Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 11: I Hunt Alone – 3

While Han YeoRang was thinking idiotic things, Yu IlHan organized the magic stones and the dismantled wolf bodies. To carry them, he temporarily made a bag using the wolf skin, and he put the leather, bones, and magic stones inside it.

And when he put all of them inside, what was remaining were the mountains of wolf monster meat.

“Is this edible?”
[If you have the weak poison resistance skill.]

At Erta’s cool headed words, he gave up on the wolf meat. However, when he was about to put the bag on his shoulder, Han YeoRang approached him carefully and asked with pitiful eyes.

“Can you… sell some mwagic stwones and some of the grey wolf skwin…..?”1

How could he reject so refreshingly? Was he some stiff general in his past life…?2

Han YeoRang, who spoke with a bit of cuteness, had to step back with tears in her eyes when her charm didn’t work on him. She resolved to beat the soldiers up until they were half dead when they went back.

At that time, the cash arrived. It was a cash delivery service with a lieutenant colonel-level personnel, and a government personnel attached as bonus.
Yu IlHan wanted to refund just the bonus, but things didn’t turn out that way. It was said that the Goddess of fortune and the Goddess of misfortune always came in pairs, and it seemed like it was true.

“You’re really amazing! To think that you killed all those monsters with your strength alone!”

Nonsense starting with those words were completely chewed by Yu IlHan and he just quietly checked the amount of money. 3
370 million won in total. (≈ 320,000USD)

His hands trembled lightly. Despite the thousand years of training, he couldn’t not be nervous in front of the enormous sum of money in front of him. It was because despite the fact that he had driven big ships and high-class sports cars, he had yet to steal from banks.

[No matter how good of a condition that the leather and the bones are in, considering that the Wandering Dogs are less than level 20, this is quite generous. It’s highly possible that they want to leave ties with you.]
“As expected, it’s like that, right……?”

Yu IlHan carried the bag on his shoulders. Yu IlHan, who confirmed that their gazes were fixed on the bag with the wolf leather in it, which was incomparably more valuable than some wild dog, he relaxed and spoke.

“The exchange is over right? This is my money, right?”
“Of course it’s yours! However before that, why don’t we tal……”
“We’ll probably see each other again soon.”

Yu IlHan retorted icily and ran an app after taking out his smartphone. It was an app he downloaded after realizing something yesterday in the campus square.

The app’s function was very simple. It would flash an enormous amount of light in one moment. After the flash, everyone there, except Yu IlHan himself, closed their eyes for a moment, and opened.

“Wh, what was that!”
“He’s not here. He disappeared!”
“He disappeared in such a short time!? Just how high level is he……!? Just what kind of arcane magic did he acquire in the other world?”
“Amazing, Sungdaein Bolt……”
“No, m*n in black……!”

Of course, there was no need to explain. Yu IlHan was still right in front of them.

Even though the passive concealment wasn’t active during to the fight, if he distracted their gazes, then the concealment would activate again. What Yu IlHan used was the gap in recognition.

“Shall we go now?”
[The time it will take for heaven to move due to my report is one day. I’m sorry but during that time, we’ll need to keep moving. Dangerous monsters would have shown themselves in other places as well.]
“Okay, okay. Let’s go after leaving this in a safe place. And I need to check that class thing.”

Yu IlHan left the people who were desperately searching for him and moved his body.
His long day had only began.

Author’s notes

  1. Next chapter, he will get his class! I was trying to shove it in this chapter, but it was too long…
  2. I should give him a mask full of originality and strip him of the ironman mask……!
  3. After Yu IlHan’s busy day finishes, in other words, chapter 3 finishes, I can say that the main novel will start. Please look forward to it!

Translator’s notes

Disassembly will now be called dismantling… thx guys.
‘Strong friend’ refers to the military.
Poor second lieutenant… lol
What I love about this author is he gives blatant foreshadows… and that the MC knows them!
Weak poison -> poison -> strong poison (the other two will come up later)

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  1. Acting cute
  2. Actually, this was a pun in Korean. Raws are literally, ‘Was he some danhobak farmer in his past life?’ with danhobak being a pun of danho(being determined)
  3. chewed is a Korean way of saying ‘ignored’; You can ‘chew’ someone’s words, meaning you can ignore someone’s words
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  1. referee

    Ok wtf his status only rises by 1 each time he levels up even though he has this:
    “[Dropout bonus was acquired, and distributed]
    [Status rises by 5 when levelling up by 1]”
    If he isn’t even getting the bonus then this God is a total liar and an untrustworthy chap

    1. Caudyr

      Heh, the 5 stat points per level thing is the default that people get.

      I’m pretty sure that the “Dropout Bonus” that he got is a portion of the status points that he got at the beginning. Either way, it’s a very lackluster compensation for 1,000 years of freaking solitude.

  2. Halfcrzy

    I dont know if I can read this one…
    It has some great things going for it, but I cant stand toika’s harem stuff, bland MC attracts all the clingy women. Also, the realism. People wouldnt be back to their old jobs in one or two days after all this. Schools and military would be in disorder, and no govt would willingly let our MC do this. They would rob his loot for the good of the nation and use force to recruit him. Ill try a couple more, hope im wrong.

    1. Caudyr

      He’s kinda “bland”, but he’s also “crazy strong”…which is what matters here.

      Also, I’m pretty sure that the government is acting this way because they know full well from what they saw in other worlds what can happen if they try to use force on the strong people in the world. Especially considering how easily he’s defeating monsters quite a bit higher in level than himself. It could backfire on them big time if they try to use force on him in ANY way, shape, or form.

      Especially since he would inevitably go online to slander them after they stole all his hard earned loot “for the sake of the country”.

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