Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 118: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 2

“And so what? This angel called Spiera will come to contract me?”
[Yeah.] (Liera)

Liera replied with a depressed face while putting dragon meat in her mouth. Her expression brightening and darkening repeatedly was considerably cute, and so, he gave her another one and her expression brightened before darkening again. It really was cute.

[And it was as if her coming down was a massive reward for you too. Does she want to play now that the war is over? ……. But hey, why do you keep giving me meat?] (Liera)
“Because you’re cute.”
[Then I can’t help it. Aaahn.] (Liera)

Liera stopped thinking and decided to just receive the meat. The meat was delicious already, but since she was called cute as well, there was no way she could not eat it.

“Have some wine too. You have extreme poison resistance, right?”
[Yeah.] (Liera)

Yu IlHan took out two goblets he made by carving out dragon bones and poured Breath onto it. He form-created it with fire, added other fragments in detail as well and even embedded some jewels he had lying around in his inventory, so the goblet was extremely beautiful to the point that even some third-rate alcohol would look good in it.

“Your Majesty. Do you not have any for us?”
“I do want to give you, but since you guys don’t have extreme poison resistance, you will be poisoned to death if you drink this.”

Seeing Liera and Yu IlHan geonbae’ing(kanpai-ing), the elves resolved to acquire extreme poison resistance at any costs. However, their passion was short-lived, and they became happy after eating dragon meat. The elves thought that this meat may even save the world.

“And so? How’s this angel called Spiera? Is she trustable?”

After a round of drinks, Yu IlHan asked about Spiera as Liera looked to be in a better mood now. Liera replied obediently.

[If it wasn’t for her, many angels would have died until now. Her career is long, she’s upright, she takes the front line in killing traitors…… And that’s why she’s being hated by the other factions, too. If Spiera comes to us, then the probability of other factions aiming for us will increase.] (Liera)
“I don’t think it’s possible for us to get in any more danger than this, so that’s fine.”
[A very good way of thinking.] (???)

At that moment, a reply came out from someone other than Liera.

Raising his head with a piece of dragon meat in his mouth, there was a beautiful angel with burning scarlet hair tied into a ponytail. There was no need to ask who she was. 1


Sighed Yu IlHan while emptying his goblet.

“All these damned angels intrude my property without my permission.”
[My name is Spiera. Human Yu IlHan. It is nice to meet you. It seems you have the talent to get caught up in any and every major incident occurring on Earth.] (Spiera)
“Yeah, dammit. I’m soooo thankful to Heaven for giving me this talent.”

Moreover, this girlie was picking a fight as soon as she arrived.

[I’m not trying to look down on you. You have splendidly taken care of all incidents that we judged as impossible for the people of Earth, and that is worthy of praise. I was curious about you from how Erta and Liera only talked about you whenever they came up to Heaven, but since there was a nice opportunity this time. I came down here myself.] (Spiera)
“Time? Opportunity?”
[As the War of the Wall of Chaos had ended not long before, and with an overwhelming victory on our side, we do not have to worry about that for the time being. Also, I became quite free after have lived a long time without rest. And lastly, the number of angels you can contract with had increased after acquiring your 3rd class……] (Spiera)

Spiera stopped talking and sniffed.

[You give me quite a surprise as soon as I come down. What is this smell? Both the meat and the wine are of a variety that I have never come across before.] (Spiera)
“Liera, what the hell is up with her? She’s trying to rip off meat and wine as soon as we meet.”
[As you see, she’s a total thug.] (Liera)

Spiera lightly glared at Liera but she only snorted. Although Spiera was still above her even after advancing to the same class, Liera didn’t care about that because that was her personality in the first place.

Seeing two angels having a power struggle, Yu IlHan lightly smacked Liera on the head and spoke.

“Sit, and you can eat and drink too.”
[Is that fine?] (Spiera)
“If I contract you then the power as an angel’s partner will increase right? Since we’re gonna do it anyway, I’m not letting you get upset just because I didn’t pour you wine.”
[Hm……I think you’re settling things a little too fast. But very well.] (Spiera)

Sitting obediently, Spiera took the goblet. With the members drinking alcohol increased to 3, the elves immediately felt more isolated.

[I’ll be honest. There are quite a few angels who want to contract with you. There are some who want to get to know you as you’re almost guaranteed to become a higher existence in the future, while there are also who want to experience this small world that’s undergoing many changes, with the strongest person here. Even at the risk of destruction.] (Spiera)
“Quite the perverts there.”
[I also have an interest in you. Also, I want to give you some help in confronting the traitors of Heaven’s Army.] (Spiera)

Just as Yu IlHan was about to pass it over like it was nothing, as he had decided to not rely on the angels any more, Spiera suddenly spoke.

[It seems you don’t expect anything.] (Spiera)
“Of course, Liera and Erta were a great help of me until now. They helped me console my loneliness, and made me stronger in Abandoned worlds. As such, I’m expecting quite a lot of things from you as well. If you have the courage to play tic-tac-toe with a loner like me, then we will become much closer in the future.”
[I’m speaking of a more fundamental help. If you listen to me, then you will think differently. I guarantee it.] (Spiera)

Spiera said with a voice filled with confidence. When Yu IlHan looked at Liera, she shook her head and retorted,

[This woman’s the worst.] (Liera)
[I heard you mastered many martial arts. And I hear you even upgraded Spear Mastery too.] (Spiera)

Spiera spoke while ignoring Liera. It was quite sudden, but Yu IlHan went with the flow.

“Yes, but I left the rest alone because it’s hard to fulfill the evolution criteria. It will be a problem even if they do evolve .”
[Sure. You must be plenty busy getting into the spear right now.] (Spiera)

Yes. Yu IlHan had his hands full with just the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory.

Of course, although it was difficult to fulfill the requirements for the evolution given to him by the Akashic Record, it wasn’t impossible. There were no insane requirements like having to kill a 4th class with a single strike. And if it were 3rd classes, he had the confidence to fulfill all of them after making a legend ranked weapon.

However, so what if he evolved it? He had a relatively low level for his advanced spear skill, and if he tried to learn the other ones, then he may as well become a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

As such, Yu IlHan was planning to improve on various other skills starting with Physical combat after training Spear of Untraceable Trajectory to a certain level.

However, Spiera took out quite a strange story this time.

[Then do you know about fusion evolution then?] (Spiera)

Amongst the skills Yu IlHan had in his possession, shooting skill was a skill that was impossible to evolve any further, and throwing skill was a skill that could not evolve alone. And when that throwing skill was about to evolve, he got a notification that it wanted to fuse-evolve with the shooting skill.

The result was the Absolute accuracy skill; the number one contributor skill to Yu IlHan’s OP inventory use, and a skill that Yu IlHan couldn’t do without now.

[If you know then this will be quick. Then I ask you. Do you think the skills that can evolve alone can only evolve alone? Would those skills be impossible to fuse-evolve?] (Spiera)

Lightning flashed in Yu IlHan’s brain for a moment. However, trying his best to calm himself down, Yu IlHan asked.

“…….Say it more simply.”
[Very well. Did the dig*mons who could only evolve with dig*-eggs at the beginning of the series armor-dig*volve until the very end?] (Spiera)

No, it was possible to dig*volve normally! That explanation was truly simple for Yu IlHan to understand.

[There are skills that are impossible to evolve, as well as ones that can only evolve via fusion evolution and also that can only evolve alone. If so, then it won’t be strange for there to be skills that are both possible to be evolved alone, and fuse-evolved. You just did not know of this fact. Like how V*emon didn’t know he could evolve into Exv*emon!]

Hearing that, Yu IlHan hurriedly had a look at his status, but although there was information on what to do to evolve Physical combat, Blunt weapon mastery, and Sword mastery, there was no explanation about fusion evolution.

[It’s because that’s the best you can do currently that the Akashic Record is telling you that path. Akashic Record is also a navigation of sorts. Akashic Record tells you the shortest path you can take, but does not tell you the path which you cannot take with your current power. You did not fulfill the requirements to dig*volve into Exv*emon.] (Spiera)
“The requirements to evolve, you say……”

Yu IlHan accepted it immediately. The throwing skill he evolved would have been impossible to fuse-evolve without the shooting skill. What about the Spear mastery? If he didn’t master his concealment, it would have become a completely different spear technique and not his Spear of Untraceable Trajectory.

What Spiera was talking about right now as also the same thing.

[I also didn’t know that!] (Liera)

Liera got angry!

[You should’ve told me before!]
[Liera, the only martial arts you’ve trained to the maximum level is the spear and your physical combat so it would have been no use to tell you anyway. It is difficult to meet any perverted existences who master many different weapons.] (Spiera)

The ‘perverted existence who mastered many different weapons’, Yu IlHan, asked with lights in his eyes.

“Of course, the base of the fusion evolution skill you’re talking about should be the spear, right?”
[Naturally, I can’t teach you something other than the spear to you who is focusing on the spear.] (Spiera)

Spiera called out a long and beautiful white spear on one hand and reliably nodded.

Of course, Yu IlHan’s spear had evolved to Spear of Untraceable Trajectory. However, that didn’t mean that his Spear mastery skill had disappeared. It still existed as the max level skill. Just that, it could not evolve any further, and is unable to evolve alone into another skill other than the Spear of Untraceable Trajectory.
And that was the same with the Resting skill, Concealment skill, Shooting skill, and the Throwing skill.

As such, it wouldn’t be too surprising to fuse-evolve it with other skills. Likewise, even if these skills end up fuse-evolving, the ones that could standalone evolve will still be able to evolve standalone. In any case, there was nothing to lose.

“So? What conditions do I need to fulfill in order to be able to fuse-evolve? What do I need to do? You do know that it will be meaningless for me to master those skills if they take a long time, right?”
[That is.] (Spiera]

Spiera stopped Yu IlHan’s barrage of questions with a serious voice. While Yu IlHan stared at her, she picked up the dragon meat on the grill and put it in her mouth.

[*om nom nom*… something I’ll tell you if you contract me. *nom nom*] (Spiera)
“We have a deal.”

Yu IlHan could even accept a contract to become a magical girl if it was to acquire any evidence about fuse evolved spear techniques.

[Well decided. Even if you cannot train the skill right now, it will definitely become useful in the future.] (Spiera)

Swallowing the meat, Spiera took a drink of Breath and exclaimed, before extending her hand towards Yu IlHan. While Liera was looking at that scene with a pouting face, Yu IlHan received her hand.

[Take care of me in the future, Yu IlHan.] (Spiera)
“That’s what I wanted to say.”

At that moment, a connection formed between Yu IlHan and Spiera and the power as an Angel’s partner increased within Yu IlHan.

[You have contracted with the archangel Spiera! Angel’s Protection and Angel’s Support skill increases in power!]
[Against higher existences, it becomes possible to activate Angel’s support even if you’re not in an Abandoned World!]

“Hahah, this really is…”

Looking at the updated information, Yu IlHan made a vain laugh.

“Why do I feel so worried even though I now get such a benefit?”

Now able to activate Angel’s Support against higher existences? It feels as if it would really happen!

Wait, are the Destruction Demon Army guys making their newbies lie in wait without casting off their shells? Just because they want to catch Yu IlHan!?

No, wait, the world was screwed up so it was unknown what might happen. Yu IlHan decided to train the Deathgod skill while taking care of his health a little more.

[Then I’ll say it to you now.] (Spiera)

Spiera, feeling better now due to the contract, spoke.

[The spear fusion skill that I could only learn after I acquired my 6th class, ‘Great Cosmos-severing Spear’. In order to learn it…….] (Spiera)
“Wait, I don’t wanna learn it after hearing that name!”
[Huh? What you want to teach him is the Great Cosmos-severing Spear!? Me too! I want to learn it too!] (Liera)
“How is something like that the target of envy!?”

It’s the same advanced weapon technique, but why the hell is the name so childish! It sounds like an elementary-schooler came up with it!

[It’s the name I’ve come up with after thinking wholeheartedly. You should also be able to name the spear technique you have created?] (Spiera)

He checked, and it did seem like it was possible to change the name as he wanted to. However, Yu IlHan decided to keep it. It was not boasting, but he had no confidence in his naming sense.

If he made something worse than ‘Great Cosmos-severing Spear’, then he wouldn’t be able to take it. What if someone who mastered both concealment and Spear mastery learned Yu IlHan’s Spear technique and swore at him?

[Anyway, to learn Great Cosmos-severing Spear, you need to master Spear mastery, Physical combat, Sword mastery, Blunt weapons mastery, and,] (Spiera)

Spiera added, with a slight smirk too.

[Whip mastery, for your basics.] (Spiera)

She was saying this with her expression: Even though it’s definitely an advanced skill and it will be of great help to you, but first you need to master the whip! It should be hard, eh!

Yu IlHan said ‘oh’ and took out a whip from his inventory. Thinking back, although he had experience in making a whip after the Great Cataclysm, he had never used one himself. That was because he never had the opportunity to.

However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t use it.
Yu IlHan lightly swung his whip. For the Akashic Record to notice his ability, that was enough.

[You have awakened, Whip mastery Lv Max. If you fulfill the evolution materials and criteria, it’s possible to evolve to an advanced level.]
[It now becomes possible to fuse-evolve Spear mastery. However, your record and insights are too lacking so it is difficult to set an evolution criteria without a deeper level of training.]

With a smirk, Yu IlHan had a look at Spiera. Her previous expression was already gone, and Liera drank the wine as if it was her who had given Spiera a blow. Of course, the elves were just eating dragon meat.

“Well then, teach me now.”
[Tch, I can’t help it…….] (Spiera)

With a dying expression, Spiera nodded.
Archangel Spiera. She was placed in a disadvantageous position in this contract on the first day….

Author’s notes

  1. Liera is being tamed.
  2. Angels have the hobby of intruding other’s property.
  3. I also had a time when I thought that digimons could only armor-digivolve in Digimon 2nd season.
  4. Contract with me and become a magical girl! : Dear readers, let’s read the contract document properly before signing any contract.
  5. There are no cases of standalone-evolved skills evolving standalone again. That is because it has already evolved to the form that’s best fitting for that person. However, as seen on the chapter, the source skill of the evolved skill is still kept, so it’s possible to fuse-evolve with other skills!
  6. The meaning behind this arc’s title was revealed quite quickly.

Translator’s notes
Guys, I’m using Digimon wikia here. so you may know Veemon as V-mon and Exveemon as XV-mon, as well as digivolution being just evolution. But man, the author of that series must be lazy in naming, naming a creature ‘v-mon’ just because there was a ‘v’ on its head. (and xv-mon because there was an x-shaped scar on the front as well as the v on the head)


Translator’s notes:

Proofreader’s notes:

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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  1. T/N: I’m imagining Yoko from Gurren Lagann

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