Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 108: I Am A Drifter of My Soul – 9

Realizing that he had to put the bow away after putting so much effort into it since Paté wasn’t 3rd class yet, Yu IlHan was momentarily put at a loss, but he came to himself.

“Yes. It’s just that good of a weapon.”
[I really like your positive attitude.] (Liera)
“I also like myself like this.”
[Wipe your tears before you say that.] (Erta)

His energy drained, Yu IlHan made another bow. Fortunately, no useless user restrictions were attached this time, and it ended at legend rank. Of course, its general power didn’t even come close to half of Deathgod’s Trajectory, but for Paté it would still be very good.

“So since it’s late, let’s stop here.”

He checked the state of the meat and blood in the bucket and poured some more blood before cleaning away the remaining tools.
However, he realized something just as he pushed the bucket onto one side of the workshop; that his strength was too high.

“Huh? I didn’t even activate Superhuman Strength though.”
[It’s because you’ve acquired your 3rd class. Moreover, you didn’t forget that you have a completely different number of stats compared to other humans because of your thousand years of training, right? Oh, there’s also the status increase reward from Heaven’s Quest.] (Erta)

That was true. As he always fought against stronger beings than himself and higher levelled beings than himself, he had forgotten that he was way above average.

[And here, I thought that you’d use up all dragon corpses here.] (Erta)
“Investigating the situation, and contacting the Lightning God Clan comes first. I should decide how many and what kind of equipment I need to make after that. I’ll also decide on the date of selling the higher equipments at the same time.”

Although everything was smooth on the outside, he wouldn’t know the truth unless he investigated properly. If it was Lightning God who always acted on the front lines against the monsters, then they would be able to give him the necessary information.

[I think you’re overthinking it.] (Liera)
[We’ll see about that.] (Erta)

Even when Yu IlHan returned to the apartment with the two angels and the still sleeping Yumir, the elves were still sleeping. However, when he started making some ramen with a lot of meat, they woke up immediately and shot out from their rooms.

“Th, this smell is!?”
“To think there is a smell that provokes the desire to eat so much… This world really is…… Whoa, Your Majesty!”

To the elves who just started eating meat after eating vegetables for their entire lives, the smell of ramen, the alpha and omega of instant foods, would be fatal.
Moreover, since he had not pulled back on the meat, this ramen had enough power comparable to the bonus dungeon’s boss that appeared after the last boss in an RPG.

“Your Majesty?”
“I, I’m very sorry! We’ve slept without a care in the world! We should’ve protected you!”

Since they were just woken up, their faces should have been horrible, but these guys… were camera-worthy despite just waking up. If Yu IlHan wasn’t ‘trained’ by Liera’s appearance, his heart would’ve pounded like mad!

“Who’s protecting who? Just sit down and eat.”
[I didn’t want to see an elf eating ramen……] (Liera)
[You will see even cooler things in the future so look forward to it, Liera. You’d be so surprised.] (Erta)

As they hadn’t eaten anything for the entire day, they deliciously ate the ramen Yu IlHan gave them with a fork. Of course, it wasn’t that Yu IlHan was just watching, but he activated the Rule skill and subordinated them and even confirmed their stats.

“Huh, they’re quite good.”

As expected of the best elves among the survivors, their status points were unbelievably higher than normal. Was it like this since he picked out the geniuses from an entire race of elves?
It wasn’t only that. Not only did they have a considerable number of skills, their proficiency and mastery were also very high perhaps due to their long lifespans. They were much higher than what Yu IlHan had expected.

There was something else that he was surprised with.

“Good, your dismantling skills are all considerable.”
“*Cough*. Yes.”

Perhaps because he replied while eating, Jril spoke after coughing. To them whose survival was a battle, gathering and dismantling skills were a must!
The angels finally noticed his intentions.

[You’re going to let these guys do the dismantling!?] (Liera)
[Dismantling 3rd class dragonkin isn’t possible by just anyone!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan ignored them.

“There’s something you need to do after you eat. Of course, I’ll do some strict teaching so please be prepared for that.”
“We’re prepared for anything!”

Replied Paté in a confident voice, but would they be as confident after hearing what they needed to do? Oh, if he gave them the rewards he had already prepared after they finished their job, then they’ll cry tears of joy.

“And Liera, hand Mir to me.”
[Here.] (Liera)

Liera handed Yumir in her arms to Yu IlHan. The elves who were engrossed in ramen finally noticed him after he was in Yu IlHan’s embrace.

“Who is that child? He looks handsome.”
“He also resembles His Majesty. Is it his little brother?”
“He’s my son. Oh, and he’s a dragon as well.”

The elves became speechless at Yu IlHan’s reply.
However, it was also tiring for Yu IlHan to explain everything to them. He just said this.

“He has the blood of a dragon who saved you and hid you so don’t hate him.”
“O, of course. Even if it isn’t, he’s the son of Your Majesty, how can we……”

The female thief, Phiria, replied absent-mindedly. At that moment Yumir woke up from sleep due to the noise.

“You woke up?”
“Yeah, oh it’s dad! And the pretty noonas too and……?”

Yumir checked Yu IlHan, Liera and Erta with a smile, but screamed the moment he confirmed the gazes of the four elves and shot up to his feet before going around to Yu IlHan’s back and sticking on his back. Yu IlHan’s back was warm.

“Dad, who are those people?”
“They are my subordinates. They’re gentle so you don’t need to be scared of them. They won’t bite.”
[Don’t explain like elves are some herbivore animals!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan felt while replying. Yes. This child was born just today! There was no way a 6 hour-old child would kindly greet and ask for a name to anyone just because that person was is with his father.

However, Yumir’s reaction was outside of Yu IlHan’s imagination.

“The way they’re looking at me is scary. I’m still weak!”
“I’m embarrassed. I’m hiding.”

Then, he desperately activated the concealment skill with all his magic.
What was amazing was that he actually succeeded disappearing from the elves’ view even with a level 1 concealment!

“Wh, where did His Highness go?”
“How can this be? He was just here until now!”

[Yumir’s Concealment skill grows rapidly.]
[Yumir’s Concealment skill has become level 10. Due to the resonance between the rider, he can borrow a little of the rider’s concealment ability when close to the rider.]

Yu IlHan’s mouth gaped. The angels were the same.
Yumir was still rubbing his face on Yu IlHan’s back in embarrassment.

[IlHan……] (Liera)
“Don’t say anything.”

Liera was about to say something, but Yu IlHan stopped her. This was because he knew better than anyone else.

Yumir, this guy, really, resembled Yu IlHan in every way. Not only his ability, but his personality, and even the talent to become a pancosmic loner!

[That’s a good thing. Even so, there’s no passive concealment, no?] (Liera)

Looking at Yumir who was activating concealment while burying his face on his back, Yu IlHan felt an indescribable feeling, but he sighed before taking him off and hugging him.

His concealment forcefully wore off, and the elves could finally see Yumir again. Yumir realized that and caused a mess while trying to escape Yu IlHan’s embrace.

“I want to hide again!”
“You are hiding because you’re embarrassed that you’re weak. Aren’t you?”
“Y, yeah…….”

If there was something decisively different about them, it was this.

If Yu IlHan rejected everyone else in the world in order to stand up alone, then Yumir wanted to hide because he was embarrassed at his weak self. A dragon’s pride was expressed in a strange way after meeting Yu IlHan’s ability!

However, in Yu IlHan’s thoughts, it wasn’t such a bad thing.

“Then you just have to become strong.”
“But I’m still weak so I want to hide.”
“Okay. But even so, these guys are my subordinates so it’s alright. They won’t laugh at you or anything.”

With those words, Yu IlHan glanced at the elves, and the elves who read the situation immediately agreed and bowed towards Yumir. Yumir still wanted to hide as if he was not calm yet, but as he couldn’t hide from the concealment master, he decided to listen to Yu IlHan.

“Then I’ll endure.”
“Yes. Not hiding when you want to is also training.”

Yumir nodded. Yu IlHan’s child education stepped off successfully.
Yu IlHan confirmed with the elves who were dumbfoundedly looking at the situation.

“You done eating?”
“Not yet!”

The elves cleanly ate the ramen without leaving a single drop. Yu IlHan’s evaluations on the elves increased.

After washing the dishes, Yu IlHan lead them and went to the workshop again. However, he let Liera take care of Yumir and made them look after the house. After all, he couldn’t let him see the dismantling of his own kin.

“Whoa, what is that flame in the furnace?”
“Quite a marvelous place, to be protected by angel’s magic……”

Yu IlHan took out a few dragonkin corpses.

“From now, you will dismantle this guy with me.”
“Dragonkin? We will do your best!”

When Phiria replied with conviction, Yu IlHan added with a smile.

“30 thousand of them.”
“We’ll do our best!”

Only Phiria answered. Well, it was natural, since her dismantling skill level was higher than the rest perhaps due to her job as a thief who used daggers.

“The next 3 hours is training. After that, you have to dismantle using your own power. No training or hunting until you finish.”
“How can that be!”
“However, if you finish I’ll give the equipment I made to you guys. They’re really good.”

The moment Yu IlHan said that, the elves’ eyes changed. They also knew that the equipment he supplied to the elves were not his best.
However, they would get better weapons just by doing simple labor? Their already maxed loyalty maxed even more.

“We’ll definitely do them all!”
“Good, that’s the spirit.”

Yu IlHan’s dismantling education was strict. However, in front of the burning passion of the elves, their dismantling skill level grew rapidly, and when they wasted about one thousand dragonkin as practice, they were at a level where they could dismantle 3rd class dragonkin.

“Good, you just need to do it that way.”
“Yes, sir!”

After taking out a few dragonkin for them to dismantle in the workshop, Yu IlHan started his own work. That was the soul enchant he had delayed until now.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m doing it now.”

Yu IlHan took out the Black bone giant spear. The spear was beautiful after it was finished polishing. He was sure that there would be no spear stronger than this, at least against dragonkin.

“Soul enchant.”

The deathgod-class skill that Reta had. This was the moment when the skill that may disrupt the balance of matter if used properly, was activated on Earth.


Orochi realized that Yu IlHan was trying to take his thought outside and roared in delight.

If he was just taken out, then it would shatter into smithereens in an instant, but Yu IlHan was already holding onto the new body for it, the Black bone giant spear. Which was once a part of its own body, but was now better!

Soul enchant. Fortunately, it had similarities to mana crafting which he had insights on just now.

Making an already perfect weapon advance to a new realm by adding a soul fragment that was in perfect harmony with it; freeing that thought within the weapon in order to extract the potential of the weapon to its very limits.

The harmony of the Black bone giant spear and the Orochi was of course, the best. Orochi’s thought settled on the spear without any hesitation, and at that moment, the Black bone giant spear twisted as if alive and changed form.

The spear body became longer, and the spearhead colored in purple and turned even sharper. Above all, it gave out an overwhelming aura.

[Eight-tailed dragon spear was completed.]
[The skill, soul enchant, has become level 13. You can now bring out the power of a soul more easily.]


When Yu IlHan burst out laughing, the Orochi, which now became a part of the Eight-tailed dragon spear, roared as if to warn him not to laugh.

As expected, he could now understand a little of how equipments are named.

Although it looked like the options disappeared while the name was compressed into a simpler name, the reality wasn’t like that. Instead, in the process of the alpha, beta and gamma options merging into one, it would make a unique name for that artifact.

If Yu IlHan wanted, he would be able to revert their names back to the really long names, but he didn’t want to. He respected Orochi’s will to leave behind its name, and could also see the options contained in that name.

[Eight-tailed dragon spear]
[Rank – Epic]
[Attack Power – 7,000]
[Durability – 15,000/15,000]
[User restrictions – A deathgod with the power to wield souls.]
[Options –
1. Purple flames can be activated.
2. Can attack after splitting the spearhead into eight.
3. Sprays poison upon critical hits.
4. All abilities increase by 120% against dragonkin.]
[An existence of literature was recreated by a crafter that wields the power of souls. As the crafter’s power to wield souls increases, and as the records pile up, the weapon will evolve.]

“Good, the second epic.”

Although he didn’t make this purely with blacksmithing and mana crafting, this was meaningful in the sense that he gave rise to a 2nd epic with his own hands. Moreover, the evolvable point made Yu IlHan happy.

Although the ability to amplify deathgod-class powers were gone, this could be said to be enhanced in the fundamental way of the weapon. He felt good since it felt like he had found the correct path.

“Then should I message them around this time? They should be sleeping around now if nothing’s happening, right?”
[You’re planning to make weapons after you send them a message, aren’t you?] (Erta)
“Again, don’t read my mind.”

The time was already nearing 1 a.m. If she was sleeping, it would be bad to wake her up. Yu IlHan turned on the messenger and sent Kang MiRae, the clan master of the Lightning God Clan, that he returned to Earth.

However, the message was read instantly and he got a phone call. As soon as Yu IlHan received the call with round eyes, a screaming woman’s voice could be heard. It was Kang MiRae’s.

[Mr. Yu IlHan!]

Yu IlHan realized that something had happened.

“Sorry for not receiving your call for the past few months. You should know from Mr. Kang HaJin, but I went to an Abandoned Wo……”
[That’s it! Abandoned World!]

Kang MiRae rarely shouted. Yu IlHan only blinked his eyes in surprise.
Just as he was about to ask back because he didn’t know why she was so flustered.

[Today! Just a while ago, it was found that a dungeon in Korea was connected to an Abandoned World. It’s already at the point where it can no longer be sealed, and it merged with Earth and it’s all chaotic! Mr. Yu IlHan. It’s really fortunate that you didn’t come back too late…..!]

Yu IlHan momentarily couldn’t answer and pondered seriously on the spot. He could only think this.

Hey, is my existence on Earth the problem?

Author’s notes

  1. Your first training partner is not a monster but a corpse!
  2. Shy dragon Yumir. His concealment will not stop evolving until it becomes the strongest in the world!
  3. There should’ve been other things that happened on Earth even beore you came back, IlHan! Don’t worry!

Translator’s notes
His existence is causing problems everywhere….

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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