Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 0: Prologue. Earth Alone

The angel was quite proud when he received a praise from Yu IlHan and she held out her chest. Yu IlHan, who was waiting for this opportunity, quickly continued asking starting with ‘but’.

“Why is there a need for humanity go to another world? In fantasy novels, they all change suddenly one day.”
[The fact that mana will be opened to Earth means that the animals that evolved from Mana, that is, monsters……anyway, it means that you will have to confront them.]

He already expected these things from when he heard the word ‘mana’.

[Animals adapt faster to mana than humans so if the humans are left as they are, a danger of extinction after the Great Cataclysm, exists. There are already more than tens of worlds where humans went extinct on so Lord God judged that there is a need for the humans of Earth to adapt to mana in a safer environment.]
“So, that means that the humans were sent to other worlds where humans already have adapted to mana?”
[Yes, of course. The other worlders will receive a fixed amount of status as reward to train them. And of course, there maybe people who won’t adapt well, but we can’t look after all of them.]

That was obvious. Even Yu IlHan thought that they did enough. However, he had a question left.

“These monsters, can’t we kill them with guns? Or cannons?”
[A monster made up of only higher system of energy cannot be killed even by a nuclear missile.]
“Then there really is a need to upgrade humans.”
[Of course. That’s why Lord God is merciful and loving.]

The angel uselessly held out her chest again in arrogance. Yu IlHan, who waited for this opportunity, asked her with the most sad expression he could make.

“Then me?”

The angel lost her words.

“What about me?”

When Yu IlHan pressed answers, she slightly turned her head away from Yu IlHan and answered with a smaller voice.

[I think there was a mistake.]
“Please fix it.”
[The tickets are already sold out so…… You cannot go to another world.]
“No standing tickets?”
“What kind of dog-shit God is that?!”

When Yu IlHan exploded, the angel who understood his emotions spoke in consolement.

[But there is a dropout bonus.]
“I don’t need it! Send me there too!”
[The moment the entire humanity were sent to other worlds, the time applied on Earth was stopped. So, you aren’t affected by time until the moment humanity returns and time flows again on Earth! To simplify, you won’t age. Well, in fact, this is the same for people who are sent to other worlds.]
“Send me there too, dammit!”
[Moreover, Lord God has promised you a status bonus when the Great Cataclysm occurs. Great, isn’t it?]

Stopping his tantrum, Yu IlHan, who was tempted by the words ‘bonus’, looked up to the angel and spoke

“What about mana? I need to practice that too.”
[That won’t be possible unless the Great Cataclysm occurs.]
“No, then send me there too! send me now!”
[That’s not possible.]

With Yu IlHan throwing a tantrum again in front of her, the angel resolutely shook her head. It really seemed like it wasn’t possible. Even though it’s God!

[God has set 10 years as the adaptation period. So please work hard just for that time. I will provide you your meals.]
“……You said time stopped but I get hungry?”
[The cells don’t age but they are still active. You can just think that they don’t age.]
“That’s a little bit different from ‘time stop’, isn’t it?”
[You can’t use mana, so don’t you think you need to train your body at least? Think yourself lucky. The entire humanity, excluding you, has the chance to practice mana, but instead, the changes in their bodies will reset when they come back to Earth.]

And she’s saying this as consolement? Yu IlHan sighed and glared at the angel. The entire reason for him becoming like this was their fault, but she’s grandly saying how ‘merciful’ they are…

If this status bonus thing was something worthless, then I will go on a rampage.


10 years. Finally, Yu IlHan had the intention to confront reality.
10 years? Yeah, Can I not even endure that much? – With his innate positive attitude, he persuaded himself, and he spat out the last question to the angel in front of him.

“And why am I the only one left out? Why only me?”
[While writing the list of people to send to other worlds, Lord God never found you until the end. He said it’s a truly extraordinary concealment technique.]

And so, Yu IlHan’s Earth Alone life began.

Author’s notes

New series start!

Translator’s notes

In case you haven’t realized, the title is a parody of ‘Home Alone’

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  1. Seregosa

    [Khm. You can call me what you recognize me as.]
    “An intruder of private property?”
    [I’m the envoy of God. An Angel.]

    First thought when seeing a woman with feathery wings appearing in front of you: MUST BE AN INTRUDER OF PRIVATE PROPERTY. Yeah. sounds legit. This guy is funny, I hope it’ll keep going like this.

  2. John Robert

    “And why am I the only one left out? Why only me?”
    [While writing the list of people to send to other worlds, Lord God never found you until the end. He said it’s a truly extraordinary concealment technique.]

    This last part is a really big BS seriously 😀 Lmao ! The whole prologue left me lol . Can’t get enough of laughing , A good start and hope this will continue ! thanks for the chapter .

  3. Pyry

    This is the reason I can’t read light novels. The translations are always shit. This one can’t even stay in one tense for two sentences.

    1. Miaka_Mei

      Hmm yeah. So i suggest you to help out and become the English editor? Oh, sorry, my hands are full with RL
      my own Chinese translation, and I’m not a native English speaker, so I can’t help out.

  4. DiscoManiak

    This guy is like Kousuke Endou (Abyssgate) from Arifureta. Like Endou he has thin shadow and people overlook him even when he is standing right before their eyes. 😀

  5. Fire Tiger

    This gives me the feeling of one of those extremely vexing stories were the protagonist suffers in every which way possible for the first quarter, third, or half of the story, but later become overpowered in some satisfactory way. Those types of stories usually are annoying at first, but become good near the climax. Or maybe it’s just this chapter.

  6. Miaka_Mei

    Bro! The poor bro… it must be lonely all alone. My condolence.

    Hmm this was a nice read. I’m always hype for fantasy, second-chance like Solo Leveling or The Tutorial is Too Hard. I prefer heroic MC and story of how MC rise up from weak to strong. Unfortunately SL is still ongoing, while TTISH is meh, that is, bit slow pace with many decription in grinding and leveling… I’m more hype into how MC interacts with community/people and life AFTER overpowering (like Overlord <3). Hopefully, this novel fits my taste~

    Btw, is the translator working on this novel alone? What about the editor, or proofreader?

  7. Jackal

    There could have been a better premise set than just “you were forgotten, somehow” could have went with “there has to be at least one sentient being on this planet acting as a beacon and placeholder of earth” or “to balance the system and allow earth to properly acclimate to the calamity, we needed one to stay back, to represent the human race in mana evolution”

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