he won’t go raping any woman and man he likes to the extent of transforming in rain or a swan like a certaing king of greek gods did :p.

  33. Dirchesdan

    …Stopped reading this around a year ago (chapters were in the 120s at that time, Chamber was inactive, you won’t see my comments as I was an ignorant person of the internet novel ways back then). This was one first few novels I read, which kickstarted my love for novels, as I started reading novels around early 2017. I had fun reading this novel. And I probably still will have fun reading this in the future.

    Thanks for the chapters~! 😀😁😂😭

  34. Nocta

    First, thank you for translating and editing this novel.
    Reading it took me almost a month, because I couldn’t binge-read everything due to uni, but I did have a few days of sleep-deprivation.
    I greatly enjoyed Yu IlHan’s humour and even managed to make my friend read this story, so I am really grateful to you. Good luck with whatever you are both doing right now.

  35. Pitjohann

    Thanks u for all of this translation!
    For copying the comment above, greetings from france lol
    I m so happy that this novel has an ingoing french translation^^ the community is huge here too^^

  36. Shaman

    Whats the easter egg the author pointed out? Raciel in the background(on the right)? the fact that it says congraturation instead of congratulations? Ooooor is it the Japanese clan leader who calls him sussano,who liked him (in the middle back) ? (i think its her since im guess that the blond couple next to her are Carina and Smithson).

  37. Moesin

    Thank you , and your editor for taking the time to translate an edit this novel. I found it to be a very enjoyable read. Wish you both the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  38. Archerbob

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  39. mpj4

    Thanks for translating this. Although the ending is meh, the ride makes up for it. The emptiness after reading a good novel strikes again!

    PS: Patè is legit trap material.

  40. LordNinth

    I just wanted to leave this comment here as this story was truly amazing.
    I began reading this novel a few years ago, before it was fully translated. I believe at the time about 100 had been translated and I quickly caught up. Having done so, I put it aside and forgot about it. Then as I was browsing good Ol’ Novel Updates for some new stories, I came across this one and felt the sypnosis was familiar. A few chapters in and the story of times past returned to me. Subsequently I became addicted and spent the past few days voraciously reading.
    Now that I’ve finished I’m left with mixed feelings, as a part of me is happy about the ending yet so craves even more. As such I wanted to share my emotions even if no one were to see them, as an outlet for, as another commenter worded it, “the rollercoaster ride” this novel was.
    Having done that, I bid anyone reading this Adieu and a good rest of the day(Or night, cuz it’s never to late to be reading EER).

  41. Kazuto821

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    I binged this. It was amazing. Progressed in a way I didn’t expect, but I”m blown away over how it turned out. I need to read something similar, now.

  43. Plutooo102

    Amazing Novel
    The turning point of this novel was when Orochi said to use the Rule skill on the Eternal Flame, thus the Lord of Flame was born.

  44. ...

    Just wanted to say that the time I had a really great time reading this novel.
    I can easily say that this is one of the best novels I’ve read. (So far.)

  45. ChrizzyRan

    Tho I wasn’t commenting on the chapters.. I really had fun reading this… thank you for the author who made this… and for the translators that did the translation… I really loved the Mc’s personality/behavior… and how funny it is that it was said that this wont turn into a “harem” .. XD..

    So again .. thank you~ …
    and goodluck to what ever comes in you way

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