Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 106: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 7

[Get that damned dragon bitch over here, right now.] (Liera)

Shouted Liera while raising her spear.

[I’ll enact justice unto that bitch! I! To her!] (Liera)
[Along with the words: ‘it’s very fortunate that you weren’t banished from Heaven’, I have to tell you the unfortunate news that Lecidna has already died.] (Erta)

When Erta, who was just as enraged as Lita, replied powerlessly. Liera ended up lowering her spear.
It was akin to a face of a student that realized that their entrance exam scores could have gotten them into a better college than their school grades by at least two levels.1

This sense of loss, powerlessness and despair!

At that moment, the baby dragon walked with his little steps and grabbed her leg just as her boiling rage was wandering without a direction to go.
Then, with a pure and naïve voice, he spoke what was on his mind.

“Pretty noona!”

He raised his head to look at Liera. He was handsome because he was born as a dragon, but perhaps due to the influence of Yu IlHan’s mana, he even resembled him.

Disregarding others, it was Liera who deeply loved Yu IlHan, so it was a critical hit at that time. Marvelously, Liera’s burning rage and desire for revenge melted down like ice cream under the hot sun.

[It’s not noona.] (Liera)

Liera lowered his head and met his gaze and spoke in a gentle voice.

[Call me mom from now on.] (Liera)
[Lieraaaaa!?] (Erta)
[But he’s so cute! On second thought, he only absorbed IlHan’s mana, so I can accept it!] (Liera)

Really, a surprising turn of events. Yu IlHan, who didn’t accept everything that was happening here quite yet, could finally come back to being himself after listening to Liera’s words.

“Yes, of course. He only absorbed my mana.”

Yu IlHan tapped his cheeks and came to himself. The dragon who was watching let go of Liera’s legs and imitated Yu IlHan and tapped his own cheeks.

Was it a child after all? Yu IlHan laughed at that unexpected reaction and waved his hand to call him over. The child, who was at a loss at what to say after hearing what Liera said, ran towards him in joy and stopped in front of him.

“Yes, dad.”
“I’m not your dad.”
“You are my dad!”

Words of conviction without the slightest bit of suspicion.
Yeah, of course. Since it’s true after all. However, it isn’t!

Yu IlHan tried his best to calm himself down and spoke after meeting the child’s gaze.

“Listen to me carefully. I never thought that I will become your father, nor did I have such a resolve. Conclusively, I have no relations with your mother whatsoever. Understand that?”

Although it wasn’t something to be said to a newborn, but the child nodded seriously as if he understood everything.

“I only woke you up with flames and mana. Of course, I will raise you because of the promise with Lecidna, but in compensation, I will even use you in battle. I will even subordinate you with the Rule skill. Isn’t it scary? Did you understand that?”

The blatant words even made Yu IlHan himself feel guilty, but the child smiled naïvely and nodded again.

Yes, it isn’t so bad to be honest from the get go. – muttered Yu IlHan in his heart and declared as such:

“Well then, so, I cannot be called your dad.”
“You are my dad!”

Yu IlHan tried his best to endure his urge to smack him, while the child spoke.

“Dragons are like that, dad!”
“Like what?”
“Being strong is everything!”

While Yu IlHan sighed while facepalming, the child laughed while doing the same action.

“…….Why are you imitating me?”
“Because dad is strong!”

In other words, he was imitating because he thought he might get stronger if he did. Yu IlHan felt stuffy when he heard the truly child-like but at the same time, dragon-like words.

[Why don’t you acknowledge it, Yu IlHan? To think they breed using the fusion of mana, it truly is dragon-like. As such, that child is indeed your son. However, that’s from a dragon’s perspective. It’s very far from what you’ve learnt and wished for until now: romance, marriage, and childbirth. I’m just saying that you ended up with a child just looking at the last step.] (Erta)

Erta, who said that, continued as if she had prepared all her words.

[As such, you have a child, but it can still be said that you have no wife. You are a born loner and virgin, just with a dragon child!] (Erta)
“That’s the worst!”
[Oh, please. Call it second worst.] (Erta)

However, Yu IlHan couldn’t escape reality anymore. He was caught in a trap the moment he took out the golden egg from Lecidna’s lair.
Lecidna, she was a woman who, from the beginning till the end, caused Yu IlHan several headaches.

[Call me mom. Mo-m.] (Liera)
“But it’s noona……”
[Liera, stop it. It’s embarrassing.] (Erta)

Was Liera also at an age when she wanted to marry and have a child? Yu IlHan, who was at a loss, thought such idiotic things and watched the scene where a dragon and two angels played around before tapping his cheeks again. Even if he got bruises on his cheek, he had to come to himself.


Then he acknowledged reality.

“You are indeed my son.”
“Yeah, dad!”

Yu IlHan, he had lived for over a thousand years, but according to his register, he was still 20 years old.

He got a dragon son.

“As you wish, I will make you stronger. However, you will suffer a lot so keep that in mind.”
“I’m fine with anything if I can get stronger!”

Rather than a newborn, that line was more fitting for a protagonist in a shounen manga, but Yu IlHan decided to not bother thinking about it.

“I must first name you. Will MyungHan be good?”2
[Don’t EVER name him that!] (Erta)
“Then Mandarin.”3
[That’s not even Korean!] (Erta)

Due to Erta’s desperate opposition, the child’s name, in the end, was decided to be, ‘Mir’, the pure Korean word meaning ‘dragon’.

“Yumir! My name!”
[Coincidentally his surname is Yu so his name gives off quite a pressure!] (Erta)

Ymir (Yumir) was the name of the ancestor giant in Norse Mythology. Even though this name was purely coincidental, created from a Korean surname and a Korean word!

“Yumir. Yumir.”

Yumir seemed to be so happy that his dad named him as he hugged Yu IlHan and jumped around.

Then, he suddenly collapsed on the ground and spoke while hugging Yu IlHan.

“Dad, I’m hungry.”
“Yes, of course.”

With a bitter smile, Yu IlHan was about to open his inventory, when he thought of something and grabbed Yumir’s jaw to see inside the mouth to check whether he had teeth. Very sharp and sturdy teeth could be seen.
As expected of a dragon. A born predator.

“Good, let’s eat meat.”

He had tons of meat. Moreover, there was also the fire that could control temperature according to his mind, right by his side.

“It’s hot! It’s delicious!”
“Eat a lot, yes.”

When he grilled the meat with some suitable sauce, Yumir ate deliciously as if having waited for it. At that moment.

[You’ve contracted the baby dragon Yumir due to the power of the Dragon Rider. The passive skill was activated. You cannot activate the active skill as your dragon’s power is still too weak.]

Although they had already talked about this, the contract was done the moment the Yumir ate meat. Yu IlHan couldn’t hide his worry for Yumir’s future.


In any case, a contract was a contract. Yu IlHan’s and Yumir’ mana seemed to resound out and softly meet each other as if in resonance, before it spun around and became a solid tie between them.

A deeper connection between the two was formed than the ones formed with angels. Since the child was too weak as of yet and wasn’t so reliable, but this connection wasn’t bad at all.
However, that wasn’t the end.

[The skill, Rule, can activate. Proceed?]

Yu IlHan felt a slightly complex emotion, but as they had already spoken about it, he activated the skill without hesitation. The skill, Rule, was much more simple than the contract, and a strange mark was formed on Yumir’s neck before disappearing.

[The dragon, Yumir, has become your subordinate. Yumir’s growth accelerates. You may view Yumir’s status.]

“Dad, what did you do?”
“I put a collar on you.”

Yu IlHan tended to be awkward towards Yumir, but whether he knew or didn’t care, or whether he just liked it, Yumir just answered with a smile and munched at the meat while smearing sauce all over his face.

“Yeah, yeah, just empty my entire inventory.”

This kid had quite an aura while eating, so Yu IlHan just took out meat in units of 10 kilograms each time.
The Eternal Flame was making Yu IlHan’s life easier by leaning towards the outside of the furnace, and Yumir, who looked at that scene where it seemed like Yu IlHan was wielding fire like his own body, clapped.

“Dad is amazing!”
“Your stomach is more amazing.”

While Yumir was busy eating, Yu IlHan called out Yumir’s status window on his retina and checked.

[Baby Dragon Lv1]
[Title – The one baptized by the flame of eternity(130% increase in fire attribute resistance, absorb a portion of fire attribute attacks), Birth of Chaos(70% increase in all status ailment resistance)]
[Strength – 48 Agility – 32 Health – 29 Magic – 64]
[Active skills – Concealment Lv 1, Middle tier wind magic Lv 1, Superhuman strength Lv 1]
[Passive skills – Mana rule Lv 1, Dragonblood regeneration Lv 1, Physical combat mastery Lv 1, Language Lv 1, Resting Lv 1, Critical Hit Lv 1, Extreme poison resistance Lv 1, Higher curse resistance Lv 1]


Now that was talent. – or so the status window said to him. How could he possess so many useful things from birth!

[Yu IlHan, you also had concealment when you were born, no?] (Erta)

Yes. The world was unfair. There was no reply even if one complained to heaven, so one could only do his best to live with all one had.

And, this kid who was eating meat in units of kilograms, had a super accelerated start line. Not only did he have several skills that Yu IlHan had never heard of, there were some higher ranked skills as well.
Moreover, those frightening titles! Lecidna’s words were correct. The fire that influenced his birth had a lot of effect in his power.

Just as he decided on the direction he should raise him in.


Was he finally full? The child made a small burp and collapsed before sleeping on the spot. Feeling that a calm night had arrived after a storm Yu IlHan felt his energy draining.

“I’m really tired.”
[Ahh, so cute. How can he be so cute?] (Liera)

Liera, who still hadn’t given up on becoming the child’s stepmother, used magic to lightly wash the sleeping Yumir and embraced him. Then, she looked at Yu IlHan and spoke.

[We should buy him some clothes.]
“We should do that when we go outside. That’s good, we have to buy clothes for the elves too……”

Yu IlHan’s heart pounded momentarily while looking at Yumir in Liera’s embrace, but he didn’t understand why it was so until the very end, and vaguely said.

However, while he was looking inside the inventory to shake that feeling away, he found something he had forgotten about until now.

“Ah, the bucket.”

What Yu IlHan took out was the huge bucket that would take up more than half of the workshop. The bucket that turned dragon’s blood into a high-end alcohol called Breath.
He finally found it after he had dealt with the elven empire and the other matters.

[What’s that bucket? The magic I feel from it is not normal?] (Liera)
“I’m also curious. So it goes like this. At first I……”

However, the moment he touched the bucket, the bucket’s information was renewed and appeared on his retina.

[Dragon’s breath-imbued Giant Bucket]
[As a result of resonance of almost one thousand hearts of dragons along with the special materials the bucket was made from, the bucket evolved into a similar artifact of the magic organs of dragons.
All things that enter this bucket will be reborn as a result of strong injection and circulation of mana.]


Thunder roared in Yu ILHan’s mind.

[IlHan?] (Liera)
[Yu IlHan?] (Erta)

The angels, who found his reaction strange, strange checked the information on the bucket and likewise, became speechless.

[So dragon’s hearts can become like this when they’re gathered up…… I didn’t know since I never did gather them……] (Liera)
[I didn’t have the chance to gather them at all……] (Erta)

It was an extremely difficult thing to give create an artifact with a method other than metalworking. Strictly speaking, even Erta, who contributed to the creation of this artifact had never experienced such things before.

However, what could he do with this artifact? Although the description was grand, but it was in fact very difficult to find an actual use.

There was definitely something, but even the two higher existences couldn’t come up with an answer. All they could think of was to get some hot water into it and have a relaxing dip. There would be no better treasure than this for those who learned the way of mana, especially those who trained in magic.

However, Yu IlHan did. He already knew the answer!

Yu IlHan took out a 100L plastic bag containing dragon’s blood from his inventory and ripped it apart on top of the bucket. The blood inside poured into the bucket.

[Kyak, What are you doing!?] (Liera)
[Oh, through that, we can make an alcoholic drink called Breath. It’s the creation of both Yu IlHan and me……] (Erta)

Yu IlHan denied her. Was he denied the shared work? Erta’s eyes filled with disappointment but that was her misunderstanding.

That was because, the next moment, Yu IlHan took out dragon meat he was storing and threw them inside the bucket where dragon’s blood was splashing around!

[Huh?] (Liera)
[……What are….] (Erta)

To the angels who were watching the scene with dumbfounded expressions, Yu IlHan shouted with pride like the moment he successfully hunted the sperm whale in the stormy seas before.

“This isn’t something liike Breath. This…… This is a treasure that will broaden the horizons of monster meat cooking!”

The thunder that roared in Yu IlHan’s mind, was none other than the enlightenment of a new recipe due to his cooking skill!

Author’s notes

  1. All dragons pursue power. Of course, there are different forms of ‘power’.
  2. As explained in this chapter, Yumir (Ymir) is an ancestor giant appearing in Norse Mythology. It’s apparently also the name of a character that appeared in ‘Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)’ that was famous for ‘various reasons’.
  3. Passive concealment is a power only allowed to a single person, Yu IlHan, across all worlds!! Of course, the concealment skill itself was inherited!
  4. Yu IlHan who grows (as a chef) through enlightenment.

Translator’s notes
Gosh the chapter is hilarious xD.
Also, I will interchangeably use ‘Yumir’ and ‘Mir’ for the dragon child. Yu Mir looks crap.

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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  1. In Korea, there are two ways to get in college. One, by school grades, and two, by entrance exams (CSAT). If you get accepted in a college with your school grades, you cannot apply for a college with your entrance exam scores. I couldn’t think of an English alternative, sorry…
  2. Yu MyungHan is what Mouri Kogorou from the Detective Conan series is translated as in Korea, at the same time, it means ‘famous’
  3. The dragon from ‘Have a meal before you go’ was named ‘Gyul’, meaning ‘tangerine’

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  1. Cloud

    Would have been sweet if he refused to use the Rule skill on his son but then found a hidden passive of the skill because his son listened to everything he said anyways. Maybe the more directives the son follows the more the Rule skill can accelerate his growth?

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      Anthropophagy. Very looked down on humanoid vs humanoid, but it’s different to beasts. Dragons are considered beasts, both literally and metaphorically.

    2. Jonathan Hurd

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      1. Jonathan Hurd

        So upon thinking about it I’m pretty sure Yu Ilhan hasn’t fed Yumir Dragon meat yet. When he started cooking he didn’t know Yumir had Extreme Poison resistance. Even now knowing that he does, considering Erta has been doubting Yu Ilhan’s own evolved Extreme Poison resistance can handle it, I doubt Yu Ilhan would feed his newborn son and hard earned dragon something that poisonous for his first meal. So I think he probably is feeding him non poisonous monster meat like the stuff he taught the elves to find.

  2. Light

    Liera lowered his head -> Liera lowered her head
    to give create -> to create
    liike -> like

    Was Liera also at an age when she wanted to marry and have a child?
    …I just facepalmed. Looks like I’m imitating Ilhan too.

    1. Jonathan Hurd

      Dragons apparently don’t get their actual Dragon form til they reach fourth class. That was why the immature dragons Yu Ilhan killed all looked like Elves. I would bet by the point Yumir gets to that point Yu Ilhan will craft him some clothes so awesome there won’t be a problem in any form.

      1. extasse

        I don’t think they all looked like elves. Wasn’t it mentioned how some looked weird and incomplete? He was using the dragons’ corpses as shields, so they should be dragon-like even at 3rd class, not sure about 1st and second. Maybe Yu IlHan, a human being the father instead of a dragon has something to do with it.

        1. Jonathan Hurd

          So the Dragon Kin and Pure Bred Dragons are basically two different species that get to a similar end result. Pure Bred Dragons from their very birth or level one are Dragons. Dragonkin are monsters who started out as none dragons but managed to evolve on the path to becoming a Dragon at third class.

          That is why the Dragonkin started to look closer to true dragons as they got closer to their 4th class. Their body was getting closer to the appropriate shape. A Pure Bred Dragon on the other hand always had that form they are just unable to really access it until fourth Class. So they spend their beginning life(first three classes) in a humanoid poly-morphed form.

          I think part of what decides the true dragons humanoid form is probably related to the parents. I think for instance Yumir might have some aspects of his mom’s Humanoid form just as he has parts of Yu Ilhan’s looks.

          I think what happened with the Immature Dragons is when they were spawned into Dareu they copied the native Humanoids. Considering the Elven followers of Yu Ilhan said that humanity was wiped out a while ago. I think the only ones the native dragons had to copy were elves. That is why the Immature Dragons in Dareu all had Elf Humanoid forms.

  3. Cloudy

    “Oh by the way son, your mother’s dead and i killed an entire planet that may or may not have contained any other realitive you had. Oh and you’re eating dragon meat.”

    1. James

      It’s a type of anthropophagy. Plus, Yumir doesn’t care, because of this mindset “I want to be strong like dad.”

      Same train of though for most father’s sons and daughters.

    2. Jonathan Hurd

      Yumir’s response… “Wow dad you killed an entire planets worth of Dragons… O.O. You’re so strong! Teach me how to be strong!”

      I can just see him saying that in response, lol. As Yumir himself said and as Yu Ilhan realized with the Orochi. For Dragons power is everything. They don’t give a shit about others of their race. They just want power. Why else do you think the majority of the Dragons Yu Ilhan killed were alone, or why they were willing to trample over an entire planets worth of Elves to get stronger? Yu Ilhan was strong and the dragons were weaker. There is no justice. No right and wrong. There is just strength.

      If anything it matches Yu Ilhan’s thinking a lot. Be strong if you don’t want to die. If you die you only really have yourself to blame.

  4. NoticeMeSenpai

    Don’t think its considered cannabilism though. I mean, us human share the same ancestor as primates, yet monkey meat are still considered delicacy in some part of the world.
    Its just 50% similar in biology, not 100%, so it doesn’t count. I think?

    Though, this author really watches lots of anime huh? All that anime references popping out here and there. But seriously, I want to see mom’s reaction to Illhan’s son

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        Honestly, depending on your culture cannibalism will be viewed in different ways. We grew up in a culture that says its wrong. I think there are also some health issues that pop up from trying to eat human flesh as well. Another problem being that humans are mostly muscle so our meat is really tough and not that appetizing. If these factors changed… who knows. We already kill each over every other thing. Killing each other to eat would make a bit more sense from a nature perspective.

        1. extasse

          For me at least, it’s wrong for the simple fact that it’s disgusting. For the same reason you’d rather kill an insect over a pig and a pig over a human.
          Now, who here reads Tokyo Ghoul? That’s even worse than this.

        2. asdasds

          exactly in this world there is no such thing as Good or Bad, just different perspectives, some tribes see cannibalism as normal but to us its disgusting but then there is also some countries that eat types of food that other parts of the world see as bad or dangerous/disgusting but in essence is not bad nor good just view as different by different types of culture.
          the world is not Black nor White, there is no absolute nor wrong. this is coming from someone with a open mind.

    1. James

      “All things that enter this bucket will be reborn as a result of strong injection and circulation of mana.”

      I can’t think of anything but The Black Cauldron with this, and that artifact was a nasty one. Near indestructible by standard weaponry, and anything entering will not come out alive.

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I still like the idea of turning it into a hot tub, lol. Soak your tired body and reinforce your magic power at once! Though now that Yu Ilhan is using it as a cooking pot. I can’t help but remember a Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs is in a Stew pot and thinking it as a Hot tub…

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          1. Jonathan Hurd

            Is it just me or is Yu Ilhan’s cooking getting closer and closer to alchemy at this rate, lol.

            They could actually use it for bathing and cooking at the same time in a way. You have Yumir bathe in it to make Dragon Stock and boost his Mana. Its a win win!

  5. tempe0

    [Yu IlHan, you also had concealment when you were born, no?] (Erta)
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    here we get to see our ilhan in his dense mode!!

    “congratulations! you just got a Magical Bucket!”
    for what you say?cooking of course!!

  6. James

    Yumir has won over the “Love Battle” angel just by hugging her. I see this as dangerous, because Yumir is like his father.

    Now, she has two Yu llHans’. Double the number, double the fun.

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I think you might be right with that one. He is currently soaking Magic Enriched Dragon meat in Dragon Enriched Dragon blood, in a Magic Pot that enriches things with magic, lol. I feel like at least this thing will restore mana. It might actually work to boost your magic stat.

  7. Guy max

    I’m worried that there is foreshadowing that he will not know what he’s got til it’s gone. I hope he doesn’t lose his angel love because he doesn’t realize her feelings until it is too late

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      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I’m certain there are some variations of classes as the dragons level. At least for the Pure Bred ones because when Yu Ilhan killed Karrow he got the record of the ‘Cursed Dragon’. His variation allowed him to use cursed flames. Adding that the majority of the Dragons Yu Ilhan killed were Dragonkin ones it is hard to know how unique pure breeds can go since other than Karrows the only other specifically purebred dragons they showed us the records of were the Immature Dragons.

        I would also guess there might be Unique classes for Dragons just like for humans. Considering who is raising Yumir and the author… I will laugh so hard if Yumir evolves to become the “Reaper Dragon”.

  10. Mike

    I’m trying to reach chapter 107 and it keeps sending me to chapter 106 (yes I know 107 isn’t out yet but it usually displayed page not found), what’s up with that?

  11. extasse

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    Is the baby dragon considered as a dragonewt now? It’s skills like Mana Lord and Dragonblood regeneration are interesting as well. Mana Lord is self explanatory (though it’s interesting to see if he’ll end up as IlHan’s teacher) but what’s the difference between transcendent regeneration and Dragonblood regeneration? If Yumir evolves resting as well, wouldn’t he be rediculously OP? Once he gets strong enough, Yu IlHan can get them as well through Dragonic Blood active skill. He’ll become OP with mana as well!

    1. James

      I believe the Dragonblood Regeneration has it’s limits. Similar to Transcendental Regeneration is based on the amount of sleep a person got, I think Dragonblood is based on the amount of blood consumed. The more blood he drinks, the greater hits the boy can take before he dies.

      So Yu llHan can drink Breath and the TBs like no tomorrow, while Yumir is latching on to an opponent and draining their blood like a leech.

      1. Jonathan Hurd

        I was going to say similar to James. Each of the regeneration abilities has an energy source they gather power from. So for Transcendent Regeneration it is rest energy.

        For Dragon Blood I am not sure it is as simple as being a Vampire, lol. Maybe for a real vampire that makes a lot of sense, but I feel like Dragon Blood might be more related to a dragons own body. My guess is that it will probably rely on his actual blood or a certain power inside his blood.

        I am much more curious about what Mana Lord will entail. If I am not mistaken that ability is probably what Karrows used to try and Nuke Yu Ilhan by turning all the mana in a certain area into fire under his own control.

        Considering Karrows had cursed fire under his control and that Yumir has middle rank Wind Magic. I wonder if Yumir could use Mana Lord and his Wind Magic to make a void around a person. Or at least around their head. The other thing is he can probably increase his stealth by making a thin layer of Vacuum around himself or a place. Sound needs a medium to travel through so if he does that it means no one can hear him… Could also be used for deep diving underwater… The possibilities are going to be fun…

  12. Acopolypse

    Okay I love the story, but the author has no clue about ratio of sizes.

    *Yu IlHan took out a 100L plastic bag containing dragon’s blood from his inventory and ripped it apart on top of the bucket. The blood inside poured into the bucket.*

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    Considering that, the heart of a dragon would at least have the size of a human torso more likely the size of an average human. The bucket would have to be a swimming pool with the size of a football field.

    Pouring 100L into this bucket is like a raindrop into a normal sized swimming pool and the blood would not be ” splashing around” as described in this chapter.

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