Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 10: I Hunt Alone – 2

Did it have an objective to distract him from the beginning? It had procured a ‘hostage’ by moving fast in those few seconds.

Where? The hostage wasn’t from the streets. The crowd from the streets were also shocked after they recognized that there was a hostage, and that was just now. There were many kinds of humans such as those who ran away too late fearing that they would also be captured and humans resolving to rescue the hostage.

However he was able to realize soon. The time that these monsters appeared and the time that Yu IlHan found these monsters couldn’t have been the same.
So, in other words, these things have already assaulted once or maybe more, and may have procured the hostage from then.

It looked at Yu IlHan. Its disgusting-looking mouth and the protruded fans seemed as if it was laughing at Yu IlHan.
Although Erta said that killing humans to earn experience and record was a monster’s instinct, it was even temporarily suppressing its instinct to try to corner Yu IlHan.

The aim of that action is to suppress Yu IlHan’s actions. That wolf had the most simplest but efficient scheme to defeat Yu IlHan by attacking his weak point while he couldn’t move properly due to minding the human under its foot.
It was a strategy only possible because of having seen through human psychology.

And if it really thought that, then it had judged Yu IlHan wrongly. Because the moment he saw that, Yu IlHan threw the spear in a straight line without any hesitation.


The moment Yu IlHan showed movement, the wolf panicked and put a little strength into his foot, but returning the spear that was already out of his hands was impossible even for Yu IlHan. It had become a situation where threatening didn’t work.

The wolf which figured that out not too late, tried to kill the hostage then avoid the attack. And the moment it thought that and was about to put strength into its foot, the steel spear penetrated its head.

[You have earned 6,700 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv32 Cunning Big Wolf.]

Yu IlHan thought of himself as an ordinary human.

He wanted to save a person if that person was in a crisis, and would help even if he had to exert himself if he could. To him, who had lived for 1000 years without human presence, a living and breathing human had become a precious existence.

However, if he was asked ‘can you put yourself in danger to do that?’ then he would just laugh it over. That should be the same for other people. A person had to respect one’s own life as much as one respected others’ lives.

What was different for him from criminals, was that it was possible to judge the situation instantly and move and not show panic in the face of a crisis like other people, who may even be selfish.


Immediately after Yu IlHan threw the spear to kill the Big Wolf, the remaining wolves and wild dogs simultaneously assaulted him.

It was obvious that they were trying to do something now that he had lost his weapon, but their current actions were also a bad move. This was because Yu IlHan’s body, which learned all kinds of martial arts with Vale Tudo at the beginning, was a weapon enough to kill them even without the unique ranked steel spear.


Yu IlHan laughed at the fact that he could now relieve some anger when he was coincidentally feeling down, and he threw his body towards them.


“Wow, even on dog days I wouldn’t be able to kill that much.”
“Did you see that eye-poke? Look at him poking the eyes with his index and pinky fingers just because their eyes are wide. Such a meticulous guy, that!”
“Someone save that girl. Quickly! She’s about to be run over by monsters!”
“2nd platoon, move out quickly!”

And at that moment, the soldiers had arrived at the scene. Fortunately, as they had arrived before the monsters’ indiscrete rage, due to having lost their leader, spread to the civilians, succeeded in dragging out the collapsed hostage before she was injured.
And after that to suppress the monsters they……

“Don’t shoot! Sungdaein Bolt is inside there!”
“You should’ve come earlier! soldiers are as slow as always!”
“W, wait! Hold your fire, didn’t you hear that there’s a person!?”

They had to retract their barrels while panicking due to the people’s barrage of complaints before they even got to shoot. Meanwhile, Yu IlHan severed the monsters breath one by one while moving like water.

After he thrashed the 2 leaders, it didn’t seem like there was a new one to take the lead so the monster’s fighting methods became instantly simple, and Yu IlHan, who was rampaging, could process all the monsters at that place within 3 minutes.
It was a truly dominating battle.

[You have earned 1,100 experience.]


After Yu IlHan severed the last wild dog’s breath, he sighed at the fatigue that came at him and raised his head. The same type of gazes that looked at him after he rampaged at the college campus yesterday were mercilessly striking him.

And there was one that gave him the most fierce gaze, and it was the gaze of the platoon leader. It was a second lieutenant that had a pressed beret on her head. She shouted while looking directly at the Ir*nm*n mask that Yu IlHan was wearing.

“I finally found you. Sungdaein Bolt!”

Are you the main culprit behind the rumors!

Author’s notes

1. The activities of the returnees will be revealed bit by bit from now.
2. The brand that MC prefers is Un*qlo. Finding him, who has a generalized loner skill attached on him, is harder than finding Wally,

Translator’s notes

Let’s… hold back some of those donations ok? I can’t translate all day…. (This was the first time I received more than 3 chapters worth of donations in one day…) I started this for fun! It’s not even (supposed to be) my main project! But thx people for donating!
(This was around when chapter 7 was released)

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  1. RedHead

    I like the MC realistic point of view, he will save someone if he can, but wont sacrafice his life for it, that is more belivable than almost sacraficing yourself for a total stranger.

  2. Seregosa

    [You have earned the record of Lv32 Cunning Big Wolf.]

    Why does it feel like it was preparing to go and eat a certain grandma and then get visited by someone in a red hood?

    I hope that the accumulated experience below level ten will be applied after choosing job.

  3. Iron

    Fuck. Is this story going to be a trashy harem after all? I ask everybody to count with me, who all has he met? The girl angel, his mother, the other girl angel, the girl Emporer, the military girl, the girl hostage… He literally hasn’t met and spoken to a single person in this story who wasn’t a female. I think even people who like harem stories can admit if this keeps going this story will be bullsh*t.

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