Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 110: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 2

When Kang MiRae started reciting the incantation for her spell, the other clan masters who were chatting amongst themselves while leading their clans flinched at her sudden actions and proceeded to rush into battle formations.

Some large clans split up into smaller platoons, other small clans merged into one, and some clans scattered while gathering into their differentiated roles in battle. Their actions looked like this wasn’t the first time they did this; an aura of inclement battle immediately arose.

[People from Earth are amazing.] (Erta)

Spoke Erta suddenly.

[It’s not only because they had a 10 year adaptation period. Humans always fight each other due to their differences but here, they’re combining their power.] (Erta)
“That’s because they were embarrassed during the battle in Japan where they acted separately.”

Yu IlHan replied in a cynical fashion as he looked towards the dungeon gate. It really looked like it was going to explode open at any moment.
According to Kang MiRae’s words, it seemed that the majority were 2nd or 3rd class, but who knows; Yu IlHan decided to consider the possibility of 4th class beings popping out.

He just wished that there weren’t over a thousand 4th class beings. Currently, Yu IlHan wasn’t receiving the Angel’s Support buff that he receives in Abandoned Worlds, and the options of the Eight-tailed dragon spear would not be activated against non-dragonkin.

[No, that’s because the humans realized their own lack of power, and started thinking about how to fill that gap with the help of other people. This is only possible because they became more humble.] (Erta)
“That’s a good thing.”
[And you are the one who made them humble.] (Erta)
“I’m also very humble. I’m no knight though.”

After saying that, he ordered the elves to prepare for battle and activated Superhuman Strength and jumped several kilometers into the air.

When the elves concealment deactivated due to that, the people around them panicked for a little, but when the elves gestured that they weren’t enemies, they backed off while being on guard. In the current situation, all allied forces were precious.

Meanwhile, Yu IlHan used the extra function on the leap skill and stayed in the air for a little longer while he took out a huge spear and grabbed it with both of his hands. The length was over 5 meters and the thickness was as thick as Yu IlHan’s body. It was an overwhelming-sized spear. What was more surprising was that this spear was for throwing.

[Isn’t that just sharpened 3rd class dragonkin bones?] (Erta)
“This, is the bone of the dragonkin that used lightning.”

Yu IlHan laughed  as mana started exploding from the gate. Along with that, a mass of monsters rushed out from the gate! The people who were prepared all shot with long-ranged magic, and knights with shields rushed forward and held up their shields.


And Yu IlHan threw his spear. There was no need for him to transfer the weight. Just by using his Superhuman strength-empowered muscles, and the Absolute accuracy, along with the several kilometers of height, it was sufficient for him to just throw the gigantic spear made from a level 180 dragonkin that wielded the power of lightning.

Boom! The gigantic spear that fell down on the ground light a streak of lightning instantly decimated tens of monsters that rushed out from the gate. It happened as the lightning-attribute magic power was emitted to the surroundings at the point of landing.

[Kihik! Kugaaaaah!]

However, Yu IlHan’s spear throw didn’t end with that. 2 shots, 4 shots, 7 shots!

“Wh, what the heck?”

The gigantic spears that fell in order to surround the gate in a circle instantly decimated hundreds of monsters in mere moments, and even after the lightning storm was gone, the monsters that exited the gate could neither pull out nor destroy the gigantic spears and they could not attack the humans.


3rd class monsters weren’t that much different, because electric currents still remained in the spears, preventing the monsters from using their full power while in contact with it.

All of this was done by just one man. The shield knights who were prepared for shock became dumbfounded.

“So, this here is…”
“There’s only one that can attack like this…”

The people there also realized what was happening. An absurdly strong ally, and one that liked to throw spears…… Susanoo was with them!

And amidst of the people, one woman extended her hands towards one of the gigantic spears that surrounded the gate. She knew that the ‘moment’ he was talking about was now!

“Gigantic Thunder!”

Golden lightning struck the gigantic spears. The moment after the gigantic spear was colored in gold, it spat out small streaks of lightning and instantly scorched the monsters coming out from the gate.


Kang MiRae couldn’t close her mouth while seeing the streak of experience notifications that covered her retina. Would Yu IlHan have expected this? Yes of course. But seeing how he didn’t even get into a party with her, it seemed that this ‘mere’ amount of experience was unnecessary for him.

‘Amazing. The person that struck from high up is amazing, but the crafter that made that artifact is also amazing!1 Mana can only decrease the moment it acquires an offensive property through processing, but that big spear doesn’t deplete the mana but is amplifying it instead!’

Even Kang MiRae, who struck out with the magic herself, didn’t expect this. That gigantic spear absorbed and amplified lightning? The small streaks of lightning that were pouring out were showing overwhelming might, but in Kang MiRae’s eyes, they were just waste products. Waste products that were produced in the process of the lightning being amplified!

“Shit, now that I think Susanoo is here, the monsters aren’t so scary anymore. Insane.”
“The monsters can’t come out of the spear-fence. Shit, that’s a prison right there!”
“Now! Attack like you mean it! Those who can use lightning magic all aim for that spear!”

After realizing what the situation came to be, the people sniped at the monsters who couldn’t easily exit the fence comprised of gigantic spears. The lightning mages also shot at the gigantic spear along with Kang MiRae, albeit with a significantly weaker power.

Some time later, the spear that absorbed and amplified Kang MiRae’s Gigantic Thunder emitted more light before all the other gigantic spears around started emitting light.

The moment Kang MiRae muttered ‘no way’, the golden lightning within the main spear transferred its energy to the other spears at a speed invisible to the eyes. Obviously, the monsters in the path were all scorched to death.

“What the hell is that!?”
“It isn’t even over yet!”

The true party had just began. The transferred lightning amplified once again before shooting to other spears, and the ones in their paths were scorched to death yet again. The people who had shields up front to block the monsters had to step back in fear.

“Playing with lightning…”
“Is that magic by the Empress?”
“Empress, amazing as the rumors said.”

Like how soccer players were passing the ball to each other, the huge spears that comprised the fence also passed lightning back and forth. The monsters either got electrified and collapsed while trying to go over the fence, or had to stay paralyzed for quite a while, and that in itself was the greatest chance for the forces to act.

Although energy was depleted as the lightning pierced through the monsters and the explosive firepower shown at first gradually decreased, after some time, the passing speed of the lightning became faster and it seemed like a giant fence of lightning had formed in a circular fashion outside the gate. The people could only make empty laughs.

“Those who can’t attack long range should throw their weapons or something! That thing there won’t last forever!”
“No, I think you’re wrong.”

Immediately after someone said that it wouldn’t last forever, Kang MiRae shot another huge streak of lightning onto the spear and the electric fence instantly became enhanced. Not only that,

“Please make those fences a little more sturdier! In order for the bad guys to stay inside!”

The moment Na YuNa said that in a tone that seemed like she was asking something of an old man next door, all the spears started emitting a pink aura and emitted an even stronger lightning all around!

“Oh my, no matter how this place is the home grounds for the Lightning God clan, we can’t let them take everything! We shall use the Concentrate magic!”
“Understood, master!”

Like how they used the word ‘Magia’ for their clan name, Carina Malatesta didn’t want to look so bad in regards to magic, and as such, showed a magic that was only possible for them as they were comprised of mages only. It was none other than joint magic!

All the mages would pour their mana into the magic stone that the clan master, Carina Malatesta, was holding. Then, Carina would use that as the material to cast magic. Additional magic stones would be consumed in the process, so it could be said to be a money attack that used 2 2nd class magic stones at once or even more depending on the attack.
This was only possible because 2nd class monsters started appearing more frequently on Earth recently.

“Great Chain Lightning!”

Carina’s magic struck the spear. Monsters screamed in pain, while the humans cheered in rejoice.

This place, was a place of battle, of festivity, of growth, and of harmony.
To everyone other than Yu IlHan.


Swore Yu IlHan. he had just landed concealed in the middle of the battlefield after he had formed that fence around the gate.

He had ordered the elves to attack.
Currently, the archer, Paté was at 1st place in contribution as he was shooting arrows from a safe place, and the other three were taking care of 3rd class monsters that managed to exit the fence so they were slightly behind Paté.

However, what was important right now wasn’t something like that. Currently, he was under a severe depression.

“This…makes sense?”
[Uhh……. yeah it does.] (Erta)

Acknowledged Erta, before adding in a slightly sorry tone.

[I should have told you this before, but I’d forgotten since you were too out of class.] (Erta)
“That doesn’t cheer me up so away with it.”
[I’m not trying to cheer you up. I’m only saying the reality as it is.] (Erta)

The reason he was depressed was extremely simple. A while before, when he had just killed hundreds of 2nd class monsters with just the shockwave alone,

he got no experience at all!

[One cannot acquire experience from those under level 100 after acquiring 3rd class, that is from a class lower than yours. It’s because it does not help your growth at all.] (Erta)
“You don’t have to explain.”
[But isn’t it good? A gate got connected to another Abandoned World. Now, stronger monsters will start coming out. There will be plenty of 3rd class monsters for you to hunt too!] (Erta)

For the people who were having a hard fight, it was a cruel consolation. However Yu IlHan’s imagination was already beyond that.

“And what happens after I clean this mess up?”

While other people were worrying about how to survive this situation, Yu IlHan was already looking at the bleak looking future which made Erta sweat cold sweat while replying.

[Since Earth has only gone through its 1st Great Cataclysm, there won’t be many dungeons where you can hunt 3rd class monsters in. Even so, there would be new dungeons with 3rd class monsters as normal mobs after the 2nd Great Cataclysm! Like the dungeon in Japan last time!] (Erta)
“And until that?”
[How about Dareu?] (Erta)
“The elves need it to take care of their growth.”
[……Then would you go on a global tour with me to see if there’s any other connection with an Abandoned World?] (Erta)

Erta was asking Ilhan out for a date which she had never done in her life as an angel nor before that, but unfortunately, both the time and the occasion was the worst. Yu IlHan sighed while shaking his head.

“I’ll just raise my child. I’ll make him OP.”

Yes, this must be fate. Perhaps Lecidna gave him a child because she knew he wouldn’t be able to earn any experience to level up when he came back to Earth! Really, she was a thankful woman.

“I shouldn’t have let her die. I should have kept her at my side and bullied her all the time.”

Yu IlHan gritted his teeth while praying for Lecidna’s well-wishes(?), before taking out a dragon-bone atlatl from his inventory and waiting for his turn.

While he was just sucking on his thumb while watching Kang MiRae of the Lightning God Clan, and Carina Malatesta of Magia who were raking in experience with their lightning magic, an opportunity finally arrived for Yu IlHan.

Just as the clans that weren’t in the Front Line Alliance joined the battle and raised the morale, a single monster that rushed out from the gate instantly saw through the situation and roared after jumping hundreds of meters into the air!

“Good, that guy looks promising.”

Yes. You should at least jump if you can’t leave because of the fence! Thinking that the jumping guy looked promising, Yu IlHan swung the bone atlatl with all his power.


The javelin made of dragon bones pierced the head of the monster that just landed and was about to assault the humans.

[You have earned 24,109,283 experience.]
[You have earned the record of Lv 161 Great Dark Wolf.]


Muttered Yu IlHan in disappointment.

“This guy was also a mob character.”

“What just happened right now?”
“It’s Susanoo. We all know he’s here, don’t we?”
“Yes, it’s Susanoo. But the monster that just died……?”

The people who were in the middle of battle looked at the scene where the Great Dark Wolf’s corpse disappeared (into Yu IlHan’s inventory) before realizing that there was no time for that and focused back on the battle.

However, that scene was already firmly engraved into everyone’s heads. There was no idiot who couldn’t understand what this meant.

Susanoo’s spear that instantly pierced 2nd class monsters 3 months before, could now pierce 3rd class monsters without any problems!

Author’s notes

  1. The humble strongest being, Yu IlHan.
  2. Quite the hard core levelup there.

Translator’s notes
Lel, no exp for a while.

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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