Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 125: I Invade – 1

Even after finishing off the armor, Yu IlHan’s smithing did not stop, however, since he had made everything he needed to, the time he spent smithing decreased a lot. If so, it would be good if he trained in the Great Cosmos-severing Spear, but he did not do so.

“Good, I’ll master it in 5 hours.”
[It looks really uncool though……] (Liera)

What he used that time to practice was ‘swapping’. ‘Swapping’ the armor he is currently wearing to the one inside his inventory. And with as little a delay as possible too!
Now that he had prepared a fire attribute armor and a water attribute armor, swapping was an important technique.

Of course, until now, he did swap weapons or took out multiple of them during battle, but swapping weapons that are used with the two hands, and swapping a full plate armor over his body differed a lot in difficulty.

If Yu IlHan’s body movement was even the slightest bit off, then only the armor he was currently wearing will go inside his inventory, and the new armor won’t be worn, and therefore, he would be put in a difficult position. Mostly, around his thighs.

[It would be good even if you strip, though.] (Liera)
“It will bring about a physical and a mental trauma so no. To prevent such unbroadcastable situations from happening, I’m wearing a basic leather armor beneath and will wear a fullplate armor above.

If a pretty woman stripped, then any man would welcome it, but no one would like it even if Yu IlHan stripped. Although the world did nothing for him, he did not want to cause any damage to the world either.

“Nowadays, super rangers get interrupted in mid-transformation too.”
[Is changing clothes considered transformation too?] (Spiera)

It was a really nostalgic line, but Yu IlHan decided not to retort. Somehow, Spiera was trying to spit out some old jokes…….

“I’m doing this while staying still right now, but as I get used to it, I’m going to train until I can do this while running, jumping, swinging my weapon, shooting the pile bunker, embedding a pillar on the ground, being shot away, being shot into the water, and finally when I’m suddenly warped into space.”
[That’s already beyond human. Oh, sorry. You left the realm of humanity already.] (Erta)

Even though he was just learning to walk right now, he was somehow looking to resist spatial warps as he trained,

Instantly recognizing the state of his body, and transferring that to his brain, and taking off his armor and wearing a new one at the same time. Although this looked easy to do, it was only possible with absurd spatial recognition and thought process speed.

He thought that this training wouldn’t just end with swapping his armor fast. Recognizing himself very accurately within a 3rd dimensional space would become of great help in wielding his inventory that was no different from a small world.

If he succeeded in recognizing himself perfectly, then his next objective would be other objects, then other people, and then the world. Although he wasn’t utilizing his inventory’s remote collection function, he shall do it in due time!

[Yu IlHan is making a creepy smile…….] (Erta)
[It’s alright. I’m already used to it.] (Liera)

The angels were speaking very rude things, but Yu IlHan ignored them all.

Everyone was complaining about the life in this closed space, but now that the end was near, they did their best to become even a little stronger. As if the 2nd Great Cataclysm would arrive just after this!

Yu IlHan was the same. As he moved around busily at a 1:3:4 ratio of metalworking:swapping:Great Cosmos-severing Spear training, when he was just about to perfect his armor swapping, there were less than 10 hours of the barrier duration left.

At that point, he was switching between several different armor while moving around violently on the spot, and it looked as if he was dancing in a nightclub.

“chcka-jug-jug chcka-jug-jug”1
“Dad is so cool!”
[That’s bad for the child’s education! Are you going to take responsibility if Mir’s sense of humor becomes horrible?] (Erta)

Now that he became able to switch armors during a techno-dance, Yu IlHan decided to finish off his swapping training session.

Returning the disappointed Mir to his magic training session, he was thinking about what else to prepare to be praised as perfect when he thought of something, which was the accessories.

There were a total of four accessories in Yu IlHan’s equipments, and excluding the Rapid Lightning storm’s Gold leather bracelet, which was unique ranked, the rest was a low rare rank that increased his mana recovery speed by 10%.

Until now, he used mana potions whenever he ran out, but he was almost running out of the mana potions he acquired from killing the 4th class mage. In this situation where the only mana potion he could make was Breath, mana recovery ability was a big problem.

“How many accessories can I wear right now?”

He opened the plastic bag where he gathered the bits and pieces left over from his metalworking and melted them down with the power of the Eternal Flame as he confirmed with the angels. Liera scanned his body and came to a calculation.

[5 at most? is what you can endure.] (Liera)
[Isn’t 4 the highest he can do without any clashes?] (Erta)
2 (Spiera)

Liera and Spiera said 5, and Erta, 4. Yu IlHan decided to put away all other accessories than the Gold leather bracelet, and decided to make 4 more accessories.
He could just throw away one if he felt that 5 of them clashed.

[I want to see IlHan wearing an earring!] (Liera)
[A necklace is the best since it doesn’t disturb you when wearing armor. Since you’re wearing the Gold leather bracelet, it would also be good if you make another bracelet for your other wrist.] (Erta)

Up until here, were very normal comments. 2 earrings, 1 necklace, and 1 bracelet added up to 5 too.
However, the angels’ delusions didn’t stop there and amplified.

[Isn’t piercing all about the tongue? Although I prefer formal attire nowadays, in the past…….] (Spiera)
[Ah, I think one on the belly button would be sexy too.] (Liera)
[On Yu IlHan? Hm, Hmmmm……I think the lips would be the most charming. How about a lip piercing?] (Erta)
“There there. Please talk about the rest to the Masai tribal chief.”

Yu IlHan’s mental limit was the ears. Ignoring the angels’ pouting silent protests, he poured the molten metal into the cast and solidified them.

Then, he took out a carving knife and started crafting carefully, and as he was making this from dragon bones, he carved out dragons on the earrings, the necklace and the bracelet. The dragons in hell would all rejoice.

Perhaps due to having got used to crafting while working on the Traps of Destruction, the work ended quite quickly. two earrings, one bracelet, and one necklace was finished, and the only thing left was mana crafting.

“I think I should save up on the 4th class magic stones.”
[Don’t you still have around 20 of them excluding the ones you’ve used up?] (Erta)
“They will all have their uses, later. All of them.”

Muttering a very suspicious line, Yu IlHan took out a 3rd class magic stone and grabbed it on one hand. As the materials were dragon bones, the limit of mana absorption was very high and he had to consume more than 3 magic stones for each accessory.

[Destruction-preventing Swift Cursed dragon Earring was completed.]

As dragon bones were near OP level as materials, and had great affinity with dragonkin magic stones, the results were splendid.

The bracelet came out with options to increase mana recovery speed by 20% and to absorb enemy attack magic a little, and the two earrings also came out as a unique ranked accessories with  incredible options such as 25% increase in mana recovery and 30% increase in curse and poison resistance respectively.

And in the case of the necklace, a 30% increase in mana recovery option and enemy attack magic absorption were attached. At this point, Erta tilted her head and suggested to Yu IlHan.

[Why don’t you throw away the Gold leather bracelet and make a new accessory?] (Erta)
“No, I can’t give up on the lightning blade storm.”
[You haven’t even used it once properly…….] (Erta)
[Don’t fight and just extract it.] (Liera)
“……Should I?”

Liera’s suggestion to extract the options with a 3rd class magic stone and mana craft it into a bracelet made of dragon materials along with other 3rd class magic stones, came back with an awesome result.

This was the result that came up when he extracted the options in the Gold leather bracelet and mana crafted it onto a bracelet he made with the scales of a dragon that wielded lightning magic, along with two more 3rd class magic stones:

[Lightning god’s wrathful Lightspeed Dragonic bracelet]
[Rank – Legend]
[User restrictions – Dragon Slayer]
[Durability – 3,200/3,200]
1. Stores mana by absorbing mana from the surroundings and can generate a mid-scale lightning storm with the user as the center. Can store up to 3 times worth of mana, and can release all of the mana at once to generate a large-scale storm. When hit by an enemy’s magic, it can steal a considerable amount of mana from it and store it, and in the case of lightning magic, more than 50% will be absorbed.
2. 40% increase in mana recovery speed.
3. 30% increase in mana utility speed.]

He was now a step closer to his dream of a lightning blade storm.

“Oh my.”
[That’s another treasure that looks like it is from Heaven’s Army’s treasury……] (Erta)

The moment Yu IlHan confirmed the options on his bracelet, he started making a new bracelet immediately. Of course, with the dragon scales he used just now to make that bracelet!

“It will be a jackpot even if I get the same mana recovery and utility speed!’
[And your true intentions?] (Erta)
“Now is the time for my dream of a Double Thunderstorm!”

Leaking his childish desire without holding back, Yu IlHan sped up the process! Dreaming of himself sweeping monsters with lightning storms, he consumed 3rd class magic stones without holding back and mana crafted. The blinding light made him predict of its outcome.

The light receded, and the completed bracelet was now placed in Yu IlHan’s two eyes. The bracelet that has more power than before! Green text rolled up on Yu IlHan’s retina.

[Frenzied and Leisurely Lightning ruler’s Dragonic bracelet was completed.]
[Frenzied and Leisurely Lightning ruler’s Dragonic bracelet]
[Rank – Legend]
[User Restrictions – 3rd class Lightning-class mage. Level 60 or higher in advanced lightning magic. Magic stat 350 or higher]
[Durability – 3,800/3,800]
[Options –
1. 20% increase in attack power and attack range of lightning magic. 50% increase in lightning attribute resistance.
2. 30% increase in mana recovery speed, and 30% increase in magic incantation speed.
3. Can turn and control mana into high concentration, high efficiency lightning.]
[One of the miracles that the a blacksmith made on his path to becoming a legend. Only the highly trained among the lightning wielders will be able to bring out the power of this accessory.]

Bullshit ‘success’. It was another pie in the sky.

“Hey, since everyone’s reincarnating, even the pie in the sky did!”
[Be honest. You didn’t major in business management but in banter at university, right?] (Erta)
“I was about to go to uni but everyone suddenly disappeared so I couldn’t, duh.”

Not to mention lightning class mage, there was no mage at all in Yu IlHan’s team. He asked the elves since there were a few mages he remembered amongst them, but it seemed there were none that wielded lightning magic.

Yu IlHan laughed in vain and threw the artifact inside his inventory. Now that thing was useless. He could only sell it to Kang MiRae at a high price.

[It seems that woman won’t be able to pay her debt for her entire lifetime…….] (Erta)
[Her eyes looked out of the ordinary last time, but what do I do if she suddenly says ‘I will pay it back using my entire life’? Should I decide what to do after snapping her legs first?] (Liera)
[Sometimes, I really wonder how you managed to stay as an angel, Liera] (Erta)

Yu IlHan produced several bracelets in his wish for another bracelet with the same options, and did so in the completely same manner as he made the other one, but all 12 of the bracelets were just ordinary ‘unique’ ranked bracelets with 25% increase in mana recovery speed and other trivial options.

Meaning, he had to give up on the Double Thunderstorm.

“Wai kan I not be happie! Waiiiiiii!” (PR: He’s throwing a tantrum….)
[It’s not like legend ranked artifacts pop out all the time.] (Liera)
[In fact, active options such as the lightning storm are not that common. It is also why Liera recommended you to extract the option too.] (Erta)
“……I know…. I feel like I just placed 12 locks on my house even though it was robbed of everything.”

Now that it came to this, Yu IlHan decided to distribute the bracelets to his subordinates, 2 each. Of course, his subordinates were flabbergasted with his ‘bestowal’.
Although the second option were different for all of them, as all of them had 25% increase in mana recovery speed, with this distribution, all of Yu IlHan’s subordinates now got a 50% boost in mana recovery speed.

“Now that it came to this, I should just make them accessories too.”
[It’s not easy to find work like this too…..] (Liera)

Unlike Yu IlHan, the maximum number of accessories for his subordinates was 4. Receiving their request, Yu IlHan created their accessories.
The elves all wanted an earring and a ring each as if they consulted beforehand, and Ericia asked for two earrings that could stay on even when she transformed into a wolf, and Yumir also wanted two earrings.

After all the crafting process was over, only 3 minutes were left of the barrier duration.

“Ah, that’s satisfying. I should wash up and sleep now.”
[You sound like a housewife who just finished cleaning.] (Erta)

Yu IlHan dispelled the barrier after confirming that all his subordinates had finished what they were doing. The world started spinning again without even knowing that Yu IlHan and co stopped time for two months.

“Today is a complete holiday, so do whatever you want, whether it’s sleeping or going out. However, do resolve yourselves since tomorrow onwards will be busy.”
“Yes, Your Majesty!”
“Thank you, master!”

Replied the elves and Ericia.

However, would they go to gangnam and drink some soju when they knew nothing? They all followed Yu IlHan in order to sleep. Feeling like a mother duck leading her ducklings, Yu IlHan left the building.

“How can this be.”

They were completely fine when they were inside the workshop which was unchanging even as time passed, but now that they came out, they felt the disjunction seeing the humans finally moving.

“So time truly did stop……Master is amazing.”
“It’s not my power but from an artifact so relax your eyes right now.”

As they weren’t Yu IlHan who suffered for a millennium in a stopped Earth, they looked very discomfortable with 2 months of disjunction. Yu IlHan couldn’t comprehend them and tilted his head, and Yumir, who was the only intact one amongst his subordinates, imitated him.

“It’s better if you give up on understanding. Just accept it as it is.”
“Your Majesty is amazing!”

As Mirey’s eyes were out of focus as she said that, Yu IlHan took them to the apartment and made them sleep. In situations like these, alcohol was not the cure, but sleep was. They would be fine after a good rest.

Yu IlHan washed up with Yumir and played around while lazing around. They played a PvP game when the angels kicked in, so he surfed on the web after leaving them to play.

“Although nothing much should have happened since not much time passed…… Oh the latest news. An unknown island country in South America was destroyed again. Although, this is also a prediction since all satellites are now broken.”
[Since it gets harder and harder as monsters rampage more, the weak humans can only die even if they gather up. It’s an unfortunate thing…… Ah.] (Erta)

Erta, who was weak at physical stuff unlike the other angels, lost against them quickly and came to Yu IlHan’s side.
Was it due to not playing the game? She was also the quickest among the three to gather information from angel network.

[Yu IlHan. I think there’s another connection with an Abandoned World?] (Erta)
“Again? They simply won’t give me the time to rest.”
[Huh? You’re right! Counting with Earth time, not even 10 days passed since the incident with Kiroa! ….. Oh dang, I lost!] (Liera)

Liera, who reacted the second fastest to the urgent news on the angel network, lost against Spiera in the car race. Meanwhile, Spiera, who kept her cool in whatever environment she was in, and won the game, turned off the game and spoke.

[Wasn’t this already prophesied? What the Destruction Demon Army said to you should not be a lie. Now that Earth is turning very extreme, it will be instead easier for you if you think that there will be at least twice more of such incidents until the 2nd Great Cataclysm. Of course, there would be no worlds with overwhelming battle power like Dareu.] (Spiera)
“And? What if the 2nd Great Cataclysm happens?”
[There will be even more connections. I really shouldn’t boast about this, but there are many Abandoned Worlds that Heaven could not protect. Well then, it’s about time to leave.] (Spiera)

Said Spiera while turning off the game console and putting it deep inside the drawer just in case Liera wanted to play again. However, Yu IlHan did not give her the answer she wanted.

“……Somehow, this stinks.”
“Dad, I didn’t fart!”
“Mir’s fart doesn’t stink. What I meant by stinks is something else.”

Yu IlHan’s eyes flashed. Erta thought that ‘what should come has come’ after seeing his eyes. Whenever he had those eyes, Yu IlHan said nonsensical stuff, but frustratingly, his nonsense always came true!

“Hey, angels.”

Like a psychic, Yu IlHan asked.

“Do the higher existences work together between groups too?”

Author’s notes

  1. This chapter is quite long, right? I put more story since there’s a lot of item descriptions, so such a disaster happened…. hahahaha
  2. (Untranslatable ref)
  3. (Untranslatable ref)
  4. Yu IlHan finally suspects the incidents, there’s only one truth!

Translator’s notes

Translator’s notes
Break will be delayed to April or May

Translator: Chamber
Proofreader: Koukouseidesu


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