Everyone Else is a Returnee – Chapter 13: I Hunt Alone – 5

Yu IlHan’s shoulders drooped when he heard that he couldn’t eat the bear gallbladder, but his speed didn’t change much. He, who ran after changing his direction for a bit after passing the train station, was even faster than a 60km/h car.

[Hm, this is quite fun. I’ll hold tight so don’t you have any thoughts in somersaulting in mid air?]
“Am I a roller coaster?”

Despite running with a lot of booming noises, whether it was the cars or the motorbikes or the pedestrians on the street, nobody gave a glance towards Yu IlHan.
As he was already used to it, Yu IlHan didn’t pay it any mind.

“The number of people are decreasing.”
[It’s the police that’s blocking them.]

The scene became more and more unordinary as he went uphill on Jeongneung street. Empty roads instead of crowded streets, with police cars and military vehicles replacing the people. Soldiers were walkie-talkie messaging somewhere and the civilians were running down the hill.
Looking at the people running down while crying and carrying 007 bags, heavy bags, or etc., this appeared no different from a disaster scene with refugees.

They would probably think that reality is unfair – they had lived in other worlds for 10 years to adapt to situations like this, but as soon as they returned, monsters they can’t fight were breaking their houses.

On Earth after the Great Cataclysm, there were no more tutorials. The trial that made people realize that was too cruel. It was to the point that Yu IlHan, who was moving due to the reward promised by the angel, could feel the sorrow.

“Will the government really compensate for that?”
[The morale of the populace becomes the morale of the country, and the morale of the country becomes the power and and unity of the country. If the leaders know that then they wouldn’t do nothing.]

Yu IlHan pushed one gear up inside his heart. Whether the government compensated or not, the thing he had to do didn’t change. That was destroying monsters as soon as possible!

While he was in the middle of running, there was a bang, like the sound of something exploding. Did the military use a rocket or something!? Yu IlHan thought idiotic things like that but the fact was that they didn’t. It was just that a 7m tall brown bear had smashed into a 2-storey building, the sound resulting from its collapse.


Yu IlHan realized that he had arrived at the scene of destruction.

“Shoot, shoot more!”

A commissioned officer wearing a cool uniform was shouting, and the sounds of machine guns, rifles, and grenade launchers which were emitting fire came from all directions. However, they were too weak to penetrate the skin of the bear that was as big as a two storey building.

“Fuck! It’s not working! It’s only the 4th day after the Great Cataclysm, but what can we do if these fuckers start appearing already!?”
“Bite on a knife and charge or something!”
“Ability users, aren’t ability users here yet! What about the one who expressed cooperation with the government?”
“The bear is changing directions! ……Fuck, scatter!”

There was no other chaos that was like this. When the bear crashed into something, it would collapse, whether they were vehicles, signposts, or buildings. Like that, a whole street had become a mess and buildings were collapsing in real time. Erta clicked her tongue while looking at that scene.

[To think that they break from a monster that just earned its 2nd class, human architecture is really fragile.]
“You do know that there are no suitable materials, right?”

The people were already used to worlds with monsters. However, what did that do? They were lacking in everything whether it was architecture, materials, money, techniques, and even levels, and they only had the knowledge and experience.
If it was another world, then it may have been near impossible for a monster at that level to create chaos, but currently, it was the strongest. If there was no tiger, then one would greet a rabbit as one’s master – this proverb really fit in this situation.

The bear was a disaster that had descended on the modern world. Yu IlHan decided to name that state as the ‘Fuck, nobody can stop me’ state for convenience’s sake.

[What are you doing, not killing it immediately? You aren’t scared right? If it’s you you can kill 2nd class monsters without pro……]

He cut Erta’s urging and retorted as if he was scolding her while taking out his spear and holding it. He could feel the strength of the record that was allowed to him, and the power of the Blurred Lancer that enhanced his physical body as it held the spear.

Ten percent increase in attack power due to concealment, 10% increase in attack power due to using a spear. Someone might say it’s only 20%, but to Yu IlHan, who trained his martial arts so that he could bring out the most of his physical strength, it was a big difference.

He felt good. He felt that he might achieve anything like this.

He had experienced a lot of things, so Yu IlHan knew how great his concealment ability was. He felt enormously insulted that his ability was an innate ability and one that he didn’t even train in, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t use it.

The max level concealment that was activated as a passive. The concealment that gave him the strongest opportunity of a preemptive strike. The concealment which contained the essence of the insulting title of Pancosmic Loner.

Now came a time where he could use it.
Yu IlHan kicked off the ground, and met the huge face of the brown bear, which had been exposed when it had raised its arms just now.


Unless Yu IlHan attacked ‘first’, the bear wouldn’t recognize Yu IlHan. While the bear tilted its head in confusion due to having noticed something, Yu IlHan stabbed the spear in its wide open mouth.


The brown bear screamed for the first time after appearing in the human world. Was it only that? A huge hole appeared on its tongue and at least several tens of litres of blood was plopping onto the ground.

One of the soldiers, who couldn’t avoid the blood, was soaked as he was ran over by the blood. He flailed his arms before being rescued by Yu IlHan, who landed a bit late. And with that, finally, the soldiers recognized the existence of Yu IlHan.

“M*n in Black!”
“Sungdaein Bolt……!”

To think that there was a new nickname because one wasn’t enough! However, he had no time to get angry at those soldiers. Unlike the monsters he confronted until now, it was impossible to kill that bear in one shot, and the creature in question was running towards him after becoming angry from allowing a critical hit to land.
Blood flowed like a river from its mouth.

Yu IlHan shouted shortly.

“Run for your lives!”
“That bear will be killed by our 96 Tiger plato……!”
“Then stay if you want.”

Yu IlHan kicked off the ground again. Immediately after, the bear’s thick front paw smashed into the exact same place and the concrete collapsed with a booming sound. When Yu IlHan, who was in mid-air, checked the status of the ground, the 96 Tiger platoon was truly courageously running away.


The front paw of the bear which smashed into the ground was raised like a manekineko that may appear in a Japanese souvenir shop. When it was about to strike Yu IlHan again, he somersaulted backwards and flew down head first, sticking the spear into its front paw.


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