Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 120: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 4

“Kang Chan.” 1
“Yu IlHan.”

Even while having a handshake with the man in front of him, Yu IlHan was confused as to why he had to be here.
The man who introduced himself was the father of Kang MiRae, Kang Chan. Kang HaJin, who sat next to him, had an expression that said he was sorry for this, but Kang HaJin wouldn’t even know why Yu IlHan was feeling unwell here.

“I’ve heard about you a lot from MiRae.”
“Ah, yes.”

Heard about what? – or so Yu IlHan asked with his eyes while looking to his side.
Yes. Somehow, Kang MiRae was sitting next to him. In an obedient fashion he had never seen before. She was very stiff, and it looked like this place was very uncomfortable to her.

If the word ‘uncomfortable’ took human form, wouldn’t it take the current Yu IlHan and Kang MiRae’s form? – thought Yu IlHan as he turned his gaze back to Kang Chan.

Curiously, he had no memories of seeing this man. From what Kang MiRae was doing, it wouldn’t be too surprising for her father to be the president himself, but the current president was a woman so leaving that aside, he thought that he may be the leader of the biggest company in Korea, or its successor at least, but all of that wasn’t the case.

“Is there anything on my face?”
“No, as you were miss Kang MiRae’s father, I thought you were a person I would recognize at a glance, but it surprised me since I couldn’t.”

At Yu IlHan’s honest opinion, Kang Chan faintly smiled and replied.

“Mr. Yu IlHan. People with true wealth and authority do not show their faces on the surface. Once we do, things become very annoying with meddlesome flies everywhere.”

It sounded true and relatable. Just as Yu IlHan was about to keep that in mind to use later, Kang Chan added.

“Of course, nowadays it doesn’t really mean anything, though. As you know, a novel value that surpasses the previous values has appeared on Earth. Unfortunately, I had very little talent for this peculiarity, but fortunately, my son and daughter did. It’s something that makes me proud as a father.”

The form of authority was becoming different. Although it wasn’t too apparent yet, there will definitely come a day when it would change so. Just looking at Yu IlHan, he would gain many things once he went on the surface.

Although, he had no need for such trivial things.

“That’s why sir Yu IlHan’s actions were impressive: Even though you are receiving more attention than anyone on this current Earth, you did not show yourself to anyone.”

Of course, all that was possible due to…. thanks to the Concealment skill. Yu IlHan momentarily thought if it was an insult, but from his expression, it looked like that wasn’t the case.

As such, he shrugged his shoulders and pointed towards Kang MiRae. He meant that he had shown himself to her. Kang Chan somehow understood that and asked politely with a smile.

“I’m only thankful. What is it that you like about MiRae?”
“She’s kind and upright. Is there any other reason to trust another person?”

And as she had authoritative power, she helped out in various ways. However, there were many other who fit this criteria other than her, so Yu IlHan picked the ones that only applied to her. Kang Chan’s smile got thicker.

“It makes me even happier since you have taken a liking to my daughter.”
“Ah, yes, well……”

It wasn’t like he took a liking to her, but he wasn’t an idiot to say that out loud here. During the two’s conversation, Kang MiRae’s mental world collapsed as she covered her face with both her hands, and Kang HaJin was about to burst out laughing, but he was desperately holding back as he would be one the receiving end later if he did.

“I’ve received your graces. Whether it’s about receiving the priority for receiving the highest-tier weapons of Vanguard and….. Oh, I heard you even had one custom-made.”
“That’s because she was the strongest among the humans I’ve seen at that time. It’s has changed by much even now.”

Only the super tanker, Michael Smithson, or Takagaki Asuha, with strong close-combat strength, or Carina Malatesta, who showed decisive long-ranged power using cooperative magic would be able to compare with her.
However, Yu IlHan was sure that Kang MiRae was the first in regards to skill proficiency. Oh, excluding Yu IlHan.

“And so, I judged that she would grow very fast with a suitable weapon. It’s not due to any personal feelings but her potential that I’ve come to a judgement on.”
“I see.”

Kang Chan nodded as if he was more satisfied. Yu IlHan added that useless line at the end just in case Kang Chan had a misunderstanding but….. from his bland reaction, was it just his feeling?

“I’m also cheering for Vanguard. Personally, I think that Vanguard may as well be the key card to human salvation.”
“You flatter me.”
“Haha, the value of Vanguard will increase in the future. I guarantee it. Of course, for that, sir Yu IlHan needs to stay alive and well.

His eyes shined.

“Even if you do not want to be one, sir Yu IlHan is already at the center of Earth’s defense. You should recognize your own value more correctly, and be careful; as you have become a standalone power that equals or even surpasses a country. Let’s talk about this at a later time. I don’t like to boast, but I should have some experience as a senior who walked this path before.”
“Ah, yes, well.”

The story suddenly strayed.
He was telling Yu IlHan to be careful? He was dumbfounded.

Bullshit ‘careful’. If Yu IlHan was ‘careful’ with his actions until now, he wouldn’t even be here. No, Earth would have long since become doomed and ended.

This person does not know anything. He doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know. That made the situation worse.

Thinking about how this man can talk such bullshit, it seemed that this man was thinking that the previous authorities and the ability-user authorities were the same.
Like how he hid himself and didn’t surface, he thought that Yu IlHan should also hide and not come to the surface.

Isn’t this guy a total idiot?
If he kept thinking like this, then there may come a day when he would have a big clash with his daughter.

Yu IlHan was proud for not swearing in that situation. As a result, he really wanted to leave this place and go home now. He took time to come here to give Kang MiRae face but this happens…

“Oh, and also, I heard you subordinated some monsters in a large scale dungeon.”

Huh? Look at this guy? Quite a nice finishing attack.

He felt his head was struck by a giant gong when he heard the word ‘large scale dungeon’ even though this guy should have heard that it was an Abandoned World.

‘Doomed. This guy spent 10 years in another world and he’s more clueless than me, a dropout. No, perhaps he does not understand the situation on this crazy Earth because the other world he went to was without much change.’

People born with golden spoons in their mouths are problematic because of this. They are only worried about protecting what’s theirs, and do not know what to do to allow the general populace to proceed forward!

And what did he say last time? True wealth and authority do not come out to the surface? He should’ve realized then! His still-pertaining civilian mindset exploded into a rage.

‘Let’s calm down first. It may be my misconception, and it’s not like all people think like this guy. Kang MiRae and Kang HaJin are believable people too. Good, calm, down………’

While Yu IlHan was sharpening his blade, Kang Chan spoke.

“And so, I’ve thought of a small present for you……”
“How about land?

A question mark popped up on top of Yu IlHan’s head. There’s a limit to changing topics. What’s that about land?…….. he thought up to there when he realized and creased his brows.

“Do you mean the land that was wiped out due to the fight this time?”

Said Kang Chan with a sneaky smile. ‘You can’t reject this!’ – or so he said with his expression.

“To be honest with you, the value of that land is dropping very quickly. As you know, there’s no real method to make the gate disappear completely. But since a large amount of monsters came out during his incident…… Although sir Yu IlHan had subordinated them, the very fact that the gate is there is an element of worry for the people there, do you not think so?”
“It should be.”
“However, let’s say that sir Yu IlHan takes possession of that land. Sir Yu IlHan will then be able to call out the forces in the dungeon at any time, and become more free, and the people could feel safer. However, there’s just one problem. There are people who call you ‘Susanoo’ and they might…….”

Kang Chan creased his face at this point. Oh, so that’s it. He doesn’t like that name. This part, he was definitely Korean.

Yu IlHan understood his feelings. However, he didn’t hate the nickname ‘Susanoo’ so much, and that was because that was the least embarrassing nickname people gave to him until now.

“Those people, may define your identity, and may bother you. Of course, we will do our best to sever the connection between the two, but there’s no 100% in this world.”
“That’s true. There were many predictions that Susanoo was Korean even before, and if I become the landowner of a place nearby the gate……”

Yu IlHan thought while nodding, but his pondering didn’t last long.

“If you give me land, I’ll gladly take it.”
“Will it be alright with you?”
“Yes. I think it will be alright now.

Kang Chan ended up laughing at Yu IlHan’s words. He could feel a very natural and firm confidence from his words.
Kang Chan thought that it was a youthful ambition, but if he knew how much Yu IlHan undervalued himself normally, then he may think differently.

Yu IlHan was thinking that there were no problems in revealing his identity even with his power that he had ‘undervalued’. So what would it be really like?

“Very well. I will let my daughter take care of it, so talk about it more with her later.”
“Yes. It will also be more comfortable for me if you do that.”

Despite Yu IlHan’s honest attitude, Kang Chan only smiled brightly, and Kang HaJin tried his best to hold back his laughter by pinching his knee. Lastly, Kang MiRae saw that the relationship between Yu IlHan and Kang Chan was slightly off and sighed a little.


Just as everyone thought that this was the end, Kang Chan suddenly changed tpics.

“I heard that you brought a child to the scene.”

For a moment, Kang MiRae’s ears twitched as she leaned towards Yu IlHan very slightly. She wasn’t even aware of that action herself. And she thought to what Na YuNa was curious about with that child.

“Oh, yes.”
“Is it…… too rude for me to ask about that child?”
“He’s a monster.”

He couldn’t say ‘dragon’. But dragons were monsters anyway, it wasn’t a lie.


Yu IlHan’s answer made a certain someone intake a sudden breath of air, and a certain other person sigh in relief. Kang Chan nodded with an ‘aha!’.

“As expected. I thought so when you acquired the wolf army so easily, but is it really so.”
“He’s a child that follows me as a father. And that isn’t exactly wrong, as my mana was consumed during his birth.”

Yu IlHan’s ‘I never lied’ skill successfully fooled the others.

“However, it’s a monster you created by consuming your mana, yes?”
“Yeah, well. You should know if you heard, but he uses quite the strong magic at his figure. I have a lot of expectations for him as his growth rate is very fast.”
“So that’s it.”

Kang Chan made a thick smile again. Seeing his bright smile that looked like his worries were just lifted, Yu IlHan realized that his worries were not wrong.

Is he trying to ‘connect’ him and Kang MiRae somehow? There was no way Kang MiRae would like him, and he himself didn’t have any feelings about her that was more than a ‘good impression’.

To hell with it. Kang MiRae should do well solving that misunderstanding. Yu IlHan decided to put away his useless worries there.

Coincidentally, Kang Chan also seemed to have judged that this was enough conversation and said this.

“Oh, I held you for such a long time. Even though you must be the busiest man on Earth.”
“No, it’s fine. Then I shall take my leave.”
“It was an honor to meet our country’s hero in person. Please take care of my daughter in the future as well.”
“Ah, yes……”

With a deadpan feeling, Yu IlHan shook hands with him and stood up. As he met gazes with Kang MiRae who was staring at him, he nodded his head lightly to her as well. Today, he had a meeting with her as well. He had set a schedule with her in the afternoon as there were various things to talk about including Vanguard.

“Then see you in the afternoon.”

Kang MiRae obediently lowered her head. However, her cheeks were lightly blushing. Everyone who knew about the Empress would be shocked when seeing this.

Yu IlHan left the room. In the room, only Kang Chan, Kang HaJin and Kang MiRae were left.


And Kang HaJin finally burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, father. It’s, just……. pfffft.”
“You’re being rude, oppa.”

Kang MiRae said to her brother. While glaring at him with murderous intentions without Kang Chan finding out.

Kang HaJin now started hiccup’ing. Seeing the siblings fight, Kang Chan just laughed and spoke to Kang MiRae in a quiet voice.

“Grab onto him and don’t let him go.”

Even an elementary schooler would know what that meant.

“Father, I’ve kept saying this before as well, but I have no relations with Mr. Yu IlHan whatsoever. It will be rude even if we set it just by ourselves, and moreover, I’m only 20 years old.” 2
“What I mean is, to grab him before another girl gets him.”

Kang MiRae’s face reddened a lot. She shouted in a loud voice to the point that it was unbelievable if this was the same her as the one who sat obediently moments before.

“Even if I do develop into another kind of relationship with Mr. Yu IlHan. you will not influence my actions and judgement, father!”

Like she resolved in the past, she was planning to acquire Yu IlHan using herself as the compensation after raising her own value.
Although Yu IlHan’s value was skyrocketing real-time, but she had no intentions on giving up. She thought that there were no other man at the same level of Yu IlHan in the world right now.

And the one who found and acknowledged that value first was not Kang Chan, but Kang MiRae herself. Kang MiRae couldn’t endure the fact that Kang Chan was speaking as if he knew the value of Yu IlHan better than her.

Kang Chan had not seen the Yu IlHan at the beginning stages of the Great Cataclysm, neither at the time he hunted the black leopard, nor had he seen that beautiful attack from the sky at the day of the killing of the Orochi, and did not see the charisma that ruled the wolf group.

“Bullshit influence. I only gave some pointers to my daughter who has such a late first love.”

As such, her father’s unexpected ambush made her panic. Kang MiRae asked back while stuttering, which was not like her.

“What……. To think that such a father now talks about empty feelings like love.”
“Do you think feelings are something that can be hidden? I was also having a hard time holding back my laughter too. You looked like you were totally smitten with him. How long are you going to hold back?”
“There’s no way, I……. If you have felt that I have feelings for him, then it’s a form of admiration! He always moves for another and not for himself, and he’s stronger than anything. He’s a rare person that has both the mindset and the power. I only thought that I have a lot of things to learn fr-”
“It’s alright.”

Kang Chan interrupted her. Kang MiRae’s ‘excuse’ had instead convinced him more.

“I definitely said enough. Now it’s not my problem even if you come crying to me because Na YuNa stole him.”
“Just who will come crying……!’

She tried to ignore her father’s foolish words, but her face was very stiff. Na YuNa was definitely beautiful, and had feelings for Yu IlHan.

Of course, she would never know that the true enemy was not a ‘mere’ Na YuNa.

If Yu IlHan showed up one day with Na YuNa in his arms, then how would she feel? She momentarily imagined that scenario and felt bad, but she shook her head.

She does not move on her emotions. The relationship with Yu IlHan were trading partners until the very end!

“There won’t be anything like that. There’s no way he would go over to a childish girl like YuNa, and I have never felt something like love or other equivalent emotions! I will take my leave now!”

Kang MiRae smacked on the table and left the room. When the father and son were left alone, they exchanged glances and smirked. This was only possible as they knew each other’s thinking.

“If MiRae combines with sir Yu IlHan, then I’ll be perfect in regards to force. HaJin, it will be your turn from then on.”
“Leave it to me, father. The Great Cataclysm shall bring us to the very top.”

The father and son smirked. Here were the figures of foolish and delusional father and son.

Author’s notes

  1. (Untranslatable korean idiom)
  2. A spiral of misunderstanding and delusions.
  3. In fact, that land is quite difficult to handle. It’s not worth any money, and it isn’t like they can sell it either. That land going over to Yu IlHan’s hands should be the best ending!

Translator’s notes


Translator’s notes

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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  1. His name is a single syllable
  2. Thirty, actually, if you include 10 years in another world.

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