Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 122: Combine Everyone’s Strength Into One! – 6

[Their power level should be around equal, I guess.] (Liera)
[But I still think Mir is the strongest.] (Erta)
[Well, it’s our Mir after all.] (Liera)

Four elves, Yumir, and the latecomer, Ericia, for a total of 6. Looking at Yu IlHan’s subordinates, Liera and Erta began to seriously judged their levels of strength.

Of course, it was an objective judgement without the bias towards Mir due to their affection for him. Well, at least, the people in question thought so.

[I think you know very well why you have entered this place.] (Liera)

Declared Liera while putting the red hat that Yu IlHan made on her blond hair. As she had shown herself, the elves and Ericia could also see her – the angel of brilliant beauty.

“I…… honestly don’t understand. What I know is that this place is similar to a blacksmith’s workshop, and that some strange magic had activated just now.”

Said Ericia. Well, Yu IlHan did activate the hourglass without any explanations so it was reasonable that she was doubtful. However, Liera seriously nodded and replied.

[I also can’t be bothered to explain it so find out yourself later. Or just understand through the context.] (Liera)

That was one irresponsible teaching assistant!

[Anyway, from now, you will undergo battle training under my orders. You are still too weak right now! If you don’t want to drag down IlHan, then just follow obediently.] (Liera)
“Just what are you to do such things”:

As if having expected that question, Liera spoke proudly.

[You can consider me IlHan’s master. Although it’s only in regards to spear and physical combat, I’m at least better than you guys in the sword and archery.] (Liera)
[She’s the living proof of the disciple surpassing the master.] (Erta)
[Eii!] (Liera)
[Kahak!] (Erta)

When Liera heard Erta’s natural counterattack, she flying-knee-kicked Erta on her feeble waist and unleashed a chain combo to make her roll around on the ground in pain.

This just took 7 seconds! Angel combos were scary.

“You really are a master of physical combat.”
“The master of His Majesty…… I will follow you.”
[I didn’t want to prove that……. with my body……!] (Erta)
“Are you alright, noona?”

Erta muttered while clenching her teeth but no one listened to her. Only Yumir, who would learn magic from her, patted her on the back.

[You should know how unstable Earth is as you’ve experienced your worlds connecting to this world, right? IlHan is fighting on the frontmost lines in such a world. As such, as his underlings, you are nowhere near close enough to become his power. You should at least set your goal as mastering a martial art before acquiring 3rd class, got it?] (Spiera)
“Yes, ma’am!”

While everyone replied in a loud voice, only Erta, who was still grabbing onto her waist, muttered while narrowing her eyes.

[Even you only mastered two of them in the long years you lived…….] (Erta)
[Then we’ll start now! I’ll first have a look at your levels so come at me all at once!] (Liera)

The group hesitated even after hearing that, but they could only change their minds in order to survive when Liera started ‘conversing’ with her fists.

[This place is open!] (Liera)
“Sh, she’s coming! She’s coming here!’
[Resist a little more!] (Liera)

While angels, wolfkin, and a dragon were having a nice bloody training, Yu IlHan on one side was in the process of making artifacts. And Spiera was watching it.

“You should teach them too. You’ve even mastered the sword, no?”
[My methods are too violent, so it will be recognized as attacks to them. If that happens, then I’ll be banished from Heaven.] (Spiera)
“And me?”
[It is not like you need real life battle practice, but a practice to learn an advanced technique. Moreover, your league is completely different from other lower existences.] (Spiera)

He was slightly happy that Spiera acknowledged him, at the same time as he was feeling a little angry since he thought that she was looking down on those he got close to (excluding Ericia), but Yu IlHan didn’t say anything much and just kept hammering away. To use 2 months fully, there was no time to rest.

[It really is an amazing technique. Just how can items of such quality come out in such a quick time…… Oh, he’s not listening is he.] (Spiera)

Yu IlHan was using up all his materials he got from higher levelled 2nd class monsters, and lower levelled 3rd class monsters in order to make new ‘standard-tier’ weapons of Vanguard. Considering how the first generation ‘standard-tier’ weapons were made from 1st class monster materials, this was an absurd change.

Exaggerating a little, equipments that even the people of the Front Line Alliance could use were being completed every two minutes right now. The speed even accelerated as time went past.

As his actions made the people watching doubt of the completed items’ qualities, Spiera purposely took up a completed sword and checked its information.

[Blood-calling Wolf tooth sword]
[Rank – Rare]
[Attack Power – 3,200]
[Durability – 2,500/2,500]
[Option – it becomes easier to make the enemies bleed.]

[A rare rank for something he made in two minutes huh…] (Spiera)

Just in case, she checked out each one of the equipments that Yu IlHan made since coming into this barrier, but her predictions were completely correct. All products were rare ranked or above.

Perhaps it was because of the fact that there was an absurd person on Earth that various insane happenings occurred on Earth, or so Spiera seriously considered as she watched over him.

Due to focusing on production so much, Yu IlHan wasn’t even conscious of the fact that Spiera’s gaze was on him as he kept refining metal.

Clang, clang ,clang.

Eternal Flame danced according to the beat of the hammer’s clang. It was a scene not far from what was depicted in myths.

Yu IlHan’s serious working figure was extremely beautiful. Spiera personally had no interest in men, but she judged that Yu IlHan’s working figure was worth appreciating as a work of art.

[You really are sufficient to shake the hearts of higher existences. It’s no different from watching a miracle…….] (Spiera)

Muttering, Spiera looked at the busy Liera and Erta.

Although they themselves might not be aware, they got to have more emotions and even developed faster after meeting Yu IlHan.

If it was that they became like that because of the characteristics of Earth, it would be wrong since other angels dispatched to Earth were no different from before. If so, the only remaining element is Yu IlHan, who came in contact with them.
The reason Spiera volunteered to be Yu IlHan’s partner was to find out the reason behind it as well.

For now, she was only worried about one thing. She also wanted to become stronger like Liera and Erta who advanced very quickly, but she wondered if it was enough to just stay close to Yu IlHan.

[*Groan*, there’s nothing I can do for now, so I can only watch.] (Spiera)

Spiera gazed at Yu IlHan again. Yu IlHan was currently in the process of sharpening a wolf’s bone.

And only after 12 hours Yu IlHan worked like that did he let go of his hammer. Over 600 equipments were proving that his metalworking skills were at the level of a legend.

Spiera asked after looking at Yu IlHan putting away all his equipments.

[So you are finally commencing training!] (Spiera)
“No, I need to check the bucket.”
[That damn bucket!] (Spiera)

She was noisy for someone who enjoyed dragon meat and Breath. Yu IlHan snorted and checked the condition of the meat and wine in the bucket.

dragonkin meat was fantastically matured with their poison removed akin to that of dragon meat, but unfortunately, wolf meat weren’t like that. Although the quality of their meat did become better, their poisonous aura was enough to be used as weapons.

Was there an error in the dragonkin blood? Or if it’s not that, did he have to use another liquid and not blood? This was research material.

“Ooh, the wine looks quite steady though.”

Of course, the level of it was way lower than Breath made with dragon blood, with almost no recovering power and no rest energy.
However, it was tasty! And also, it smelled of sweet fruits that was different from Breath. That’s strange!

“Huh, wait, why does it taste like this?”
“I put apples in it!”

Confessed Yumir who was resting after the training. Alcoholic drinks made of apple and meat were unheard and unseen of, but thinking about the characteristics of the bucket, it didn’t sound too impossible. Well, it did succeed like this.
This was a great find. Possible recipes could be expanded now.

But where did that apple come from? Realizing Yu IlHan’s doubts, Erta who was right next to Yumir, explained in kindness.

[We were researching into summoning magic and…] (Erta)
“So there’s such magic too.”

Laughed Yu IlHan as he patted Yumir.
He was patting, but he froze.

“An apple? Inside the barrier?”
[That’s true, it seems it’s possible. It’s also the first time for me to research into the hourglass of Eternity so I didn’t know.] (Erta)

Over hundred apples were floating around in the bucket. From Erta’s explanations, it seemed like he summoned it from a store nearby.

In other words, it was stealing.

[Mir can only summon what he has directly seen before. I told him to summon anything small, and he summoned a bunch of apples he saw in the market….] (Erta)
“Apples are tasty!”
“And it’s me who will pay for all this…… Although it’s alright since the wine got better.”

Yu IlHan grumbled as he took out an apple from the bucket and checked it.
Although it looked fine on the outside, unlike the meat, it couldn’t endure dragonkin blood as the innards were a mess. It was a poisonous apple people wouldn’t be able to eat without poison resistance.

However, what was important right now was not a mere poisonous apple.

“So it’s actually possible to call in something from outside the barrier when it’s activated?”
[But that doesn’t really have any meaning. Summoning magic doesn’t have any real uses. it only calls in items. And it’s a completely different matter with summoning elemental spirits.] (Erta)
“Then is it possible to send items outside as well?”
“I can do it!”

Brightly Smiled Yumir as he pointed towards the poisonous apple, and the apple disappeared.
Yu IlHan smiled faintly as he asked.

“Where did you send it?”
“Where it was before!”
“Mir is kind, right? Please summon that apple back immediately.”

If the barrier was suddenly dispelled, then they might actually succeed with a perfect crime!

Yumir immediately summoned the same apple hearing Yu IlHan’s words. It was definitely the same poisonous apple.

“Fuu, my kid was about to achieve one kill with humans.”
[It really has no uses.] (Erta)
“It does.”

Said Yu IlHan, while pointing at the fruit wine made of 3rd class dragonkin blood that emitted a faint apple fragrance.

“It’s the number one contributor in making various wine for the next two months!’
[And you said things for stealing just now!?] (Erta)

Well, he could just pay for the fruits after the barrier time was over. In the exact same method they took and sent the apples!

“Dad, did I do good?”
“Of course, of course. Should we increase the variation on summoning magic a little?”

Yumir’s mistakes would be recorded as a great find in the future… probably. Looking forward to such a day, Yu IlHan took out a goblet from his inventory and put it inside the bucket and…….

[Let’s! Train!] (Spiera)

……was dragged by Spiera and was thrown onto the giant blob of metal. Even while being dragged, he grumbled while emptying the goblet without dropping a single droplet with his incredible sense of balance.

“If you get annoyed so much, then I’m not giving you that wine.”
[……It’s not that I got annoyed. I was only doubtful of your passion to learn my spear.] (Spiera)

So she wanted to drink huh. Yu IlHan laughed as he threw away the goblet, although, it was collected into the inventory just before reaching the ground. What replaced the goblet was a wooden spear for training.

[Great Cosmos-severing Spear is hard to train with too good of a weapon.] (Spiera)
“No, I like wooden spears too.”

Of course, it was the truth that weapons with higher attack powers were better, but that only applied to cases where he had to battle strong enemies.

As he had to train using spears he made with tree branches in the past, he felt more familiar with it as well.

When Yu IlHan took form with his wooden spear in hand, Spiera nodded with a very satisfied expression.

[You really have the foundation of a warrior.] (Spiera)
“And so? What do I need to do in order to learn that technique that gives me the shivers just by listening to its name? Do I need to break this lump of metal with this wooden spear or something?”

Of course, the reason why he got the shivers just by listening to its name was because it was embarrassing, but Spiera seemed to have taken that as a compliment as she said this with a bright expression.

[The Great Cosmos-severing Spear is a spear art to imbue a power to slash apart the cosmos with a single slash. The sharpness of a sword, the weight of a blunt weapon, the speed of a whip; you need to imbue the characteristics of these three weapons into the spear with the help of your body that’s trained to the extreme. That is why you need to master all five skills.] (Spiera)
“Ooh, so that’s it.”

It was a nonsensical technique that made his mentality faint just by listening to it once.
The incomprehensibleness was at the level of Ga*gaigar fusing G field and Defense field to deploy Hell and Heaven.

[It will be hard right now, but with your ability, you will be able to learn it if you invest around 25 years. I will also teach you to the best of my ability. Starting now!] (Spiera)

To Spiera who was speaking while looking at him with shiny eyes, Yu IlHan couldn’t just say ‘Bullshit carnival!’.

Instead, he chanted the all-purpose incantation with a smile that anyone could make.

“I, will do my best!”

Author’s notes:
A smile… that anyone can make! (*Cries*)
In fact, I still don’t get what Hell and Heaven is.
Yumir has talent to become the biggest thief in history.

Translator’s notes:
Break will be delayed to April or May

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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