Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 105: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 6

Although he couldn’t check the information and stats of the spear since Liera frantically hid it behind her, it was undeniable that one of the blessing’s requirements had been fulfilled due to it.

Just how was the spear related to him anyway? However, when he tried appraising the spear while staring at it intently, Liera threatened to cry so he could only give up. Only Erta, who knew the answer to Yu Ilhan’s dilemma, observed the situation while letting out a soft sigh.

[Yu IlHan, just obediently receive your rewards.] (Erta)
“Yes, ma’am.”

[Heaven Quest 006 Dareu extermination, complete!]
[All status increased by 5. Strength increases additionally by 10.]
[You have learnt the active skill, Rule, you can take in subordinates, and the ones subordinated to you by this skill cannot harm the ruler due to a restriction stronger than that of being in a party. You will be able to govern the beings under you better as the skill level rises, and will be able to accelerate their growth. Currently, as of level 1, you can take up to 5 subordinates. You cannot activate the skill without the other party’s agreement.]

[The skills given to you by Heaven are always related to the accumulated record and achievements you acquire. You know why you got this skill, right?] (Erta)

Yes, of course. It’s just that he had too many suspicions.

Honestly, it was a good thing. He was worried that the elves that followed him to Earth were too weak, and although he was a little bitter that he was doing so with the help of the skill, but he cold now completely believe in the elves.

Joy and sadness, guilt and a sense of safety, etc – such complex feelings enveloped Yu IlHan. Erta, who saw him, added with a faint smile.

[Originally, we thought that the lower stage version, Lead, would have been sufficient, but your achievements were so great that it got upgraded automatically. You should’ve seen the angels’ faces.] (Erta)
[If it’s IlHan, this much is only natural.] (Liera)
[Also.] (Erta)

Erta pointed to Yu IlHan’s Cross Bag. The moment she did, the Cross Bag amazingly disappeared!

[Yu IlHan. You’ve perfectly cleaned up Dareu which could have upset the balance due to being connected with Earth, and even supported the intelligent species there to the point that they can develop further. The merits from that is extremely high, and therefore, Heaven has decided that we’ll give you the inventories of the angels that died during the war at the Wall of Chaos this time.] (Erta)

Yu IlHan blinked his eyes; he didn’t quite understand what she was saying.

“I thought you said inventory was magic?”
[To be exact, inventories are born with interspace creation magic. And when the owner dies, it isn’t impossible to hand over the ownership to someone else. It’s a similar concept to how you became the owner of the elven empire’s magic formation.] (Erta)
“And you didn’t give it to me when I wanted it so much!”
[Would we kill a fine angel just to give you an inventory? Also, it’s impossible anyway if the receiver cannot wield mana.] (Erta)

It was too correct to say anything. So, in the end, the rewards this time were too coincidental.

“So, where did my Cross Bag go?”

He always wanted an inventory, but Yu IlHan had profited immensely due to the weight transfer function and the remote collection function attached to the Cross Bag. It would be difficult for him if they suddenly disappeared now.

[Along with the destruction of the Cross Bag, all its contents were transferred to the inventory. The options the Cross Bag had were also applied to the inventory as well. However, remote collection and weight transfer might have changed scales so please practice it.] (Erta)

With those words, she tapped her hand on Yu IlHan’s hand.

Marvelously, Yu IlHan could comprehend how the inventory was transferred to him, and what he had to do in order to use that inventory at the moment she touched him.

Although he couldn’t see with his eyes since they weren’t on Earth, the interspace was something that Yu IlHan could access at any moment in order to take something out. This was the moment that Yu IlHan had received a fragment of a higher existence’s magic.

[You received the possession of an inventory. The total space equals the interspaces of twelve lower ranked angels. They have the following options, and the abilities will increase according to the growth of the owner’s magic.]
[ 1. Weight transfer, control.]
[ 2. Frozen time.]
[ 3. Remote collection of possessions.]

He immediately felt what happened. Although he had to control the Cross Bag with the weight control option, now that it became an inventory, there was no need for that. Therefore, the weight control option was merged into the weight transfer option. And that, was a dream combination.

Now, Yu IlHan could transfer, specifically, a 100,000 tons, or 10 tons even if the total mass in the bag was a million tons.

“Hm. If it’s with my strength now, how many tons can I handle?”
[You will need practice.] (Erta)

The second option, the frozen time inside the interspace, seemed like a characteristic of an inventory. Of course, there will be no rotting inside, so the Cross Bag option would disappear.

Also, what was transferred completely in itself, was the remote collection of possessions. Perhaps due to the increased affinity towards the inventory rather than the Cross Bag, he could now take out several items in several different locations at once, and it also became easier to set a direction.

“Good, it’s getting close to my ideal!”
[If you tell me before you reach it, I’ll stop them from becoming things that we might get sued for.] (Erta)
[If it’s to the point that he was granted an inventory, he must have really cleaned up Dareu.] (Liera)

How did he manage that when there were 4th classes everywhere? Liera found that absurd, but Yu IlHan and Erta did not mention the details, since she wouldn’t believe it even if they did.

After receiving all the rewards, Yu IlHan went to the elves’ rooms to use the rule skill, but the elves were sleeping on the floor as there was no bed, with each sex in their respective rooms.

Well, although they said that they will serve the emperor, or that they had nothing that they were curious about, they had just come to a completely different world, leaving their homeland and choosing to believe in Yu IlHan. They were probably nervous, and tired. That was normal.

However, they relaxed thinking that this place was where Yu IlHan lived. The elves were all sleeping with naïve expressions.

Although the scene was sexy rather than cute due to their appearances, Yu IlHan couldn’t help but chuckle while looking at them.

“These airheads.”
[Who’s saying that to who?] (Erta)
[Who are these elves? I need to erase them for me and IlHan’s future, right?] (Liera)
[And here we almost had a heartwarming scene…… Liera, since you got promoted, stop being an embarrassment.] (Erta)

A little more, and the guard towards the elves went down.

Since he couldn’t activate the skill without the opponent’s agreement, he decided to delay that and exited his house.

Why? Of course, it was to work, since he had a proper rest. The three things that Yu IlHan liked the most were sleeping, eating, and doing manual labor! Of course, only after the word ‘alone’ was attached after it.

Yu IlHan headed to the underground level of the building in his possession nearby the apartment. His workshop was still placed in a position where no one could enter.

“I left for three months and this place looks fine.”

Flicker, flicker. Eternal Flame, which met its master after a long time greeted him while swaying. Yu IlHan threw some 3rd class magic stones and dragonkin meat into the furnace and spoke.

“There’s a lot for you to eat.”

Eternal Flame rejoiced. It seemed to. Of course, it was fine even if it hadn’t. He’d just force feed it.

‘Well, then.’

Time to smith – was what he thought when something popped up into his mind.

“I still haven’t chose my subclass!”
[I thought you were delaying it intentionally!?] (Erta)

Rarely, there were people who were stubborn about not getting a subclass immediately after getting a main class, thinking that they might be able to get a better subclass if they waited a little.

Of course, this didn’t apply to Yu IlHan. He just forgot about it until now.

“I wonder if there’s anything similar to God’s Hammer.”
[Since you said that you fulfilled another requirement, wouldn’t it give you something similar?] (Erta)

Yu IlHan immediately called out the list of available subclasses. However, as if it was mad at him for not choosing it as a main class, there was no smithing-category subclass no matter how hard he looked.

Perhaps due to the influence of leading the elves, there was something like ‘newbie monarch’. But even so.

“I didn’t expect so much anyway, so let’s just choose an ordinary blacks…… Huh?”

Yu IlHan ignored the temptation of numerous subclasses and was about to choose blacksmith but he stopped in panic. Since this was something she was used to, Erta and Liera’s expression didn’t change much.

[Did some revolutionary job appear or something?]
[Monster Lord or ruler?]
“Close, Erta. It’s Dragon Rider.”

[ 27. Dragon Rider]

In contrast to every other subclasses highlighted with green text, only Dragon Rider was colored in gold. Quite blatantly, it was as if all others were no good!

[It’s the first time I’ve heard someone getting a Dragon Rider as a subclass, not main, even with my lifespan as an angel……] (Liera)
[At this point, it’s as if someone’s interfering, preventing you from becoming a blacksmith.] (Erta)
“It was because of you at the time of the 2nd class advancement.”

Ignoring his words, Erta continued.

[But it will be good to choose Dragon Rider. There’s no need to hesitate.] (Erta)
[What will he do even if he does? Didn’t he kill all the dragons?] (Liera)
[That’s because Yu IlHan has a dragon egg.] (Erta)
[Ah, yeah. You sure did.] (Liera)

Liera decided to stop thinking.

Yu IlHan did hesitate since he wouldn’t be able to acquire a smithing class until he acquired his 4th class if he let it go like this.
However, he also thought that there was a reason the angels emphasized it so much, and ended up choosing it.

At that moment, a different feeling to when he acquired Angel’s Partner spread within himself through the mana. Hotter than anything, but disappearing like an illusion! Like steam!

There were almost no changes to his physical body and it was the same for his magic. It was just that his mind was ruled by the feeling that there was an additional virtual engine that moved his body.
Yu IlHan instinctively realized. That this ‘engine’ he newly acquired, would not be activated properly without a dragon.

[You have become a Dragon Rider. You may now contract a dragon. All abilities increase by 20% against dragonkin.]
[You have acquired the passive skill, Dragon-Man Resonance. All abilities increase by 10% when fighting together with a dragon, for both the rider and the dragon, and increases by an additional 10% when riding the dragon. The resonance amplifies if a lead-category class is also applied to the dragon.]
[You have acquired the active skill, Dragonic Blood. You can enhance your active skills by borrowing power from your partner, and will be able to enhance your skills in a variety of ways according to the traits of your partner, and the skill level. You can also enhance passive skills that has an active ability.]
[There are no dragons which you are in a contract with.]

The angels were right. Under the condition that there was a contract-able dragon, Dragon Rider was a combative subclass!
Yu IlHan sighed in relief thinking that his choice was right.

“Other people would also choose this combative subclass but I was about to become a blacksmith without knowing anything.”
[It’s not that there are no combative subclasses, but you can’t simply assume that anyone can become a Dragon Rider!]

Although they weren’t surprised since it was Yu IlHan they were talking about, naturally, Dragon Rider subclass wasn’t seen very often.

How can an ordinary human, or even other races, be in an equal standing with a dragon that even they have hard time talking to?

Dragon Rider was only acquirable by Yu IlHan only because he had a power that overwhelmed them and was also in a party with them.

Moreover, even if one becomes a Dragon Rider, it was difficult to find a dragon who would obediently become a human’s ride, so there were many who couldn’t use their rare subclass for their entire lives……. No, even those who luckily became a Dragon Rider were also like that.

However, Yu IlHan was currently in possession of a dragon’s egg, and also had the skill, Rule. There would be no other precedent like him.

Just that, he would have to suffer quite a lot until the dragon matured into an adult.

“Then I should hatch the egg first.”

Yu IlHan took out the egg from his inventory. Looking at the egg that was still emitting bright golden light, Eternal Flame rejoiced with bright light.

“You can’t eat this.”

Suddenly, the flame became smaller as if in shock. Yu IlHan spoke to it.

“You really can’t. We’re going to incubate this guy from now on. I’ll add you with supplementary fire so you will control them and awaken this guy, got it?”

He felt as if the Eternal Flame nodded. It probably did. He could only believe so.

Nodding, Yu IlHan took out his spear and called out purple flames and put it on the bottom of the furnace. The Eternal Flame greedily absorbed the purple flames and changed color into a strange one.

“I’m adding Blaze too!”

Of course, the Eternal Flame wouldn’t even know what Blaze is. Yu IlHan took out an intact mana potion he had left even though he used a lot of them in Dareu, and activated Blaze while sucking on it.

At that moment, Eternal Flame made an exaggerated reaction as if it would say [Oooh!? OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!] if it was able to speak.
If everything it had eaten until now was normal coffee, this strong aura would be a super concentrated espresso! The golden fire burned violently and emanated its joy in all directions.

[You really did it.] (Erta)
[I don’t get what’s happening but I do get that it’s amazing!] (Liera)
[You should just honestly that you don’t know anything.] (Erta)

Blaze was a monster that ate up mana. Yu IlHan didn’t hesitate and put the egg inside the furnace.
It would be difficult with just purple flames and Blaze, but since the everlasting flame that controlled both of those flames didn’t forget Yu IlHan’s warnings, it gently received the dragon’s egg and transferred the heat required for the egg to hatch.

If dragons were looking at this scene, they might have declared war on Heaven, saying that they needed Eternal Flames to incubate their eggs.

However, was it insufficient with just Blaze? The egg that glowed due to the heat in the furnace seemed to emit light before stealing Yu IlHan’s mana additionally on top of the Blaze that drained his mana. It was a considerable amount as well.

Since this was an important occasion such as the birth of a dragon, it wasn’t so surprising. Yu IlHan just thought that the birth of a dragon was quite an event, and obediently handed over his mana.
Since there was the highest-quality mana potion on his mouth anyway, he wouldn’t collapse from mana overexertion even while Blaze and the egg drained him.

When he emptied about 80% of the mana potion, he finally saw some reaction. The light emitted by the egg seemed to get even brighter before a crack appeared on top of the egg. The angels looking at that scene both said a line each with round eyes.

[Now that I think about it, it’s the first time in my life as an angel that I see a dragon hatching.] (Liera)
[It’s also the first time for me seeing an angel receiving the bles [email protected]#$%#$#!] (Erta)

While Liera prevented Erta from speaking, and punished her, the crack on the egg gradually became bigger. THe moment the crack went from the top to bottom in a zigzag manner, the egg completely cracked apart with a ‘pak’ sound.


What came out of the egg with a lively shout was a child looking around 2 years of age. Like a phoenix born from fire, it charged out from the furnace and landed on the ground. That figure, didn’t look like a newborn at all. It was a 10/10 landing.

With white skin, golden eyes, and black hair despite being born moments ago, it was a healthy boy.

His appearance was extraordinary as expected of a dragon, but even though the child was seen for the first time, the facial features looked quite familiar.


Moreover, this guy even spoke with liveliness as well. Not dragon tongue, not english, but in Korean.
Yu IlHan finally noticed that something was going on.

“……Where did you learn Korean from?”
“From dad……?”

At Yu IlHan’s trembling voice and question, the dragon-child answered himself, although, without confidence. After a while, he seemed to have thought of something as he clapped with hands while speaking.

“If mom lays the egg, dad wakes me up! Mom said that!”
“So it’s dad! I learnt from dad!”

That’s quite interesting – thought IlHan and turned his head.

Something flashed by his head at that moment which was the sentence in the letter that read’ ‘If my child can take you on even by a half’.

At that time, he only thought that she meant for him to raise the egg well. However, looking at this child, correction, looking at this child that had clearly received ‘Yu IlHan’s influence’, it didn’t seem that those were her only intentions.
Thinking back, it must have happened the moment Yu IlHan’s mana was supplied to the egg.

In an instant, all the incidents were linked in his head. The questions he had were solved just like that. In the first place, Lecidna had no intentions on concealing it in the first place.

He didn’t even have the energy to get angry, but he couldn’t endure without getting angry.

“Th, this marriage scammer…….!”

It seemed that Lecidna had not been a housewife, but a dragon at a marriageable age looking for a partner.

Author’s notes

  1. Someone mentioned about weight control option, but it’s possible to decrease the weight, but impossible to increase it!
  2. (Untranslatable pun)
  3. I went over the quantity since I couldn’t cut it off in the middle. Inventories and subclasses and everything took too much content…

Translator’s notes
Those who questioned that whether it was possible to put in life forms inside the bag, I’m not sure. And those who questioned why it was possible to put the egg in the bag, I don’t know either.
But, looking at that scene, it seemed like the egg was still ‘unfertilized’?

PR: Liera’s spot as Ilhan’s wife got robbed
TN: Liera:[Call me mother]
(Infinite cycle of above two lines)

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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