Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 116: I’m the Master of Your Lives – 8

“The Destruction Demon Army told us: The connection to Earth cannot be severed, and that even more worlds will be connected to Earth later! Earth will be placed in the center of all battlefields, and countless experts shall gather to conquer the land of mysticism!”

Somehow, it sounded like a game prologue.

“As such, you will need an army. An army that you can trust your back with. We shall become that power!”
“And therefore, you want me to spare you.”

The princess immediately kneeled down. Even while shaking from nervousness, Flemir gathered the black wolves just in case the red ones attacked.


Yu IlHan flicked his fingers again and butchered only the red wolves again, but inside, he was quite conflicted.

‘It’s true that this girlie won’t be able to betray me if I use the Rule skill on her. However, just how much significance does a wolfkin royalty have for her to say that those guys will follow me too? Can’t they just declare someone else as royalty and stab me in the back anyway?’
“The wolfkin is centered around the royalty. Without the special power from the baptism containing the blood of the royalty, wolfkin cannot be blessed by the moon. This is also the reason why the Destruction Demon Army tried to capture and not kill me. Without me, the wolfkin will go extinct.”

Explained the princess as if having read his mind. She then continued,

“The only surviving royalty is me. No, if you put me under your rule and ask me then, then I will have no choice but to answer the truth, so it will be easier to find out.”
“You’re quite desperate.”
“I want to survive. Also, I want to let them survive.”

Yu IlHan could feel that the princess wasn’t lying. Yes, since it was the truth, it was all the more laughable. He snorted.

“That’s why you should have thought about where you set foot in.”

The princess bit her lips. When she looked at Flemir momentarily, he only lowered his head in embarrassment. Yu IlHan now knew who exactly was behind the plan to invade earth, but since it should have been the princess who gave the final approval, he had no plans on letting her off easy.

“I will not make any excuses. I just want you to understand that we’re that desperate. If you listen to me, if you accept me as your subordinate, then I will do anything for you. Even if it maybe licking your boots.”
“Nah, that’s dirty so no.”
“If so! Then I-”

Yu IlHan thought for a moment before asking Erta.

“What do you think I should do?”
[…….Thinking about how a new woman is about to be stuck to you, I don’t feel that well.] (Erta)
[N, nothing at all! If you can rule over a massive monster army like that, then you should. Only if you can completely subdue them. Yes, of course.] (Erta)

Somehow, the angels around him nowadays were behaving quite strangely, what exactly was happening? While tilting his head and scratching his ear, Yu IlHan nodded his head. He then flicked his fingers once again.


Over 400 dragon bone spears. They didn’t show the slightest sign of cracks even after hundreds of throws, despite having ended the life of all the howling red wolves on this land.
With that, in this world of Kiroa at least, wolfkin that belonged to the Destruction Demon Army did not exist any more. Well, at least among those that took part in this war.

“Very well.”

Emotionally speaking, he could never accept this, but Yu IlHan wasn’t an idiot who decided everything based on his emotions.
If it was Yu IlHan alone, then he had the resolve and confidence to survive anywhere and everywhere, but if all other people of Earth died and Yu IlHan was left alone, then there would be no more people to play tic-tac-toe with, would there? Well, there wasn’t anyone to play with him in the first place, but still!

“I accept your suggestion.”
“Thank you very much!”

While the princess was being thankful to the point that she was even banging her head on the ground, Flemir was frowning due to his complicated emotions. From that, it did seem like the princess wasn’t lying.

“Then please, immediately subordinate me!”
“But wait. I don’t think I have any room in the ski-”

Muttering, Yu IlHan checked the information on his status, and the Rule skill amongst that, and he was surprised to find out that the level of it had already reached 13. The reason was simple. It seemed that Yumir and the elves were going on quite the rampage, and as such, his skill level was rising rapidly.

He had plenty of room. He could probably take an additional 7 on top of the princess.

“Scratch that. Let’s hurry then.”

Extending his hand, Yu IlHan activated the Rule skill. Flemir looked like he wanted to stop it at all costs. While Yu IlHan was thinking that Flemir was not cut out for acting at all, the Rule skill had safely subordinated her.

[Moon Wolf, Ericia, has been subordinated to you. Ericia’s growth rate accelerates. You are now able to see Ericia’s status.]

It wasn’t like he was going to raise her well, but he still opened her status just in case she had lied, but it seemed like she was definitely the princess of the wolfkin; One of her titles was ‘Blessing of the Moon Goddess’.

“Level 85. Aren’t ya weak.”
“It has not been a long time since Her Ladyship was bo-”
“Flemir, do not call me politely in front of my master.”

Just as Yu IlHan was about to say that addressing each other using titles was tedious, he came to a conclusion that it didn’t matter at all, as the two wolves looked very serious. To be exact, he couldn’t be bothered to meddle.

Now that he had subordinated her, if anything became different, it was the attitude of the surviving black wolves. Although the wolves still possessed remnants of fear and hostility towards Yu IlHan, they were still kneeling down and paying their respects.

Nearly ten thousand wolves paying their respects to him wasn’t such a bad feeling. He wasn’t used to receiving attention, but that didn’t matter since they all lowered their heads towards him. Satisfied, Yu IlHan looked at the surroundings. He still couldn’t see any red wolves.

“Then let’s go clean up quickly.”
“Yes, master.”

The princess went into the gate first. Flemir looked at Yu IlHan with an expression that he wanted to say something, but soon frowned and followed her into the gate. Looking at their backs, Yu IlHan tilted his head.

“Hey, are they dating each other?”
[Perhaps.] (Erta)

Said Erta in a tone like she reeeeeeaaallly wanted them to be. So this angel was meddling in other’s love affairs now? Yu IlHan ended up laughing.

“I don’t want to accept that guy as a subordinate either, but if they want to marry then I can just accept him as subordinate and make them marry.”
[And the child born from the two?] (Erta)
“Free slave acquired.”
[Slave-born-slave treatment!?!!] (Erta)

Yu IlHan headed into the gate. What was left behind was the ten thousand wolves that still had their heads on the ground, and the snowy plains blanched in blood..

“Defend that side!”
“Hold out, on the right! Hold out a little more!”

Beyond the gate was a total mess. Black and red wolves were howling, and human shouts filled the land.

Brave people, cowardly people, and the four elves that stood out despite having concealed their appearances using artifacts, and a roughly 7-year old child that was sweeping the wolves with frightening magic in an angel’s bosom! Wait, he got bigger again!


Michael Smithson, who managed to see Yu IlHan’s figure, shouted in a loud voice. Just as Yu IlHan was thinking that this guy maybe liked him, the majority of the humankind people abruptly raised their heads and found Yu IlHan, when they shouted simultaneously.

“It’s real!?”
“Susanoo came back!”

With an incomprehensible feeling, Yu IlHan flicked his fingers. When hundreds of bone spears similar to those that decimated Kiroa continent were summoned once again, the wolves all gave up fighting and just stood still in resignation, waiting for their deaths, but the bone spears only found and killed the red ones, even within the chaos of the battlefield.

Everything was thanks to the ability of Absolute accuracy. To be exact, if he did not have that ability, he wouldn’t have tried summoning those spears in the air and letting them fall down.

“Now he’s pouring out hundreds of spears.”

While the humans were being shocked, the spears were re-collected and thrown again.
Up, down. Up, down. Wolves died. Wolves died again.

If people realized that even something of this level was Yu IlHan showing restraint considering the growth of other people, then what would the other people think? Of course, he was doing that precisely because he had predicted that!


Yumir, who arrived near Yu IlHan with Liera’s help, dispelled his concealment and hugged Yu IlHan, before bashing his head onto the armor again. It didn’t look like he felt any pain as he was smiling.
Liera had a look at the messy battlefield before explaining to Yu IlHan.

[This boy was no joke.] (Liera)
“He shouldn’t have been able to do much after the chain level ups stopped, though?”

Middle tier wind magic was definitely strong, and a dragon’s Mana control would make that even stronger. However, Yumir’s level was still too low. The first few shots would have been enhanced by the amplified mana resulting from chain level ups, but after level ups slow down, it should have been difficult to do much more.

Moreover, from how he had a figure that was fit attend elementary school, he was definitely a 2nd class now!

[The clan master of the Lightning God Clan gave him a mana potion. That woman has tons of them. I did hear about the idiom ‘money can even make ghosts do things’, but I still wonder if that woman bought an entire alchemy guild] (Liera)
“Pretty and kind noona!”

Yumir added onto Liera’s explanation. The strong was scary, but it seemed like this guy liked Kang MiRae.

Thinking back, as he was using magic in a battlefield without Yu IlHan, his concealment would have worn off. This meant that Kang MiRae gave him potions after seeing that Yumir was strong.

“Your Majesty!”

The elves came as well. The thief, Phiria, and the archer, Paté, were relatively clean, but Mirey and Jirl who had to block the monsters with their bodies, were soaked in blood.
Although their faces were covered, Yu IlHan could know without taking their masks off how delighted they were at meeting Yu IlHan again. Laughing, Yu IlHan spoke.

“You guys are dirty so fight somewhere else.”
“The cold Majesty is cool too!”
“Go kill the red wolves instead.

The humans weren’t at a disadvantage in the first place, but with the return of Yu IlHan and the 4th class wolfkin, Flemir, the morale instantly tipped towards the human side. Moreover, it seemed that the DD-wolf that went beyond the gate before had already died.

Looking at the traces of the tens of giant spears that were destroyed, Yu IlHan smirked. Before going through the gate, he had told the Empress how to cause an explosion using the stored lightning energy as the fuel.
It would naturally be enough to kill a 4th class. He had made them with that in mind in the first place as well. Insurance did work. He was very satisfied.

“Give eternal rest to our kin tainted by the dirty Destruction Demon Army! Show them the might of our wolfkin!”

The princess didn’t even consider going back to wolven form now, and courageously shouted. The black wolves rampaged even more under the princess’ encouragement and ripped apart the red wolves, and Flemir killed the red wolves as if it could save one more wolfkin.

Yu IlHan supported them by dropping some bone spears whenever he felt that he was about to be forgotten, as he walked out of the battlefield.

Beyond the defensive formation formed of thousands of tankers, the clan master of the Magia clan, Carina Malatesta, who just finished killing tens of red wolves with her magic.

“Would you care to explain? You said you were going to come back after killing all the 4th classes, no?”
“After killing all the red wolves, we now don’t have to kill the black ones any more.”
“And why is that?”

Every long-ranged attackers focused their attention on him. Yu IlHan kindly explained to the people who were confused due to the sudden turnaround in the situation.

“I have subdued them. In other words, they are my underlings now.”

She replied. Yu IlHan kindly repeated again, and her smiling face froze stiff.

Well, not just her, everyone who heard that, their expressions turned stiff.
The battle ended within 30 minutes after that.

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        1. Jonathan Hurd

          I think Sim City would be a lot easier if the vast majority of the people were Wolves who already have homes, hunting grounds, don’t require clothes or weapons, and can probably be self sufficient, :D.

          I’m not trying to take away from his achievement. I too have lost many a battle against the monster they call Sim City. Just saying his subordinates don’t really seem like the require much from him currently.

  10. Oone

    Thanks for the translation,
    So you say you’re coming back on the first… of April… this won’t end up being a “April fools, EER is dropped!” if so, to quote a knights tale, “PAIN, LOTS OF PAIN!”.

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